Shades: 10 Best Sunglasses for Running

Over recent years, sunglasses for running has become more and more popular with people of all backgrounds and ages. To combat an increasingly sedentary lifestyle where many of us spend much of our day in front of screens, running has become the go-to choice to maintain a good level of fitness and to get us outdoors. Though we must not forget that our eyes need protection from the sun.

Running is a fantastic way to help us stay healthy and is favored by many people because it is easily accessible; you can run pretty much anywhere at any time without the need to travel to a gym or wait for a fitness class to start. Running is also free, which is a big bonus for many people. You can run alone or in groups for as little or as long as you like at whatever pace you like. Running is an incredibly versatile activity that appeals to all sorts of people.

Depending on your geographical location, it may be that sunglasses are required for running in all seasons. The glare of the sun bouncing off of snow can be equally as dangerous as the bright sunshine in the summertime. It is worth considering how often and for how much of the year you are likely to use your running sunglasses as this may help you identify the build quality that you need from your sunglasses.

Whatever your budget and requirements are, you’re sure to find the best pair of running sunglasses to meet your needs.

Oakley Radar Shield SunglassesOakley Radar Shield Sunglasses

These sunglasses are an upgraded version of Oakley’s classic and exceptionally popular Radar sunglasses, featuring a taller lens with an extended viewing range. Also offering an even more sporty style, these glasses come equipped with an array of features that will benefit the runner.

They feature a three-point fit to reduce pressure points on your face and head and to ensure a perfectly customized fit. They also benefit from ear socks and nose pads to help keep them in place and reduce movement. They block out 100% of UV A, B, and C rays and are very lightweight at only 28 grams.

These sunglasses have a higher price tag, which most people would expect from a renowned brand such as Oakley. They are a market-leading designer of eyewear and sports accessories with a loyal following in 110 countries around the globe. Oakley’s products are innovative and designed with the help of some of the best athletes in the world. They have built a solid reputation, and although their sunglasses are not the lowest priced, they are built to last. You can purchase the Oakley Radar Shield sunglasses with total faith that you will be receiving a quality product and good after-sales service.

Purchase / $183

Nike Vaporwing Elite SunglassesNike Vaporwing Elite Sunglasses

These Nike sunglasses are at the top end of the scale when it comes to price. The price depends on which color option you select. For the relatively high price tag, Nike promises that these glasses are virtually indestructible. They have been designed with longevity and performance in mind and should outlast similar sunglasses at a lower price point.

At a weight of 23 grams, these glasses are exceptionally light. The single shield lens gives them a minimalist style while providing an uninterrupted view for a superior running experience. They are non-polarized with a mirrored lens for extra protection against scratches and smudges. They also protect against glare as well as fogging.

Specifically designed for running, these high-performance sunglasses offer everything the modern runner needs if you can stomach the high price tag.

Purchase / $223

Julbo Aerolite SunglassesJulbo Aerolite Sunglasses

These high-performance sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses and a rimless design, making them ultra-lightweight. They give a feeling of complete freedom when running, and will be particularly well suited to anyone who frequently hikes or runs long distances when the weight of rimmed glasses can become uncomfortable and interfere with your enjoyment.

Designed specifically for women or anyone with a smaller sized face, these sunglasses offer a snug fit with extra cushioning and a 3D nosepiece. The broad lens surface area ensures a wide field of vision and gives 100% protection against UV A, B, and C rays. An added benefit is the anti-fog structure of the glasses and shock resistance.

These sunglasses, as well as being practical, have a very stylish design. They are available in seven color combinations, giving a good variety of choice to the fashion-conscious runner.

These are by no means the most inexpensive running glasses on the market, but they are built to last. They benefit from a durable and flexible frame and are an investment piece that should last you for many years to come if looked after properly. Julbo is a well-respected brand that has been producing high-quality sports accessories for 125 years, so you can feel confident about purchasing this product. For added peace of mind, these sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Purchase / $190

UnderArmour Rival Shield SunglassesUnderArmour Rival Shield Sunglasses

Featuring a plastic lens that UnderArmour claims is up to ten times stronger than a standard polycarbonate lens, these sunglasses are the most premium model available from this brand. They are ultra-durable, built to withstand tough environments and extreme sports.

Similar in protection to the Julbo Aerolites, these sunglasses will protect your eyes from 100% of the sun’s harmful UV A, B, and C rays. They also offer an identical warranty to the Julbo Aerolites, being protected against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.

Engineered for both safety and enjoyment, these sunglasses benefit from auto-grip technology, which gives a more secure and customized fit while the titanium-grilamid provides the utmost comfort and resilience.

The price of the UnderArmour Rival Shield sunglasses is very reasonable. They have all of the features you would want from a pair of good-quality running sunglasses at quite a considerable sum less than many of their competitors. The only negative aspect of these glasses is that replacement lenses are not available should you shatter or crack one of your lenses.

Purchase / $258

RIVBOS Polarized Sports SunglassesRIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These virtually indestructible running sunglasses have frames constructed of TR90 thermoplastic, which can bend without breaking. With a polarized and mirror-coated lens, these sunglasses protect against all UV A, B, and C rays as well as filtering out blue light.

These are a great budget-friendly option for runners who are not looking to invest a lot of money in their sunglasses but still want the same level of protection offered by the more expensive brands.

While customers have noted that the RIVBOS sunglasses do not benefit from the same high-quality construction of more costly models, you do get a lot of bang for your buck. With a lifetime breakage warranty on both the frame and lenses, you can purchase these sunglasses with absolute certainty that they will last. RIVBOS also offer lifetime after-sales service as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

Weighing 136 grams, these sunglasses are over five times the weight of the Nike Vaporwing Elite glasses, so if having lightweight protection while you run is your main priority, then these may not be the sunglasses for you. However, any runner looking for sunglasses on a budget should seriously consider these bank-balance friendly glasses. As an added extra, purchasers of this product will also receive a glasses case, a belt buckle to attach it to your belt, and a glasses wipe and cleaner.

Purchase / $14

Blupond Sports SunglassesBlupond Sports Sunglasses

Featuring a semi-rimless metal frame composed of aluminum and magnesium, these sports sunglasses feel more solid than their plastic competitors. The shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses also promise to hold up against inevitable knocks and drops.

The Blupond Sports sunglasses come in at an incredible price for the features you get. They are only around $13 more than their RIVBOS rivals, but at just 26 grams, they are a fifth of the weight. When it comes to running, having lightweight glasses on your face can really contribute to a feeling of freedom and enjoyment. Heavier glasses may only be suitable for shorter runs as, after an extended amount of time, you may start to feel some discomfort on the bridge of your nose or where the glasses rest on your ears. Runners who have experienced heavy sunglasses on longer runs will know that the weight on your face can lead to headaches or a feeling of stress.

These glasses also feature all of the usual benefits you would need from a pair running sunglasses. They protect you from 100% of UV rays and also have the added extras of tinted lenses for blue light naturalization.

Purchase / $20

Julbo Zephyr SunglassesJulbo Zephyr Sunglasses

These sports sunglasses were designed for extreme use and are particularly popular with people who sweat heavily due to their exclusive technology, which keeps the glasses securely in place in any weather.

Available in two color options, these sunglasses are reasonably priced and particularly stylish. The wraparound lenses provide minimal vision distortion and block all UV rays.

The glasses also feature a temple-adjustment system for a unique fit according to the differing sizes of the individual user. While some users of these sunglasses have found the adjustable nose bridge particularly helpful, some have complained that it rubs the skin of their nose and causes sore patches of red skin. It would be advisable to try these glasses before deciding to keep them as an uncomfortable fit would render them completely unwearable.

However, if you find that you can get along with the adjustment features, these are a moderately priced pair of running sunglasses from a quality brand. These would suit a runner who is looking for the quality build of a more expensive brand without the extreme price tag. They are mid-range glasses suitable for running as well as other high exertion sports.

Purchase / $45

Tifosi Wisp SunglassesTifosi Wisp Sunglasses

These USA-made sunglasses were designed with running in mind but are casual enough to wear as your everyday sunglasses too. They offer a petite fit and will be most suited to women or people with smaller faces. They feature hydrophilic nose pads to help keep them in place and are well ventilated to reduce fogging.

One of the best features of these sunglasses is that they come with three different lenses in each pair, so you can change the lenses dependent on the time of day you wear them or the sort of natural light that you are running in.

The scratch-resistant lenses are fitted in a highly durable frame and will protect against UV A and B rays.

With a weight of only 19 grams, these are some of the lightest sports sunglasses currently available on the market. Compounding a stylish design with a good selection of features, these mid-priced sunglasses are proving popular with runners. The negative aspects of these glasses, described by some users, include the fact that they have a particularly narrow nose bridge. It would be advisable to try these glasses on before deciding to keep them. Some users have also commented that, due to their narrow design, these glasses do not sit well on top of your head when they are not in use.

Purchase / $70

Duduma Polarized SunglassesDuduma Polarized Sunglasses

These low-cost sunglasses are suitable for use during a variety of sports and activities, including running, cycling, diving, fishing, motorcycling, racing, skiing, and trekking.

Available in 12 color options and at a low cost, these glasses are sure to prove popular with running enthusiasts. They filter 100% of UV A, B, and C rays as well as harmful blue light.

The makers of these sunglasses claim they are unbreakable and, therefore, offer a lifetime breakage warranty on both the frames and lenses of the glasses, making them a risk-free purchase. Considering the affordable price of the glasses, this is a great guarantee. The glasses also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which will prove useful if you find that you don’t like the fit or can’t get along with them during running.

These glasses are also extremely lightweight. The full plastic frame, however, has led some users to comment that the sunglasses feel bulky on their face. This might get annoying during your run. Still, if you are looking for lightweight, full-protection sports sunglasses at a highly affordable cost, then these are definitely worth a try.

Purchase / $22

Oakley Half Jacket SunglassesOakley Half Jacket Sunglasses

The Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses combine style, protection, and comfort for the ultimate in performance. They feature a three-point fit that won’t hook over your ears like traditional frames as well as Unobtanium components to reduce movement and keep the frames from slipping off your face during wet weather or heavy sweating.

These glasses feature interchangeable lenses so you can swap them out to suit the type of light or time of day you’re running in. They offer maximum protection with their half jacket wraparound design, giving accurate and sharp vision at all times.

The semi-rimless design gives you an open view when you look downwards, and the frames themselves are built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

These Oakley sunglasses are in a higher price bracket than many other running sunglasses, but most users feel they are worth the investment. They are built to last, and you can feel the quality of the sunglasses, adding enjoyment to your run.

Purchase / $133


Having practical running gear that serves its purpose well can make the difference between whether you enjoy your run or not. This can include well-fitting running shoes, headphones with good sound quality and that don’t fall out, and sunglasses that protect your eyes and don’t distract you from your run by bouncing around on your head.

The sun can be blindingly strong, potentially causing you to not see vehicles or pedestrians in your path.

Having sunglasses specifically designed for running is essential for any runner, whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran athlete. Running sunglasses have multiple purposes. They block out sunlight and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. This prevents your eyes from suffering long-term damage but is also helpful in the moment while you are running so that the sun does not interfere with your vision. The sun can be blindingly strong, potentially causing you to not see vehicles or pedestrians in your path. Your vision is especially important while running as you are moving at high speed and don’t always have as much reaction time to avoid a potential collision. This is even truer if you are listening to music or a podcast on your headphones and so won’t be able to hear a car or cyclist approaching. This is why sunglasses are essential to a runner’s safety when the sun is bright.

Running sunglasses work double time by protecting your eyes from debris, water, or bugs. The lenses act as a physical barrier against anything that could fly into your eyes and obstruct your vision.