Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress: Keep Your Cool

If you’re the type of sleeper who likes to stay cool throughout the night, you know that finding a supportive mattress that also gets the temp just right is a struggle. The Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress is a foam and coil hybrid mattress with a gel cooling layer that keeps you comfortable all night long.

Let’s dig in and see why this mattress is king — or queen.gravity ice hybrid mattress

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress combines technology from coil mattresses and foam mattresses. When these two elements are in the same mattress, you get more airflow throughout, which keeps it cooler than the average foam mattress and imbues it with more support than the average coil mattress.

Foam mattresses begin to sag over time, and while they may be comfortable at first, they lack ample support for your spine and hips. Many people like hybrid mattresses for their pain relief as well as the combination of comfort and support.

Why the Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress?

The Gravity Ice Hybrid mattress not only has cooling features because of its blended foam and coil design; it has an extra gel cooling layer for even more temperature regulation. If you’ve got a busy bed laden with kids or pets, the temperature of your bed will rise quickly. And you know how important keeping cool in that cuddle puddle can be.

The mattress is available in full ($1250), queen ($1450), and king ($1750) — pricetags that are on the lower end of the hybrid mattress spectrum. Each purchase comes complete with a 100-day return policy and a 10-year warranty. gravity hybrid mattress unboxing

Are you ready for a cool and comfortable night’s sleep on your new Gravity Ice Hybrid Mattress? If so, you can roll on over to the Gravity website. Alternatively, find a local retailer via Gravity’s store locator page or visit any one of Bloomingdale’s stores across the USA and Canada to give it a socially-distanced pat before you decide to bring it home.


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