Wingardium Levi-VOLTA – the Levitating Lightbulb

The word ‘levitation’ often conjures images of witches and wizards…maybe even exorcisms. However, magic isn’t the only way to make levitation happen! Opposing magnets can make items levitate as well — it’s aptly called magnetic levitation (or maglev). Today, we’re sharing a maglev gadget called the Volta Lightbulb with you.

It’s an exciting blend of science and contemporary design. Utilizing magnets, Volta creates an electromagnetic field that causes an LED shatter-proof lightbulb to levitate and spin above a wooden base. Volta makes an excellent gift; it is a beautiful adornment for your home office desk, office space, or home. It also provides warm and inviting light in whatever area it occupies.volta light bulb

Volta’s Design

Volta’s design is a blend of elegance and practicality. LED lights in the bulb itself will help keep electricity costs down — this device won’t skyrocket your electric bill.

The bulb is reinforced, durable, and shatter-proof, and it protects contact wires that are ten times stronger than that of a regular lightbulb.

Opposing magnets housed in the dark wooden base make the bulb float in midair and cause it to spin, putting on a mesmerizing show for any viewer.

Let’s Get Started

First, you’ll need to plug Volta into an outlet. A simple tap on the button in the corner of the wooden base turns it on. To get started, hold the lightbulb about an inch above the base until it feels balanced, then slowly release your grip.

It may take a few tries before you master the technique and maglev science takes over. But once it does, it’ll be the perfect distraction during boring phone meetings or a great way to procrastinate that dreaded report.

If you’ve got the ideal home for Volta, you can pick up yours for $99 (a massive discount off the regular MSRP of $349) via the Floately website. Reviewers rave about what a fun and unique housewarming gift this is. There’s bound to be someone on your list who’d love Volta — even if that person is you!

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