7 Wallets For Men That Will Last Forever

“Buy it for life”

These words have been rising in popularity since more people have moved toward minimalist lifestyles. Those of us who think of our wallet as a ready to go type of item have struggled to find great quality wallets. Every store seems to be riddled with designer wallets using cheap leather or loose stitching that seems to keep most of our wallets living to a maximum of 2 years.

Having a Wallet you can count on that might out-live you is not only going to save you money, but it will put your mind at ease. No longer would your money, credit cards or IDs be susceptible to the wind when that old wallet of yours rips apart. We have put together a sweet list of Wallets that will stand the test of time for you to consider.

SaddleBack Leather WalletsSaddleBack Leather Wallets

Backed by a crazy 100 Year Warranty, SaddleBack Leather has been raved about all over the internet. SaddleBack Leather uses full grain leather that is tanned by environmentally friendly tanneries. It is sowed with marine grade polyester thread which is UV and salt water resistent. This type of thread is also found in parachutes.

Pictured above is one of the many available wallets by Saddleback. This one is their best-selling Medium Bi-Fold wallet. It comes with RFID protection, 6 card slots, 2 hidden slots behind them.


DOSH Luxe 6-Card Compact Designer Money Clip WalletDOSH Luxe 6-Card Compact Designer Money Clip Wallet

DOSH take the modern approach to wallets. With their waterproof Desmopan Polymer in a compact, streamlined design, DOSH makes a slim and useful wallet for those who don’t want to deal with thick wallets. The Luxe Designer Wallet uses a money clip system to hold cash so there is less bulk of the actual wallet, which contributes to the slim aspect. The only issue with the DOSH is the limited storage space within the wallet itself.


Bellroy Hide n SeekBellroy Hide n Seek

Looking for a slim minimalistic designed mens wallet? Bellroy Hide n Seek is on your list. Measuring in at 3.3 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide when closed, this Bi-Fold wallet comes nice and sleek. It comes with a ton of pockets, enough for 5-12 cards and flat bills.

The Bellroy Hide n Seek is named after the hidden pockets it has. There is a flap on the inside which covers a second flat bill bill and a slot for another card or change. Besides the simple yet clean design, the fabric design choice and colors work together beautifully. There are 7 colors offered with 3 being RFID editions. As an owner of a Bellroy Hide n Seek, I have to say, it’s a great choice.


Port Wallet by Craft and LorePort Wallet by Craft and Lore

Hand stitched in northern Idaho, this interesting design of a wallet has drawn quite the attention. From the full grain, American tanned harness leather to the durable waxed polycord stitching, this wallet is built tough from the start. The simple port design is stitched only in necessary places which leaves room for those who look for non-bulky yet comfortable wallets that can hold 7-8 cards. It is noted by the company that it takes a full week just to break it in. This speaks to the great quality of leather that Craft and Lore uses. The leather starts to look even better with the rugged look from use.


Mr. Lentz Traditional Men’s Leather WalletMr. Lentz Traditional Men’s Leather Wallet

Tired of dealing with weak stitching? Don’t want to rely on a piece of string to hold your wallet together? Do you sit on your wallet and nearly destroy it as I do? Mr Lentz has done away with simple stitching and replaced it with solid brass, nickel plated rivets for durability and long life. The wallet is hand cut full grain vegetable tanned leather sourced from a USA Tannery.

The elegance of the wallet derives from its sweet simplicity. Aesthetics from the rugged yet clean look has made Mr. Lentz Leather wallet a nice piece to see and hold.


Koyono Slimmy WalletKoyono Slimmy Wallet

For an ultra compact and slim wallet, the Koyono Slimmy takes the cake. It is perfect for those who absolutely need a thin wallet and don’t carry much of anything. The Slimmy also comes with RFID protection. They have made the logo side of the wallet without the RFID, so if you need to swipe for quick access into an office building, doorway etc. then it’s pretty useful.

The slimmy measures up to 3.98″ x 2.99″. It has a capacity of 10 Money Cards/ID, 15 bills, 5 receipts and 2 business cards.


Allet Slim Original walletAllet Slim Original wallet

A little larger, but just as slim of a wallet is the Allet Original Wallet. It can fit up to 24 cards and has a divider for any cash and receipts. Owners of this wallet say it is the thinnest wallet they have ever owned and even have problems forgetting that it is there. The napa leather adds an attractive yet inviting appeal to the wallet with its patented side by side pockets with leather grips.

The size of the Allet Slim Original comes in at 3 3/4″ x 5″ x 1.4″.