The 6 Best Waterproof Wallets

Water sports and activities are some of the many fun things to do during the summer. We would love to don our favorite board shorts and go outdoors doing snorkeling, kayaking or surfing – anything to keep us refreshed from sizzling heat of the sun. But while enjoying these amazing activies, we also want our stuff protected which includes our wallets where we keep our cash, cards and IDs secure. We don’t want it get drenched with us.

Well, good news is, waterproof wallets have already been invented. Somebody heard our longing for making our stuff safe and dry from that damn water. While a few of our favorite brands are designed for that purpose, they’ll be useful for any unforeseen occurrences such as sudden rainfall where we potentially get ourselves and our gears soaked (looking at you, hikers and motorcyclists!). But not only that, you can use these wallets all year round – in any season and any occasion. Here are our favorite top 6 waterproof and water resistant wallets.

Upgraded Sharkk Large Aluminum Wallet RFID Protected Aluma Wallet Rugged Water Resistant Card Holder WalletUpgraded Sharkk Large Aluminum Wallet

When you need a wallet, not just to keep your finances in check but to keep them safe as well, look no further for the SHARKK® LARGE Aluminum Wallet RFID Wallet is here. This wallet and cardholder is an RFID protected holder that ensures no one with an RFID reader is going to get a hold of your credit card information. It has an aluminum coating that has an RFID repellant feature to keep all your information secure and a high quality waterproof design. The cardholder has an exterior band that makes it simple for storing and accessing your cash. It comes with a snap-clasp closure that ensures your cards will not ever fall out while in transit. There is plenty of space for all your cards inside this wallet as it allows up to seven cards to be stored in it. It measures around 4 inches by 4 inches and is simple to slip into your wallet or purse.



Pelican Micro Wallet Pro Gear LinerPelican Micro Wallet Pro Gear Liner

Ready to take on any adventure you want to throw at it, this wallet is durable that it can handle even the most rugged terrain and crushed proof due to its ultra rigid body. It is both water and dust-resistant to ensure that it can go with you wherever you are. It has a rating of IP54. Micro Sport Wallet  offers dual mesh pocket organization to keep everything in order. It holds not only your cards and cash, but it also has a space for storing your identification cards and your keys. If you like to take it in the water, you will be happy to know that it is able to float on top of the water and does not let any water seep in . This sleek and silver wallet looks great in your purse or in your hand. It measures a comfortable size of 5.75 inches by 3.5 inches, allowing to fit into any bag, backpack, pocket or purse with ease. It is great to bring it with you when hiking or camping as a lightweight cardholder.


Bellroy All Conditions Wallet

With this wallet, you can be sure that no matter where the call of adventure takes you, you will be able to go with your money knowing it is safe. It is an all-weather wallet that is perfect for the adventurer who likes to go camping, hiking, swimming, boating and more. Ultra durable and water resistant, this wallet ensures that absolutely no water will leak in and damage your belongings. It has a woven leather edging that helps keep water out as well as a YKK water-resistant zipper that securely stores everything you need inside it. Its exterior  is woven and offers a unique texture to go with it. There is a space for both coins and cash, which offers the same functionality as any other wallet but with twice the durability and weather resistance. It has a storage for your most important financial cards which is  about 4 to 15 cards. This wallet measures a small size of 103 millimeters by 70 millimeters, ensuring that it will fit into your pocket or your bag with ease.



Yeti SidekickYeti Sidekick

Whether you love to hike, camp or just spend a lot of time outdoors, you are going to need a wallet that can keep up with you. Any old wallet will not do when you need to keep your financial belongings safe from the wild and that is why this wallet is an ideal choice. It is a durable accessory that is made to outlast the weather and other factors, ensuring that nothing gets into the wallet that might damage it. This wallet is not just made out of a puncture-resistant DryHide fabric that will never tear or rip but a water resistant as well due to its zipper  It is ideal for storing items that you do not want getting wet as well as your financial belongings, such as a fishing license, keys and cell phone. You can mount it to just about anything to keep it always close no matter what you are doing, making it a literal sidekick that your outdoor adventures cannot do without. It  measures a comfortable size of 9 by 1.5  by 5.5 inches in size to ensure enough room for  storage of your most important belongings.



WITZ Waterproof ID Badge Holder CaseWITZ Waterproof ID/Badge Holder Case

Whether you intend to take your belongings with you when fishing on the river, out to the beach, kayaking across a lake or just to a theme park, you need a way to ensure that your things are going to stay safe from the water. This ID/Badge holder case will do just that.  This case is completely waterproof. It has a large central compartment that offers space for your cell phone, wallet, keys, identification cards, cigarettes, lighters, matches and more. This case floats atop any water surface, thanks to its airtight design. Also, the case is crush proof, making it ideal for rugged scenarios that require some serious weatherproofing of your most cherished belongings. The material of these cases is ABS plastic, while the rubber O-rings work in harmony with the crush-resistant plastic to keep water out, forming powerful combination of weather resistance.



Chums Surfshort WalletChums Surfshort Wallet

No matter where life’s adventures take you, you can be sure that you and your personal financial belongings are always safe and ready to go with this wallet. It is an all-weather wallet that is made for those who like to do extreme activities. This wallet is perfectly slim, making it ideal for those who prefer keeping their wallets in front of their pockets. It measures a mere 4.5 inches by 3 inches in size, so carrying it or placing in your pockets will never be a problem. Ultra compact, with a disappearing chain and a key ring, this wallet can be used and be kept anytime. Though, this wallet is lightweight, it sure is durable. It is made up of durable rip stop nylon material to ensure that it will not be torn or otherwise ripped, no matter where the adventure takes you or for how long you choose to use it. This wallet closes up using a rugged, heavy-duty zipper that keeps out debris and particles like dust and sand. If it gets wet, it dries quickly and does not discolor or leave behind any sort of distorted appearance.