The 15 Best Camping Slippers for Men

Camping is one of the most common outdoor activities, enjoyed by casual campers and serious outdoor enthusiasts alike. Most people enjoy a good night’s sleep in a tent somewhere in the woods or the mountains. However, camping would be no fun if the night turned out to be too cold and you weren’t adequately prepared. This is where having a great pair of camping slippers come in handy.

Camping slippers are one of the most important accessories on a cool-weather camping trip because they keep your feet warm. Besides being warm, slippers need to meet certain other criteria to make them suitable camping slippers. Camping slippers need to be made of a warm material that is breathable. They should preferably be waterproof in the event that you should step on a wet surface or water should leak through your tent. These slippers should also be durable, able to withstand light outdoor use.

Take a look at the 15 best camping slippers to see which pair will suit you best on your next trip.

Pakems Lightweight BootsPakems Lightweight Boots

For the most versatile camping slippers, which can be adjusted to suit your environment, the Pakems Lightweight Boots are your best option. These slippers can be adjusted to be worn up when it is cold and down when it is hot. They are ultra-lightweight, making them easy to walk in without any added bulkiness. This also makes it effortless to carry them in your backpack.

When it comes to the material, Pakems slippers are well-designed to keep your feet dry and warm at all times. They have a rugged design and are made of a light, rip-stop outer fabric. This fabric is insulated and designed to be waterproof. The insulation ensures that your feet are not exposed to any cold air. The comfort of your feet is also well taken care of because these shoes have a soft and plushy EVA midsole.

The sole of the Pakems slippers is made of rubber to provide high traction to these shoes. A rubber sole means that your feet will be steady while you walk around the camp, even in wet weather. The rubber is also wear-resistant and durable, allowing you to wear this pair of slippers for a long time.

To help you conveniently carry the shoes around in your backpack or even around your waist, the Pakems Boots comes with a free tote bag that matches the shoes. The bag offers a stylish way to pack these shoes and ensure that, in case they are dirty, they do not come into contact with the rest of your backpack contents.

The Pakems Boots come in 4 stylish color combinations.


Baffin Camp SlippersBaffin Camp Slippers

The Baffin Camp Slippers are a unique, warm, and comfortable pair of camping slippers because they are strongly reinforced with Cordura nylon on their upper area. This type of nylon helps make the slippers durable and water resistant. It also contributes to the warmth of your slippers, leaving your feet dry and warm regardless of the weather.

The interior of the Baffin slippers is made of a faux lining, which helps to increase the warmth of the slipper while also providing aeration at the same time. Any sweat that your feet might accumulate due to the warmth is evaporated through the faux shearling lining, preventing foot odor. Your feet are also kept warm, thanks to the hefty, synthetic insulation of these slippers.

Also, you do not have to worry about your slippers coming off as you walk around because they are equipped with a drawcord that locks at the top and on each instep, ensuring that your feet remain secure in these shoes. The anti-slip outsole of the slippers is also reinforced with Cordura nylon to increase the durability of your slippers.

A free mesh bag comes with your purchase for easy packing and carrying. This way, you can conveniently carry the slippers in your backpack in case they are dirty. For proper maintenance, it is highly recommended that you do wash the slippers in a washing machine to maintain the good quality of the synthetic material.

These slippers only weigh 6.1 ounces and come in 8 colors for you to choose from.


Teva Ember Moc Camp ShoeTeva Ember Moc Camp Shoe

These camping slippers are carefully and perfectly designed to take good care of your feet for the ultimate camping experience. They are made from the best materials, which makes them comfortable, warm, and durable.

Polyester is a rip-stop, strong and resilient material which is also very light in weight. It is used to make the exterior of these shoes. The overlays are made of suede to ensure that the shoe is waterproof, leaving your feet dry.

For maximum warmth and comfort, the Teva Ember camp shoe has an EVA foam midsole, which is extremely soft and offers cushioning for your feet, leaving it warm and dry. The midsole also helps to evaporate any sweat that you might accumulate, therefore protecting your feet and slippers from body odor. A webbed rib-knit collar also aids in providing aeration for your feet.

The outsole of the Ember Moc Camp Shoe is made of rubber, which has a number of advantages. Rubber offers traction for your shoes, ensuring that you do not slip while walking on any slick surfaces. It is also very durable, and, most importantly, it protects your feet.

Another unique characteristic of these shoes is the convertible heel counter. These shoes can have a heel when you need one, which qualifies them for use as both indoor and outdoor shoes.

For maintenance, these slippers should be hand washed with cold water and gentle soap or detergent to maintain their quality.

These shoes come in 6 manly colors and only weigh 9 ounces.


The North Face Men’s Tent Mule 3 SlippersThe North Face Men’s Tent Mule 3 Slippers

The North Face Tent Mule 3 slippers are cozy, cuddly slippers that provide your feet with much-needed warmth on cool-weather trips. They have a tough upper area made of rip-stop P.E.P., which makes them durable and water resistant. The interior of the slippers is also well-insulated to provide your toes with adequate warmth regardless of the weather.

The Tent Mule 3 slippers are very easy to wear and take off. This is due to their low-cut, slip-on design. These slippers use synthetic clusters on the upper area to mimic a down shape to maintain their warmth even when conditions become damp. This leaves your feet dry even when you walk in wet areas.

With a die-cut EVA sock liner, your feet remain very comfortable in these slippers. A nylon mesh base with a rubber finish forms the outsole, giving you adequate traction and durability.

The total weight of these slippers is 220 grams.


Mahabis Outdoor SlippersMahabis Outdoor Slippers

With a 100% merino wool lining in its interior, the Mahabis Outdoor slippers are some of the warmest, most comfortable camping slippers available. They are simple yet beautiful slippers that are well-known for their adaptability, comfort, and lightweight. Being synthetic, these shoes are durable and can release any sweat that your feet may produce, protecting your feet from body odor.

An added advantage is the fact that they are easy to put on as you only slip your feet into them. They contain a contoured footbed with a TPU based sole. This means that the sole grips in all conditions, making it easy to walk in them even when you wake up to rain or snow.


Giesswein Unisex Adults’ Lodge SlippersGiesswein Unisex Adults’ Lodge Slippers

The Giesswein Lodge slippers are the most comfortable slippers that you can find. They are carefully crafted from the best materials, making them comfortable, warm, and durable.

100% naturally boiled wool is the main material used to make these slippers. This wool regulates temperature, and because it is also naturally water resistant, it ensures that the slippers keep your feet warm and dry in all conditions. Aeration is also considered in the design of this shoe. The wool curls naturally, creating air chambers throughout the outer surface of the slippers. The chambers maintain a continuous air flow within the slippers, leaving your feet warm but dry.

The insole of the Lodge slippers is also lined with wool. It is removable and flexible. It offers cushioning for your feet, giving them a soft and warm surface that is also incredibly comfortable. On the side of the slippers is an elastic gusset, which gives your feet a perfect fit. The slippers are easy to slip on, and they stay in place due to the side gusset.

The rubber outsole provides traction and grips all surfaces, making these slippers a perfect fit for a walk-around camp. The natural rubber sole also increases the durability of these Giesswein slippers.

They come in 5 colors that appeal to both men and women.


Acorn Men’s Slouch Boot SlipperAcorn Men’s Slouch Boot Slipper

The Acorn Slouch Boot Slipper is among the softest camping slippers available on the market. This is due to the memory foam material that forms the insole. These slippers are known to be stylish and versatile, which makes them perfect for men of all lifestyles and ages.

Made with fully lined, soft microfleece uppers, these shoes are cozy and comfortable. They also have suede toe and heel guards, improving their durability. The insoles are the main source of comfort. They are made of soft and plush multilayer memory foam, which leaves your feet warm and dry because the memory foam absorbs and evaporates sweat from your feet.

A synthetic rubber sole completes the stylish look of the boot slippers. The sole covers the full length of the slipper and, with the traction that it provides, you’ll be kept safe from sliding on any slippery surfaces.

These slippers only weigh 1.5 pounds. To help them last longer, machine-wash them using cold water and then air-dry them. This helps in maintaining their material.

The Acorn Men’s Slouch Boot Slippers comes in light or dark gray.


Cotswold Men’s Camping Bootie SlippersCotswold Men’s Camping Bootie Slippers

The Cotswold Bootie Slippers are lightweight, which makes them ideal for camping since they do not take up too much space or tire you out carrying them. With a faux fur collar, these slippers are warm and breathable. With the nylon material on their exterior, these bootie slippers are water resistant and insulated to keep your feet warm and dry.

The interior of the Cotswold slippers is padded. This makes the slippers warm and comfortable for your feet. The slippers are easy to put on, and, with their cord fastener, you can pull them tight to ensure that they have a secure grip on your feet.

The rubber outsole increases the durability of these slippers. To hold them in place, simply draw the tie contained at the side of the slipper. They weigh approximately 1.32 pounds and come in black or navy.


KingCamp Unisex Warmsoft Camping SlippersKingCamp Unisex Warmsoft Camping Slippers

The KingCamp Warmsoft camping slippers are made of a combination of materials that make them soft, durable, warm, waterproof, insulated, and lightweight. The exterior of these slippers is made of 100% nylon, which makes the slippers water-resistant and resistant to tearing. With this material, the KingCamp slippers can resist up to 5,000mm of water. A 40D PU coating improves the quality of these slippers and makes them warm and comfortable.

The internal lining is made of soft and cozy polar fleece, improving the comfort of your feet. The hollow fiber fillings in the fleece lining make these slippers warm and breathable, so your feet don’t get sweaty.

A rubber outsole completes the entire look. It provides traction, making it anti-skid and, therefore allowing, you to walk around safely on any surface. Rubber is also durable, prolonging the life of these slippers.

These slippers weigh approximately 330g, making them easy to carry around and wear without adding any significant weight. They also come with a carry bag, where you can store your slippers while not in use, or use it to carry them in your backpack.

These KingCamp slippers come in 5 bright and shiny colors.


The North Face Thermoball Traction BootiesThe North Face Thermoball Traction Booties

The Thermoball Traction Booties are famous for their Primaloft technology, which makes them suitable for use in all weather conditions. Their performance is one-of-a-kind, and they are also quite durable.

These booties are made solely from synthetic fiber. This means that they are very light in weight and, therefore, convenient to carry and easy to walk in. Their upper area is made of 100% recycled, rip-stop P.E.T material. This material is insulated, making the booties durable and water resistant. The insulation also means that they are warm and cozy. They maintain their warmth, even when the exterior is wet.

The rubber outsole used to make these booties is 40% recycled, making it tough, durable, and environmentally-friendly. The rubber offers great traction, making it easy to walk on any surfaces while wearing these slippers.

The Thermoball Booties are slip-on-and-off slippers. They are 100% synthetic, and they weigh 8.5 ounces.


Holiberty Waterproof Ankle Snow BootsHoliberty Waterproof Ankle Snow Boots

The Holiberty Snow Boots are well-known for their solid colors, which gives them a beautiful and fashionable look. These shoes are also warm and comfortable due to the fleece lining, which makes them breathable and waterproof. They are also lightweight and easy to maintain.

With a rubber outsole, these Holiberty shoes are anti-slip and wear-resistant, making them quite durable. With their unique slip-on design, these shoes are easy to put on and take off while still providing a secure grip. For a customized fit, the shoes have a drawstring that you can pull to tighten them.

Besides camping, these shoes are also perfect for indoor use. They come in 4 colors: blue, red, brown, and white.


PantOUF Roubaix-MenWomen Wool Felt SlippersPantOUF Roubaix-Men/Women Wool Felt Slippers

The PandOUF Roubaix slippers are simple yet modern. They have a beautiful design of wool on both the outside and the inside areas. The wool is not 100% pure because it is combined with 30% polyester. This combination makes the slippers water resistant and very good for aeration as it contains air chambers that provide circulation, leaving your feet both warm and dry.

Comfort is also a guarantee with this pair of wool felt slippers. Wool is soft and therefore gives your feet a soft place to cozy down upon while providing them with maximum warmth. The light nature of these shoes is also an important factor to consider. They are lightweight because they are made with light materials. This makes it easy to walk in them and also carry them around in your backpack. They come with a cotton bag, where you can pack them for a camping weekend.

The EVA nonslip outsoles of the Roubaix slippers are great shock absorbers, and since they are silent to walk on, these slippers are a good choice when you don’t want to disturb the wildlife around your campsite. They weigh 200 grams.


Camper Wabi Men Warm Lining SlippersCamper Wabi Men Warm Lining Slippers

The Camper Wabi slippers are a great camping option because they are made of 90% wool fabric. They are also simple and stylish, making them a great fit for you if you do not like complex shoes. They also have an easy slip-on design that nevertheless keeps them securely on your feet.

Because the wool material covers both the inside and outside areas of the shoe, your fee will enjoy maximum warmth when you wear these shoes. The wool also makes them waterproof, and it has air chambers to ensure adequate air aeration. Your feet aren’t likely to sweat, but if they do, the sweat is quickly absorbed and evaporated by the soft wool to prevent foot odor or dampness. A recycled rubber outsole gives your shoes great grip and ensures they last season after season.


Voovix Men and Women’s Winter SlippersVoovix Men and Women’s Winter Slippers

If you need flexible camping slippers, the Voovix Winter Slippers should be your first choice.  They have a light, bendable rubber outsole, which facilitates quick movement. The rubber sole is non-slip, providing a strong grip on all surfaces, whether wet or dry.

These slippers have a low-top design, making it very easy to pull them on and off. The thickened soft faux lining on the interior and underfoot will keep your feet very cozy and also provides much-needed warmth for the cold weather.

The upper area of the slipper is waterproof, keeping your feet warm all through the cold weather even when you walk on wet surfaces.

These Voovix slippers come in 4 colors, including mustard and olive for a little different look.


Maniamixx Winter Slippers for MenManiamixx Winter Slippers for Men

These Maniamixx Winter Slippers contain all the qualities that you need in a pair of camping slippers. First, these slippers are very warm. This is as a result of both the inner and outer materials. The inner material is made of thickened, warm faux fur, which keeps your feet warm by blocking away cold air. The outer material is made of a waterproof fabric, which is durable and keeps your feet warm and dry.

The outsole of the Maniamixx is made of gum rubber. This type of rubber is non-slip, giving you a strong grip on all kinds of surface, whether wet or dry. The rubber is also bendable, making your slipper flexible when you walk quickly. The gum rubber is also durable, prolonging the life of your slippers.