Let Nor-Man Handle Your Headphones

Caring for your headphones is key to making them last longer. If you own a high-quality pair of over-ear headphones, you are likely already aware of how crucial this care is. A proper headphone stand not only helps care for your headphones but also adds an extra bit of flair to your desk. Why keep your headphone stand basic? Let’s get funky with it. The Udrik Design Headphone Stand in Nor-Man is a unique, well-crafted headphone stand designed to look like a caricatured take on a man’s face.

udrik design headphone stand nor-man

This stand is a sturdy oak attached to two pieces of powder-coated steel cut to give us the silhouette of the “Nor-Man” figure. This stand will easily blend into your décor. Nor-Man is classy, funky, and adds just enough flair without getting too carried away. This stand is sturdy enough to stand with the cat perusing your desk without getting knocked over and keeps your headphones out of dusty, cramped bags or off the floor.

Our friend Nor-Man is from Estonia. Well, his creators are from Estonia. Udrik design is a design company based in Estonia that started with rope hooks that hold wet or dirty clothes without taking up a precious wall or floor space. From there, they moved to other home goods such as a mirror and headphone stands. Udrik’s mission is to create fresh yet functional products, and we think they captured this idea well in the Nor-Man headphone stand.

udrik design headphone stand nor-man

If you are ready to bring home a headphone stand with as much character, flare, and soul as your favorite tunes, you can purchase the Nor-Man stand via Etsy for $109. Depending on where you live,  shipping and processing can take as little as ten days or as many as 30 days. If you have questions about your order in the process, you can also reach out to Udrik directly via Etsy.


udrik design headphone stand nor-manudrik design headphone stand nor-man