The 21 Best Travel Wallets

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, keeping everything organized for a trip can be incredibly tricky. Boarding passes, cash, and your passport are just a few of the things you are going to have to take with you, and having those all in one place can be incredibly useful.

This is where travel wallets come in. A good travel wallet can make a world of difference to your life when you’re traveling, as well as also being a stylish addition to your look. Finding the right travel wallet for you can be difficult though, and there a number of different factors that have to be considered when making your decision.

A good travel wallet will become a companion through many interesting adventures. It will become the first item you place on your packing list, and you will feel lost without it. Making sure you choose the right one is absolutely essential.

Here are the best 21 travel wallets available on the market today.

Madewell Leather Passport CaseMadewell Leather Passport Case

If you want a travel wallet that you can be sure that no one else owns. then the Madewell Leather Passport Case is exactly the type of wallet you are looking for.

Each version of the wallet is slightly different from the last due to the natural material that is used to make it. The wallet is made from nubuck leather that has been tumbled for 48 hours, giving it a unique touch and ensuring that every single wallet is different.

Outside of its unique material, the wallet is also extremely practical. It has a simple design and is perfect for carrying your passport, ID, and some money.


Shacke Hidden Travel Belt WalletShacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet

If you are traveling in a place where you’ll worry about getting your wallet stolen, then the Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet could be the answer to all of your doubts.

The wallet is designed to be easily attached to a belt and hidden away in your pants, keeping it away from the prying eyes of any pick-pockets or thieves.

The wallet is also the ideal size for carrying your passport, money, and all of your essential travel documents. It also has an RFID protective lining, which means that all of your cards and data are also going to be well protected.


Zero Grid Passport WalletZero Grid Passport Wallet

One issue people tend to have with a lot of travel wallets is that they can be a little bit too big and impractical. The Zero Grid Passport Wallet is the perfect solution to that problem.

It’s a compact wallet that can still fit all of your important documents inside. It is made of very good-quality nylon that is lightweight and features several different compartments for you to keep your passport, cards, and important documents. Like many of the wallets on this list, The Zero Grid Passport Wallet also features RFID protection to ensure the safety of your data.

When it comes to minimalism, style, and practicality, this travel RFID-blocking wallet is one of the best available.


This is Ground WWT Passport WalletThis is Ground WWT Passport Wallet

The WWT in this wallet’s name stands for World Wide Traveler and that is exactly who this durable little number is made for.

The WWT passport wallet pulls off the rare task of being both incredibly stylish and extremely practical. Made by hand in Los Angeles from Italian leather, the wallet features two card pockets and also has ample space for you to keep your passports, important documents, cash, and whatever else you may need on your travels.


Dash Travel Passport WalletDash Travel Passport Wallet

The saying “bigger is better” is certainly proved wrong with the Dash Travel Passport Wallet. The wallet boasts a minimalist design and is one of the trendiest wallets on the market.

It features two cardholders (both of which can hold two cards each), a sleeve at the front for notes and documents, and a space in the middle for your passport. It’s a simple but effective design, and the wallet’s cool aesthetic just adds to the quality. This minimalist wallet is also made from a vegan-friendly leather alternative, which only adds to its appeal.


Hard Graft Passport WalletHard Graft Passport Wallet

The Hard Graft Passport Wallet is one of the coolest and most durable passport wallets on the market today.

It has a unique aesthetic that blends a classic sturdy look with newer and more practical features. It can hold a number of cards and has a very sturdy slot to slide your passport into.


Venture 4th Travel Wallet Neck PouchVenture 4th Travel Wallet Neck Pouch

If you are the kind of person who likes to have their travel essentials incredibly close to you at all times, then a neck travel wallet may be a better fit for you, and there are few better right now than the Venture 4th Travel Wallet Neck Pouch.

This travel wallet ticks a lot of the boxes. It is incredibly lightweight, it has plenty of room for all of your cards, passports, and documents, it is water-resistant, and it also comes with RFID protection fabric.

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Tumi Alpha Passport Travel Wallet CaseTumi Alpha Passport Travel Wallet Case

While it may be slightly on the bigger side compared to some of the other travel wallets on this list, the Tumi Alpha Passport Travel Wallet Case is also one of the most practical and is also very stylish looking.

The case is made from Ballistic Nylon, and the inside is made of a very stylish and smooth leather. It has an ID window as well as featuring several sizable pockets for your documents, passports, cards, and money.


Flowfold RFID Blocking Navigator - Passport HolderFlowfold RFID Blocking Navigator – Passport Holder

When it comes to pure value for money, there are few travel wallets that offer as much value as the Flowfold RFID Blocking Navigator Passport Holder. Coming in at just $40, the wallet does everything you could want from a good travel wallet.

It features several compartments for you to place your cards, documents, and money, and it has a useful compartment for your passport. It is also RFID protected, so you can be sure your cards will be safe. It looks great and is available in a stylish black and a pleasing heather gray color.

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Tanner Goods Travel WalletTanner Goods Travel Wallet

When it comes to stylish wallets, there are few that can compete with the Tanner Goods Travel Wallet. The beautiful all-natural leather-look screams sophistication, and this is reinforced by the wallet’s space for a notebook and international currency.

This one may be more on the pricier side of things, but it is certain to turn a few heads in the airport departure lounge.


Iron & Resin Vagabond WalletIron & Resin Vagabond Wallet

Simple and effective, the Iron & Resin Vagabond Wallet is one of the nicest on the market today. Made from cowhide leather, the wallet covers all of your needs without making too much of a fuss.

Inside, it features a pen holder, a passport slot, and plenty of room for your cards and cash. It is also a handy size and is easy to travel with.

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Best Made Swiss Passport CaseBest Made Swiss Passport Case

For some people, carrying around a big bulky wallet is the last thing they want to do on their travels, and that’s where wallets like the Best Made Swiss Passport Case come in. The unique, slimmed-down design of the wallet is not only visually appealing, but it is also incredibly practical.

It’s lightweight and adds virtually nothing to your bag. Inside, it features a pen pocket in case you need to take anything down on your journey, room for cash and documents, and, of course, a slot for your passport.


RFID Safe V100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Bi-Fold WalletRFID Safe V100 Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet

When it comes to traveling, a lot of people’s first priority is safety, and that is why many travel wallets are now designed to be hidden away under your clothes.

The RFID Safe V100 Anti-Theft Bi-Fold Wallet is one of the best anti-theft wallets around today, and it sits just around your waist. The wallet contains two spacious zip compartments that can hold your documents and cash and several card slots. It is, as its name suggests, RFID safe as well, so you don’t have to worry about anybody taking money from your cards.

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Zoppen RFID Travel Passport Wallet & Documents OrganizerZoppen RFID Travel Passport Wallet & Documents Organizer

The Zoopen RFID Travel Passport Wallet & Documents Organizer is one of the best all-around travel wallets on the market today.

It is made from a very practical and durable nylon fabric that also makes it incredibly lightweight. The wallet has enough room inside for two passports, a pen, and countless documents and cards. It’s an efficient all-rounder that fulfills all of your travel wallet requirements.


Bagsmart LAX Passport HolderBagsmart LAX Passport Holder

If it’s minimalism and value that you are looking for, then you needn’t look any further than the Bagsmart LAX Passport Holder.

This nifty little number is incredibly lightweight, and it retails at less than $20. It has a waterproof fabric layer and is RFID protected, meaning that all of your belongings are going to be safe and dry.

It also comes with a ton of compartments, including a big one for documents, one for your passport, and a zip pocket for your spare change. This is one of the best budget options on the market today.

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Buffway Slim Front Packet WalletBuffway Slim Front Packet Wallet

The Buffway Slim Front Pocket Wallet combines a classic look with minimalist features. The wallet is small enough to fit into your pocket, but it has enough room to fit in everything you need.

It is also one of the best-looking wallets on this list and comes available in a wide variety of different colors.


FjallRaven Passport WalletFjallRaven Passport Wallet

The FjallRaven Passport Wallet is a beauty to behold. It is one of the most stylish wallets on the market, and it is made from G-1000 canvas material. The wallet is also incredibly spacious, featuring room for cash, headphones, passports, and documents.

It also has some handy features on the exterior. There is a pocket that is ideal for placing a boarding pass or ticket into for easy access, and there is a handy zip compartment for you to keep your coins in as well.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on the most popular metal wallets on the market. Be sure to browse it and pick your favorite.


Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Neck WalletLewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Neck Wallet

A good, affordable alternative in a neck wallet is the Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Neck Wallet. It has a lightweight design and is made from rip-stop nylon. It has plenty of room and can be ideal if you are carrying documents and cash for more than one person.

It is also RFID protected, so your cards and all of your data are going to be kept safe around your neck as well. It also boasts a nice ID window at the front of the wallet, which can be incredibly practical if you need to have it checked.


YOMO Vegan Leather Passport HolderYOMO Vegan Leather Passport Holder

As an alternative to leather wallets, the YOMO Vegan Leather Passport Holder is one of the nicest and most affordable travel wallets available online today.

Made from vegan leather, this waterproof wallet is available in a range of different colors and has successfully managed to find the balance between being stylish and also environmentally conscious.

It is also very affordable, and because of the vegan leather, it is also water-resistant, which can come in incredibly handy.


Shinola Passport WalletShinola Passport Wallet

If you are traveling for work, and keeping up appearances is a big part of your job, then the Shinola Passport Wallet was made for you. These beautifully crafted wallets are among the best looking available, and they are also incredibly practical.

If it’s assured quality and a wallet that combines style with substance that you are looking for, then this is the passport wallet for you. Needless to say, it is a little bit on the more expensive end of the spectrum.


Whipping Post Leather Passport WalletWhipping Post Leather Passport Wallet

One of the most pleasing passport wallets on the market is the Whipping Post (WP) Leather Passport Wallet. The wallet is expertly crafted and made from a rich brown leather. It is also very practical and features several slots for notes, documents, and, of course, your passport.

One of the most useful and unique things about the wallet is that you can personalize it by having your initials inscribed on the inside. This is not only a nice personal touch but can also be incredibly useful if you happen to misplace your wallet on a flight or in an airport.