The 17 Best Money Clips For Men

Although most men are fine using a traditional wallet, there are a lot of good reasons to consider a money clip. Not only do they offer a faster and easy way of accessing your money but they also serve as a less cluttered means of keeping bills and cards in your pocket.

Money clips also come in a variety of styles and materials to match your preference, and some can even be engraved to add a personal touch. If you’re thinking of joining the money clip crowd or need to replace your old one, check out our list of the best money clips below:

Gerber GDC Money ClipGerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber has been providing some of the best knives and tools since 1939. The Gerber GDC Money Clip lives up to the name by serving as one of the sleekest money clips you can buy that’s also a good price.

Made of titanium coated steel and rust proof materials, this top money clip can hold up to five credit cards and features a large engraveable surface. IT has a cool G-10 front plate and features anodized aluminum accents.

More than just a money clip, Gerber decided to include a fine-edged stainless steel blade measuring 1.75 inches. It’s perfectly integrated into the clip so that it can be discreetly hidden and accessed.


CL Carbonlife(TM) Carbon Fiber Money ClipCL Carbonlife(TM) Carbon Fiber Money Clip

CL Carbonlife offers one of the best money clips for men if you prefer a stylish design. They’re made of 100% real carbon fiber, which means yours won’t get damaged or suffer wear and tear for years to come.

The luxurious look is enhanced thanks to a carbon fiber effect with textured finish. The advanced carbon fiber is also designed to prevent malicious individuals using handheld scanners from using magnetic signals and radio frequency to steal your information.

Best of all, this money clip is designed to hold any combination of cards and bills. No matter how much you stuff it, the clip will return to its original shape.


American Trends Silver Stainless Steel Slim Money Clip WalletAmerican Trends Silver Stainless Steel Slim Money Clip Wallet

If you want a popular money clip that is inexpensive but gets the job done, look no further. American Trend’s stainless steel money clips won’t cost you more than $10 and still serve as a perfect way to keep your bills.

These money clips have smooth finish around the edges so you never have to worry about poking holes in your jeans or pockets. It has a width of about half a credit card and is magnetic.You also have to material choices: regular stainless steel and black stainless steel.


Serman Brands Carbon Fiber Money ClipSerman Brands Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Another great choice if you have your heart set on a stylish money clip. This one has genuine carbon fiber accents with classy stripes made of Honey Gold Titanium.

Carbon fiber is very durable, which means you’ll be able to enjoy Serman Brand’s money clip for a long time. It also features a slim design that allows you to quickly access your money, show your ID, etc.

Despite the slim profile, its capable of carrying an impressive 15 bills and 10 credit cards with you. You also have a choice of four awesome color designs: Blue/Black, Glossy, Gold/Black, and Matte. A no hassle money back guarantee is also included.


ALASKA BEAR - Classic Cash Money Clip Credit Card HolderALASKA BEAR – Classic Cash Money Clip Credit Card Holder

These money clips by Alaska Bear feature a custom design and are made of the best stainless steel you can find. A smooth finish and slim profile makes it a swag way to keep your credit cards and bills.

The amount it can hold is also impressive: up to 10-15 bills or 3-5 cards.It also offers you two different color choices: classic silver and matte silver. The fact that it comes in an attractive velvet bag also makes it a good choice if you want to use it as a gift.


Viosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money ClipViosi Genuine Kingston Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Clip

If you want to keep your cash or credit cards in a cool, safe way, Viosi has got you covered. Their Kingston leather clip is made of Earth magnets— alloys made of strong, rare earth elements.

The edc clip is made of full grain Kingston cow leather and features detailed stitching along with secure card slot holders. The clip is 4”x 3”, which means it fits perfectly in any front pocket.

The available slots include 3 card slots, 2 bigger slots, and one ID holder for your license. Viosi also was kind enough to toss in a 1 year replacement guarantee. Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that this particular money clip boasts one of the best Amazon ratings out of more than 1,600 customer reviews.


United Cutlery US Marines Self Defense Money ClipUnited Cutlery US Marines Self Defense Money Clip

These cool money clips by United Cutlery are black and feature the US Marines logo. It’s considered a self defense money clip because it can be used as a weapon should you find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself and others.

The clip is actually pretty small, measuring only 2″x2″. It consists of a lightweight aircraft aluminum and has a black finish. According to customer reviews, it is sturdy enough to hurt an assailant but may not be suitable for men with fingers larger than a size 10 ring.


HooAMI Stainless Steel Double-Sided Smart Money ClipHooAMI Stainless Steel Double-Sided Smart Money Clip

HooAMI definitely made these top money clips with class and convenience in mind. The highlight is its double-sided design that allows you to securely hold bills on one side and credit cards on the other.

Each money clip is made of high-quality stainless steel, which means no fading or bending. Along with various styles available, HooAMI also offers laser engraving should you want to personalize your clip. Check out the product page to see the different kinds of font styles you can select. The packaging is also top-notch and includes a gift box.


Travelambo Carbon Fiber Slim Money ClipTravelambo Carbon Fiber Slim Money Clip

You know you’re looking at one of the best money clips on the market when its light in weight but strong enough to withstand years of use. These everyday carry money clips by Travelambo are made of durable carbon fibers that feature advanced mechanical properties. We’re talking heat resistance, chemical stability, and more.

The use of excellent material also means your clip will always return to its original shape whether you stuff it with cash or open it often. This means it always offers a tight fit and will never let go of your cards or bills.

These Travelambo money clips also have a slim profile (2 3/4″ X 1 1/2″ X 1/2″ and come in four cool colors: Black, Blue, Gold, and Green.


Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip Pocket KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army Money Clip Pocket Knife

This is the best money clip you can buy if you want one that offers a variety of useful tools. Victorinox included five different functions for everyday use, including a nail file with nail cleaner, scissors, 2″ blade, and of course, money clip.

The clip is made of stainless steel and encased in polished black alox scales for added durability and style. It’s also very slim and lightweight, which means you’ll barely feel it in your pocket.

As a Swiss Army Knife, you know it’s made by the best of the best in the steel cutlery world. As a cherry on top, your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty. If you’re still not convinced, consider the near-perfect Amazon rating this particular money clip has.


M-Clip Ultralight Slide V2 Anodized Money ClipM-Clip Ultralight Slide V2 Anodized Money Clip

Got the cash to spend on one of the best and most sophisticated money clips out there? If so, feel free to check out M-Clip’s clip made of aircraft grade satin finish anodized aluminum.

What makes this money clip worth the price tag is not because it can hold up to 10 bills and 8 credit cards, which is awesome. It’s unique for its heat-tempered spring made of stainless steel, which offers more security to your cash.

The advanced spring design allows you to grip the lever bars on the front and slide them back. Then, with a simple pinch, the levers open to give you access to your cash or cards. No more losing money due to a flimsy money clip.


Deluxury Fine Accessories Spring Loaded Money ClipDeluxury Fine Accessories Spring Loaded Money Clip

Did you like the spring stuff that last money clip had but aren’t ready to drop that much cash? If so, this is a great choice since it’s not only affordable but also comes with its own compact spring loaded design that’s perfect for securely holding all cards and currency.

Even without the spring, we would’ve included this money clip in the list just for its elegant look alone. It features one of the most stylish and unique designs that really stands out when compared to other clips.

But since looks aren’t everything, Deluxury Fine Accessories made sure to use only the finest stainless steel so the clip lasts a lifetime. In case you change your mind, a 30 day return policy is also part of the deal.


Vine Branch Genuine Leather Magnetic Money ClipVine Branch Genuine Leather Magnetic Money Clip

A low price doesn’t always mean cheaply made. This great money clip is made of genuine top-grain black leather with a durable felt lining. It also boasts a smooth feel and has square corners to increase comfort while it sits in your pocket.

The magnets are also powerful enough to firmly hold your money and cards in place and are perfectly safe to use with credit cards. Just make sure you keep hotel room keys and parking tickets out of it. Durable and inexpensive, it’s great to hand out as gifts or keep as an extra clip for yourself.


Storus Smart Money ClipStorus Smart Money Clip

This money clip is ultra-thin and lightweight, allowing it to fit easily into any pocket.Thanks to its double-sided design, it can store up to 10 credit cards or 30 bills.Since it’s made of high-tech stainless steel, it stays durable and maintains its shape even after years of use.

It measures 2.8″ x 2.5″ and comes with a cool gunmetal look. Storus also lets you personalize your money clip by offering an engraving option and offers five different sizes. You also have the option of five different colors and designs, including Black, Pink, Purple, and Gold. The Black choice comes with a rubberized finish.


Adamant Men's Slim Money ClipAdamant Men’s Slim Money Clip

Here’s another great option if you want a balance of looks and durability. Adamant’s slim money clip offers a small profile that fits comfortably in any pocket. It’s designed to have a very firm grip so your cash, credit cards, or anything else you keep in there stays secure.

The most notable feature on this money clip is the stylish silver plating combined with a high-quality black enamel accent. Together, they give this money clip a sleek look that’s worthy of the classiest men. And if for whatever reason you’re left unsatisfied Adamant includes a 100% lifetime guarantee where you can return your clip for any reason.


Royce Leather Men's Magnetic Money ClipRoyce Leather Men’s Magnetic Money Clip

No money clip out there can match this one when it comes to comfort and style. Not only is it made of fine top grain nappa leather but it also boasts a suede interior. This not only makes it feel good in your pocket but it also guarantees that your cards and cash remain damage-free.

Royce’s leather money clip also comes with two strong magnets that work to keep your bills and cards firmly in between. It only weights 2.5 oz. and comes in your choice of 10 different color styles. These included: black, brown, black/tan, blue burgundy, made in America black, navy/gray, red, red/black, and tan.


Visol Men's Capricorn Stainless Steel Money ClipVisol Men’s Capricorn Stainless Steel Money Clip

Rounding off our list is a hand wash money clip made of premium stainless steel that’s tarnish free. An innovative hinged grip design allows it to hold between 15 and 20 clips without ever getting bent and losing its shape from heavy use.

It also has a light weight and slim design, plus comes in a neat cardboard gift box. It’s a great choice if you need a durable money clip for yourself or want to give it away as a gift.