The 25 Best Men’s Sneakers for Summer

A good hair day is temporary, but the right pair of sneakers is permanent. You know what they say about sneakers: the more you use them the more comfortable they become. But you and I both know there’s more to them than just their comfort. It’s about how a pair of just the right shoes makes you feel.

Here we have the list of the 23 best men’s sneakers for summer.

Nike React Element 87Nike React Element 87

Nike is an American company by origin, but now, it is a multinational corporation in footwear, sports apparel, equipment, and accessories.

The feature that stands out in this sneaker is its see-through upper part. The only unpleasant thing The upper body of the React Element 87 has a nice suede leather feel to it, which also makes it very soft and flexible. Likewise, another non-usual feature that caught my eye was its soft suede sole.

In durability terms, this Nike shoe is strong and very tightly manufactured. To define the comfort of these bad boys in short words, light as air and like walking on marshmallows.


Adidas NMD CS1Adidas NMD CS1

Another pair that’s worth looking into is the Adidas NMD CS1. Adidas is also a multinational corporation with a German origin founded in 1949.

You can get these for less than $100, which is a lot more affordable than any other high-end soft sneaker. The NMD CS1 is now available in multiple color schemes as opposed to when it was first released. This famous shoe by Adidas is composed of synthetic material with a natural feel to it. It also features the Adidas Prime-knit upper for an enhanced fit.

With these breathable and flexible Adidas shoes, your every step feels charged with an endless supply of light and fast energy. With the NMD CS1, the company has merged the popular streetwise style with the latest Adidas technology.


Axel Arigato Clean 90 Leather SneakersAxel Arigato Clean 90 Leather Sneakers

Axel Arigato is a London- based shoe store. They opened in 2014 and brought a cool, multi-flavored vibe to the shoe scene.

The Clean 90 white sneaker is a handmade product by Axel Arigato. This excellent shoe is equipped with a foamy footrest and carries maximum comfort. The minimal style silhouette of the Clean 90 features a heel that’s slightly higher, carries a cushioned foot-bed, and has a comfortable arch support.

Moreover, the product also has top-stitch detailing and a heel that features a contrast cap. With these rubber-cup soled, extra light shoes, and Axel Arigato’s sleek sensibility, your day is going to be as calm as it gets.


Balenciaga Sock Sneakers Speed TrainersBalenciaga Sock Sneakers Speed Trainers

Balenciaga, as is pretty obvious by the name, is a brand founded in Spain. However, a French multinational company known as Kering now owns this fashion house.

The amazing Balenciaga Speed Trainers are known for their knit sock effect. They’re extremely comfortable because of the shock-absorbing feature in a white textured sole with a Balenciaga logo on the sock.

These speed trainers have a memory sole technology, a 10mm arch, and carry 240 grams of weight, which basically means it’s a very light shoe. The material is composed of 80% Elastan and 20% Polyamide, and the whole package comes with a Balenciaga dust-bag and a box.


Nike Air Max 720Nike Air Max 720

Another promising addition to the list is the Air Max 720 by Nike. I’ve got to say that this new Air Max iteration has a very unique look to it.

Nike clearly did justice to the tallest ever air unit put into a shoe, along with the unique aesthetic of the Air Max 720. After getting used to their shape, these sneakers can turn out to be very comfortable, especially with the unimaginable large air unit underfoot.

The shoe comes in unique color schemes, like golden and metallic. The laces are held well in place vertically. This means that the shoes can also be worn with no-tie laces if you like.

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 700Adidas Yeezy Boost 700

Another widely available hit of summer by Adidas is the Yeezy Boost 700. Featuring an insanely comfortable underfoot, it’s becoming available in more colors by the day because of its exclusive wear by celebrities like Kanye West.

Yeezy fans are flocking for the style of the 700 due to its extremely comfortable. Moreover, the tongue of the shoe is modestly padded. The herringbone detailing on the sides of this guy deliver traction while running or brisk walking.

The suede overlay on the Yeezy Boost 700 is velvety and can easily withstand moderate wear and tear.


Nike Kyrie 5Nike Kyrie 5

At number 7, we have Nike’s budget-friendly basketball shoes. The Kyrie line by Nike has produced a couple of popular sneakers in recent history.

The Kyrie 5 is an excellent performance sneaker designed not only for on-court occasions but can definitely be worn off-court in a casual and comfy go-to look. The design may not be a go-to for the elderly, but it’s definitely one of the most appropriate and popular designs for high school kids.

The Kyrie 5 also features an exceptional herringbone pattern that’s a treat to look at, and anyone can enjoy the traction it delivers. This basketball special has a Phylon midsole, which is a bit firm but offers an agile ride.


Reebok Club C SneakersReebok Club C Sneakers

Reebok is an English footwear and apparel brand and happens to be a subsidiary of Adidas. It was founded in 1958 in Boston, UK. The brand has produced some of the best apparel, footwear, running, and CrossFit sportswear, including clothing and accessories.

The Club C is a great spring and summer sneaker. With the white texture, all-over leather, and vintage themed touch, they come at a great price. You can be wearing these boys excessively, and they’ll stay looking good even after the excessive beat up.

This model of Reebok can be worn with a wide variety of everyday and even dressier clothing. The Club C sneakers are long lasting, comfortable, and versatile. In other words, they look great, and they feel great no matter what you’re doing. What more can you want out of a shoe?


Nike Air Vapor MaxNike Air Vapor Max

This extremely comfortable sneaker from Nike’s Air Max series has a super breathable upper side. They’re not very widely available, but I wanted to try the cream red color scheme as soon as I put my eyes on it.

Nike eliminates the unneeded weight by eliminating the midsole of the Air Vapor Max, as the upper and outer sole do the collective job of the midsole. The Air series’ shoe features the Nike’s patented air sole, which provides superior cushioning and advanced shock absorption, consequently making this a great shoe for walking and standing all day.


Adidas Night JoggerAdidas Night Jogger

The Adidas Night Jogger features a 90s inspired upper and is a new silhouette for the company. The shoe comes in great multiple shaded color schemes. Having a very unfinished 90s inspired tongue it has a great look.

The Night Jogger by Adidas is a shoe that looks good and is pretty easy to throw-on for any casual occasion. The Jogger mainly features a stylish retro-inspired silhouette and design. It’s safe to say that it has one-of-a-kind reflectiveness in the material.

The boost midsole offers an extremely supreme cushioning and a firm heel for added support. The color scheme is unique, especially with respect to nighttime use.


Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2

This is one of the most popular sneakers by Adidas on the market. The Kanye brand boasts a full-length prime knit upper that feels great on your feet. It’s both breathable and soft and offers a fairly sock-like fit.

Underneath the ribbed rubber, it features a very soft, full-length Boost midsole. In simpler words, it’s a great Yeezy by Adidas, and who doesn’t want Yeezys?

The technology and quality of the materials used to build this version of the 350 Yeezy is extraordinary. It is available in bright and neutral color schemes. You can wear these all-black sneakers for a whole day and still not feel fatigued at the end because of their great quality materials. Trust me when I tell you that this sneaker looks much better in person than it does in the pictures. Moreover, the sneaker’s eye-catching aesthetics, premium quality, unique color schemes, and enhanced comfort are the real deal maker.


Vans Old SkoolVans Old Skool

Vans is a shoe manufacturing company based in America. The brand specializes in skateboarding shoes and related apparel. The brand regularly sponsors motocross, snowboarding, surfing, and BMX teams.

The famous Old Skool by Vans has always been an excellent, casual summer sneaker every man wants to have in his wardrobe. The sneaker features the old-school sneaker shape and complements almost any denim, khaki, or plaid outfit. Available in multiple color schemes, it is very diverse.

The Old Skool Vans shoes have a very soft, cottony feel and are very flexible and comfortable.


Nike React Element 55Nike React Element 55

Here’s another hit from the React Element series by Nike. If you’re unable to get the first contender on the list, the React Element 55 is the next best option.

The shoe features fewer materials than the React Element 87 hit but is definitely like a little brother to the 87s. According to my taste, the fit of the 55 is a lot truer as compared to the 87s. It features a React midsole, which makes the underfoot comfort of the 55s excellent.

The shoes have impact absorption and are perfect for working-out. With its overall soft feel, the shoes are quite easy to pull on and off. Overall, the shoe has great aesthetics, comfort, and durability.


Puma RS XPuma RS X

Out of all the recent Puma models, like the Thunder, Puma Spectra, and Clyde Court, the RS X has definitely been my favorite.

Puma is a German multinational company that manufactures sports footwear, apparel, accessories, and casual footwear. Just remember to get a half size up than your actual size, and you’ll have them in great shape and a perfect fit.

The material of the RS X is a combination of synthetics and natural textiles. Puma’s best retro sneaker this summer has a rubber sole and a shaft that measures approximately low-top from arch is a must in everybody’s wardrobe.

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Nike Air Jordan OneNike Air Jordan One

If I had to choose one of my top favorite sneakers out there, I’d probably keep this on the very top. However, since I had to choose the best shoes for summer, these come a little below the others because of their strong all-over leather material.

They exhibit great shape and even better comfort. However, they feature the above-ankle size, which may be perfect for you if that’s what you like but can detract from the summer feel.

The exotic Air Jordan One is definitely a 10 with the ability to make you feel that a man can fly. The updates made to the outsole, with a spiral traction, is very eye-catching. The shoe also includes a full-length Zoom Air, which is probably the best thing done to an Air Jordan by Nike.


Nike Air Max 97Nike Air Max 97

Filtering the top ones out of a similar series has been a very tough job since they all have some overlapping features.

But then again, the individuality in products of the top brands of the world took care of that for me. The Air Max 97, which is now available in several color schemes, provides a great look with tight jogger pants and a plain t-shirt.

The material of the upper of Air Max 97 is synthetics and leather. Featuring a rubber sole, the shoe is available in a couple of different metallic color schemes. The black outsole, inner lining, heel tab, and tongue complement the precious metal inspiration.


Puma RSX Transformers BumblebeePuma RSX Transformers Bumblebee

As clear from the name, this is a Puma collaboration with the Transformers franchise. The RSX Bumblebee features a white, gray, and yellow textured sole. With a very muscular touch to its shape and yellow/black upper part, this is a very comfortable and fitting sneaker.

The shoe’s design is also referred to as the Dad design, and it makes sense. With the funky upper, breathable inner, fitting shape, and rubber-sole, the shoe is a well-constructed product overall. The material is composed of a strong rubber and leather, which makes it highly durable for long use.

The unique color schemes and eye-binding design should be enough reasons to hop on a pair of these boys.


New Balance 997New Balance 997

The New Balance brand is a multinational company based in Boston. It began in 1906 and now stands with a total revenue of $4.5 billion per year.

The 997 has a woolen touch to its body, so people may assume it to be a very warm sneaker, but the truth is the opposite; it’s a very breathable shoe having a really light and creamy texture. Moreover, the shoe is extremely well-built and very durable. The shoes can withstand excessive wear, and that makes it great for casual use.

The shoe’s outsole has great grip on different kinds of surfaces, providing traction and shock absorption for any activity you want to engage in. They would even make great gym shoes.


Converse Comme Des Garcons XConverse Comme Des Garcons X

Converse is an American shoe company primarily producing lifestyle brand footwear and apparel and skating shoes. The Comme Des Garcons is a limited edition imagined by New York graphic artist Filip Pagowski.

The shoe features a beautiful heart aesthetic and a traditional sneaker shape. The mash between Converse and Comme Des Garcons has seemingly produced a modern, hip, and timeless sneaker. Although the shoe features a very familiar shape, it has a very unique design, which makes it easily stand out from its peers.

For a Comme Des Garcons sneaker, this baby comes with a very affordable price tag. The material is light, smooth, and timeless with a white lining-textured sole.


Nike Air Jordan Black CementNike Air Jordan Black Cement

Up next we have another piece by a Nike made series. The Air Jordan Black Cement has that buy-it-on-first-look touch to it. And this version of Air Jordan has improved stability and increased comfort. The Black Cement color scheme is especially eye-binding and holds a special aura to it.

Furthermore, this guy has a secure lockdown with a double-lasting midfoot comfort. The material is a mesh of textile and synthetics of premium quality.

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Vans Old Skool CheckerboardVans Old Skool Checkerboard

Sliding in next is the another hit from the Old Skool series with a checkerboard print. I specifically adore this sneaker because of its checkerboard design, and you cannot say the same about any other brand.

The shoe has a minimal satisfying design and is the first to bare the iconic side-stripe. Apart from this, the sneaker has a low top lace-up featuring strappy canvas. The uppers are made from suede leather, and so is the inner sole. The re-enforced checkered traction on the sides can be observed from afar.

These Vans are ideal for school, parties, and work. The Checkerboard not only rocks the casual denim look but also complements a formal outfit.


Puma Palace Guard OGPuma Palace Guard OG

This is a super-duper sleeper sneaker known as the Palace Guard OG. This shoe is honestly the lightest sneaker around. With the Palace Guard OG, Puma continues dropping its quiet dynamites.

The retro basketball shoes offer a great fit, durability, and improved comfort. The shoes can withstand a good beating and are therefore the perfect candidate for some on-court display of aesthetics. The look and performance of the Palace Guard OG benefits all-round – from the overall shape to technological aspects. It’s a must-have if you’re ready for some 2000’s basketball nostalgia.


Adidas Continental 80Adidas Continental 80

The Continental 80 by Adidas is a retro-inspired all-white sneaker. The shoe took the world by force when it was released the first time. It features a smooth white leather upper with contrasting colors bisecting the sides.

Obviously, the Continental 80 isn’t as hyped up as it was when it released, but it’s a very well-constructed shoe overall. The budget-friendly model has a sneaker style and is perfect for the summer season with its dotted and airy sides. Great for going out for casual activities, it looks very simple yet stands out because of its uniqueness.

The well-made sneaker has a suede leather touch to it and is comfortable to wear due to the fantastic arch support.


Reebok Instapump Fury OGReebok Instapump Fury OG

The Instapump Fury OG by Reebok is another great summer shoe. It features a pump in its upper tongue area, which applies a lot of air cushion inside the shoe for a very comfortable feel.

The color scheme is what makes this model really pop though. The white textured sole and the simultaneously multicolored upper with a strong leather touch makes it a great choice for warm days. The sneaker stays iconic with its recognizable aesthetics and shape.

The cuts in the design provide a source of ventilation in the shoe and keep it roomy and airy for long use. The material is fairly firm, but the flexible tongue and heel top caps make the shoe easy to slide on and off. The Instapump Fury OG’s strong pump makes the shoe exceptional in absorbing hard shocks and cushioning the footrest.


Nike Blazer LowNike Blazer Low

Last but not least, we have Blazer Low by Nike. This shoe is specially designed for summer. It is a white sneaker with minimal design and is super airy. The aesthetics of this shoe are specifically interesting and instantly eye-catching. It’s a classic sneaker with an earthman illustration. The limited-edition illustration also includes the palm trees on it, so it carries the summer vibe by default. You could definitely rock these phenomenal shoes out on a hot summer day.

The vintage-inspired look of the Blazer Low is still just as relevant. Due to its leather material, the sneaker is a little hard to break in at first. However, some thick socks and some days of wear do the trick just fine. Afterward, the comfort and durability is just as phenomenal as it was in the previous versions of Blazer.