Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot – Refined. American. Hard-Wearing.

You might find it strange that we are prepared to use the word “elegant” and “work boot” in the same article, but these are strange days, friends. And the subject of this article, boot though it is, has the clean lines and refined execution we usually see in luxury automobiles. So we think the word “elegant” fits in this case. Allow us to present the Wolverine 1000  Mile Boot — finally, you can pour concrete and look good at the same time.

wolverine 1000 mile boot

Wolverine: Give Foreign-Made Footwear the Boot

Wolverine first debuted this pattern in 1914, and that legacy is apparent in every detail of this American-made work boot, from stitching to leather quality to timeless design. This boot is equally at home in the office or on the street, but we think it looks best covered in dust and oil stains. After all, the best part about leather, especially high-quality leather, is how beautifully and uniquely it ages. Wolverine uses leather from the Horween Leather Company, a Chicago-based business that’s been providing the Midwest with leather for over 100 years.

The laces are flat-waxed cotton, sure to hold up to all kinds of abrasion, while the Vibram heel will take just about anything you can throw at it. But it’s the welt-constructed leather outsole that we really love. Such construction allows the 1000 Mile Boot to be resoled, meaning Wolverine has crafted a boot you could wear for the rest of your life.

wolverine 1000 mile boot

Quality Comes At A Cost

Some might balk at a price tag of $385. Call us old-fashioned, but we’d rather spend that sum one time on quality footwear that lasts a decade or more than shell out $150 every few years for the rest of our lives. And there’s nothing like slipping on a pair of well-worn work boots. Don’t believe us? Give the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots a try, and hit us up in 20 years to let us know what you think.