The 12 Best No-Show Socks for Men

Summer is not just a great time for shorts and lighter fabrics; depending on where you live, having the option to cool off your legs while going about your casual Friday is practically mandatory. Except for the Opera or your boss’s office, there are few places nowadays where people will turn up their noses at shorts or rolled-up jeans.

Etiquette has not been equally kind to flip flops and open-toe sandals, however. Unless you are planning to ruin your new loafers or sneakers with direct foot sweat (and to give yourself a few blisters), you are going to need to continue wearing socks.

But before you waste the precious freshness gained by your new board shorts on a pair of thick cotton knee-high socks (a look that apparently doesn’t go well anywhere), make sure to stop by your mailbox and pick up a few pairs of no-show socks. This year, there is an ever-growing list of fabrics, models, and colors, all available in male sizes. This list of the 12 best no-show socks for men includes the best value packs and the interesting tech alike – from anti-slipping features to antibacterial blends.

Nike Elite No-Show Tab Running SockNike Elite No-Show Tab Running Sock

No gym-goer needs an introduction to Nike or its ubiquitous logo, as few other brands can surpass their ability to blend activewear with party wear so efficiently. Their Elite No-Show running socks combine several features that let them hit an elusive spot; they are thick enough to protect you from blisters or accidental injury, but they still let you keep your scent fresh for a long time.

Their Dri-FIT technology is meant to keep you comfortable even during long runs or intense, extra-sweaty sessions. In addition, they have been reinforced by strategically-placed cushions around the foot strike area. These will absorb a bit of impact (although you’ll still need a good pair of trainers) and will keep them from slipping midway into your running shoe. Should this happen, their easy-t-reach back tab will set everything right without having to interrupt your pace.


Polo Ralph Lauren 3-Pack No-ShowPolo Ralph Lauren 3-Pack No-Show

Here’s another brand that needs very little presentation but that brings established imagery of comfort and attention to detail. Ralph Lauren is not the kind of brand you get if you are okayish with the horrid feeling of moist, slippery socks, which is exactly what these No-Show socks will prevent.

Ribbed cuffs, a superb cotton-based fabric, and a discreet logo just below your ankle cuff make for a winning combination if you ever need to sport a summery look while on the nicer side of town. They are available in pitch black and an assorted beige pack.


UNIQLO Pile Low CutUNIQLO Pile Low Cut

Japan’s Uniqlo has quietly risen into one of Europe’s top providers of budget-friendly, high-quality cotton basic fashion. Now that a quick online purchase has placed their products within easy reach on the other side of the ocean, it’s time we all learn to admire their unique combination of minimalistic design and years-lasting manufacture.

The self-deodorizing, 100%-cotton socks have a deeply curved ankle opening, which will keep them completely hidden whether you are wearing loafers or sneakers. Nevertheless, the contoured edges will keep them from slipping off. They are also equipped with polyolefin grips at the sole. You can get a three-pack in one out of five different colors for just $10.


VANS Classic No ShowVANS Classic No Show

VANS shoes are a quintessential part of summer and will be forever tied in our minds with the classic “rolled up” finish on any pair of sturdy blue jeans. Naturally, such a look can only be truly pulled off by pretending to go sockless, so it makes sense for VANS to design an efficient and simple model of no-show socks.

Their Classic Socks are low cut, smooth, and specifically designed to be worn with VANS. Not that you won’t be able to wear them with any other brand – but paired up, you’ll be able to see exactly what happens when every millimeter is designed to be hidden, yet firm.


Stance Men’s GamutStance Men’s Gamut

Stance did not become an officially-licensed NBA brand out of sheer luck. Born out of America’s underground skater and surfer culture, the brand has grown exponentially over the past few years thanks to their quality materials and bold designs. They simply do not do basic or understated; the Gamut socks have a unique, ocean-inspired look to it.

They’re not just beautiful, though. The mandatory arch support and breathable fabric are also included (in this case, made from a proprietary blend of 67% combed cotton and 26% elastane). In addition, their silicon grippers will make sure everything stays on and will let you forget about the fact that you are wearing super-short socks at all.


Mens Richer Poorer Ford No ShowRicher Poorer Ford No Show

Essential, casual, and always embedded with the laid back spirit of its native Southern California, Richer Poorer was started out as a way to democratize style; they offer good manufacture, clean lines, and low prices. Their entire Ford line is aimed to be “perfectly simple and nothing more” and is now recognized for being remarkably more reliable than the carmaker of the same name.

These socks are made from a double layer of twisted yarn, which increases the sock’s weight and stability without causing it to be too warm. The padded footbed and extra arch support will ensure your shoes remain comfortable even during long walks, even if they are not hiking boots.


Mottee&Zconia Low Cut No Show Cotton SocksMottee&Zconia Low Cut No Show Cotton Socks

Motte&Zconia is best known for its modest fashion and plain designs, which make these socks a bit of a surprise; the color combinations and clear contrast between the upper mesh and the sole mesh make stand out on any shelf.

Made from a stretchy blend of polyester and spandex, these are clearly designed to be everyday, combat-ready gym socks. The sole mesh is slightly rugged to prevent them from slipping, while the upper mesh keeps the overall package appropriately fresh.


Mack Weldon No ShowMack Weldon No Show

Mack Weldon began as a quality basics supplier, but they have quickly grown into a lifestyle brand. Each one of their designs is always geared towards representing lasting simplicity, beautiful designs, and ethical manufacturing practices.

While that may feel like a lot of accomplishments for a pair of socks, their No-Show model definitely checks all their required boxes. Their low profile may stay hidden all day, but thanks to their no-slip heel and cushioned footbed, you will be carrying that comfort throughout your day.

Be sure to also check out our selection of the best dress socks that will complete your formal outfit.


Saucony Men’s Performance Comfort Fit No Show SocksSaucony Men’s Performance Comfort Fit No Show Socks

French sports gear manufacturer Saucony is now one of the best-reputed brands among running fans and track addicts. Its designs are always inspired on the same fast, sleek lines that we all like to picture while we are speeding close to the finish line; its final products are usually durable and always keep an eye out for prolonged comfort.

Their Comfort Fit No Show socks follow exactly the same blueprint. If you are a runner or biker who wants his workout socks to double as everyday wear, you should definitely consider getting a pair. They are made of 95% polyester with just a little bit of cotton – enough to keep everything ventilated but not so much that it will trap smell. The arch is slightly reinforced for extra support. Finally, each pair on their value-friendly six-pack comes with a slightly different design.


Seesily No Show Plaid Socks for MenSeesily No Show Plaid Socks for Men

Few things are as comfy and familiar as flannel, which may be too thick for summer no-show socks, but that has not stopped Seesily from trying to reap a bit of its glam.

Its hidden silicon grips will let you choose exactly how high you want them: either fully hidden beneath your lightest pair of loafers, or with a little corner of its funky designs showing off. The cotton and polyester blend was designed to maximize lightness and comfort while still providing you with a tight grip around your toes. They come in packs of five, either monochrome or with an assortment of colorful plaid patterns.

For the coldest months, be sure to invest in some of these amazing wool socks from our list.


Tesla Men’s Athletic Sports No Show SocksTesla Men’s Athletic Sports No Show Socks

High performance and affordability have been at Tesla’s core from the get-go, and this relatively new brand has already built itself a nice reputation in the online activewear niche.

The same cushioning and hidden perks that have become synonymous with their running shoes are all included in their no-show socks but with a much larger variety of colors and patterns. Made from a proprietary blend of polyester, cotton, polyspan, and rubber, they all come with a venting breathe mesh and arch compression band support.


Nice Laundry No Show Extra LowNice Laundry No Show Extra Low

Even underwear basics have a budget tier and a premium tier, and Nice Laundry has always unapologetically aimed for the premium medals. The apparently simple design of their extra low socks is just a little bit nicer, a dash softer, and quite a bit more optimized than your everyday value purchase.

This becomes evident with their deeply-plunged opening, which will truly remain hidden from every angle without slipping into the sweaty-feet territory. These are the kind of socks that would not look amiss at even the fanciest yacht party, and they are definitely fresher than an equivalent pair of boat shoes.