Best Minimalist Desks for Your Small but Stylish Apartment

Minimize Your Work Space, Maximize Your Work Productivity.

If you work from home, distractions — endless internet scrolling, kids, messy desks — are at an all-time high. A minimalist home office desk is necessary to get the most out of your workday. But what are you looking for in a desk? That depends on your space, individual set-up, and the tools you need to work properly. We have found the best minimalist desks for you, listing specific features, assemble requirements, and differences you might seek for your minimalist home office desk.

The Best Minimalist Desk

Coavas Writing Computer DeskCoavas Writing Computer Desk (BEST CHOICE)

With the most straightforward assembly on the list, this desk only requires you to unfold the frame and snap the gorgeous cherry colored desktop into place; the company installs the necessary hardware on the desktop’s underside before shipping. The Coavas Writing Computer Desk is perfect for individuals who set up and tear down their workspace daily. The folding frame and snap-on desktop are ideal for storing and moving your minimalist home office desk without any tools.

It is lightweight—easy to move and carry—but sturdy, with the ability to hold up to 200 pounds. The desk measures 39.4 x 19.7 x 28.3 inches. The frame is steel silver tubing, with additional x-framing for stability. The MDF cherry desktop is waterproof and will not deform. Use it as a minimalist home office desk, make-up vanity, children’s learning table, or wherever in your home you need it.


Tribesigns Computer DeskTribesigns Computer Desk

The Tribesigns Computer Desk does wonders for taller individuals. The desk’s dimensions are 63 x 23.6 x 29 inches, offering plenty of room to stretch your legs during a quick break. If you have more than one monitor and still need space for a lamp or want to liven it up with a plant, the 63-inch desktop is the largest on this list. The wood is waterproof and anti-scratch.

This model has one of the sturdier frames as well, boasting a 900-pound load capacity. The heavy-duty powder-coated frame and desk surface offer excellent durability and longevity. With a hex Allen key, you’ll have this minimalist home office desk set up in 20 minutes. With 18-month quality assurance backing this product, this desk is an excellent choice.

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HOMECHO Industrial Computer DeskHOMECHO Industrial Computer Desk

Designers outdid themselves with our third pick. They thought outside the box with the HOMECHO Industrial Computer Desk. There’s ample room for two or three monitors or a monitor and a large format printer. The two shelves under the desk can mount on either side and if you have a computer tower, you can choose only to mount one shelf so the tower can fit under the other. A headphone hanger and a cup holder mount onto the side of the desk; you can put them both on one side so the desk can live in a corner or each can mount on a different side.

The minimalist desk has a beautiful wood surface paired with a sturdy metal frame, with crossbars and adjustable footpads for stability. It’s simple yet functional. The desk would work great as a home office desk, learning desk for home-schooling children, or a creative station. The desk comes with instructions, and the numbered pieces make for a leisurely half-hour assembly.


Foxemart Computer DeskFoxemart Computer Desk

The Foxemart Computer Desk oozes no-frills, business attitude. The contemporary dark desktop design — scratch-resistant, waterproof, and collision resistant — and the thick powder-coated metal frame with track legs ensure this desk will continue to serve you for years to come. The legs’ triangular-junction design provides stability and strength, and the addition of the adjustable foot pads eliminates any possibility of wobbles.

Choosing the Foxemart minimalist desk is a no-brainer. It comes with tools and hardware necessary for construction, easily accomplished in 15 minutes. With the desk’s size, 47.2 x 23.7 x 29.2 inches, one would assume it would be heavy, but this desk only weighs 26.2 pounds, one of the lightest on our list. This desk is a worthy choice for someone who needs ample room for two or three office monitors, a keyboard, a planner, and space under for their computer tower.

The Foxemart Computer Desk includes a 24-month warranty and lifetime customer support.


4NM Folding Desk4NM Folding Desk

If you live in an efficiency apartment, dorm room, or your office has dual purposes, the 4NM Folding Desk is ideal. You can fold and unfold the desk in a matter of seconds without any tools or taking it apart. The desktop has hidden hinges towards the back under the surface; you’ll lift the top slightly, the legs fold toward the desk’s midline, and the desktop folds down over the legs. When you unfold it, the legs lock into the desktop for a sturdy, minimalist home office desk.

The minimalist desk can be mounted to the wall if you’re not interested in moving it, or it can lean against a wall or slide behind a couch or under your dorm bed. The desk is 31.5 x 17.72 x 29.72 inches when expanded and 31.5 x 2.55 x 29.72 inches after folding. It is environmentally friendly engineered wood with a simple, sturdy metal frame that can complement any interior.

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Coavas Office Computer DeskCoavas Office Computer Desk

Our second minimalist desk pick from Coavas doesn’t fold but offers plenty of other benefits. If you’re in a household that’s always in motion, this is a great choice — it is multi-purpose, easy to clean, and features rounded edges to protect clumsy kiddos. The waterproof wood-grain finish over thick MDF wood on reinforced metal legs is casual and won’t interrupt workflow.

It is average-sized at 39.4 x 18.9 x 29.1 inches with a 110-pound weight limit. There are different colors available to tailor to your taste. The Coavas Office Computer Desk has the length and width to fit two 20-inch monitors and a keyboard with room to spare for your coffee mug or reusable bottle. The assembly of the minimalist desk is simple, with the needed tools and instructions included.


IRONCK Computer DeskIRONCK Computer Desk

IRONCK Computer Desk is a great industrial style minimalist desk. It is bigger than our other choices at 47 x 23.7  x 29.7 inches, easily accommodating two monitors and a computer tower underneath with room to spare. It has a vintage brown desk top of MDF board with a scratch-resistant laminate finish and black metal legs. The IRONCK desk is beautiful yet not distracting.

Rest easy with this purchase; it includes a 100% money-back guarantee. The construction of this minimalist home office desk is painless, only four screws, and the instructions, hardware, and tools needed are in the box. If you have uneven floors, the adjustable footpads on the desk legs’ bases help alleviate any wobbling so you can work distraction-free. Add a quality ergonomic office chair and your ultimate home office set up is ready.


Novogratz Computer Desk With StorageNovogratz Computer Desk With Storage

The Novogratz Computer desk is one of the most visually appealing minimalist computer desks, depending on your taste and home or office decor. The faux white marble top matched with the gold powder-coated hairpin legs creates an artistic mid-century modern look. There are two open cubbies in the front; if you have a habit of keeping your clutter in drawers, the next choice might be a better fit to keep your minimalist desk distraction-free. Running the length of the back is another open space big enough for a powerstrip or hiding power cords.

The faux white marble top is PVC laminated particleboard. PVC is known to be heavy and sturdy, but damages easily, so take care while moving it around corners and assembling it. Putting the desk together is quick and easy. The dimensions are 30.4 x 40.5 x 21.65 inches and an 80-pound weight limit. Be sure to look over the desk thoroughly before you build it; some customers have mentioned theirs came with damaged corners or cracked wood.

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Homfa Writing Computer DeskHomfa Writing Computer Desk

The Homfa Writing Computer Desk is one of our smaller choices, but for all that, it’s on the heavier side. The desktop measures 39 x 19 inches. The top is MDF wood for a smooth, waterproof finish. Two drawers built into the desktop are flush with the front of the desk and do not have handles; instead, a top slot big enough for fingers to pull the drawer out. The sturdy, oak legs add an appealing contrast to the ivory white top.

The Homfa minimalistic office desk doubles great as a cosmetic vanity, dorm desk, or a small desk tucked in a spacious kitchen corner. It comes with an instruction manual and necessary hardware for the assembly and takes approximately 20 minutes and an Allen key to put together. This desk is not the cheapest on our list of best minimalist desks, but the hassle-free assembly and drawers offer a stand out choice.

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Bestier L-Shaped Computer DeskBestier L-Shaped Computer Desk

Last but not least is the Bestier L-Shaped Computer Desk. We like this choice because it assembles in one of two ways: an L-shape, which is excellent for corners or desk clusters in an office or one long desk, measuring 95.5 inches (just shy of 6 feet), generous for a two-person set-up. It comes with one free computer stand to save your back from spending days hunched over your keyboard and a cable management hole in the corner. The desk measures 29.1-inches tall, high enough for a computer tower to stand.

The desktop is P2 CARB certified wood with steel tube legs, making for a sturdy modern minimalist desk. The wood is not waterproof, so a small investment of coasters will save this desk from any stains. The desk is available in two colors, brown or gray. The desk’s assembly is straightforward, but if you’re new to DIY, instruction videos are available. It is not ideal if you frequently move homes. The hardware attaching the legs to the desktop screw directly into the wood, and unscrewing and screwing them will damage the wood desktop.


Minimalist Desk Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Look For in a Minimalist Desk

Size – Consider the space you’re working in; you may be working in the corner of your living room or your guest room. Think about what you have space for and what is a size that won’t create more clutter or distractions. Also, examine what you need on your minimalist desk to work. Do you have multiple monitors and a printer? Or need space underneath for a computer tower, long legs, or your favorite office chair?

Style – Depending on your home decor, you’ll want a minimalist desk that will easily blend in. You can choose from a more industrial look, or vintage, or modern. Consider materials carefully!

If you’re less interested in style and more concerned with functionality, look for a folding desk. Or maybe you only need a desk once a week for bookkeeping; a folding desk might be the route for you.

Color -Most of our choices are bi-colored; the legs are one color, and the desk surface is another. And you can choose a color scheme that is not distracting to you and adds to your home decor. Minimalist desks are typically fabricated particle board like MDF (medium-density fibreboard) to decrease the weight and enhance features like water resistance and anti-scratch surfaces. The fabricated wood is often painted faux wood color but is still a pleasing and efficient addition to any space.

Minimalist Desk FAQ

How to keep your minimalist desk tidy?

As the name suggests, the point of a minimalist desk is to keep things minimal. So purge what you don’t need. If you know you have tangible papers and folders, consider a desk with extra storage spaces or, if you’re able, convert those files to digital files. Bring only to your minimalist desk what you need to work, avoid letting unfinished tasks pile up, and set aside five minutes at the end of your workday to clean your space for a fresh start tomorrow.

Why does a minimalist desk boost productivity?

Not having any distractions on your desk will decrease the chances you get side-tracked from your current project. If you have clutter or materials from previous projects on your desk, it can leave you thinking about yesterday’s tasks instead of what is needing your attention today. Taking those five minutes the day before to clear away your minimalist desk surface enables you to start your day with endless possibilities or with fresh eyes on an existing project.