The 22 Best Men’s Hoodies

Hoodies come in very handy as the colder months arrive. You can wear it as your outerwear or incorporate it as a mid-layer for your winter outfit. There are a few different types you can choose from. This depends on how you may want to put them on.

There are pullovers, and there are full zip ones. You can also choose the type of material the hoodie is made out of: cotton, polyester, fleece, or any other fabric or blend. It all depends on the purpose you have in mind for the hoodie or the look you’re going for.

Here are the 22 best men’s hoodies.

Flint and Tinder 10-Year HoodieFlint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie

The Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie is a heavy-duty American jacket that’s guaranteed to last 10 years. If within this time frame, your hoodie tears, the company will happily repair it for you. The hoodie is made of 23oz fleece and 70% cotton/30% polyester construction, which gives it its durability.

The 10-Year Hoodie will only grow softer with wear, which improves and customizes the fit throughout its guaranteed 10-year lifespan. Everything about this lightweight jacket is reinforced and built to be heavy-duty; the 10-year timeline is probably just a conservative estimate.


J. Crew Lightweight Fleece HoodieJ. Crew Lightweight Fleece Hoodie

This hoodie from J. Crew is a soft and lightweight full-zip hoodie. It’s made out of a cotton/poly blend that adds to the breathability of the jacket. It features a kangaroo pocket at its front with slanted openings to warm your hands or carry a few small things. The lining is soft for added comfort.

While designed as a regular fit hoodie, it actually errs more on the slimmer side. It’s a perfect inner layer for underneath a warm jacket, or you can rock the college look with the hoodie as your outer layer.


Everlane Heavyweight Cashmere Hoodie for MenEverlane Heavyweight Cashmere Hoodie for Men

This hoodie comes in a relaxed fit. It’s made out of 100% cashmere with trimmings that are 90% cashmere with 9% nylon and 1 % elastane. This is a dry clean only jacket, so you need to be careful about trying not to get it too dirty.

The cashmere used for this Everlane hoodie is a thick 7-gauge that is about 86% heavier than the regular cashmere that Everlane uses. This choice material adds extra loft and warmth. The Grade A material comes straight as an import from Mongolia.

This hoodie would look great with your favorite chinos.


Champion Performance Fleece Pullover HoodieChampion Performance Fleece Pullover Hoodie

The Performance Fleece Pullover Hoodie from Champion is active wear that is also stylish enough as urban wear. You can wear this at the gym on your outdoor trek or road run. You can also wear it as your outerwear or your inner layer, depending of course on the climate.

This high-performance sports pullover is made of 100% polyester and has moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfortable as you sweat it out. It also features a kangaroo pocket in front for your hands or small items you may want to carry with you.


Nike Men’s Pullover Fleece Club HoodieNike Men’s Pullover Fleece Club Hoodie

This simple yet very good looking hoodie from Nike comes in a variety of very vivid colors. It’s made from synthetic fleece material and features a small embroidered Nike check on the upper chest area. It’s a well-made hoodie that you can wear for a casual stroll or a hardcore workout.

The fit runs a little on the slimmer side, so this is great for those who want to maintain a slim silhouette even when wearing layers. It’s all about style, and this low-profile Nike hoodie is up for the challenge.

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Todd Snyder – Champion Popover Hoodie Salt and PepperTodd Snyder – Champion Popover Hoodie Salt and Pepper

The Popover Hoodie Salt and Pepper is a collab project between Todd Snyder and Champion. It’s a regular fit pullover that has a kangaroo pocket in front for your hands or phones and other small items you might have with you.

The design feature that stands out is the pattern of the fabric. The fabric displays a TV static or snowlike pattern of blacks, whites, and grays. This is where the appropriate Salt and Pepper name comes from. Aside from this overall fabric pattern, there are no other visible design features except for a small brand logo at the right arm sleeve, just next to the cuff.


Adidas Originals Trefoil Warm-Up HoodieAdidas Originals Trefoil Warm-Up Hoodie

Adidas will have you feeling a little nostalgic with this warm-up hoodie. The iconic Adidas Trefoil logo is prominently displayed on the chest area of this warm pullover. Just below it is a kangaroo pouch for you to keep your hands warm or to keep your wallet or phone safe and hidden.

It’s made out of 100% French Terry cloth. While it may keep you warm as your outerwear, it will also work well as part of a layered winter ensemble. It is also perfect for running, gym workouts or other similar activities such as warming up for a ball game. The hoodie comes in a regular fit, meaning it’s just right.


Jacquemus La Maille Capuche HoodieJacquemus La Maille Capuche Hoodie

This Italian-made high fashion hoodie is something right off the catwalk. The svelte silhouette and the knitted pattern make for a more sophisticated look. It works well as a single piece wear, but it can also be worn as an inner layer when you’re working with a layered look.

This hoodie is made entirely out of Polypropylene. You may think that something so unique would be delicate and require exclusive hand washing, but you would be wrong. This knitted hoodie is tough enough to withstand typical machine washing.


GAP Vintage Soft Pullover HoodieGAP Vintage Soft Pullover Hoodie

If you’re going for minimalism, then you need to take a look at this hoodie from GAP. It features a very simple, classic design. It has a hood and a kangaroo pocket much like any other hoodie out there. But what sets this apart is that the hood does not have drawstrings, and there seems to be a very obvious absence of any brand name or logo visible on the hoodie when worn.

This is a bold design decision that’s very much welcome in this brand-conscious market.

You may combine it with your favorite sweatpants.


Brunello Cucinelli Hooded SweaterBrunello Cucinelli Hooded Sweater

This might just be the most expensive hoodie ever –  or maybe until Kanye decides to emblazon diamonds on his hoodies or something. Well, the price has got to match the product, right? This hoodie, or rather, Hooded Sweater from Brunello Cucinelli is made from virgin wool and cashmere. It also features a special Donegal-effect yarn that produces streaks of different colors.

This haute couture piece is something of an aristocratic status symbol. If you have the dough, then this is the hoodie for you.


NASA HoodieNASA Hoodie

Whether you’re a big fan of the Cape Canaveral rocket launches, the manned moon mission, and the robotic reconnaissance on the red planet or you’re a skeptical conspiracy theorist, one thing is for sure: this NASA jacket is sweet. Show your love for the American space agency or wear their emblem ironically.

The hoodie displays the NASA logo and the full name on the chest and an American flag and “United States” along the left arm sleeve. If you want, you can even use this hoodie as a conversation starter. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to NASA. Their name unofficially stands for “Not a Straight Answer,” after all.

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Lululemon Geo Knit HoodieLululemon Geo Knit Hoodie

It seems that Lululemon isn’t just for downward facing dog yoga girls anymore. Lululemon brings their chic aesthetics over to their men’s department. This hoodie is a slim fitting unique pullover. It’s made from a double-knit cotton blended with silk to produce a soft and breathable experience.

The name comes from the geographical patterns all over the hoodie. It’s great for everyday wear. Use it when it’s starting to get a little bit chilly, and don a thicker outerwear jacket over it when the winter months come. Sadly, this Lululemon offering is not really designed for active wear.


Mollusk Heavy Pullover HoodieMollusk Heavy Pullover Hoodie

The Mollusk Heavy Pullover Hoodie is a great-looking pullover from a surf-company based in California. It’s constructed out of heavy Terry fleece comprised of 87% cotton, 10% polyester, and 3% spandex. It has a relaxed fit and is super comfortable. It’s already pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry shrinkage, especially if you’re going for an oversized look.

This pullover comes in a calming Heather Grey color, which really fits into the whole surfer scene.

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Faherty Baja Blanket HoodieFaherty Baja Blanket Hoodie

Rock the Baja blanket look with the Faherty Baja Blanket Hoodie. It’s not afraid to use patterns. In fact, it embraces it. The pattern on this hoodie is something that you might see on a traditional native American blanket. The fabric used is also very soft and comfortable to wear. It’s a custom-made brushed cotton jacquard.

Also, if you buy this product, Faherty pledges to donate 10% of sales to the Spirit Horse Nation and the Lakota Way Healing Center.


GoRuck Tough HoodieGoRuck Tough Hoodie

The GoRuck Tough Hoodie is not just another sport sweatshirt. It’s designed and constructed to perform in tough situations. It is made out of Tough365 fabric, which is a polyester fabric with nylon that stretches in 4 directions for durability. It has moisture-wicking capabilities and outperforms cotton in warm climate.

This little guy actually has “tough” in its name, so you know you can be hard on it without worrying about damaging it. It actually comes with a Scars Lifetime Guarantee that pretty much says that GoRuck will fix your Tough Hoodie if you ever happen to damage it.


Lacoste Sport Hooded Fleece SweatshirtLacoste Sport Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

Lacoste offers a two-tone with classic construction and high-contrast color accents. This contrast is very modern, and the sweatshirt itself is durable enough to perform in athletic respects. It’s made of fleece and two-ply pique.

You’ll find the Lacoste badge at the lower right corner of the front and the Lacoste name in a rectangular border square in the middle of the chest. It comes in two colors: black and green. Both are accented with white.


Vollebak 100-Year HoodieVollebak 100-Year Hoodie

No, that’s not a typo. We do mean one hundred years. This hoodie is a rockstar in the world of hooded sweat shirts. It’s been on sale a couple of times since its launch in August of 2017, and it’s been sold out each time. This thing is unbelievable. It’s constructed out of aramid fibers, the same fibers used in body armor and space suits. If you ever want to get your hands on these bad boys, then sign up for the waiting list.


Madewell Hoodie SweaterMadewell Hoodie Sweater

This Madewell Hoodie is true to its name in that it is made pretty well. They went with the classic design, which gives it a timeless look – nothing out of the ordinary here. In keeping with the classic look, you’ll find a kangaroo pocket in front for your keys or phone.

The fit is just right. It’s not loose and big, but it doesn’t run small either. This hoodie sweater is made of French Terry that comes in an appealing True Black color.


Zara Hooded CardiganZara Hooded Cardigan

The Hooded Cardigan from Zara is not your typical hoodie. It’s a stylish, fashion-forward piece for the trendy. This is high-fashion urban wear at its finest. The cut and design are not typically found on commercial men’s hoodies.

The hooded cardigan comes in a loose fit and a long cut. It has overly large drawstrings for the hood. The front does not close, so this may be a good second layer in not-so-cold weather or a nice piece of outerwear if you have some form of thermal wear underneath it. It also has two pockets in front, one on each side.


Amazon Essentials Full-Zip Striped HoodieAmazon Essentials Full-Zip Striped Hoodie

If you love stripes and are not afraid of the Moiré effect, then this full-zip striped hoodie from Amazon Essentials is right for you. It’s a great-looking jacket that’s made out of 52% cotton and 48% polyester. It has a split kangaroo pocket at the bottom front. It’s ideal for everyday wear. Add this to your layered outfit during the winter to keep yourself warm. T

his affordable jacket also comes in multiple colors, so if the striped look doesn’t work for you, you can choose from a few other colors and patterns.


PopFunk Officially Licensed Harry Potter Gryffindor House Unisex Pullover HoodiePopFunk Officially Licensed Harry Potter Gryffindor House Unisex Pullover Hoodie

Show mad love for the Hogwarts house of your childhood dreams with these PopFunk Hoodies. The hoodie features the house sigil at the front of the hoodie. To maintain comfort and keep you warm, this hoodie is made out of a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend.

This is great as a gift, or you can buy it for yourself. PopFunk also offers each hoodie with a pair of die cut stickers for the respective Hogwarts House. Put your sorting hat on and choose your house.


The North Face Half Dome HoodieThe North Face Half Dome Hoodie

North Face Half Dome Hoodie makes for warm outerwear. The fabric is a 70% cotton and 30% polyester fleece blend. It provides comfort while keeping you warm. Add it to your layers when it’s colder out. It’s great for an active outdoor adventure or even if you’re just off to school.

This hoodie features The North Face logo prominently on the chest. You can have this jacket in a few other different solid colors. Some colors will have black brand logos, while others will have white.