The 15 Best Running Backpacks

Everybody wants to have a long and healthy life. Exercise and drinking lots of water are two of the most recommended activities that will aid you in achieving a long life. Of course, running or any other form of activity dehydrates the body. That’s why you need to have lots of water to replace the fluids lost through sweating while running.

Luckily, rehydrating while running has been made easier through the invention of running backpacks. These backpacks ensure that you can run while comfortably carrying enough water to keep you hydrated. They not only carry water, but they are also efficient in carrying any other essentials that you might need during your run without making you feel exhausted.

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 2L Hydration BackpackTeton Sports Oasis 1100 2L Hydration Backpack

The Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Backpack is one of the most efficient backpacks required for outdoor activities, especially running. This bag is very light in weight and is also comfortable to carry around because of several reasons. First, the back panel of the bag is made of air mesh, which makes the bag breathable, and the constant airflow ensures that your back does not sweat.

Secondly, all the straps of the backpack are adjustable. This means that the bag can be used by people of different sizes. The straps are designed to ensure that you can carry the backpack all day without feeling exhausted. They are made of foam, a very soft material with a high density, and then covered with air mesh for breathability and air circulation. Since the straps are adjustable, they can also be compressed to reduce the movement of the bag on your back while you run.

For hydration purposes, the bag has a built-in water bladder with a capacity of 2 liters. It has an extra-large opening, specifically 2 inches in diameter, to aid in the easy addition of ice, which keeps the drinking water cool. The wide opening also makes it easy to clean the water bladder. The bladder is also leak-free as it is well designed with a sip tube and a push-lock bite valve that is cushioned.

To ensure that the contents of your bag are dry even when running in the rain, the bag contains a rain cover connected to it and stored at the bottom of the main compartment of the bag. The placement also keeps the bag protected from condensation and sweat.


Miracol Hydration BackpackMiracol Hydration Backpack

The Miracol Hydration Backpack is uniquely designed with a thermal insulator included. This insulator’s main purpose is to ensure that the water that you are carrying remains cool regardless of the weather. With the thermal insulator, the water maintains its coolness up to 4 hours. The water bladder of the backpack has a capacity of 2 liters, and it is replaceable unlike the bladders in other backpacks. The bladder is made of clean, high quality EVA material that is also BPA free. The bladder is also quite wide, 3.1 inches, to enable the easy addition of ice and easy water fill-ups.

The Miracol Hydration Backpack is very light, weighing only one pound, meaning that it won’t weigh you down during your run. Its military-grade durability helps to keep your contents safe. The bag also has enough pockets to fit all the necessities that you might need to carry in your bag. The bag is also very comfortable with the shoulder, waist and chest straps being easily adjustable to fit your preferred size. The straps are made of air mesh, making them breathable, convenient, and durable.


No. 1 Hydration Pack BackpackNo. 1 Hydration Pack Backpack

This insulated backpack is one of the biggest running backpacks, with a water bladder capacity of 6 liters. This back pack is made from a water-resistant, rip-stop polyester material that helps the backpack tolerate water and also makes it highly durable. The water bladder is placed in a cooler bag, which is insulated to ensure that the water remains cool as the insulation protects the water bladder.

The water bladder is made from a thick TPU material, meaning that the bladder is very durable and also flexible. This backpack can maintain the coolness of the water for up to 5 hours. The water bladder has a wide opening for conveniently pouring water into it and a quick release tube to empty any unused water back out. The shut-off valve ensures that the bladder does not leak. The mouth piece has a protective cap that keeps the water clean.

The multiple compartments of the bag provide you with enough space to store your gadgets or keys, clothes, snacks, and other personal items. The ultralight design of the bag ensures that you can carry all these contents around without feeling exhausted. The adjustable straps of the backpack also make carrying the bag easier. They are adjusted at the waist, shoulders, and chest. The straps on the shoulders are padded to keep you comfortable.

For easy accessibility, the backpack has very strong zippers of a high quality and it also contains a headphone fitting so that you can pick up calls or listen to your music without constantly having to stop to get your phone out readjust it. The backpack is also designed to ensure your safety via the presence of reflectors for when you want to run in the early morning or after the sun goes down.


Teton Sports Trailrunner Hydrator BackpackTeton Sports Trailrunner Hydrator Backpack

The Teton Sports Trailrunner Hydrator Backpack has unique features that other backpacks lack. It comes with an emergency whistle, for instance. It also contains strap clips that aid in ensuring that the extra straps on the bag are stable during movement. The reflective additions on the bag make it safe for you to use the backpack at night.

The 2-liter capacity water bladder helps to keep your body water level optimum during your run. It is a highly improved bladder with a wide opening at the top to enable you to fill it with water and add ice efficiently. It is closed using a cushioned valve to prevent any leakages in your backpack.

The straps on the Trailrunner Hydrator Backpack are adjustable to be comfortable for any body size. The straps are made of air mesh, making them very comfortable and breathable, as they also promote air circulation. This means that you can carry the bag around all day without getting exhausted. The backpack has a big front pocket that is big enough for a biking helmet and jacket and can therefore fit additional essentials, such as your phone and wallet. The bungee cord on the backpack makes the pocket easy to access.


 Benkii Premium Insulated Hydration BackpackBenkii Premium Insulated Hydration Backpack

This Premium Insulate Hydration Backpack is made unique by its improved 2-liter capacity water bladder. The bladder has an updated new opening and can be dried on its own by having you hang it reversely from its normal position. This means that you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of mold in your water bladder even if you do not use the backpack for days. The reverse hanging of the bladder is as a result of its plugged in connection, depicting the use of the common and cliché screw.

The insulated bladder compartment comes with triple sealed edges to prevent heat exchange and keeps your water cool for up to 4 hours. The water bladder is hands-free, meaning that you can drink the water from a tube without having to interrupt your exercise to hydrate. The tube has a neoprene cover, which maintains the taste of water between the bladder and the tube.

The material of the bag makes it water resistant and highly durable and flexible as it is made of nylon. The nylon also makes the backpack lightweight, making it easy to carry the bag for hours without getting tired.

The Benkii Premium Insulated Hydration Backpack has 9 pockets. Spacious, right? There are two waist pockets that can help improve your privacy by putting your most personal items in these pockets. The two side mesh pockets and the five zipper pockets are enough for all the belongings you would like to bring along on your run. One of the zipper pockets is an insulated compartment solely used to store the water bladder. The straps of the backpack are also efficiently adjustable, and the padded air mesh shoulder straps make the bag comfortable and durable. The back area is also meshed to ensure airflow to prevent you from sweating and to make you very comfortable.


Baen Sendi Hydration PackBaen Sendi Hydration Pack

The Baen Sendi Hydration Pack is an amazing bag that weighs 0.79 pounds, meaning that it is very light and easy to carry around. The bag is made of nylon, making it water resistant and waterproof in that it won’t be damaged by water or sweat. The nylon material also ensures reduced wear and tear, making the bag very durable.

This hydration pack can accommodate a water bladder of between 1.5 to 2 liters in capacity. The water bladder of the Baen Sendi pack is very thick, maintaining water coolness for up to 4 hours. It is made of a thick material that does not leak and can tolerate any amount of pressure. The material of the bladder is FDA approved, meaning that the material is anti- bacterial, ecofriendly, and 100 percent tasteless with no smell.

The three compartments of the backpack are very spacious with exterior zipper pockets so that you can easily access them. The first compartment of the backpack is the front pocket, which fits small essentials such as your phone, wallet, and keys. The middle compartment is large enough for your clothes to fit in and the main compartment, just next to your back, is fitted with the water bladder and has extra space where you can place a towel.

The straps on the backpack make the bag adjustable for all sizes. The straps are made of a strong nylon material and are elastic, making the bag ultimately wearable and definitely durable. Adjusting the straps for your comfort ensures a good fit and stability when you move around. The back area of the backpack is meshed to prevent you from accumulating sweat between you and the bag.


U’BE Hydration BackpackU’BE Hydration Backpack

The U’BE Hydration Backpack is a great running bag that you can also use even when it’s raining. This is due to the nylon fabric material that it is made of, which is both repellent and resistant to water. It is also very light, making it suitable for a run without adding any extra burden.

The Hydration Backpack contains a BPA-free water bladder with a capacity of 2 liters. The water bladder material is pressure-tolerant and leak-free due to the anti-bacterial TPU material that is used to make it. It is removable for cleaning purposes and has a quick disconnect tube and a bite valve. Since the water bladder is not insulated, more ice cubes have to be added to the water to keep it cool for longer periods.

The straps of the U’BE Hydration Backpack are easy to adjust and they are air-meshed, making them comfortable, breathable, and easy to keep dry. The zipper pocket on the exterior of the bag makes it easy for you to quickly access your essentials from the main and only compartment of the backpack. The backside of the backpack is made of rubber. This keeps the bag from slipping and also aids in keeping it dry.


RUPUMPACK Insulated Hydration BackpackRUPUMPACK Insulated Hydration Backpack

The RUPUMPACK is a high density, heavy duty, durable backpack that is 100 percent water resistant. It is made of a strong nylon material coupled with polyester. It is termed as an insulated pack because the water bladder contained in it has an insulated layer that aids in keeping the water cool for up to 4 hours.

Despite having many storage compartments, this Hydration Backpack is very light as it only weighs 24.7 ounces. It has two extra side pockets located at the waist straps, making it quite safe for you to store your valuable items. An expansion mesh pocket on the pack also helps you to conveniently store your umbrella. The hidden teeth zippers are very durable and help to keep the contents of your bag safe.

The straps on the shoulders, chest, and waist are adjustable to give you a perfect fit and ensure that you stay comfortable all day. The chest strap is different from the other straps because it absorbs shock and it has a built-in whistle for emergencies in the event that you are lost or in any type of danger. The safety reflector patches located on the shoulder straps and the front side of the pack also keeps you visible at night.

All the straps are padded to help you carry the bag without the risk of getting exhausted. The back area of the bag is also meshed and padded to enhance air circulation and prevent you from sweating or transferring heat to the compartment with the water bladder as this could warm the water. The pad also makes the backpack comfortable for you to carry.


Gelindo Insulated Hydration BackpackGelindo Insulated Hydration Backpack

The Gelindo Insulated Hydration Backpack is unique for its large, insulated compartment, which can fit a lunchbox and clothes in addition to the water bladder. Because this insulation aids in preventing heat transfer between your back and the water bladder, it is very thick. The backpack is light in weight and it is made of durable nylon that is water resistant.

The Gelindo backpack has 4 compartments in total, with different sizes. Each compartment has built-in layers for the neat organization of your items. The main and secondary compartments are spacious enough to fit a towel, a notebook the size of 13 inches, clothes, an umbrella, and even an iPad.

In addition to these large compartments, there are two pockets located on the waist strap that provide a safe place to keep your valuable items, such as your phone and wallet. The straps on the waist, chest, and shoulders are padded and meshed to be breathable and comfortable. The chest strap absorbs shock and aids in maintaining proper balance.

The front side and the shoulder straps have reflectors that make the bag visible even in the dark. The back area of the pack is ergonomically and concave-shaped with air mesh and proper padding to make you comfortable.


Atlapa Sports Lightweight Hydration BackpackAtlapa Sports Lightweight Hydration Running Backpack

The Atlapa Sports Lightweight Hydration Backpack is a very spacious running backpack made from water-resistant material. It can fit a laptop and clothes among other essentials. It has a thermal insulated pocket with an extra insulated separate pouch, both of which you can use to store your water bladder in to maintain coolness for up to 4 hours. The water bladder of this pack is leak-proof with a slide-shut mechanism and a silicone bite valve. The drinking straw is covered in a neoprene sleeve that keeps the water from heating. The wide opening of the bladder makes it easy for you to fill it with water and ice.

This lightweight backpack also has durable, breathable straps that are padded to make you more comfortable and enable you to carry the backpack for long hours without getting tired. The straps are also adjustable, where the chest straps can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally, and the waist straps can be adjusted from 22 inches to 52 inches. The straps are equipped with big buckles to hold them in place and ensure their durability, with a whistle attached to one buckle for you to blow during emergencies.

A foam pad is used at the back side of the pack. It is also air meshed. This ensures that there is airflow at the back to prevent you from sweating too much. The foam is soft and therefore comfortable for you to carry the backpack all day. The foam also makes the backpack very durable.


Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack BackpackUnigear Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack

The Unigear Tactical Hydration Pack Backpack is one of the best running backpacks because it is made of rugged, 900 denier polyester, which makes the backpack incredibly durable. The lining of the bag is made of PVC, offering the pack great resistance to abrasions and tears. And this lightweight backpack only weighs 22 ounces.

The Unigear back pack has a water bladder with a capacity of 2 liters. The bladder is removable for cleaning and it has a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling with water and ice. Instead of having to stop running for hydration, the backpack has a hands-free hydration hose that is very easy to operate. It has a bite valve on which you can gently bite to enable the flow of water.

The Unigear backpack also has 5 spacious pockets. The main pocket holds the bladder. The bladder holder is adjustable to accommodate all bladder sizes. The top pocket is a single compartment whose front side contains a Velcro patch. Two pockets at the front make it easy for you to carry all that you will need for your running activities. The bottom pocket is made of a mesh with a clip attached to it where you can attach your keys

All the straps of this backpack are adjustable to fit 27 to 50 inches of chest sizes. Fitting the straps properly helps to reduce any bouncing of the bag during movement, thus creating stability. The shoulder straps and the back part are padded and meshed to increase airflow, comfort, and the overall performance of the backpack. The waist and chest straps are fitted with tail holders, which come in handy during long runs.


ENKNIGHT 20L Hydration PackENKNIGHT 20L Hydration Pack

The ENKNIGHT 20L Hydration Pack is a durable, water-resistant, and abrasion-proof running backpack made from high-quality nylon. It is multifunctional, meaning that it has 3 main pockets, with one pocket insulated to hold the water bladder. The insulation property also makes it safe to carry your laptop with you. The two side pockets are big enough to fit a 5.5-inch phone, a rain cover, and a helmet. The bag is fitted with a zipper at the bottom to increase the volume of the bag so that you can carry more with you if need be.

Additionally, the backpack ensures comfortability with the ability to adjust all the straps of the bag for a perfect fitting. The reflective patches on the backpack make it safe for you to run at night.


D.N.A Nature Hydration Water BackpackD.N.A Nature Hydration Water Backpack

The D.N.A Nature Hydration Water Backpack is a durable backpack made from a 600d nylon material, meaning that it is water resistant and tear-free. It has a water bladder with the capacity to hold half a gallon of water. The bladder is safe to use for drinking water as it is made of pure, nontoxic TPU and it has an interior made of PVC. The bladder also contains a straw from which you can drink your water while running. The straw closely securely to prevent leakages.

The three compartments of the bag are spacious, providing enough room for all your requirements. They are also well-protected by high quality zippers. The backpack fits tightly on your back while you run with the help of adjustable waist and chest straps. They prevent the bag from bouncing around, therefore maintaining stability.

This stylish backpack has an earphone opening that is waterproof to prevent water damage to your earphones. For the earphones to fit perfectly into the opening, the bag also contains an adjustment clip.


 CamelBak Mil-Tac HydroBak Hydration PackCamelBak Mil-Tac HydroBak Hydration Pack

If you have a small body frame, then the CamelBak Mil-Tak HydroBack is the perfect running bag for you. The backpack contains a water bladder with a capacity of 1.5 liters and it can keep the water cool for 1 to 2 hours of running. The exterior of this backpack is very tough and tear-resistant.

This unique little backpack weighs approximately 1.12 ounces and it has an external zip pocket that holds all your belongings. Unlike the other backpacks that you might have come across, the shoulder straps of the CamelBak are not adjustable; they are simply unclipped for easy removal.


Mubasel Gear Hydration BackpackMubasel Gear Hydration Backpack

The Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack is a lightweight bag that is made of nylon, making it durable and water resistant. It has three large compartments, enough to fit all the essentials that you might require for your running exercise. In addition to these compartments, there is a large external pocket that is elastic, where you can fit your umbrella. The backpack comes with a large mesh pocket that is placed in a small pack.

The water bladder of the Mubasel backpack is highly advanced with a large opening that enables you to fill the bladder with water and also makes cleaning easy. The quick release connection ensures that there is no leakage of water from the bladder.

The straps of the Gear Hydration Backpack are comfortable as they are padded with a foam material that also makes them very durable. They are also adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and to maintain stability. The back of the backpack is also padded with soft foam and air meshed for air circulation to prevent your back from sweating overly much. This makes the back of the pack very durable and comfortable.