The 18 Best Work Pants for Men

A day in the life of a working man is tough and physically demanding. To survive, you need to have a good pair with you – and you need pants too. Choosing the right type of work pants will depend mainly on the type of job you have or the activity you’re planning to do.

Here are the 18 best work pants for men.

Flint and Tinder Mill Pants


Flint and Tinder Mill Pants

Established in 2011, Flint and Tinder is a record-holding all American brand that has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the first apparel brand to reach $1 million in pledges on Kickstarter. They started with a line of premium underwear for men, but what really launched them to the moon was the 10-year hoodie. Today, the brand is sold exclusively through Huckberry.

The first work pants on the list are the Mill Pants from Flint and Tinder. The first thing you’ll notice with these pants is that it is made out of 100% pure heavyweight cotton canvas. You’ll appreciate the double lined knees for protection and the double needle stitching for durability. They’re built to take on tough jobs, but the tailored-fit design is also fashionable enough for a stylish night out.


TRU-SPEC 24/7 Tactical PantsTRU-SPEC 24/7 Tactical Pants

TRU-SPEC is a military on-duty and off-duty uniform and apparel manufacturer that was established in 1996 under its mother company, ATLANCO. The brand name means “true specifications,” meaning that their pants are manufactured using the US Government’s true specifications of US military uniforms. Today, they have a line of military-grade work pants that have tactical functionality built into their designs.

Their offering on this list of the best work pants for men is the TRU-SPEC 24/7 Tactical Pants. What could be more functional than military-grade pants? Some of the best features of these tactical pants include pockets for concealed weapons, double-walled knees with open pockets for knee pad inserts, utility pockets, and a slider waistband.


Stio Men’s Rivet Canvas PantsStio Men’s Rivet Canvas Pants

Stio is an American brand hailing from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The brand produces a host of functional apparel made for the outdoors and mountaineering crowd. Being inspired by mountain life, the products from Stio are extremely well-made and tough.

The Stio Men’s Rivet Canvas Pants come in the classic 5-pocket design made out of a rugged and flexible material for maximum comfort and functionality. They’re built to allow you free movement. Made out of a combination of 97% cotton and 3% spandex with 4-way stretch, they’re surprisingly accommodating in terms of practical movement. One of its main features is the gusseted inseam that enables maximum mobility. These are great for daily wear at work or play.


Filson C. C. F. Utility Canvas PantsFilson C. C. F. Utility Canvas Pants

The Filson brand is a true American classic that has roots in the gold rush seasons of yesteryears. It was in 1897 that this manufacturer of some of the toughest pants was born. Their pants had to be tough then because they were outfitting gold rush prospectors who were always out braving the elements and who were always prone to injury due to the nature of their activities. Today, the brand is known for rugged wear for such industries as mining, engineering, angling, and others.

Made out of cotton duck canvas, the C. C. F Utility Pants are made to last long even through extreme wear conditions. The seams are reinforced with triple stitching, and they come with reinforced back pockets. You also get reinforced knee protection from double layering and an open pocket for pad inserts.

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Wolverine FireZero Duck Cargo PantsWolverine FireZero Duck Cargo Pants

FireZero is a brand that’s serious about fire safety. Established in 2002, the brand has been in business long enough that they now have their very own proprietary fire-resistant fabrics. They use these in their professional grade fire-retardant pants that have been successfully used in the oil and gas industry. FireZero has partnered with work pants manufacturer, Wolverine, to create this fire-resistant entry on our list.

The Wolverine Flame Resistant Cargo Pants are functional and comfortable. They’re built to the NFPA 2112-2012 standards, so you know they’ll protect you from flash fires. These come with 6 pockets – 2 front slash pockets, 2 back pockets with flaps, and 2 cargo pockets with flaps and snap locks.


Dickies Double Knee Work PantsDickies Double Knee Work Pants

The Dickies brand has come to be synonymous with the American workwear. Since the company’s founding in 1922, Dickies has always produced industry-leading apparel that are as tough and durable as the workers wearing them. Today, Dickies is known for durable workwear made for the automotive, construction, medical, and hospitality industries.

The Dickies Double Knee Work Pants make it to the list of best work pants for men. It has a loose fit for added range of mobility. It uses heavyweight twill fabric composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton that is both wrinkle and stain-resistant. These pants come with a double layer of reinforcement in the knee area for protection, back welt pockets, and a multifunction utility pocket on the side of the right leg.

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Carhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Double-Front UtilityCarhartt Rugged Flex Rigby Double-Front Utility

The Carhartt brand has its beginnings in the time of the industrial revolution. In 1899, Carhartt produced bib overalls to address the needs of railroad workers who were in the toughest industry of the day. If Carhartt’s workwear could withstand the rigors of railroad work, it could withstand anything. Today, Carhartt still manufactures highly durable workwear fit for any industry.

The Rugged Flex Rigby Double-Front Utility pants from Carhartt offer superior knee protection from double layers in the front. You can also slide in knee pads for added protection. They’re made of a 98% cotton and 2% spandex canvas for added stretch and have a gusseted crotch that allows unhindered functional movement. These pants come with 6 reinforced pockets fit for your various needs.


Wrangler Riggs Workwear Ranger PantsWrangler Riggs Workwear Ranger Pants

The Wrangler brand is a proud American company that embodies the spirit of American freedom. It was established in 1947 and since then, it has not stopped producing some of the best and most durable workwear pants in the world.

Wrangler’s entry onto this list is with their most popular offering. The Riggs Workwear Ranger Pants are engineered to be tough enough to take on any job. It’s made of 100% Ripstop fabric that makes these pants extra durable. They feature reinforced knees and a better-relaxed fit that translates into more on-the-job comfort. You also get multiple utility pockets, a leather-reinforced right pocket ideal for tape measure clips, and a hammer loop.


5.11 Tactical Stonecutter Pants5.11 Tactical Stonecutter Pants

The 5.11 Tactical brand has a rich and genuine history of working with law enforcement. It was in 1992 that the 5.11 pants were utilized by the FBI for official use in their training. In 2003, the brand expanded with more tactical gear for law enforcement that soon spread into fitness and outdoor sports.

The 5.11 entry on this list is with the Stonecutter Pants. These are comfortable, gusseted pants that are ideal for tough work conditions. They feature a Teflon finish that makes them stain resistant. These pants come with pockets fit for a variety of uses. They’re so tactical, in fact, that the back pockets are designed to fit ArmaLite rifle magazines. Even if you don’t have those lying around the house, these pants are so versatile, you can use them for just about any activity.

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Patagonia Steel Forge DenimPatagonia Steel Forge Denim

The next entry on this list of great work pants is from a brand that was founded in 1973 in California. The Patagonia brand used to specialize in producing climbing gear but has since expanded their scope to include other outdoor sports. These include sports such as trail running, skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing, and surfing. Today, the Patagonia brand is no longer limited to sports apparel. You can now buy efficient work pants from this apparel maker much like this great offering.

The Steel Forge Denim is made from a blend of 92% cotton and 8% Dyneema. This fabric composition makes these pants very durable and tough enough to protect you from abrasions. These pants feature double knees for layered protection and 7 belt loops for improved carrying ability. You also get 6 multipurpose pockets and a hammer loop.


Dickies Flex Regular Straight Leg Tough Max Duck Carpenter PantsDickies Flex Regular Straight Leg Tough Max Duck Carpenter Pants

The well-known Dickies brand has another entry on this list. This time, it’s the Flex Carpenter Jeans. This entry features durability that we’ve come to expect from any Dickies product but with an added twist of being stretchy.

Made from a blend of 68% duck cotton canvas, 30% polyester, and 2% Lycra, the Flex Carpenter Pants are extremely tough yet still very comfortable to move about in because of the added stretch. The seams are triple stitched. With these pants, you get tool pockets and a hammer loop, all essential features for carpentry work.

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Mountain Khakis Men’s Alpine Utility PantsMountain Khakis Men’s Alpine Utility Pants

The next entry on this list comes from another outdoor company hailing from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mountain Khakis prides itself in being a premium outdoors brand. While all of their offerings are durable and rugged enough for mountain life, they are still designed with style in mind. This makes their products more well-rounded and versatile.

The Alpine Utility Pants comes with diamond gussets for enhanced mobility up in the mountains or any other situation that requires more freedom in your movement. These pants feature triple seams, reinforced pockets for durability, and reinforced seat and knee panels for comfort. You also get a side utility pocket for added convenience.


Topo Designs Duck Canvas Work PantsTopo Designs Duck Canvas Work Pants

Topo Designs is a brand born out of the mountainous region of Colorado in the American West. Because of their proximity to the mountain ranges, Topo Designs is heavily influenced by the mountaineering culture. This is seen through the reinforced pants they make that are very functional as an active outdoor sports wear or very stylish as casual wear.

The Duck Canvas Work Pants from Topo Designs are very versatile and functional. You can wear them on a climb or to hang out with friends downtown. These pants are reinforced with triple stitched seams, double layer front panels, and reinforced back pockets. They’re made out of heavy 100% duck canvas and have a classic fit.

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5.11 Tactical TacLite Pro Pants5.11 Tactical TacLite Pro Pants

The FBI-tested brand, 5.11 Tactical, has another awesome offering on this list of great work pants for men. This entry is the TacLite Pro Pants. The TacLite Pro Pants are designed to do it all. They’re great for on duty operations, recreational shooting, hunting, outdoor sports, or you can use them as daily workwear.

If you choose these pants, you get 8 pockets for maximizing gear or equipment-carrying capacity, a gusseted crotch for max mobility, reinforced knees and seat panels for enhanced comfort, bartacking for added durability, and a Teflon finish for stain resistance. It seems that with this offering, 5.11 Tactical has really made it a point to make every feature as functional and tactical as possible.


Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose Work PantsDuluth Trading Co. Fire Hose Work Pants

The Duluth Trading Co. started its life as a manufacturer of construction accessories in 1989. They soon expanded to making accessories and apparel targeted at other trades. Duluth Trading is known for their quirky cartoon ad campaigns. The ad that features the Fire Hose Work Pants pits them against the (hopefully or sadly still extinct) giant beaver.

The Fire Hose Work Pants is made from the same canvas that fire hoses are made out of. This gives them street cred as being tough, but how they got a giant beaver to test it on is anyone’s guess. While not exactly a beaver, Duluth does offer a testimonial of a hunter whose life was saved from a boar attack because he was wearing these Fire Hose Work Pants.


Earnest Tasker Pant K-CanvasEarnest Tasker Pant K-Canvas

The Earnest brand is a Kiwi brand that began its life in Japan. Earnest produces very stylish and functional heavy-duty pants that fit extremely well. The designs that the Earnest crew comes up with are in no way generic. A design idea will undergo months and even years of development before they are sold to their loyal fans.

Earnest’s entry on this list of tough and durable work pants is the Tasker. The Tasker is made out of K-Canvas, a proprietary fabric that infuses Kevlar into cotton canvas. That’s the same Kevlar that when aggregated in the right concentration and thickness could stop bullets. This fabric’s so tough in fact that it’s the only canvas material in the world rated for motorcycle use with an abrasion resistance slide time of 4. 39 seconds. The Tasker is also resistant to slashes and rips and is 20 times stronger in terms of tensile strength when compared to ordinary work pants.


Carhartt Duck Utility Dungaree PantsCarhartt Duck Utility Dungaree Pants

The brand from the Industrial Age comes back with another offering on this list, The Duck Utility Dungaree Pants. These utility work pants are made of a tough duck canvas that’s tailored for a relax fit. Carhartt claims that these dungarees are the roomiest of all their cuts and styles, which accounts for the impeccable comfort that they provide. These come with a hammer loop, multiple utility pockets, and reinforced back pockets for added durability.


Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Double Knee PantsPatagonia Iron Forge Hemp Double Knee Pants

The Californian brand named after the southern-most tip of South America offers you another strong contender on this list of best men’s work pants. The Iron Forge Hemp Double Knee Pants is no slouch when it comes to abrasion protection. They’re made from a mix of 55% industrial strength hemp, 27% recycled polyester, and 18% organic cotton.

These pants feature double-reinforced seats and knees with openings for knee pad inserts. They also feature knife clip gussets on the front drop-in pockets. For added freedom of mobility and convenience, the crotch also features a gusset.