150th Anniv Blundstone Chelsea Boots in Auburn Leather – Rugged Tradition

Chances are, you’ve come across a pair of Blundstone boots in the wild, unaware of the Blundstone name. Whether it’s at a worksite, behind the bar, or hiking through a trail, I’m sure you’ve admired the quality and classic style that is Blundstone Chelsea Boots. Celebrating 150 years of craftsmanship, the company released the Auburn Premium Leather 150th Anniversary Chelsea Boot. The boot reflects the time-tested Blundstone name while continuing the tradition of comfort and durability.auburn premium leather chelsea boots

150th Anniversary Embellishments

To mark Blundstone’s century-and-a-half anniversary, designers give the boot subtle acknowledgments of the achievement: a modest “150 years” on the pull tabs, a “150” embossed on the outer heel, and a 0.6mm leather lining with “150th” repeated over and over. Each embellishment reminds the wearer of tried and true Blundstone quality without sacrificing the iconic design.

The Blundstone Chelsea Boot Specifications

Regardless of the celebration, Blundstone makes a hell of a boot. The exterior is premium leather, water-resistant and durable. In a nod to Blunstone’s founding island, the “tones of Tasmania” inspire its auburn color. Double stitching throughout the boot makes for long-lasting wear. Black elastic patches on each side of the ankle ensure pulling your boots on will be quick and painless.auburn premium leather chelsea boots

But despite the iconic aesthetics, the boot’s high-functioning sole and footbed is the real showcase. Long days on your feet won’t be a problem; the cushioned midsole and removable footbed ensure you are walking on clouds throughout your longest days. Blundstone’s patented SPS Max Shock Absorption does the dirty work of absorbing 90% of high-speed shocks, protecting your lower back, legs, and feet from fatigue. The tough outsole is TPU for enhanced traction, no matter the conditions.

Care for a Lifetime

With the right care and maintenance, Blundstone footwear continually proves itself to each wearer. Once you kick off excess mud or dirt and remove stubborn grime with a soft-bristled brush or damp cloth, let your boots air dry in the shade. Find some leather polish and a brush or polishing cloth and apply it in a circular motion. A spray or cream will also suffice, but be sure to test the cleaner on a small patch of leather before applying it to the entire surface to avoid discoloration.auburn premium leather chelsea boots

Origin Meets Progress

Australia already seems remote, but Tasmania? The Australian island state, where Blundstone originated, seems like another universe. But in 1870, something iconic was born there: the Blundstone brand. The rugged, wild landscape provided the perfect inspiration for workhorse boots that can transition from the workplace to trail seamlessly. Design evolves as technology advances to bring you comfort, protection, and quality, no matter the terrain.

Blundstone Chelsea Boots – Celebrate Longevity

Blundstone offers a variety of styles and colors of Chelsea Boots. But the 150th Anniversary Edition Premium Auburn Chelsea Boots are only offered for a limited time. At $205, the price is average amongst other Blundstone styles. So, go ahead, snag a 150th Anniversary pair. You can celebrate with Blundstone whenever you loop your finger through the pull tab or catch a glimpse of the “150” on the outer heel.


auburn premium leather chelsea boots