The 15 Best Ski Backpacks

Putting your skis on and heading to the slopes is not as simple as it sounds. If you’re going to spend at least a few hours there, and it is likely that you will, then you’ll need the best ski backpack you can get for packing some gear, clothes, and snacks.

Mountains are not friendly to those who take weather conditions for granted. Experienced skiers know that hitting the slopes without proper preparation can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as freezing out, being hungry for hours before getting back in the base, or being thirsty in the middle of nowhere.

If you are serious about going skiing, then you owe yourself a nice backpack that will fit all your needs. It is an essential piece of equipment that you buy once every few years, so it is important to take all the options into account before making a decision as to which backpack to invest in.

Keep in mind that you need to know what your skiing needs require and what your budget to invest is. If you know that, take a look at this list of the fifteen best ski backpacks. You’re sure to find one that’s right for you as you prepare for your next skiing adventure.

Teton Sports Oasis 1100 Ski BackpackTeton Sports Oasis 1100 Ski Backpack

The Teton Sports Oasis 1100 ski backpack provides everything you’ll need for an enjoyable day of skiing. It over-delivers for its price, making it the best choice on this list. You’ll get all the features you need from a ski backpack and even more. Aside from all the space that is more than enough to store all your essential gear, it features a built-in 2-liter hydration bladder to take care of your thirst without taking out and opening bottles. It is BPA-free and has a 2-inch wide opening for easy refilling and cleaning. This feature comes handy to those who don’t want to stop the action due to such tedious reasons.

The Teton Sports Oasis 1100 ski backpack has enough room for all your skiing gear. You can put lots of items in the countless number of inside and outside pockets, or attach them to the backpack with the numerous straps and loops.

It is very important to note that it also has very comfortable shoulder straps and it can be easily adjusted to both male and female physiques. It was designed with skiers in mind, so it features a chest anti-shock strap to keep it close to your body and prevent you from losing your stability while skiing.

This ski backpack has all the features and comes at a very affordable price. You’ll hardly find a better low-profile backpack on the market.


Vibrelli Ski BackpackVibrelli Ski Backpack

The Vibrelli ski backpack is one of the best and most affordable ski backpacks on the market. Like Teton Sports, they have also built in many features to satisfy the needs of skiers and snowboarders hitting the mountain for adrenaline.

This backpack is very comfortable and lightweight. When empty, it weighs only 14 ounces. It is built from a strong and durable rip-stop nylon that can bear lots of stress. Regarding safety, it features reflective tabs for better visibility as well as side stabilizers.

The Vibrelli ski backpack is among the rare models that feature a built-in water bladder. You can fill it with up to two liters. The water will never taste or smell like plastic because it is made of BPA-free plastic treated with antimicrobial substances. That’s what your doctor would recommend for a water bladder.

This ski backpack is available at a very good price. If you want to treat yourself to one of the best ski backpacks out there, you should take a look at this one. There are not many others that can beat the features offered for this price.

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Dakine Heli Pro 20 Liters Ski BackpackDakine Heli Pro 20 Liters Ski Backpack

The Dakine Heli Pro 20 Liters Ski Backpack is yet another well-designed ski backpack made from durable materials that won’t let you down after a long day on the slopes. The rip-stop nylon won’t let any snow or water reach your smartphone and other electronic devices you might be carrying in your backpack. Moreover, this backpack looks more stylish compared to others on this list.

The shoulders and chest straps are fully adjustable to ensure that it stays tight to your body and prevents any stability issues while skiing. They are comfortable and can fit any body type easily.

Unlike the previous two, this backpack doesn’t have a built-in water bladder, but it can fit most of them easily. You can even carry your laptop if its screen is 15 inches or lower. There’s enough in here to carry anything you need for your skiing trip.


Dakine Heli Ski Backpack 12 LitersDakine Heli Ski Backpack 12 Liters

If Dakine could manufacture an awesome 20 liters ski backpack, you better be sure that they can recreate it with the Dakine 12 Liters Heli Ski Backpack. It is smaller than the previous one, but it doesn’t mean reduced efficiency. This backpack will meet all your needs for a day of skiing out on the slopes. It does look as if you can’t put a lot inside, but skiers who have tried it want nothing more.

It is fashioned with the same durable rip-stop nylon used for the Dakine Heli Ski 20 Liters Backpack and has as many pockets and straps for carrying all the stuff you need. You can fit most water bladders in it without a problem.

Don’t let the “12 liters” in the name fool you. This is one of the best ski backpacks you’ll ever encounter, whether you carry tons of stuff with you or are a minimalist skier. It has it all.

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Deuter Freerider Pro 30 Snow Ski BackpackDeuter Freerider Pro 30 Snow Ski Backpack

The Deuter Freerider Pro Snow Ski Backpack is a little more expensive than other ski backpacks listed here, but the collection wouldn’t be complete without it. Some of the features include a pocket for easy access to your goggles, a helmet holder, a removable hip belt, a comfortable back panel, compatibility with any hydration pack, and dedicated snow tools storage.

This backpack is slightly heavier compared to other ski backpacks, but if 3lbs 13oz (1.7kg) is not a problem for you, then you can ignore this fact. If you are after a high-quality ski backpack made of top-notch materials that have been well-manufactured, Deuter backpacks are always a good choice, and this one is not an exception. You may pay a little bit more, but it is well worth the money.


Osprey BigKit Ski BackpackOsprey BigKit Ski Backpack

Are all of those 12-liter and 20-liter backpacks too small for you? The Osprey BigKit ski backpack has you covered. With an immense 75 liters, you can easily carry a few days’ worth of equipment and snacks for your ski adventure. You can store all your winter gear inside of it. If you don’t need as much, you can opt for the smaller 12-liter and 20-liter versions of this ski backpack.

As a large backpack, the Osprey BigKit features all the zippers you need to take anything out of it without taking everything out and putting it back in. It provides easy access to your ski boots by an end compartment, a mechanism for carrying your helmet, a special pocket that protects goggles and sunglasses, and another that protects your electronic devices.

This ski bag is built of the same durable rip-stop nylon as all the high-quality ski backpacks. If you are keen to own a backpack with 75 liters’ worth of storage, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Camelback SnoBlast Ski BackpackCamelback SnoBlast Ski Backpack

If you want a well-built, cool, and stylish ski backpack, look no further. The Camelback SnoBlast has it all. However, this backpack offers much more than the pretty looks. The innovative three-zip design doesn’t just make it cool but also adds efficiency to the product. Moreover, it is large enough to fit all the essentials for your skiing adventure. It was designed to satisfy all the skiers’ needs, so there is a pocket or a strap for everything you may want to take with you.

Another great asset to this backpack is the convenient hydration system. The feeder tube goes right through the right strap of the backpack to reach your mouth. Enjoying a sip of water won’t be an issue while in action.

It is worth mentioning that the hydration bladder has a thermal protection sleeve that solves one of the worst issues for skiers – water freezing. This sleeve will keep the temperature of your water high enough to avoid freezing and keep it drinkable, no matter how low the temperatures are.

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Thule RoundTrip Boot Ski Backpack 60LThule RoundTrip Boot Ski Backpack 60L

The Thule RoundTrip Boot Ski Backpack is among the largest high-quality outdoor backpacks on the market, yet it looks cool like the smaller ones. You’ll hardly find a better looking big backpack around. It has enough room for your boots, your helmet, plenty of snacks and water, a first aid kit, reserve clothes, and anything else you’ll want to have with you on your outdoor adventure. It has all the features a good ski backpack requires, including numerous pockets, straps, and adjusters.

However, the design of the backpack provides versatility, so you can think about using it even as a travel backpack. The ergonomic and stylish design, top-notch manufacturing of durable materials, and the affordable price should be enough to convince you of its worth.


Black Diamond Bullet 16 Ski BackpackBlack Diamond Bullet 16 Ski Backpack

Whether you need a backpack for a full day of skiing and snowboarding or a full day at school, the Black Diamond Bullet 16 Ski Backpack has you covered. It is not a big backpack, yet it provides enough room to fit your essential skiing gear, even your helmet. At first sight, this backpack looks very small, as if it didn’t deserve attention.

However, once you start using it, it won’t stop surprising you. The internal mesh zippered pocket, the external zippered pockets, the removable webbing hip belt, the removable foam back panel, and the hydration hose port only add to the overall quality. It is made of durable waterproof materials and comes at a good price, making the perfect backpack for the frugal skier and snowboarder.

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Thule Upslope 35L Ski BackpackThule Upslope 35L Ski Backpack

With storage space of 35 liters, the Thule Upslope Ski Backpack provides the best of both worlds. It is not as large as other big ski backpacks but provides more than enough storage for skiing gear, a first aid kit, water, snacks, a GPS device, and other equipment to make your day trip to the snowy wilderness as comfortable as it could be. It is also designed to be incredibly comfortable.

It is equipped with all the interior and exterior pockets you’ll ever need, including a fleece-lined pocket for scratch-free carrying of your goggles and an avalanche compartment with a dedicated handle for a probe and shovel to keep the rest of the backpack free of snow.

This is not the least expensive option on this list, but there is no other reason to deter you from buying it. If your budget allows for the Thule Upslope 35L Ski Backpack, you’ll get a lot of value your money.


Dakine Mission Ski BackpackDakine Mission Ski Backpack

Dakine ski backpacks make yet another entry on this list. Experienced winter adventurers know that Dakine is a company that understands their needs. They listen to the skiers, put up products they would like, and deliver top-notch quality at very affordable prices.

The Dakine Mission Ski Backpack is a great companion for any skiing mission you want to take. It will store your gear and food and will keep them safe from snow and water with it water-resistant materials. It also has enough room for storing water for a full day on the slopes. You can even put your helmet in it, on top of everything else.

The Dakine Mission is not just a ski backpack, though. A backpack with such a practical and versatile design can be used anywhere and anytime, and using it for all different purposes can make its price a real bargain.

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Osprey Packs Talon 22 Ski BackpackOsprey Packs Talon 22 Ski Backpack

The Osprey Packs Talon is a compact and effective ski backpack that comes with the versatility and volume of larger models. It is a backpack that your body will love, not only because of the ergonomically designed shoulders straps that hug your body, but also due to the adjustable torso length, the mesh-covered accordion foam back panel, and the external hydration system that allows for easy access to water without too much effort. The hip belt has pockets that allow you to access your snacks, GPS device, emergency whistle, or anything else you think of that can be stored there.

Even though you’ll likely buy the Osprey Packs Talon 22 Ski Backpack for skiing, you can also use it for activities just as well. It is a good looking and versatile backpack that has you covered for a full day of hiking, cycling, and even road trips. You can’t go wrong with it.

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Burton Day Hiker Pro Ski BackpackBurton Day Hiker Pro Ski Backpack

Don’t let the name of this backpack fool you. The Burton Day Hiker Pro can serve you as a great ski backpack. In fact, it is so versatile that every outdoor enthusiast can use it for adventures in the wilderness, whether on the snowy slopes or wandering in warm meadows.

The capacity of 28 liters is enough to carry your snacks, gear, and even your helmet. The numerous straps allow for carrying skis or a snowboard. The plentiful pockets were not made particularly for winter activities, but they come in all shapes and sizes, so none of your gear will be left out.

This durable ski backpack is made of polyester and nylon. The manufacturer is so sure of its quality that they offer a lifetime warranty. That in itself should be enough to convince you to give it a chance.


Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32L Ski BackpackBlack Diamond Dawn Patrol 32L Ski Backpack

The Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32L Skiing Backpack is perfect for riding the powder down the mountain slopes. You’ll hardly notice that you are wearing it at all. It features a form-fitting suspension system that allows the backpack to hug your body for a comfortable skiing trip.

The Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32L Ski Backpack also features all the pockets needed for avalanche tools. It is compatible with an insulated hydration system and offers a diagonal and A-frame ski carrying options. This is the basic version of the backpack, but if you are ready to pay a bit more, you’ll get an avalanche airbag as well.

This ski bag is sleek, comfortable, and well-built. There are other less expensive options, but with a price a bit over $100 and of such great quality, it is still an affordable model worth considering.


Select Sportbags Team Pack Ski BackpackSelect Sportbags Team Pack Ski Backpack

It doesn’t come from a famous manufacturer, but customers are very happy with the quality provided by the Select Sportbags Team Pack Ski Backpack. Its affordable price makes it a great value for the money, and even though it is not as pretty as other ski backpacks on the market, it serves skiers very well.

It features wonderful side straps for attaching your ski boots, while the helmet has its own space in the mesh pocket on the back. It is built from materials that keep everything inside the backpack dry all day.

On first sight, it doesn’t look like the backpack of your dreams. But, if you prefer a backpack that delivers over a backpack that looks stylish, you’ll want to check this one out.