Looking for New Kicks? Get Your Cyber Monday Fix at Huckberry

Time is truly running out with some of the most refined and exceptional deals on long-lasting, supple men’s leather footwear, courteous of Huckberry.
So, hop to it, and walk the line straight to a steal or two that you’ll be glad you approached years down the road.

10 Best Huckberry Cyber Monday Footwear Finds

Astorflex Wakeflex (Patnoflex Casual)

Astorflex Wakeflex (Patnoflex Casual) – 45% Off

Soft, European leather and a creamy, laidback rubber outsole combine in this classic slip-on loafer by Northern Italian shoemaker Astorflex. Made for movement that’s easy and remarkable, we’re told that the ergonomic footbed is a veritable cloud.


Astorflex SandflexAstorflex Sandflex – 47% Off

Fashioned from softer European leather and lush, 100% natural rubber sneaker outsoles, these beautifully crafted Astorflex slippers appeal night and day on both beach and mountainside.
Northern Italian leatherwork, fatigue-free insole, and an exceptional silhouette don’t come together often, nor at such a steal.


Chamula Cancun

Chamula Cancun – 45% Off

Huaraches huaraches. Why not let these exquisitely crafted, hand-woven leather sandals inspire your next trip to Baja? Combining sustainably-tanned leather uppers and light, flexible EVA sole, the Cancun by Chamula promises to age beautifully and faithfully see you though many, many laid-back miles.


Danner Vertigo 917

Danner Vertigo 917 – 20% Off

Remarkable waterproofing, full-grain leather, Exclusive Vibram 917 outsole and XS Trek rubber, 100% GORE-TEX liner, Vibram SPE midsole, and OrthoLite footbed make the Danner Vertigo 917 one aesthetically-inclined trail-hiking behemoth.
Really. We don’t see such devastatingly sound engineering and veritable brand collaborations like this. And we especially don’t see them at less than MSRP.

PurchaseHelm Boots Hollis Boot - Exclusive

Helm Boots Hollis Boot – 25% Off

The Hollis Boot is Brazil-made, classically handsome, featuring full-grain leather, antique nickel eyelets, waxed cotton, and brown laces. It’s an Austin-based upscale masterwork that’s worth every painstaking moment of its creation, and maybe a little too good for a discount of this size.


Lems Shoes Leather Boulder Boot

Lems Shoes Leather Boulder Boot – 25% Off

9.9 ounces seems like a lie given the remarkable, all-leather Boulder Boot’s construction. The natural-shape of Lem’s constant design archetype puts both ergonomics and style first. Beautiful, supple, understated, and life-long. That’s what the Boulder Boot says.


Lems Shoes Trailhead

Lems Shoes Trailhead – 25% Off

“The retro-inspired style, highly cushioned midsole, and ultra-grip outsole all come together for a complete shoe that checks every box and looks great in the process.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. It’s a true ace in the modern wardrobe hole – all around, good-looking, and exceedingly ergonomic.


Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boot

Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boot – 45% Off

An incredible, versatile leather slip-on Chelsea boot made from supple calfskin, Texon insoles, and thermal insulation to keep you well-kempt and warm. The Rhodes Chelsea Boot is sleek, understated, sharp, and swears to age beautifully.


Rhodes Footwear Miles Slip-On

Rhodes Footwear Miles Slip-On – 45% Off

Premium cowhide, Goodyear welt construction for flexibility, wearable with or sans socks, and fully lined, these Central American-crafted slip-ons beckon back to their namesake for a reason – after all, it was Mile Davis who really brought these laissez-faire loafers to the urban fore. They’re elegant, determined, and dignified. Oh, and they’re going fast.


Taylor Stitch Ranch Boot - Exclusive

Taylor Stitch Ranch Boot – 25% Off

The Chelsea Boot at its most rugged. This is a boot crafted from golden-rated leather, heavy-duty elastic, and  features a Hardy Vibram 2021 sole for all-weather and all-traction.