The 12 Best Running Hoodies

If you enjoy a solid outdoor run, yet the climate is not cooperating, and instead is becoming cooler, then maybe it’s time to add the hoodie to your running gear.

The features that you’re looking for in a running hoodie include being lightweight and comfortable, moisture-wicking properties, warmth, and heat retention capabilities as well as pockets for some of the personal items you take with you on your run. As an added bonus, the best running hoodies should also be stylish enough that you can wear them even when you’re not on the trail.

These are the best 12 running hoodies.

The Best Running Hoodie

Pearl Izumi Running HoodiePearl Izumi Running Hoodie

If you’re an avid runner who’s serious about training in all weather, then the Pearl Izumi Running Hoodie is for you. This hooded softshell long sleeve top is specially designed for the runner who doesn’t let anything stop him. It’s made out of a stretch thermal fabric that envelops you and protects you against the wind and the cold while staying breathable. It also has fleece panels that act as heat insulators as well as wicks moisture while providing superior freedom of movement.

Even though the material may look thin, the hoodie is impressively warm. It also has a double sleeve over the hands, which adds another insulation layer as well as two zipped front pockets to possibly keep your hands warm while standing or walking, or to keep your small personal items with you while you run.

Since this running hoodie is made out of stretch fabric, the final construction of this softshell top is formfitting; this includes the hoodie, which fits close around your head, allowing a clear view all around. Another safety feature that is incorporated into the design is the fact that there are only two available colors, which are “Screaming Green” and “Screaming Yellow.” Wearing these bright reflective colors while running outdoors gives you an extra layer of safety since they’re clearly visible even in low light.


Nike Academy 18 Running HoodieNike Academy 18 Running Hoodie

When you’re at that high level of running where you’re not fazed by the cold or wet weather, then this Nike Academy 18 Running Hoodie is the right gear for you. This 100% polyester hoodie is clearly designed by a high-tech sports brand that knows what it is doing. The construction and form factor are just incredible. It’s made to move with you while you’re performing high-level sports activities.

The fit is superb, so don’t make the mistake of getting a baggy fit. It should be form-fitting and comfortable. The slim and comfortable fit is designed in such a way as to mimic the motion of the body with as little hindrance and distraction as possible. The material is soft and provides much-needed moisture wicking, which is a great thing to have in a running sweatshirt.

As expected for a Nike product, the style of the Academy 18 Running Hoodie is modern and of excellent quality.


Adidas Men’s Essentials 3-Stripes Full-Zip HoodieAdidas Men’s Essentials 3-Stripes Full-Zip Hoodie

The Adidas brand has a strong collection of sports apparel for active men, and this full-zip fleece hoodie is one of them. While it is not specifically made for running, because of its impressively athletic Adidas DNA, it does perfectly work well as one. It’s constructed out of a 70% cotton and 30% recycled polyester blend, which makes this a more environmentally sustainable product than most.

This hoodie has a regular fit, which is just right for the type of fabric. Since the fit is between tight and loose, it’s ideal to ensure that your arms and shoulders have enough space to move while you’re running, eliminating any hindrance that could potentially affect your workout or training.

By virtue of the material it’s constructed from, this hoodie is warm and cozy. Other features that trap heat include the ribbing at the cuffs and the hem as well as the hood itself. The hood also has drawstrings to allow more control over how snug you want it over your head and around your face. As an added bonus for big Adidas fans, this sports hoodie does have the iconic three stripes running parallel along both arms.

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TSLA Performance Training HoodieTSLA Performance Training Hoodie

The TSLA Performance Training Hoodie is a well-crafted, high-performance athletic hooded jacket for the active man. Since TSLA designed this training hoodie to be all-sport training apparel, it more than delivers as running gear. It’s made out of a blend of 91% polyester and 9% spandex, so you know that the remarkable elasticity will directly translate into a superior range of motion at the shoulders, the elbows, and along the spine and neck.

This TSLA gear is advertised as a high-end professional-grade sports equipment, and with the quality it has and the level of performance it’s showing, everyone is inclined to agree with this claim. Some of the features that make this a great running jacket includes the finger and thumb holes, which keep the sleeves insulated and in place while still allowing you to maintain manual dexterity. It also features an inner zipper pocket that has an earphone slot to run your wired earphones through.

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Three Sixty Six Hooded SweatshirtThree Sixty Six Hooded Sweatshirt

This Three Sixty Six Hooded Sweatshirt is constructed as a high-performance workout and training gear. It’s made entirely out of a terry fabric that has a 4-way stretch, and because of this, it might just be one of the best workout items you can wear that offers the least amount of resistance to your movement.

This fabric is also moisture-wicking, which means that it pulls away sweat from the surface of your skin to keep the sweatshirt comfortable all throughout the duration of your hard run. Since it works so well as an insulator that keeps you warm, it has a neck vent that adds breathability to prevent overheating. The hoodie also has an adjustable drawcord so you can tweak how tight or loose you want the hood over your head during your workout. You also have two zip-up side pockets that come with a phone slot to keep your valuables safe and secure with you on your runs. Perfect to wear over your favorite running shirt.


Asics Running HoodieAsics Running Hoodie

True to the Asics brand, this Running Hoodie is simply one of the best running sweatshirts available in the market today. If you’re a serious runner, you need to have yourself a running hoodie that will allow you to run even in colder and wetter seasons.

This hooded sweatshirt is lightweight and made out of 100% polyester fabric. The form factor of this Asics gear is superb. This is a half-zip hoodie that has an ergonomic design to ensure the optimal range of motion. It also produces a slim, form-fitting silhouette and is available in red, blue, and black.

Since Asics knows that runners run before the sun is up or after it goes down, it added reflective strips at the cuffs and the back to create a reflective surface that enhances visibility when running in low light. Although this may seem thin, it is still surprisingly warm thanks to the Thermopolis technology that Asics employs to retain heat.

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MECASTAR Running CoatMECASTAR Running Coat

The MECASTAR Running Coat is one of the most versatile running hoodies you can wear. It’s made for the serious athlete who wants to have an edge while training. It is constructed out of 100% recycled nylon material with a waterproof coating. This material traps warmth is breathable, waterproof, and windproof. To help dissipate some of the trapped heat, the back also comes with ventilation flaps. It’s no surprise then that the MECASTAR Running Coat is also marketed as your rainwear for other outdoor sports such as cycling, kayaking, and even camping.

Another great thing about this running gear is that it is lightweight, so it won’t hinder your run and slow you down. The hood is adjustable with a drawcord and can be easily stored inside a zipped back pocket. It comes in two colors, black and yellow. While the yellow enhances your visibility while you’re running at night or at dawn, both colors do come with reflective strips at the front, back, and sleeves to help you stay safe.

Don’t forget to always have a good pair of running shoes on.


Puma Men’s Rebel Bold Full Zip HoodiePuma Men’s Rebel Bold Full Zip Hoodie

Much like the brand’s pouncing puma logo, this sports hoodie is made to be fast. It’s made out of French terry fabric that’s composed of 68% cotton and 32% polyester. It is a full zip hoodie, which makes it easier and faster to get in or out of.

Puma designed this for running athletes the likes of Usain Bolt, so you know it was built for running. In fact, it does have a unique dropped shoulder feature that allows optimal flexibility and range of motion of the upper body. It has two kangaroo pockets at the front, ribbed cuffs, and a jersey-lined adjustable hoodie. It also features vents at the side seams to allow heat dissipation and prevention of overheating during intense runs.

If you’re a big fan of Puma, then you’ll be happy to know that the Rebel Bold has three rubberized Puma graphic logos printed on the chest and both sleeves of this running hoodie.

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Under Armour Rival Fitted Sports Hooded JacketUnder Armour Rival Fitted Sports Hooded Jacket

The Under Armour Rival is an awesome running top that’s breathable, lightweight, and very comfortable. It’s constructed out of a cotton blend that’s composed of cotton at 57%, polyester at 38%, and elastane at 5%. What Under Armour has made is a versatile sports jacket that is perfect for running and working out.

It’s light and breathable, and yet it traps in heat to keep you warm when you work out in the cold. It also quickly wicks sweat away from the skin, creating a quick-drying effect, thus allowing you to run comfortably for longer. The form of the hoodie and the elasticity of the material also allows full range of motion, which ensures that you are moving optimally without any hindrance. You will also find open side pockets to keep your hands warm while walking or standing.

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Champion Powerblend Full Zip HoodieChampion Powerblend Full Zip Hoodie

The Champion brand has proved itself time and again that it is one of the most stylish athletic apparel brands out there. The clothes that they put out are not only stylish streetwear, but they are also high-performance, functional, activewear, such as this offering – the Powerblend Hoodie.

This hoodie from Champion is made out of a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. This fabric blend is proudly marketed by Champion as their softest fabric yet as well as an eco-friendly fleece that is unlikely to shrink or pill. By utilizing this material, this hoodie becomes an effective outer layer that keeps you warm and insulated when it’s starting to get cold outside. It is a full-zip hoodie that has an adjustable drawstring hood and two kangaroo front pockets.

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Adidas ClimaHeat Stockhorn Hooded JacketAdidas ClimaHeat Stockhorn Hooded Jacket

Adidas does not play around when it comes to the technology that it brings to the table. The Climaheat line of products from Adidas is ideal for heat retention, which means that by wearing this jacket, you will be able to work out and be active for longer in the cold in relative warmth and comfort. This particular ClimaHeat hooded jacket utilizes Polartec and Power Shield Pro material, which is highly water-resistant while maintaining optimum breathability.

This fleece also has a 4-way stretch to it, which means that it won’t fight your motion whenever you move. Instead, it will facilitate it while maintaining its protection from the elements. This hoodie is tailored to be regular fit and has a high neck and banded cuffs. It’s ideal for outdoor sports.

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WOSAWE Running CoatWOSAWE Running Coat

The WOSAWE Running Coat is the result of functional design elements coming together to create something that’s ideal for the many different kinds of sports and outdoor activities. The WOSAWE Running Coat looks amazing.

It’s made out of lightweight windstopper fabric that protects the body from the wind as well as moisture in the air. It has a retractable hoodie that you can adjust with a drawstring. It features three zipped pockets, two at the sides and one at the back. These pockets are dual purpose as they can function as vents or for storage of personal items while you run.

As an added safety features, it does have two horizontal reflective strips running across the chest and back as well as two more reflective lines running between the shoulders and the chest and the shoulders and the back.