The 13 Best Dry Bags

Nothing cuts an adventure short like wet clothes and soggy gear. If you want to keep your gadgets and snacks safe and dry on outdoor adventures, then a dry bag is your best option. We’ve picked the 13 best dry bags for weekend warriors and multi-day explorers, alike.

YETI Panga BagYETI Panga Bag

The YETI Panga Bag is so waterproof that you can hold the bag under water without worrying about getting your gear wet. Featuring Hydrolok zippers, EVA molded bases, and a hardy laminated nylon exterior, this Yeti dry bag is designed to keep your gear desert-dry.

The Yeti Panga is the perfect travel companion and built for a range of outdoor activities: fly fishing, trekking, whitewater rafting, sailing, and more. This dry bag’s waterproof closure is due to the zipper, which was constructed like survival suits and HazMat protective gear. The high-density nylon makes this dry bag both abrasion- and puncture-resistant, so rocks, logs, and sand won’t be a problem. 

The Yeti Panga is non-insulated, so don’t plan to use it as a cooler. It does come with reliable straps to convert this dry bag into a backpack, providing long-lasting durability and the comfort you need when you’re on the move.


Earth Pak Waterproof Dry BagEarth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is a handy dry compression bag designed to keep all your gear and items moisture-free. It’s a must-have for water activities such as rafting, sailing, fishing, and kayaking, but versatile enough with it’s carrying strap for nearly any outdoor activity.

This dry bag is made with high-quality 500 denier PVC material and built to provide the most rugged of users with reliable waterproof protection. It comes in a variety of sizes (10, 20, 30, 40, and 55 liters) to accommodate all of your storage needs. It’s also available in eight colors, including black, blue, green, orange, light blue, red, white, and yellow, sure to make you stand out on the water.

The Earth Pak Dry Bag has a sturdy over-the-shoulder strap for a comfortable, hands-free experience.

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Watershed Colorado Dry Duffel BagWatershed Colorado Dry Duffel Bag

One of the most highly-recommended dry bags on the market is the Watershed Colorado Dry Duffel Bag. It’s the perfect choice for the water-loving outdoor enthusiast who wants a proven, durable, and watertight dry bag that’s worth its weight in gold. The Watershed Colorado Dry Duffel is synonymous with river trips and rafting expeditions worldwide.

The Watershed Colorado Dry Duffel Bag features an airtight ZipDry closure that tightly seals your items to form a waterproof container. With the ability to withstand up to 300 feet of water pressure, its ultra-strong seams and construction make this dry bag worth its price tag.

This waterproof duffel bag has 6,400 cubic inches of storage space and a 28-inch wide opening, letting you load big items quickly and easily. The polyurethane-coated fabric, which provides five times the abrasion resistance of PVC, protects your belongings without leaks, cracks, fading, or tearing. If you’re looking for the toughest, you’ve found it with the Watershed Colorado Dry Duffel.


Sak Gear QA-GU21-YCBG DrySakSkog Å Kust DrySåk

The Skog A Kust DrySak is a heavy-duty waterproof backpack that’s meant to protect your goods from Mother Nature’s harshest elements.

The Skog A Kust DrySak offers a unique outer pocket (designed to be water proof) to easily store those small items without opening the whole bag. The reflective trim around the pocket zipper is visible in low light conditions, helpful for dusk or early-morning adventures.

This dry bag has removable adjustable straps to comfortably sling this bag over your shoulder or clip onto your kayak. Its roll-top allows you to adjust the height of the bag (depending on its contents) by pressing out excess air and space.

It comes in a 10 liter and 20 liter capacity, which both feature the same sleek and handy design.


NRS Bill's Bag Dry BagNRS Bill’s Bag Dry Bag

The NRS Bill’s Bag Dry Bag is the standard for long water adventures, like 28 days on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This dry bag is made from sturdy polyester and PVC material, and specifically designed to be carried like a backpack to boats, on hikes, or through the airport.

It has removable, adjustable, and padded straps for versatility and comfort, as well as a webbing handle for short moves. It comes in two convenient sizes, 65 liters and 110 liters, for week-long and months-long adventures alike.

The NRS Bill’s Bag Dry Bag features a waterproof roll-top system, and sports metal closures, strong webbing, and StormStrip closures for a reliable seal. This bag will provide you with all the versatility you’ll need on long adventure trips.

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Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry BagLeader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag

The Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag is a great choice for those weekend adventures on the water. Made from sturdy trilaminate vinyl polyester and held together with high-frequency seams, this dry bag will satisfy all of your water sports needs.

This bag is 100% waterproof  (when rolled and secured) and will float in the water. It is suitable for quick submersion, making it an ideal choice for activities like whitewater rafting, kayaking, and even skiing.

This dry bag offers adjustable straps and comes in several sizes. It’s available in seven colors to accommodate your needs and style.

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ZBRO Waterproof Dry BagZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag

The ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag is a backpack hybrid that keeps your gear dry, clean, and organized wherever you go. It features an outer mesh pocket for waterproof cameras or wet clothing, and a removable inner pocket for small items like keys and phones. Designed with safety in mind, the ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag features reflective stripes for visibility during your after-dark adventures.

The ZBRO Dry Bag will satisfy your adventure needs with its durable design and spacious storage capacity. It is available in 20, 30, and 40 liters to suit your storage requirements. It also comes in six different colors, including matte black, white, bright yellow, stone gray, camo green, and camo gray.

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Osprey Ultralight 12 Dry SackOsprey Ultralight 12 Dry Sack

The Osprey Ultralight 12 Dry Sack is lightweight (only 41 grams!) and is one of the smallest dry bags on our list at 12 liters. While the Osprey Ultralight 12 may be smaller and thinner than the other dry bags we chose, it is not to be ignored; for day trips, lake kayaking, fishing, or hiking in a rainstorm, this dry bag holds its own.

The Osprey Ultralight 12 Dry Sack features a waterproof roll-top closure to compress items easily and make more room. It’s made from sturdy 40 denier ripstop nylon material, similar to a camping tent. Its durability and flexibility makes this dry sack a must-have on all of your adventures from hiking and camping to international travel. The Osprey Ultralight 12 Dry Sack comes in several color options, including electric lime, poppy orange, shadow gray, and tropic teal.

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Acrodo Dry BagAcrodo Dry Bag

With the Acrodo Dry Bag’s transparent design, you’ll never get frustrated searching for your sunscreen again.

The Acrodo Dry Bag is made from a high-quality, durable, and transparent material that protects your equipment from moisture and dirt, while allowing you to easily see the contents within. It can float in water (properly sealed, of course) providing you with added assurance when you’re out on the water.

The Acrodo Dry Bag is extremely versatile with adjustable backpack and shoulder straps, as well as a rugged handle. This bag can adapt to any adventure you want to pursue, with the peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.


OUTXE IP67 Kayak Dry BagOUTXE IP67 Kayak Dry Bag

The OUTXE IP67 Kayak Dry Bag is a 100% waterproof, fully submerge-able dry bag and backpack that is explicitly designed for water encounters.

It uses a patented Ziplock roll-top closure seal technology, keeping all your valuables clean and dry while on the water. The bag is made from a durable 420 denier TPU material and held together with waterproof seams.

This dry bag offers two detachable straps that can be adjusted to your shoulders, and allows you to attach the bag to your boat. It has a built-in front mesh pocket to store your keys, phone, or other small items on hikes, so you don’t have to dig inside to retrieve essential items. Just make sure to tuck your electronics inside the main compartment before getting on the water!

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Piscifun Dry BagPiscifun Dry Bag

The Piscifun Dry Bag is a lightweight backpack dry bag that is waterproof and can float, making it one of the best dry bags for kayaking, surfing, and fishing.

This fantastic dry bag is made from rugged and flexible 500 denier materials with fully welded seams, resulting in a product that is not only strong but dependable, too. Its waterproof roll-top closure creates a watertight seal, effectively keeping water and grit away from your valuable equipment.

The Piscifun Dry Bag includes adjustable straps, which are padded for additional comfort. It sports an outer mesh pocket for extra storage and a separate 6.6 inch waterproof phone case, allowing you to access your devices quickly and easily.

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SealLine Baja Dry BagSealLine Baja Dry Bag

The SealLine Baja Dry Bag is one of the most popular multipurpose dry bags produced over the years. Tested by the best, it will effectively store and transport your equipment safely on both water and land adventures.

The SealLine Baja Dry Bag uses reinforced vinyl materials, proven to be sturdy and resilient in any weather. Its Dry Seal closure provides one of the best watertight seals possible, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about your gear.

The SealLine Baja Dry Bag offers an additional D-ring feature so you can securely attach the dry bag to your raft, fishing kayak, car, or motorcycle for convenience.


Subtech Pro DrybagSubtech Pro Drybag

The Subtech Pro Drybag is a lightweight sports bag that is both waterproof and shockproof thanks to an inflatable interior, allowing you to store your sensitive items safely and securely.

Made from TPU-coated 840 denier nylon material, the Subtech Pro Drybag can withstand up to 160 feet of water pressure, and prevents both water and dust from entering your bag. It has a large 45 liter capacity to carry everything you need across town or across the bay.

This dry bag’s design is thoughtfully engineered to provide you with both maximum comfort and maximum durability.