13 Best Flight Compression Socks

Are you looking for a way to help heal swelling feet or cramps when flying? It can seem like there’s not much you can do except to try to exercise your legs a bit when sitting in a plane, but there’s one helpful solution you can try: flight compression socks. These socks are unique from regular types of socks because they are made with a special fabric compression. This compression works to help prevent blood clots and cramping in your feet which can not only be painful, but damaging to your health. Below you’ll find the best flight compression socks you can use for your next flight.

Wanderlust Premium Air Compression SocksWanderlust Premium Air Compression Socks

These air compression socks can be worn by both men and women and come in sizes everywhere from medium to extra-large. They feature a compression of 10-30 mmHg which helps to improve your body’s circulation. This makes them very helpful to use when exercising, sitting on long flights, or even for mothers who are nursing.

The Wanderlust Premium travel Socks are made with a unique design. They’re made up of 80% cotton and feature soft padding, a Y-Gore heel, and arch support. This will not only help to keep the socks fitting tightly around your legs and feet, but provide comfort as well. The top of the sock reaches your knee and is sewn in a special way to prevent it from bunching up. This durable product also features a friction-free seam where the toes are to prevent blisters from occurring.


Physix Gear Sport SocksPhysix Gear Sport Socks

Designed to be worn by both men and women, the Physix Gear Sport Socks come in many different color designs, like black/pink, black/beige, and black/green. The socks are made out of an anti-bacterial fabric which helps it to be breathable to prevent odors from occurring. These socks have a compression of 20-30 mmHg and feature double-stitched seams to keep them secure on your legs. They also have a special arch to calf design which is intended to help keep the socks from losing their compression when you wear them. The Physix Gear Sport Socks are great to use for sports and when on flights and come in sizes small to extra-large.


Alvada Graduated Compression SocksAlvada Graduated Compression Socks

The Alvada Graduated Compression Socks are made out of a soft 67% cotton material and feature a compression of 20-30 mmHg. These socks come in different sizes and feature a nice black/wine fabric mixture. On the heel of the socks is a Y-Gore padding to keep your feet comfortable and cushioned when you’re wearing them. The socks also feature an arch support which is medical-grade and friction-free to prevent blisters from occurring when you wear them. These socks are easy to put on and remove which makes them ideal for those on the move or those who might have a little trouble bending over to put them on or take them off.


Blitzu Compression SocksBlitzu Compression Socks

These socks are perfect for those who are active runners, athletes, or frequent travelers. They come with a tight yet comfortable compression of 20-30 mmHg and are made in various sizes so both men and women can wear them. The Blitzu Compression Socks come in different styles like black, purple, pink, and white and feature a twill design to help prevent legs cramps and absorb shocks. They also have a helpful tendon stabilization feature which keeps your feet secure in the sock and encourages blood flow to aid with things like swollen feet, spider veins, and even injuries. The non-slip cuff at the top of them will prevent them from sliding down. There’s also a friction-free padding on the toes to keep blisters away and a sole padding on the back to add an extra level of stabilization and comfort to your feet when you wear them. This padding is also very durable so wearing it often won’t impact it much.


Newzill Compression SocksNewzill Compression Socks

These universal fit compression socks by Newzill feature a compression of 20-30 mmHg and are great for everyone from athletes to nursing mothers. The socks come in a variety of colors like black, pink, light blue, and white and are made with a special Dorsum support. This support is a 3D vent on the top of the feet to help make moving around in the socks easy. These socks also feature a non-slip cuff to prevent them from bunching up, arch support, and a padded heel to keep your feet comfortable. In addition to this, these compression socks are made with an anti-bacterial fabric. This fabric is unlike other similar types because Newzill incorporated their exclusive Clima-Pro system into it to help make it extra breathable and odorless. The socks also feature an Achilles support which is designed to help give extra security when doing intensive sports or exercises.


Cambivo Compression SocksCambivo Compression Socks

The Cambivo Compression Socks come in 2 pairs and in various men and women sizes. You’ll find color options like black/gray, black/blue, and black/red that you can choose from. These socks are designed with a special compression to help with improving blood circulation. This gradient pressure is applied to your toes all the way up to your knees and aids with preventing lactic acid buildup. The breathable fabric of these socks also helps to prevent odors and has a ribbed design to add extra stability. On the top of the toes is a unique toe fabric to prevent friction which could otherwise lead to blisters and skin irritation. These socks can also be washed without fear of them losing their compression.


A-Swift Compression SocksA-Swift Compression Socks

This pair of compression socks by A-Swift comes in many different stylish designs like red/blue/white argyle and ocean harmony. These socks can be worn by both men and women and feature a compression of 20-30 mmHg which will keep the socks fitting tightly on your legs.  The design of this sock has it fit a little more snug around your ankle to help improve blood circulation. This tightness will also aid in helping to prevent muscle fatigue.

The socks are woven together with a silver yard fabric which is anti-bacterial to help prevent odors and is also breathable so your feet don’t sweat. In addition to all this, the socks come with a free Let’s Play Tennis e-book.


Reehut Compression SocksReehut Compression Socks

The Reehut Compression Socks are ideal for those who enjoy sports, are nursing, or plan to fly a lot. The socks can be worn by both men and women and come with a special sizing chart to help you find the one that’s the right fit for your feet. You can also choose between two different color combinations: black/gray and black/blue.

These affordable socks are very lightweight and are made with a 360 degree stretchable fabric to help the socks contour to the shape of your legs. Besides this, the fabric has a moisture-wicking feature built into the fabric to prevent odors and sweat and a padded toe fabric which stops blisters from forming. There’s also a heel padding in the back with an arch support to help keep your feet comfortable and steady when wearing the socks.

The Reehut Compression Socks are affordable and made out of very durable materials which makes them ideal for those looking for a long-lasting pair for their wardrobe.


Charmking Air Compression SocksCharmking Air Compression Socks

These compression socks by Charmking come in 3 pairs and feature a comfortable black fabric that is made up of 85% nylon. This fabric also has a special 360 degree stretching ability which helps it to contour around the angles of your feet and legs. The nylon is woven to be breathable so your feet don’t smell or sweat after wearing the socks for a long time.

The Charmking Air Compression Socks have a compression level of 15-20 mmHg and can help reduce swollen feet and the pain of DVT. They can also prevent cramps from occurring which is ideal if you’re into sports or planning to wear them on a long flight.


Zuoge Air Compression SocksZuoge Air Compression Socks

The Zuoge Air Compression Socks come in a pair of 6 and have a tight compression of 15-20 mmHg which will keep the socks snug on your legs and feet. The socks come in colors like gray and blue/gray and feature a moisture-wicking fabric that helps to prevent sweat from forming in the socks when you wear them. The fabric is also anti-bacterial which can help to stop odors. These socks come in various sizes for men and women like Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.


David Angie Flight Compression SocksDavid Angie Flight Compression Socks

These compression socks by David Angie come in 6 pairs and in various colors like white and black. They feature a gradual compression of 15-20 mmHg so that the socks feel tight around your feet and legs, but not uncomfortably so. At the top you’ll find a non-slip cuff to help prevent the sock from slipping down. There is a sole pad at the bottom which helps to keep your sole cushioned when wearing the socks and is also non-slip. The toes also feature a seamless fabric which can help to keep them from forming blisters when you wear the socks. The fabric is anti-bacterial which will help to prevent your feet from sweating and odors from forming. These socks come in various sizes for both men and women.


aZengear Compression SocksaZengear Compression Socks

The aZengear Compression Socks come in many different sizes and feature a gradual compression of 20-30 mmHg. This gradual compression is designed to help keep your blood circulating and prevent cramps and swelling in your feet and legs. The gradual compression makes them perfect for nurses, athletes, and flyers to wear.

The fabric of this product comes in a choice of either a black/blue or black/pink design and is made with a twill stitching to help absorb vibrations when you walk around in them. It’s also double-stitched which helps to keep them durable and is anti-bacterial and sweat-proof. These affordable socks have a cushioned heel built into the bottom of them, a non-slip cuff at the top to prevent the socks from sliding down, and a reinforced toe to stop blisters from forming.


Mubasel Gear Compression SocksMubasel Gear Compression Socks

These compression socks feature different designs like black/gray, blue, and pink and come in sizes small, medium, and large. The socks are made with a gradual compression of 20-30 mmHg which helps to keep them tight and secure to your calves and feet. The fabric is ventilated which helps to prevent odors and keep your feet from sweating and itching. It’s also anti-bacterial which stops bacteria and other undesirable things from forming in your socks which could negatively affect your feet.

A unique aspect about these socks is all the protection built into it. For instance, there’s a special ankle protector which helps to prevent sprains and a tibia protector which is sewn to help prevent the top of your feet from friction which could cause blisters. There’s even a heel pad built into the back to keep your feet cushioned while you wear the socks. On the bottom of the socks is a special ventilation as well which aids in keeping your feet from sweating and helps your blood circulation keep moving.



No longer do you need to worry about cramping feet and swollen legs. With compression socks, you can prevent these problems from happening. Better yet, these socks can be used by athletes, nursing mothers, and those who suffer from DVT, not just those who plan on taking a long flight. The products above are some of the top ones to consider using and will help to prevent and relieve any irritation, swelling, or cramping you might have in your feet or legs. They also can work to keep your feet and legs free from injuries and odors.

If you’re looking to invest in some flight compression socks, definitely be sure to consider the ones mentioned above to help give you relief and help you to move around more pain-free.