Air Time: Reservoir’s Airfight Titane Watch

Swiss watchmaker Reservoir’s new Airfight Titane expands the future by delving into the past. The Airfight Titane delivers an instrument panel as a timekeeper, with a retrograde minute hand, jumping hour window, and fuel gauge as a battery meter. Nothing like it has ever come across our desk, but its ancestors have prolifically flown skies both friendly and unfriendly.

To put it in the company’s words, the Reservior Airfight Titane watch “takes its inspiration from the functionalities and the aesthetic appeal of measurement instruments of days gone by.” Get behind the joystick with the deeply retro, but eminently functional, Airfight Titane.

reservoir airfight titane watch

Airfight Titane: Old-School Display as Update

The coolest thing about the Airfight Titane is that it uses anachrony to forge an update. But before you banish it to the same category as steampunk or lumbersexual, think again. Not only is the Airfight’s face novel and eye-catching, but it’s also highly functional.

Aircraft instrument panels have to be easy to read because it’s crucial for the pilot to limit distractions. So the Airfight watch’s display, by proxy, is equally functional. The retrograde minute hand has clearly marked 5- and 10-minute designations. The jumping hour counter has a high-contrast border. And we all know how to read a fuel gauge.

The watch’s stark black and white color scheme emphasizes its utility.


This Swiss watch has a self-winding mechanical movement that charges the watch for 37 hours. For those that don’t know, self-winding watches charge their own batteries through perpetual motion mechanisms. The mechanisms draw energy from random movement while on the user’s wrist. The movement can be observed through a 240-degree window on the back of the case.

The case is 43 mm, satin, and polished titanium. And if you pilot through any squalls with the Airfight on your wrist, you’ve got no problem if your open canopy takes on some spitting rain. 5 ATM waterproof capability protects the watch.

The NATO strap completes the tacti-cool look. The reservoir includes an extra, in case you lose one in a dogfight.

reservoir airfight titane watch

Take Flight: Purchasing

Reservoir prices the singular Airfight Titane at $4350 MSRP. It also annotates prices with HT, seemingly indicating it accepts Huobi Tokens, a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. At the time of writing, $4350 USD exchanged for 330 HT.


reservoir airfight titane watchreservoir airfight titane watch