Dango EDC Tray: The Home Your Gear Deserves

No one likes getting ready to head out the door only to begin a frantic search for a wallet, phone, keys, or even all three. The gear we carry every day and often need at a moment’s notice, treats us well, so shouldn’t we treat it well too? That’s the idea behind the Dango EDC Tray with DTEX pads. Instead of tossing your most essential items throughout your home or office, the tray offers a well-organized alternative to keep the items you need all in one place.

Dango EDC Tray Construction

The American-made EDC Tray is cast from a burly, solid piece of aluminum designed to keep all of your daily essentials in one place. The tray is carved out to include four different cavities to hold just about anything that will fit into your pocket, including jewelry, headphones, money clips, coins, or knives. It’s also outfitted with anti-slip rubber fittings on the bottom to protect furniture and prevent slipping. Stick-on DTEX pad inserts also provide a layer of protection between the tray and gear.

DTEX pads are water-resistant, anti-slip inserts custom fitted to the EDC Tray.

The tray is more than a simple storage option, it also includes a machined indentation underneath to hide a charging cord, and multiple stands to prop up pens, phones, or tablets if the tray is being used at a desk.

dango edc tray with dtex pads

Tray Dimensions

Overall, the Dango EDC Tray is about the size of a piece of paper, 8.4 inches wide and 11 inches in length. The four cavities range in size from 7.7 x 3.6 inches to 3.5 x 2.5 inches and are able to accommodate items ranging from even larger phones and folding knives, down to watches and rings. It’s got a slim profile at three-quarters of an inch tall and weighs 2 pounds.

How Much?

The tray comes in options with or without DTEX pads included. Without the pads, it goes for $129. WIth pads included, it costs $149. Pads can be purchased separately for $25. Buying with the pads included saves $5.

Whether on a nightstand, entry table, workstation, or desk, Dango’s EDC Tray is a tough, stable platform that will keep your gear organized and look great while it’s doing it.


dango edc tray with dtex padsdango edc tray with dtex padsdango edc tray with dtex pads