The 18 Best Men’s Dress Socks

Although your socks may not be the most notable article of clothing you wear, when they clash with the rest of your ensemble, it is going to be noticeable. That’s why you need to make sure that you don the best pair you can each day.

There is a wide variety of styles available. You can go with a plain black cotton dress sock for conservative office environments, or you can choose bright multicolored variants with pineapples on them.

Here’s a roundup of the best dress socks for every occasion.

The Best Men’s Dress Socks

CHUP Montana SocksCHUP Montana Socks

If your focus is on keeping your feet warm, snug, and comfortable, then you might want to try on some CHUP Montana Socks. These socks are thick to help insulate your feet from the cold during the winter months. The pattern utilizes earth-tones and classically neutral designs.

These may not fit the mold of traditional dress socks, but they do get the job done, and these Japanese-made cotton blend socks look good even when you’re pairing them with formal dress shoes.

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Thom Browne Cotton-Jacquard SocksThom Browne Cotton-Jacquard Socks

Nothing says modern businessman better than dolphins on a navy sock. The design and color combination provides an attractive style that shows there’s more to you than a suit and tie.

The great thing about these classic socks is that they are quite versatile as well. You can wear them for casual, office, or formal occasions while eliciting just right amount of attention. They’re 100% cotton from the UK sewn for US foot sizes 7-12.


Brooks Brothers Argyle Crew SocksBrooks Brothers Argyle Crew Socks

Argyle is still king in this new world of quirky-patterned socks. What people may think is a “new” thing has been around for several generations now. Your granddaddy may have worn it, and you’ll be glad to know that this does not make it “old fashioned” in a negative sense. It makes it a real classical piece that you need in your closet and on your feet.

These socks are built both for durability and style. They are produced in Italy from mostly cotton (86%), nylon (12%) and Elastane (2%). They have a few color combinations available, so you can choose how much you want the colors to match the outfit you’re wearing.

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Happy Socks Funky Colorful SocksHappy Socks Funky Colorful Socks

Most everyone working in the corporate world has to abide by some form of dress code. Break the monotony of the mundane by wearing Happy Socks.

This collection showcases a range of patterns available from this rebellious Swedish style house. There is a myriad of options from which to choose. You can go for something as basic as polka dots or go for something with more details such as a Beatles Box Set that features the band’s iconic style.


Easton Marlowe Fun Colorful SocksEaston Marlowe Fun Colorful Socks

This Easton Marlowe 6-Pack offers you a complete set for your workweek rotation. You don’t have to leave your personality at home just because you’re working in a nine-to-five office job. Keep a little reminder of how outgoing, fun, and playful you can be by wearing these colorful socks.

These socks are made of cotton, so you know that they are comfortable. There are also many collections, patterns, and colors from which to choose. If you want to go low key, you can select patterns that feature darker grays, blacks, and navy blues as background.  If you want to throw caution to the wind and have fun with your footwear, then you can get daring with sets that feature yellow, orange, or red.

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Marino Men’s Patterned Dress SocksMarino Men’s Patterned Dress Socks

Let a little bit of your non-conformist nature show by wearing these Patterned Dress Socks from Marino. These socks are constructed to be comfortable and snug enough to stay in place throughout your grueling workday.

They’re 80% cotton blended with 10% nylon and 10% spandex. If you’re new to the patterned socks game, then don’t be afraid of going with Marino. Although they may offer non-traditional patterns, the socks they have are nonetheless some of the more elegant ones available. The sets offer versatility in your wardrobe that allows you to mix and match patterns to the color scheme of your suit or ensemble.


BoardroomSocks Men’s Over the Calf SocksBoardroomSocks Men’s Over the Calf Socks

The elegance of the timeless style is evident in the name. When it comes to the boardroom look, nothing beats the classic dress sock. These are constructed out of the highest quality Prima Cotton yarn that contains 74% cotton, which makes it a comfortable addition to your corporate look.

They also feature vertical ribbing that, aside from helping complete the look, keeps the socks in place, preventing them from slipping down. Another feature that adds to the uniqueness of these socks is the reinforced heel and toe. These socks are proudly American-made and come from North Carolina.

On the other hand, these waterproof socks are the perfect choice for outdoor adventures. So be sure to have a pair at hand.


Amazon Essentials 5-Pack Patterned Dress SocksAmazon Essentials 5-Pack Patterned Dress Socks

Look like a million bucks (or a cool few billion like Bezos) with the Amazon Essentials Patterned Dress Socks. They come in a five-pack, so you know that you have enough for a complete workweek rotation.

These socks are made prominently out of cotton at 82%, nylon at 17%, and elastane at 3%. This combination of materials makes for dress socks that look and feel more expensive than they are. They come in an assortment of patterns but only come in a couple of colors, namely black and navy, so that you can match them with anything.


Bonobos Cotton-Blend Dress SocksBonobos Cotton-Blend Dress Socks

These dress socks from Bonobos come in a range of nearly 30 patterns and designs from the most formal to the more non-traditional – from mostly plain gray to subtle and not-so-subtle flamingo graphics. The designs are perfect for when you want to get out of the rut of just wearing plain dress code blacks.

These socks are made out of 65% Pima cotton, 26% polyester, 6% nylon, and 3% spandex. This blend allows the Bonobos Cotton Blend Dress Socks to fit well, staying up for long days in the office. They also come in two sizes for a better fit and feature extra cushioning on the bottom of the foot for added comfort.

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Calvin Klein’s Men’s Classic Dress SocksCalvin Klein’s Men’s Classic Dress Socks

These Calvin Klein socks come in plains, so right of the bat, you know that you can wear them on the most formal occasion in your most traditional suit. They’re made out of fabric blend that is mainly combed cotton at 62% with the rest comprised of polyester at 22%, nylon at 13%, and spandex at 3%. It’s this superior airy and material blend that makes these socks worthy of the CK brand.


Mack Weldon Silver Extended Crew Dress SocksMack Weldon Silver Extended Crew Dress Socks

Mack Weldon delivers a high-quality dress sock in a variety of colors and patterns. The silver in these socks ensures that your feet won’t smell, while the unique cuffs keep them in place all day. No sliding down as you walk the office.

They also have extra cushioning on the bottom of the foot to give you that boost of comfort. Made from 85% Prima cotton, these socks are very soft anyway. You can even combine them with your sneakers for the office.


American Trench Thin Stripe SocksAmerican Trench Thin Stripe Socks

These socks will add a little style to your feet without being too flamboyant. You can buy these striped dress socks in three varieties: gray with black stripes, navy blue with green stripes, or maroon with navy stripes. They might not go with a suit, but they’re perfect with a pair of slacks.

The cotton is American-grown, and the socks are American-manufactured. They’re mostly made of Supima cotton, with 14% nylon, and 7% polyester, the remaining 2% spandex for a comfy fit that stays in place all day.


Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Dress SocksPolo Ralph Lauren Men’s Dress Socks

These dress socks from Polo are just as you would expect them to be – high quality and elegantly conservative.

These dress socks are made to be worn by those who like the appeal of the timeless classic men’s look. This classic styling makes these socks a solid addition to any executive’s wardrobe, just like some of these cool chinos from our list.


Hot Sox Artist SeriesHot Sox Artist Series

Wearing colorful socks with a range of lively patterns is no longer considered taboo – even in the workplace (sometimes). You’ve already seen fun graphics on socks, but with the Artist Series from Hot Sox, you’ll now be able to wear the finest artworks in the world on your feet.

That’s right, each pair of Hot Sox Artist Series socks features a famous piece of art like the Mona Lisa, the Birth of Venus, The Scream, and a whole lot more. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for the fine arts, and it also works well as a conversation piece when you’re out on a date.


STANCE Marseille Socks for MenSTANCE Marseille Socks for Men

STANCE patterned socks provide functionality, comfort, and style in this colorful piece of clothing. The patterns are bold yet classical. The striped patterns feature color combinations that make them great for both casual as well as formal wear – if you’re daring enough to go against the grain.

This STANCE offering is constructed of cotton at 79%, polyester at 19%, and elastane at 2%.


Afrisocks Authentic African Print SocksAfrisocks Authentic African Print Socks

Afrisocks is an African-based brand that offers authentic African print patterns on their sock collections. The patterns range in color, but the bold and striking patterns that are associated with African fabrics and clothing are evident. Wear these socks under your plain suit at work or when you’re out on the town.

These socks also have African names that translate into clever phrases such as “Onaapo,” which translates into “You won’t even get it” or “Kubolor,” which means “Vagabond.” This naming convention just adds to the uniqueness of the brand and makes for a fine conversation starter.


Bugatchi Gift Set – FloralBugatchi Gift Set – Floral

Bugatchi does two things well. The first is that they make a fine Italian sock in all its glory, and secondly, they make novelty patterns with a splash of elegance. In this three-piece gift set, Bugatchi brings the beauty of floral-patterned socks to the forefront without taking away from classic elegance. This is accomplished with classical patterns and graphics, as well as toned-down colors.

If floral patterning is not your cup of tea, they also have graphics that feature rock stars such as Elvis and James Brown alongside other visually appealing imagery and patterns. The socks are made out of a cotton, nylon, and elastane blend, which gives them comfort, durability, and proper fit.


Turnbull and Asser Charcoal Long Merino Wool SocksTurnbull and Asser Charcoal Long Merino Wool Socks

The Turnbull and Asser Charcoal Long Merino Wool Socks is a true basic sock that does not disappoint. It could very well be the most versatile piece of clothing you ever buy. The material is a fine merino and nylon blend to accomplish that warm, snug fit. You can be sure that with these dapper socks on, you will look and feel like a gentleman.