TAFT Boots and Shoes – Men’s Affordable Luxury

With the increasing ease and convenience of eCommerce these days, companies have never had fewer entry barriers in launching a brand. Unfortunately, in the clothing space, that lack of a barrier has led to a flood of companies whose focus isn’t on quality but just hocking a brand. The market for men’s boots and shoes, as flooded as it is with competition, is no different. Fortunately, there are a handful of real craftsmen out there still making excellent products without a middleman. Among those purveyors is TAFT with their handcrafted boots and shoes.

Founded in 2013, TAFT is a direct-to-consumer company that strives to manufacture high-quality shoes in classical styles. TAFT makes dress shoes, sneakers, and boots for men. Their shoe selection includes wingtips, loafers, and oxfords. Their boots include chukkas, brogues, and chelseas, amongst others.

taft men's boots and shoes


TAFT’s boot line includes a handful of models that are a play on traditional boot design. Their Jude Boot (a personal favorite) is their take on a classic Chelsea. Made for a business casual day or just a more dressed up romp around town, they fit into numerous occasions. Priced at just $275, the Jude comes in three different, elegant colorways. Tonal — the light beige — is our favorite. Additionally, they offer a fabric grey and a leather, hand-woven pair in brown.

The Jack Boot is TAFT’s flagship boot. The upper eyelets in the calf feature extra reinforcement for structural durability. The liner of the boot is a calfskin, with the exception of wool in the upper’s interior. This versatile and trendy boot comes in 12 different colorways, including some unique floral and checkered patterns sure to up-level any traditional suit.

The remainder of TAFT’s boot lineup includes names like Rome, Dragon, Troy, Dylan, and Saint. These styles are each a play on boots you have seen before, but with beautiful colors and excellent craftsmanship. TAFT’s boot prices range from $275 to $345 and come in a wide range of sizes from 5 to 15!

TAFT boots and shoes

Shoes and Sneakers

Much like their boot lineup, TAFT’s shoes revolve around the kind of dress shoe you’d expect to see in a retail shop, but with their own flair. The Kennedy, for instance, is a play on an Oxford. This shoe is the perfect accessory for a wide variety of occasions. Worn with slacks at work, jeans at dinner, or a suit at a cocktail party, the Kennedy’s four color choices are sure to class up your wardrobe.

TAFT takes on several other shoe styles in their collection, like the Gladiator, which has a wingtip design with TAFT customization. The Roam, Paris, and Jack shoes are all nods to the classics, with incredible attention to detail and jazzy colorways. There’s something in there for everyone.

If sneakers are more your speed, or you just need a pair to compliment all your dress shoes, TAFT has you covered. With a handful of designs, all of their sneakers fit that middle ground between casual and smart casual. The Jack Sneaker, this author’s favorite, features full-grain leather, a raw wool upper, and of course, they are handmade in Spain.

TAFT boots and shoes are beautiful, and though they don’t have the same mainstream name recognition as a brand like Cole Hahn, they are still doing the kind of work that should get them there. With an emphasis on handmade, classic designs, you can trust TAFT’s footwear to get you through a workday and through the weekend.


taft men's boots and shoes

TAFT boots and shoes

taft men's boots and shoes