The 12 Best Knee Pads for Work

It is of utmost importance to protect yourself while you work in every way that you can. Knee Pads can help to reduce the likelihood and severity of long-term injuries. As much as possible, you should wear gear that is designed to provide you with protection for the type of job you are engaging in.

If you are a flooring installer, a building contractor, or just a homeowner who likes to do things on your own, then you should definitely invest in some good knee pads (along with good work boots). These can help protect you from chronic joint issues such as bursitis and arthritis and can help minimize pain and strain on your knees. You’ll probably enjoy your job more and be able to be more productive when you are not in pain.

Browse through our list of the 12 best knee pads for work to find the model that will save your knees when working on hard surfaces.

The Best Knee Pad for Work

Caterpillar Men’s Knee PadsCaterpillar Men’s Knee Pads

These knee pads feature a basic design and offer you an affordable option to protect your knees and keep you comfortable while you work. They are very effective even though affordable and stand up to the quality that you can find in similar, more expensive options.

They are ergonomically designed and built to fit all categories of workwear bottoms. They are made with top loading openings so that you can get into and out of them quite easily.

Ideal for your days on duty, just like these quality work boots from our list.


Minor Miracle Home Solutions Cozy Gel Knee PadsMinor Miracle Home Solutions Cozy Gel Knee Pads

These are a nice choice for at-home users. While they may not be ideal for professional stresses, they are more than suitable for use by DIYers tackling routine maintenance and upkeep jobs around the home.

They provide protection and comfort when doing tasks such as gardening. They are made with adjustable straps with adequate amounts of stretch, so they are comfortable to put on and comfortable to wear. They are made with a thick cushion that helps to provide comfort and stability while you work, especially for longer periods of time.


NoCry Professional Knee PadsNoCry Professional Knee Pads

These are an ideal choice for those looking for a pair of knee pads that are relatively comfortable, rugged, and affordably priced. While other kneepads can be finicky and move around when you have to get up and walk, these do not. The NoCry Professional knee pads allow you the freedom to walk around while the knee pads still remain in position and do so comfortably too.

Their straps are cleverly designed to keep them in place while you walk. They cross in an X pattern behind your knee and provide support while also keeping the pad straight when you bend your knee while walking.

These knee pads are built to provide comfort with thick foam padding and additional gel cushions. This makes these knee pads a great choice for carpet installers, tilers, or any other professional who spends multiple hours every day on their knees.

Along with all of those great features, your purchase of the NoCry Professional knee pads comes with a money-back guarantee, allowing you to purchase this product with confidence.


Brutus 79637BR Contour Washable Knee PadsBrutus 79637BR Contour Washable Knee Pads

These are our pick for best washable knee pads. These have a nice, tough, and sturdy design. They are built to provide the highest level of comfort due to how they cradle your knees. They are made with 100% washable materials so that you can easily keep up with the maintenance.

They make use of Velcro straps for securing them to your leg. These Velcro straps will provide a tight grip on your leg, keeping the knee pads securely in place but may also cause a small amount of discomfort for some.  This can be easily fixed by adjusting the tightness of the straps.


Troxell Supersoft Leatherhead Knee PadsTroxell Supersoft Leatherhead Knee Pads

These kneepads are our best pick for tradespersons and contractors that have to work on delicate indoor surfaces and need a knee pad that won’t leave scuff marks. While they will provide protection to surfaces, they are still built with enough padding to protect you the wearer from injury.

These knee pads are built with a soft, pliable leather exterior and features a single trimmable strap for a customized fit and also so that any extra material will not get in your way while working. This strap is broad and is secured with Velcro.

The knee pad features interior padding, which is comfortable and soft even in instances when all your body weight is bearing down on just one knee. Though built with adequate padding, these kneepads are light enough so that they don’t start to feel annoying after long hours of use.  The thickness of the leather exterior provides a durable and dense surface, which as mentioned above, will not scratch or scuff your softer, more delicate surfaces.


Recoil Knee PadsRecoil Knee Pads

These knee pads are quite unique in their design. They feature a pivoting suspension system that allows for the best comfort when kneeling for multiple hours. They do come at a high price as they cost more than 5 times our most affordable choice. Don’t be scared off by the price though, as these knee pads are quite impressive. They will work on a number of different surfaces and still provide you with a comfortable experience.

Their front is made with a rugged shield which you don’t find on many other knee pads. This shield is further supported by a total of 6 heavy-duty springs. This design feature is responsible for the knee pads’ ability to provide shock absorption. With its shock-absorbing capabilities, it provides increased comfort while reducing the chance of injury.

The knee pads move with you while you move to allow you to shift your body to use tools, etc. while remaining comfortable and moving with your body’s natural motions. This means that these knee pads provide you with both long-term as well as short-term comfort while allowing you to work comfortably and move frequently.


LuWint Protective Knee PadsLuWint Protective Knee Pads

These knee pads are great for a number of uses. While they may not be the best option for professional long-term use, they are recommended for gym sports, tactical use, weight lifting, wrestling, gardening and flooring activities that require you to be on your knees for extended periods or which require you to protect your knees from impact with various surfaces. They feature tibia padding along with a hard PP shell.

It is made with a combination of latex silk and cotton materials. They also feature high-density foam that is comfortable while providing good elasticity. The fabric is breathable, and you can count on your skin remaining dry and comfortable while wearing this lightweight model that provides freedom of movement with its ergonomic design. It provides impact resistance and helps to increase blood circulation so that there is a reduction in stiffness of muscles and the knee joints.


Crain Comfort Knee PadsCrain Comfort Knee Pads

These are the best knee pads when it comes to the straps. These knee pads from Crain provide you with a wide strap that keeps the knee pads securely in place while limiting the straps from digging into the skin at the back of your knees. They feature a slim design that allows them to fit well and comfortably even if you want to wear them underneath your work pants.

We think the Crain Comfort knee pads are a great choice for carpet installers. They are made with machine-washable materials, so they can be affordably purchased and maintained for the duration of the product.


Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Knee PadsKlein Tools Tradesman Pro Knee Pads

This knee pad is our best option for tradesmen who have to spend their days at commercial-grade work sites. In such situations, safety and comfort are of high importance, and these are the knee pads you will want in your toolbox. These are built for crawling around on brick, wooden beams, concrete, and other unpleasant surfaces for extended periods throughout a given day. They provide the most protection for your patella, are impact resistant, durable and feature big outer shells with a textured finish to provide anti-slip features for all those who work with tile or on roofs.

They are designed with a single thick band that fastens via the buckle. This will hold the pad in place as you work and also allow you to get them off easily if you need to. With tough outer layers, these knee pads have to have super comfortable inner padding, and they do. The interior padding features polyurethane foam on top of a gel layer that is impact absorbing. Over this, you will find a layer of neoprene that will rest on your knee, providing another layer of comfort and resiliency.


Gamba Tools Gel Elite Knee PadsGamba Tools Gel Elite Knee Pads

These knee pads from Gamba Tools are a good choice for gardening and routine around the yard and house tasks. They offer protection as well as comfort and are affordably priced.

Unlike most basic knee pads, these have an additional layer of gel, which adds protection and comfort for your knees. They are further designed in a way that allows for weight to be distributed evenly across the pad so that there is a great reduction in knee fatigue. Made from breathable neoprene, you can expect a comfortable and airy fit around your knees.


KP Industries Pro Ultra Flex III Knee PadsKP Industries Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

These knee pads offer the best in protection thanks to their hard plastic exterior, which is built to cover your entire knee. It features a hinged design that allows the plastic to still give you the freedom to move as you work. Added to that, there are speed clips that snap into place to secure the knee pad in place and aid in quick on and off of the pads.

This knee pad is a great pick for those who have to work on sharp, uneven surfaces that could damage a knee pad with a soft exterior. Though this features a hard shell, the shells are thin, and so the knee pads do not feel bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The shells also feature grip strips that are non-marking, allowing them to provide grip on smooth surfaces while protecting the surface when necessary.

They are outfitted with soft woven straps that are durable and comfortable and which work to keep them in place along with the clips. The inner padding is made with ½ inch closed-cell foam pads that are not only comfortable to the touch but also highly breathable.


Dewalt DG5224 Heavy-Duty Knee PadsDewalt DG5224 Heavy-Duty Knee Pads

These are high-end knee pads built for the professional. They feature a double-layered ballistic polyethylene fabric as well as a textured PVC outer shell. With these two design elements, these knee pads provide durability and comfort. Added to that, they are equipped with a closed-cell, high-density foam padding on the inside along with core technology. These help to reduce the pressure placed on your knee caps, especially when you have had your weight on your knees for long periods of time.

With neoprene fabric liners, your skin will breathe no matter how long you have to wear these knee pads. Finally, a slip buckle fastener with straps that can be easily adjusted allows for the best fit on top of your work pants. Finally, these knee pads are compatible for use with a wide variety of work pants.