The 14 Best Slippers for Men

Owing a pair of slippers is almost as important as having a pair of shoes. Slippers come in handy on a number of occasions, the most important being a cold, chilly night when your feet can’t seem to warm up. Slippers fix this problem in a matter of minutes. You can also use some slippers outdoors.

It is important, however, to know the best type of slippers to suit your needs, since there are many types of slippers on the market. First of all, slippers should be breathable. As much as they keep you warm, they shouldn’t make your feet sweat from the warmth. For this reason, slippers made from natural materials are the best. These materials are soft, warm and comfortable. They include wool, sheepskin, and suede. The best slippers should also be soft, comfortable, and durable.

Below, we’ve highlighted the 14 best slippers available on the market with all their characteristics and uses. Scan through the list to help you choose the slippers that you most prefer.

UGG Men’s Ascot SlippersUGG Men’s Ascot Slippers

These slippers are mostly preferred because it is also possible for you to wear them like normal shoes for outdoor activities. This is due to their tough rubber sole. This sole is important because it offers total arch support, impact absorption for your heels, protection for your toes, and, above all, traction so that you do not slip and fall when the ground is slippery. The rubber sole is also very durable.

Lined with sheep’s wool, the interior of this shoe is very warm and soft. Sheep’s wool is a natural material that easily absorbs any sweat that your feet may produce, leaving you dry and fresh. Due to the softness and the comfort that they offer your feet, you’ll want to wear them without any socks.

The exterior of the UGG men’s slippers is made of thick suede, making them partially water resistant. The suede plays a great role in ensuring that once you have these slippers on, your feet will remain warm and dry, regardless of the weather.

Although the Ascot slippers are slip on, they can hold on to your feet and stay in place just like lace-up shoes. Therefore, there is no need to worry about them coming off while you walk.

These UGG slippers come in 15 different shades of suede, ranging from black to brown to blue to plaid.

Purchase / $70


SOREL Manawan SlippersSOREL Manawan Slippers

These Sorel slippers resemble ankle boots because they cover your feet up to the ankle. Your feet will be encased in a warm, soft interior that is made of a thick lining of a combination of wool and faux fur. These two materials aid in providing maximum warmth retention to ensure that you are comfortable. The wool and faux fur are also very breathable, thus lowering any possibility of your feet sweating. This prevents foot odor.

Additionally, a removable EVA insole contributes to the insulation properties of the slipper. This insole also improves both the support of the slipper and your comfort.

Flexible leather, which is also very soft, forms the exterior of the Sorel Manawan slippers. The leather ensures that all the contours of your feet are recognized and embraced by the slipper. The leather has very soft padding that gives the slipper its shape once you put it on.

A thin strip of rubber constitutes the sole of this slipper. The rubber offers just enough protection for the slipper to walk on tile, hardwood, and other related surfaces. It is not thick enough to use these as outdoor slippers.

They come in three colors: bark, marsh, and kettle.

Purchase / $56


Tamarac Cody Sheepskin SlippersTamarac Cody Sheepskin Slippers

These Tamarac slippers are uniquely designed with a loop at the back of the collar, making them very easy to put on.  They are also very attractive-looking slippers. Within the slipper is a very warm lining of shearling material that keeps your feet sufficiently dry. On the footbed of the slippers is memory foam cushioning, which keeps your feet very comfortable due to its softness. The memory foam is also breathable, making sure that your feet do not sweat and that the slipper doesn’t retain foot odor.

The outsole of the Tamarac slippers is made of tough non-slip rubber, which makes them suitable for outdoor use. The rubber absorbs impacts and also offers enough traction to make the slippers sturdy enough to walk over all surface types.

These slippers are held securely in place with the aid of some wedges located at the point where the upper area of the shoe and the tongue meet. These goring wedges are flexible as they keep the slippers in place without causing any discomfort as you walk.

You can purchase the Tamarac Cody sheepskin slippers in seven shades of black, brown, blue, and gray.

Purchase / $33


Dockers Jonathon Clog SlippersDockers Jonathon Clog Slippers

The Dockers Jonathon Clog slippers are among the most durable slippers on the market. They are known for their amazing insulation in the area of the feet that they cover. Their design is also unique, making the slippers very stylish.

The synthetic lining in the interior of the slippers is made of Berber fleece, making your slippers smooth and comfortable. Memory foam padding is also added at the underfoot to improve its softness and absorb any sweat and prevent foot odor.

With a slim outsole with no treads, these slippers have very little traction and are, therefore, only designed for indoor use. These shoes are very easy to slip on and off.

Purchase / $19

L.L. Bean Men’s Wicked Good MoccasinsL.L. Bean Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins

These L.L. Bean slippers are commonly known for their fluffiness. They are made from real sheepskin shearling that provides all-around coverage for your feet due to their unique design. They are very easy to wear and get out of as you simply slip them on and off.

Due to the sheepskin lining, these slippers have a very soft and fleecy interior. Their interior is also very breathable, keeping your feet always dry and warm. A memory foam insole is also included in these slippers, which improves on the softness and comfort of your underfoot. The memory foam also has insulating properties, helping to keep your feet always warm and dry.

A hard outsole provides great support to these moccasins. It also offers a great support system to these slippers, keeping them in shape. This outsole is water resistant, keeping your feet always dry no matter the area you are walking on.

The sole is made of thick rubber, which makes the shoe suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These slippers are very durable, thanks to the tough rubber sole and hard outsole.

The Wicked Good Moccasins come in black, brown, chocolate brown, and gray.

Purchase / $79


Glerups Wool Slippers Open HeelGlerups Wool Slippers Open Heel

These Glerups Men’s slippers are slip on and off shoes as they are open at the heel. They are however, one of the most comfortable slippers available. They have also been proven to be very durable as their construction guarantees low chances of splitting or degrading even after years of wearing them. They are quite stiff at first, but as you keep on wearing them, they get more and more comfortable.

Made from natural wool, these high-quality slippers are warm and soft. They have great aeration properties, thus preventing the accumulation of sweat and protecting you from foot odor. Although they have an open heel, the entire foot is covered when you wear these slippers, providing warmth to your entire foot.

The rubber sole used to make the Glerups slippers is not thick enough for outdoor use, so these slippers are only to be used indoors.

They come in light gray, charcoal, and denim.

Purchase / $135


Acorn Men’s Digby Gore SlippersAcorn Men’s Digby Gore Slippers

The Digby Gore slippers by Acorn are very unique, especially because they have their upper area reinforced with boiled wool and polyester fleece. While being incredibly soft, this upper area is also very strong and durable. These shoes are water resistant because of the polyester lining.

With a synthetic interior, these Acorn slippers are very soft and comfortable. Your feet are always warm and comfortable. Although your feet are kept warm, the synthetic lining has a high chance of making them a bit sweaty. This is the only downside of the Digby Gore slippers.

These Acorn slippers can also be worn outdoors. This is thanks to its thick rubber outsole, which offers enough traction to ensure that you do not slip while you walk on any surface. The rubber sole also absorbs any impact on the heels and provides arch support for your feet.

They’re available in gray, black, and navy heather.

Purchase / $42


Lands’ End Suede Moc SlippersLands’ End Suede Moc Slippers

These moccasin-styled shoes have a great design and are quite attractive. Lands’ End shoes are very durable because they are reinforced and strongly threaded. Their quality has been tested and proved. The upper area of these slippers is water resistant, ensuring that your feet are always dry as long as you are wearing these slippers. This is due to the cow suede material.

The interior of the Lands’ End slipper s is also well sewn with a faux fur lining. This soft material is very fluffy, giving your feet a very comfortable feeling. With a tough exterior, the lining retains warmth and provides firm support for your feet.

A rubber sole is included on these slippers. The sole is moderately tough, making the shoes only strong enough to walk on tiles and hardwood. These shoes are not recommended for outdoor use as the rubber offers little traction.

You can buy these Lands’ End slippers in navy or tan.

Purchase / $50


Minnetonka Twin Gore Sheepskin SlippersMinnetonka Twin Gore Sheepskin Slippers

These Minnetonka slippers are well known for their efficiency in taking care of people with the disadvantage of having sweaty feet. These slippers are able to perfectly wick perspiration away from the feet, leaving them warm buy dry. This is an advantage for those who need to control foot odor.

How do these slippers get rid of sweat? Sheepskin covers most areas of the twin gore slippers. Sheepskin is very breathable as it is a natural material. The outer area of the slipper is made of suede with a sheepskin lining. This makes it very soft and gives it the ability to absorb sweat.

The interior of these slippers is very fluffy and soft, which ensures that your feet are sufficiently warm and dry. Their outsole is different from that of most slippers since as is not made of rubber. The sole is made of a rugged Sierra outsole, which is also lined with sheepskin.

Although this sole limits the slipper to indoor use, it increases its sweat-absorption ability, leaving a normally sweaty foot dry throughout the entire time that you are wearing these slippers.

Purchase / $68


Montane Prism BootieMontane Prism Bootie

The Prism bootie slippers by Montane are the most uniquely designed slippers among all those we found. It is not easy to come across compressible slippers. But these slippers are not only compressible, but they are also extremely light in weight. They are perfect to wear during your camping trips due to some outstanding qualities.

First, the Montane slippers can compress down enough to fit in a daypack, making them very easy to carry. The second feature is their outer fabric. They have an exterior made with a water-resistant, tear-proof, and windproof material that is DWR coated. Hence, no matter how rough the outdoors get, with Montane slippers, your feet stay extremely safe.

Are they warm though? Completely stuffed with Primaloft Gold insulation, these slippers are very warm and comfortable. They are also breathable, keeping your feet free from sweat. Even when the outside is are wet, the synthetic insulation ensures that your feet remain dry.

The insole of these slippers uses a technology that helps them grip onto your foot. They are also adjustable at the ankle. Their tough sole makes camping exciting as it protects your feet from water and the cold.

Purchase / $55


Mahabis SlipperMahabis Slipper

If you are looking to own stylish slippers that resemble sneakers, then the Mahabis slippers are your perfect choice. These slippers have a sole that resembles that of sneakers, which makes them very comfortable without compromising their style and purpose.

The sole is made of TPU material, constructed with a multi-surface design, making it very strong and resilient. This makes the Mahabis slippers suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are warm and their upper is sleek, the construction having been inspired by Scandinavian designs.

You can purchase the Mahabis slippers in ten color combinations of light or dark gray with a variety of sole colors.

Purchase / $95


UGG Australia Byron SlippersUGG Australia Byron Slippers

The UGG Byron slippers are unique because they are among the few designs of slippers that have laces. They are stylish and made from sheepskin, luxe leather, and wool.

The exterior of these UGG slippers is made of tough leather, making it water resistant but breathable. The leather is lined with wool to insulate the slippers and keep your feet warm and comfortable. The lining of the interior is made of sheepskin and wool, which makes it soft and fluffy for the maximum warmth of your feet. The wool is also breathable, thus helping to reduce the chances of sweating.

The rubber outsole offers durable traction, making the shoes suitable for outdoor use. You can buy them in cappuccino or chestnut colors.

Purchase / $98


Derek Rose Closed Back SlipperDerek Rose Closed Back Slipper

The Derek Rose closed back slippers are stylish, hand-finished slippers with a classic design. They are a combination of suede and sheepskin.

The exterior is hand-made with suede, which makes these slippers water resistant. The suede has a durable sheepskin lining that keeps your feet insulated and warm. The sheepskin also keeps your feet warm and absorbs any sweat that may be produced from the warmth, preventing foot odor.

The interior is very soft and comfortable due to the sheepskin lining. The outsole is made of high-quality leather that is breathable, leaving your feet very warm and dry. These hand-finished slippers are tough are durable.

Purchase / $225


Glerups Model B SlippersGlerups Model B Slippers

These Glerups slippers may shock you at first because they seem to shed at first when they are newly purchased. This is very normal. They are made of a natural blend of merino and Gotland wool, which molds to your feet as you keep wearing the slippers for a custom fit.

Besides being warm and soft, the wool used to make the exterior of the slippers is also breathable, absorbing all the sweat that your feet may produce. This lowers any chances of foot odor. The sole of the Glerups Model B slippers is made of tanned leather, making them very durable. They should only be worn indoors, though, as the leather offers minimum traction.

They do come in 11 different colors, the most unique of which include forest, purple, lilac, red, and orange.

Purchase / $90