Whether you’re a ride-or-die or frugal Freddie saving on gas, you are putting yourself in danger when you’re astride a motorcycle, and considering risk management is important. I don’t need to remind anyone, but no cage around you has been extensively tested for safety performance while on the road. Your motorcycle protective gear is the cage around your body while cruising on your bike. And a good pair of motorcycle pants can be the difference between road rashes, bruises, and severe injuries to your lower limbs.

Choosing a protective pant isn’t a walk in the park, but we’ve gathered information on key features to look for and hopefully address any confusion you have about motorcycle pants. There’s no one size fits all with motorcycle pants with styles for dual-sport riding, touring, or city riding sporting different features and fabrics. Weatherproof construction, venting, armor pads, and reflective stitching or piping for visibility can all be the difference between a dangerous accident on the road. Be sure to know you’re getting the best motorcycle pants; we’ve done the heavy lifting. You just need to choose.

The Best Motorcycle Pants

hwk motorcycle pants for men

HWK Motorcycle Pants For Men (BEST CHOICE)

It is clear why the HWK Motorcycle Pants for Men made our best choice. The motorcycle pants have a durable 600D Cordura outer shell with 1000D Cordura reinforced knees and CE knee and side armor. They are all-season pants, 100% waterproof textile with REISSA breathable, and waterproof liner. The air ventilation system keeps you cool in the summer months, and reflective piping and logo keep you visible at night.

The waist connection zip adds the option of creating a full suit, and the adjustable side zips, straps, and flexible fittings over the knees and ankles offer a snug fit. If you’re looking for an all-around riding and over pant combo, the HWK Motorcycle Pant for Men is it.

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Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • 600D Cordura outer shell
  • Reinforced knees
  • CE armored knees and sides protectors
  • Reflective logo and piping with silver/white stitching
  • Air ventilation system
  • Wear over jeans or slacks
  • Adjustable straps and zippers for a snug fit

alpha cycle gear all season motorcycle pants

Alpha Cycle Gear All Season Motorcycle Pants

Please don’t skimp on visibility; it’s a line of defense necessary before an incident happens, whereas other features protect you once make contact with the road or another vehicle. The Alpha Cycle Gear All Season Motorcycle Pants feature reflective logos only, and therefore don’t offer visibility that’s as versatile as the last pair we mentioned. Still, the 600D Cordura outer shell with 1200D Cordura covered high impact areas keeps your skin intact.

The pants have an air ventilation system, strong reinforced triple stitched seams, waterproof and weatherproof properties. CE armor on knees and sides added additional impact protection over your joints, and adjustable hoop/loop velcro closures provide a tailored fit. Wear them all season as riding pants or over pants.

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Key Features:

  • 600D Cordura fabric
  • Air ventilation system
  • 1200D Cordura reinforced impact areas
  • Triple stitching
  • Waterproof/weatherproof
  • CE armor on knees and sides
  • Reflective logos
  • Adjustable velcro closures for correct fit

fox racing 180 prix motorcycle pants

Fox Racing 180 Prix Motorcycle Pants

The Fox Racing 180 Prix Pants are a decently priced option for Motocross riders. Hip pads and 600D polyester fabric matched with leather heat- and abrasion-resistant knee pads can protect you from harm on the track. The rider attack position (RAP) construction creates an ergonomic seat, comfortable enough to keep you on the track for longer. An adjustable waistband and tapered legs offer a slim fit, easily fitting into your boots without sliding off your hips.

Key Features:

  • 600D polyester body
  • Included hip pads
  • Leather, heat- and abrasion-resistant knee pads
  • MX riding
  • Rider attack position construction creates an ergonomic fit

maxler jean motorcycle pants

MAXLER JEAN Motorcycle Pants

Strict urban riders, who don’t leave the concrete jungles, will love the MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans. The casual fit looks at home in the office paired with a button-down while looking fashionable on your urban motorcycle. The 14oz denim outer shell is the strongest denim to make our cut with Kevlar fabric at the knee and hip for higher abrasion resistance at high impact areas.

Removable hip and CE approved knee protectors slip into stealthy pockets over the seat and knees. The armor is held in place by zippers that double as a mesh ventilation system.

Key Features:

  • 14oz denim outer shell
  • Kevlar fabric at knee and hip
  • Removable hip and CE approved knee protectors
  • Air mesh ventilation
  • Casual

klim mojave motorcycle pants

KLIM Mojave Motorcycle Pants

The ergonomic fit and adjustable aspects of the KLIM Mojave Pant make it a hard off-road pant to beat. Stretch panels above the knees, backs of legs, and the crotch region allow an optimal posture while riding. Velcro cuff adjustments and a silicone waistband with adjustments keep your off-road in place; it’s the last thing you want, your pants starting to shift mid-jump.

The Mojave pant has 840D Cordura reinforced knees and seat with option armor pockets. The moisture-wicking liner paired with the ventilation system is ideal for keeping a firm hold on your bike and not drowning in sweat. Reflective piping for visibility at night is essential. The Mojave is a great option to substitute as an over pant or riding pant as well.

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Key Features:

  • 840D Cordura in knees and seat
  • Inner knees covered with genuine leather
  • Reflective piping
  • Moisture-wicking breathable liner
  • Ventilated
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Armor pockets over knees and hips
  • Adjustable

jayefo alpha cycle gear motorcycle pants

JAYEFO Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Pants

The Alpha Cycle Gear Leather Motorcycle Pant is the only complete leather motorcycle pant on our guide. The high melting point of leather resists melting under friction providing strong abrasion-resistance compared to other fabrics but at the cost of weather-resistant properties and better temperature regulation.

The pants are 100% genuine leather held together under high-quality stitching to prevent panel tears in the case of a fall. Pockets offer storage for wallets and keys.

Key Features:

  • 100% genuine leather
  • high quality-stitching
  • Pockets

joe rocket phoenix ion motorcycle pants

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Motorcycle Pants

Fancy a late-night ride? INNOLITE ultra-reflective knees and 360-degree strips keep all eyes on you at night, keeping yourself visible on the road and, hopefully, out of harm’s way; a great option for over pants on a late-night drive’s home from the office.

The DYNAX seat and hip reinforcements keep your impact areas protected. The high material point material on the lower leg offers protection from the engine and exhaust pipe. The mesh motorcycle pant’s interior shell is breathable, and the waist has a motorcycle jacket attachment zipper to make a suit.

Key Features:

  • DYNAX seat and hip reinforcements
  • Inner leg protection from heat
  • Jacket attachment zipper
  • Overpants
  • Mesh shell

takuey motorcycle pants with knee and hip pads

TAKUEY Motorcycle Pants With Knee And Hip Pads

Takuey Motorcycle Riding Jeans with Upgraded Knee and Hip Pads are a commuting motorcycle pant with removable knee and hip CE protection pads that fit into fashionable reinforced knees and seat with flex panels above the armor. The fabric is 12oz black denim with brown stitching. It is windproof, breathable, and anti-tearing. The slim commuting motorcycle pant tuck into boots, paired with a button-down or flannel and a motorcycle jacket, you’re set for a day in the city.

Key Features:

  • 12oz breathable, anti-tearing stretch denim material
  • Removable knee and hip CE protection pads
  • Slim, casual fit
  • Flex panels above knees and waist
  • Windproof

takuey motorcycle pants with 4 knee hip protective pads

TAKUEY Motorcycle Pants With 4 Knee Hip Protective Pads

The second option from Takuey is a blue denim Motorcycle Riding Jeans with Four Knee Hip Protective Pads with similar features without the upgraded protective CE knee pads. They’re 12oz stretch denim, 97% cotton, and 3% spandex, a breathable, windproof, tear-resistant material a seamless transition from riding to work. Removable hip and knee armor with stretch panels on the butt and lower thighs keep the fit flexible.

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Key Features:

  • 12oz stretch denim
  • Windproof, breathable, Anti-tearing materials
  • Removable hip and knee armor
  • Stretch panels above knees and waist

vnfox motorcycle riding denim jeans

VNFOX Motorcycle Riding Denim Jeans

The army green VNFOX Motorcycle Riding Denim Jeans offer a slim fit casual motorcycle pant, great for a Friday night out or quick ride for a morning coffee meeting. The 14oz denim and CE detachable hip and knee armor that slides into fashionable pockets doesn’t deliver as much protection as over pants or riding pants but will take the initial impacts of a fall.

The motorcycle pants have thermal insulation and offer wind protection while riding and flex panels above the seat and knees for a relaxed fit. Store your phone and wallet in the seat pockets, front or side pockets for easy access to your belongings for quick access.

Key Features:

  • 14oz denim
  • pockets for storage
  • Detachable hip and knee armor
  • Windproof
  • Thermal insulation

Motorcycle Pants Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Look for in Motorcycle Pants

Material – Different materials are suitable for different styles of riding. Weigh your options on abrasion- and tear-resistant properties, ventilation, durability, and versatility before making your choice.

  • Textile – Textiles have the greatest versatility and capacity for options in protection, visibility, and ventilation. The pants are often ballistic nylon, a durable, thick synthetic fabric, or Cordura Nylon. Breathable and with water-resistant properties, textiles make a great riding or over pants. Textiles can typically only endure one fall, whereas leather might withstand a few dates with asphalt. It’s cheaper, but you’ll end up replacing your textile pants more often than leather.
  • Leather – Leather has the highest abrasion resistance and provides excellent protection against road rash, and, consequently, is the heaviest material. Over time it can become uncomfortable or unbreathable with the low temperature regulating properties. Leather pants are typically more expensive than textile pants but will more than a few rounds with the pavement and can potentially be repaired. Textile pants will typically take one or two tussles before needing to be replaced.
  • Demin – Denim is primarily in commuting motorcycle pants. It is an effortless look that travels nicely from bike to bar. Denim offers low resistance to abrasions and tears compared to textiles and leather.
  • Kevlar – Kevlar is a lightweight but strong synthetic aramid fiber with high abrasion resistance and high resistance for such a lightweight material. Because of the weight, it typically isn’t utilized independently; you’ll see a blend of kevlar and denim or Kevlar reinforced high impact areas.

black motorcycle pants for men

Fit – Your motorcycle pants’ fit should have a balanced snug fit, so they do not shift out of place during a crash while being flexible to ride comfortably. Features like flex or stretch panels around the knee and seat regions to offer flexibility without jeopardizing shape.

To ensure a close fit, you’ll need to know your true waist size and inseam length. If you’re in the market for over pants, double-check with each manufacturer for sizing guidelines.

Tear Resistance – Tear-resistant fabrics and reinforced stitching with a strong thread will keep road rash at bay — some materials more than others. You could be wearing the strongest material to stand up to the pavement, but if the stitching fails, well, what’s the point of the motorcycle pants?

Abrasion – Fabrics are measured in oz per sq ft or denier, referring to the fabric’s weight, not strength; its weight isn’t linear to its abrasion resistance. Jeans mid-range weight compared to other materials but are the least successful in protecting you against the pavement. Kevlar is the lightest material but proportionately offers more strength per oz than any other material.

Abrasions or road rash can seriously debilitate you after a crash. Depending on the severity and the depth of the rash, it can heal within a couple of weeks or potentially call for skin grafts to close the wound. You’re most likely going to do some skidding in a fall, and abrasion-resistant pants can be the difference in outcomes here.

man wearing motorbike pants

Style and Purpose

Not all styles of motorcycle pants are going to fit your purpose; just like one bike won’t serve each style of riding. What your friend wears commuting to work won’t be the same as your needs this weekend at the motocross track.

Commuting Motorcycle Pants – These are meeting in the middle. Typically, they’re regular jeans, but they’re not leather or textile either. The fabric is stretched denim, with reinforced stitching and multiple layers covering knees and hips for impact and abrasion protection. In some models, removable armor slides into compartment over high impact areas. Easily store them in your bike’s compartments while you’re at work. For a comfortable riding stance, sometimes there are flex-panels above the knees and waist.

Pay attention to zippers and rivets; if you take a tumble, friction above metal causes it to become hot, potentially burning your skin. And the commuting style isn’t always waterproof; sometimes they’re nice to pair with a commuting over pant.

Commuting Overpants – These are an ideal addition to motorcycle pants you already have. They are usually weather-resistant, have reflective piping, and reinforced knees and seat area. The adjustable looser fit with zippers or snaps for removal makes them easy to slip on and off over your jeans or leather pants.

Your Riding Pants – They are perfect for your joy rides, nowhere particular on the horizon. Made of strong textiles — greater than 600D — or leather, this style of men’s motorcycle pants offers protection for high impact areas, abrasion-resistant fabrics, water-resistant properties, reflective materials. Usually, not weatherproof enough to be touring pants or specific for MX riding.

Adventure Awaiting – Touring Pants – If you’re an all climates and varying terrains kind of rider, touring pants are what you need. Typically a Gore-Tex interior and removable liners keep the pants versatile and appropriate for any day’s weather. Venting and mesh panels usually provide additional air ventilation in summer.

The reinforced seat and knees, pocket armor inserts, and memory form padding provide greater protection than a typical riding pant or commuting pant. They usually have velcro adjustment fittings for a close fit and reflective logos and piping for night visibility.

Off-Road – Off-road or motocross riding pants provide protection but shouldn’t stand alone; riders should supplement their MX pants with other protective gear. There are usually lower amounts of absorption padding with armor and braces usually worn separately. 600D Cordura or higher is a good starting point for the strength of the material.

Look for tapered legs to tuck into your MX boots and stretch panels at the knee, crotch, and waist keep you moving freely during rides. A mesh liner and ventilation to allow for a breeze is a bonus. A leather portion located down the inseam is a protective addition, shielding your inner legs from the heat of the motorcycle’s engine and exhaust.

hwk motorcycle pants for men

Motorcycle Pants FAQ

How important are motorcycle pants?

Motorcycle pants can be the difference between a stint in the hospital or heading out tomorrow morning on your bike. The added protection to the lower half of your body protects your legs from the motorcycle, the asphalt or track, and other drivers.

Motorcycle protective gear is synonymous with the roll cage or frame of your car, and it’s your body’s protection; daily, protective equipment is taken for granted and forgone because “it’s not going to happen to me.” But on what grounds are you making your claim?

Do motorcycle pants go over jeans?

Some motorcycle pants can pull over jeans while you ride, but it’s essential to make sure the extra layer fits correctly without hindering your ability to shift and ride comfortably.

Can you wear jeans on a motorcycle?

You can wear whatever you like on a motorcycle, but we don’t recommend it. Even for a short ride — and even if you’re confident in your riding skills — you don’t know other drivers; you can only trust they’re aware of motorcyclists and continue your knowledge of the road.

Average jeans will provide more protection from the asphalt than shorts will, but jeans are not built to slide tackle the pavement. The fabric will shred, and the seams will separate, leaving you vulnerable to at least a road rash.

If you are worried about looks or practicality, consider motorcycle jeans. Usually, a blend of Kevlar and denim with double or triple stitched reinforced seams and layered fabric on high impacts areas like knees and hips, some with the option to add hard armor while you ride. Commuting over pants are also a great option; they’re easy to pull over your jeans or slacks for protection during your commutes.

Are Kevlar jeans as good as leather?

Tests like the Taber test have put fabrics to the test under stressful conditions. The Taber test was a test done on materials and their abrasion-resistant properties, and while Kevlar is lighter, leather holds up to abrasion better. Still, it can be almost ten times as heavy as Kevlar in certain circumstances. So “as good as” isn’t an accurate measure because the star features of the fabrics are different, and it depends on what you’re looking for as a rider.