How to Dress Like a Model

Dressing Like a Model

Runways, casting calls, endless shutter clicks, and flashes; the life of a model is less glamorous than it seems, but their access to the latest and greatest insider wisdom? Yes, please. But typically, runway fashion is over the top and not fit for everyday wear. Let’s talk about how to dress like a model that’s headed to a casting call, shoot, or out on the town. Professional, functional, well-kempt.

beautiful lady in a pencil skirt dressed like a model

Keep It Basic

I spent 14 years of my life behind the camera and on the runway, which meant I attended a lot of casting calls. At the time, my go-to casting call outfit was a black pencil skirt, tight-fitting grey cap sleeve sweater, and stiletto heels. A black or grey palette, form-fitting clothing, and steep heels — that’s how you dressed like a model. Your outfit had to accentuate your body but allow you to move should you need to demonstrate your runway walk or a specific action.

Nowadays, denim jeans and a basic tank top or tee are standard casting call attire. To dress like a model, keep to neutral colors that show off your best features. Prints, beads, and designs are distracting and therefore a no-no.

To add casting call style to your day-to-day wardrobe, layer a sharp blazer or jacket over the jeans and tank top, and you’ve got yourself some street-ready model style.

beautiful lady dressed like a model

Solid Colors, Chic Lines

When models are off-duty, you’re likely to find them wearing solid, simple colors. Model-level street style often looks like a white button-down and jeans with a nice pair of heels. The model style focuses on singular, fairly neutral colors, denim, and boots or heels to add a little jazz.

To dress like a model would on warmer days, try out a pair of shorts and a cute tank paired with wedge heels. The addition of a big floppy sun hat will scream model. Other warm-weather outfits could include a simple dress and blazer with heels or a tank, shorts, and open white button-down shirt.

As you develop your personalized style, remember that model style focuses on clothing that accents your natural features. A model is a blank slate for the designers’ imaginations, and the models that land the best shoots and gigs are the ones that adequately flaunt what they’ve got with minimal embellishments.

Model style is all about simple, neutral colors, so leave the kitschy jewelry and fluorescent colors at home.

Don’t forget the heels! While I don’t love them, they make your legs appear much longer and are a cornerstone of classic style. If you find heels hard to walk in, you could start with wedge heels or a pair of boots to mix it up.

Now it’s time to develop your style, cultivate your wardrobe, and rock the streets like they’re your personal runway.

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