The 10 Best Carbon Fiber Wallets

Carbon fiber is a material that is well known for its strength and durability. It is known to be stronger than steel but at the same time extremely lighter. It is often associated with making cars go faster and is used to optimize the blades found on wind turbines. But, carbon fiber can be pricey.

Thankfully, you can afford it in a small wallet. Wallets made from carbon fiber will be sturdy and durable. Not to mention, they look pretty cool. You will find traditional bi-folds and lightweight options as well as something to meet every budget and every style. Here are the 10 best carbon fiber wallets.

The Best Carbon Fiber Wallet

The Ridge WalletThe Ridge Wallet

This wallet is built with top-quality functionality and aesthetics in mind. It is a minimalist option that allows its user to carry less while still being able to carry all the cards and cash you need. It features a matte finish with a weave made from 3k carbon fiber. This design combination gives it an elegant and stylish look.

The Ridge Carbon Fiber wallet features a central cardholder piece that can be expanded via elastic. When expanded, it can hold 12 cards. There is also a money clip and a cash strap to keep all your money secure while allowing you easy access to it if and when you need it.

This particular wallet features RFID-blocking technology, so you can be confident that your personal information is safe from hackers and thieves. All materials used in this wallet are military-grade, so you can be certain this wallet will last for quite some time.


Porsche Design H6 WalletPorsche Design H6 Wallet

The Porsche Design H6 carbon fiber features this unique material, which makes it a very luxurious wallet. It is highly functional even though it has a minimalist design. It’s made with Nappa Leather in a black shade accentuated by the carbon fiber pattern. This combination of materials allows the wallet to be flexible and very durable too.

The wallet is made to provide enough room for all your cards and money as well. There are two primary compartments. One can be used to hold your cash, and two pockets can be used for your IDs. The wallet is complete with 6 credit card slots. Lightweight and slim as it is, you can easily and comfortably walk around with this on your person without it being uncomfortable, unlike traditional wallets that cause discomfort when in your pocket.


Dango M1 R-Spec WalletDango M1 R-Spec Wallet

Dango is well-known for its minimalist wallets with unique designs. With the M1 R-Spec, you are getting their high-performance sports car-inspired wallet. Its candy red color features exacting detail. The backplate features carbon fiber loaded onto the powder-coated aerospace-grade aluminum that is topped with leather bolted to the front plate.

The M1 R-Spec wallet has a ten-card capacity with space for cash in a silicon strap. It is built compatible with the MT04 multi-tool from Dango. It features a design with clean lines, contrasting textures and elements, as well as the finest materials. The wallet is made so that it will hold on to its content while remaining versatile ad flexible at all times.


The Frenchie Co. CX6 Ultra Slim Speed WalletThe Frenchie Co. CX6 Ultra Slim Speed Wallet

The CX6 ultra-slim wallet is manufactured by The Frenchie Co and is a great little option. It folds your cash and opens it to the card slot area. It has a unique design that gives users the ability to pull the money or the card quite easily. The wallet is very flexible as well as it is durable. The strength and flexibility are all due to the wallet being made with CX6 carbon fiber and Italian leather.

The Frenchie Co CX6 carbon fiber wallet features RFID blocking capabilities to keep you safe from credit card hacking. This RFID blocking wallet can hold up to 30 bills and up to 6 cards. It is lightweight and very thin at just 4-8mm thickness.


Common Fibers Max Bifold WalletCommon Fibers Max Bifold Wallet

This review is for a bifold wallet that is manufactured by Common Fibers. It is designed with top quality materials, which makes it durable. It is stylish and functional as well, thanks to its minimalistic design. This Commons Fiber wallet is hand made with a black exterior. This black exterior is fabricated from aerospace carbon fiber. It has a blue stitched nylon interior. When combined, these materials make this wallet durable, flexible, and sleek.

If you are looking for a carbon fiber wallet with a classic design, this is it. It is designed with adequate space so that you can fit your cash, two IDs, and 6 credit cards. It is further equipped with RFID blocking technology to protect your credit cards and personal information from falling into the hands of criminals, which makes it a perfect travel wallet.


Fantom WalletFantom Wallet

A minimal wallet that can fit all your cards and cash is definitely what the Fantom Carbon Fiber wallet is. This wallet is unique as you get to build your very own. You can choose from color and capacity. Unlike other minimalist wallets, it is easy to get your cards and cash out of the Fantom. The Fantom wallet is built with a pull lever that fans out your cards perfectly so you can easily pick the one you want to use.

This carbon fiber wallet features an aluminum frame, and you get to choose how thick you want it to be. The thinner versions hold between 4 and 8 cards, while the thickest version can hold up to 13. You can add a money clip if you would like or even a coin compartment.

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Roar Carbon D15 WalletRoar Carbon D15 Wallet

This carbon fiber wallet is among the most stylish on our list. It features a very trendy design and is very aesthetically pleasing. It is built with materials and techniques to ensure a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time. Roar Carbon notes that this wallet is lightweight and very strong thanks to its genuine leather and Italian carbon fiber makeup.

It is built to accommodate up to 15 cards and features an ID RFID chip, which can be found at the base of the wallet. With these built-in features, you know that all your credit cards are safe, and your private information is safe from hacking and theft.

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HuMn WalletHuMn Wallet

If you want a pared-down version of a simple wallet, you will find it in the HuMn carbon fiber wallet. This wallet features two plates that are surrounded by shock strap, elastic bands. There is no stitching, no rivets, and bolts. The wallet is made from 3K carbon fiber in a twill matte and features no leather. The wallet has a 6-card capacity and has space for your cash as well. The unit is ideal for travel and features RFID blocking technology.

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Knox Money Clip WalletKnox Money Clip Wallet

This option from Knox is a money clip and wallet in one. It offers convenience, durability, and comfort. The wallet is designed with enough room to accommodate up to 11 cards and cash. It is built ruggedly with its 3K advanced weave carbon fiber. The money clip is lightweight and slim, so it doesn’t add any weight or bulk to the wallet. This means it can still keep its slim profile and be carried around comfortably.

One feature that sets this apart from the rest of carbon fiber wallets in this review is its bottle opener. It has an opener that is ideal for beer bottles, soda bottles, and anything with a pry-off cap. This is a pretty neat feature of the wallet, but best of all, this one is quite affordable. It is the most affordable option on our list.

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Hell-Bent Black Combat WalletHell-Bent Black Combat Wallet

This carbon fiber wallet from Hell-Bent is the most durable one yet. It is made with carbon fiber and further reinforced by a Kydex molded thermoplastic body. The shape of this wallet is patented. It holds all your cards with built-in tension with a slide-out notch that causes the cards to fan out, making it easy to pick just one.  It is sized for the standard pocket and fits a lot better than several regular wallets. The wallet has a capacity for 2 to 3 cards and cannot accommodate an additional money clip.

Medium and large wallets can accommodate an additional Hell-Bent money clip. You can opt for the one with the carbon fiber clip if you want a cohesive look for your wallet. If you would like to add a clip, note that this comes at an additional cost. The wallet features a complementary skid plate that allows you to slide cash into the money clip easier. If you would like, you can purchase additional skid plates over at the swag section on their website.




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Carbon fiber is a preferred material for making wallets because it’s lightweight, thin, and extremely durable. However, not all wallets that are made with carbon fiber can be considered as a high-quality product. For this reason, you need to meticulously check the product before purchasing it. So, what features should you consider when buying a carbon fiber wallet.

One of the most important features you need to consider is the materials used to make the wallet. Remember, carbon fiber is not the only material used in making wallets. Some manufacturers use other high-quality materials, like leather. Thus, choosing a wallet made with top-notch materials will ensure that it can last long even if you use it every day. Aside from that, you also need to check the wallet’s compartments. As much as possible, opt for a product that can hold all your essentials, including cash, IDs, and credit cards. Other features, like RFID protection, is also a plus.

With all these features to consider, opting for a wallet that will match your standards and style will not always be easy. To help, here is our list of the best carbon fiber wallets available on the market today.

The Ridge Carbon Fiber WalletThe Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet

The Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet is built with design and functionality in mind. In fact, its main goal is to let you carry less and still have what you need.

For its features, this minimalist wallet has a 3k carbon fiber weave with a matte finish, making it look stylish and elegant. Aside from that, it also has a main cardholder that uses elastic to expand, enabling it to store up to 12 cards. Furthermore, it has a cash strap and a money clip. Both features can keep your cash protected and easily accessible.

Another great feature of this product is its RFID-blocking capabilities, which protects your personal information against thefts or hackers. The best part is that this product is made with military-grade materials, so you are guaranteed that this wallet will last forever.


Porsche Design Carbon Fiber H6 WalletPorsche Design Carbon Fiber H6 Wallet

The Porsche Design Carbon Fiber H6 Wallet uses the unique properties of carbon fiber to produce a luxurious wallet with maximum functionality and minimalist design.

In short, this wallet from Porsche Design has black Nappa leather that accentuates the carbon fiber patterns. Both materials do not only guarantee that the wallet is flexible but extremely durable as well. Aside from that, this wallet also has ample room for your money and important cards. It has two main compartments for your cash, two pockets for your IDs, and six credit card slots. Lastly, this product is also slim and lightweight, so you can put it in your pocket without feeling uncomfortable.


Roar Carbon D15 Genuine Carbon Fiber WalletRoar Carbon D15 Genuine Carbon Fiber Wallet

The Roar Carbon D15 wallet is one of the most stylish products on this list. Aside from its trendy design, this product is also made to last for a long time. In fact, Roar Carbon claims that this wallet is “super strong and lightweight.” The reason is that this product is made with real Italian carbon fiber and genuine leather.

In addition, this wallet also has enough space for your money and 10 to 15 cards. Lastly, it also has an ID RFID chip located at the bottom of the wallet. This feature can help protect your credit card and personal information against theft and hackers.


The Frenchie Co. CX6 Carbon Fiber Ultra Slim Speed WalletThe Frenchie Co. CX6 Carbon Fiber Ultra Slim Speed Wallet

With this wallet from The Frenchie Co., you don’t have to fold your cash and open your wallet to find the card that you need. This is thanks to its unique design that allows you to just pull the money or card. Aside from accessibility, this product is also extremely durable and flexible. The main reason is that it is made with premium materials, such as top-quality Italian leather and CX6 carbon fiber.

Another great feature of this wallet is it RFID blocking abilities that can keep your credit card and personal information safe and secured. Furthermore, this product also has sufficient room for your money and cards. It can hold up to six cards and 30 bills. Finally, this wallet is ultrathin, with an average thickness of 4 to 8mm.


Common Fibers Max Real Carbon Fiber Bifold WalletCommon Fibers Max Real Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet

Designed from high-grade materials, this bifold wallet from Common Fibers will definitely last for years. But aside from being extremely durable, this product is also stylish and functional.

This bifold wallet is handmade in the USA. It has a black exterior made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and a blue interior made with stitched nylon, making it sleek, flexible, durable. Aside from that, it also has enough space for your cash, two IDs, and six credit cards. Lastly, it also has RFID-blocking capabilities so that it can protect your personal information against hackers.

Overall, this product from Common Fibers is a great choice if you’re searching for a wallet with a classic design. It’s functional, durable, and stylish.


Knox Carbon Fiber Money Clip WalletKnox Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet

The Knox Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet can deliver comfort, durability, and convenience. Aside from that, it can also hold all your important cards and money. In fact, it has enough room for your cash and up to 11 cards.

In addition, this carbon fiber wallet from Knox has a classic and rugged design. It is crafted with advanced 3k weave carbon fiber, so you’re guaranteed that this product is long-lasting. Moreover, it also has a money clip that is slim and lightweight. Another great feature of this product is its built-in bottle opener for soda and beer bottles with pry-off or twist-off caps. This is a handy feature, especially if you’re traveling. The best part is that you can purchase this wallet for an affordable price (less than $15).


Bastion Pure Carbon Fiber and Leather EDC WalletBastion Pure Carbon Fiber and Leather EDC Wallet

The Bastion Pure Carbon Fiber and Leather EDC Wallet has a minimalistic yet modern appearance. It is also slim and lightweight (0.5 ounces), so you can easily tuck it in your pocket.

Although it has a slim design, it has enough space for your cash and cards; thanks to its numerous compartments. To be specific, it has one folded main compartment for your cash, three card slots, a standard pocket, and a coin pocket. Aside from that, it also has RFID protection that can keep your personal information secured. Best of all, this wallet is made with real leather, and it features a 3K carbon fiber sheet on both sides. These features ensure that the product is not only flexible but durable as well.


HuMn Carbon Fiber WalletHuMn Carbon Fiber Wallet

If you’re looking for a small yet stylish wallet, the HuMn Carbon Fiber Wallet is an excellent choice. This model is a two-plate wallet made with Twill Matte Carbon Fiber. It has no leather, so it’s perfect for those who are searching for a vegan-friendly wallet. Aside from that, this product has enough space to hold up to six cards. It also comes with a durable shock absorb elastic strap for your cash. Plus, it can block RFID. As such, you are ensured that your credit card and personal information is protected.

Overall, the HuMn Carbon Fiber Wallet is a great wallet you can use every day or when you’re traveling, thanks to its simple, slim, and sleek design. It also helps eliminate wallet clutter due to its small size.


FIDELO Carbon Fiber WalletFIDELO Carbon Fiber Wallet

The FIDELO Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet is one of the most popular products on this list of the best carbon fiber wallets. This is not only due to its affordable price. This model also has various eye-catching features.

First, it has a slim and lightweight design. As such, it eliminates wallet clutter, and it can fit in your front pocket without causing any pocket bulge. Aside from that, it is also made with top-quality 3K carbon fiber. This material is not only resilient to scratches. It is also 5 times stronger than steel. Thus, you are guaranteed that this product can last for years even if you use it every day. This wallet can also hold up to 15 cards. Lastly, it has durable elastic band clips that come in four different colors to keep your cash secured and accessible.


Fantom WalletFantom Wallet

Do you want the exact features you need in a convenient, easy-to-access carbon fiber wallet? Check out the Fantom wallet. You can choose whether it has a coin pocket or not (also good for stashing keys or SD cards), how many cards it can hold, and whether it includes a money clip or not. The clip addition is available in 9 different colors, so you can make it match the card holder or complement it.

The design of the wallet is incredibly convenient. You can flip the top lever to fan out all of your cards, or you can use the quick thumb slot to grab your most-used card. If you choose the coin/key slot option, the top lever also opens the additional compartment, meaning your items are kept secure in the wallet until you open the hidden pocket.

The carbon fiber version doesn’t have RFID blocking, though you can purchase the wallet in aluminum if you’d rather have the added protection.