The 13 Best Running Gloves

When the frigid winter temps roll around it can be more than a little tempting to stay inside, curled up under a blanket, watching movies and eating popcorn, but cold weather is no reason to ditch your normal running regime. You can still enjoy long and short runs when it’s cold out, you just need the right gear, including a good pair of running gloves. Without gloves, you leave your hands vulnerable to harsh cold, dry air that can dry out your skin and cause cracking and irritation, and no, your biking gloves won’t get the job done. By keeping your entire hand as warm and comfy as the rest of your body, you’re less likely to be distracted by the cold and cut your run short.

It’s important to find a cozy pair of gloves that can go with you anywhere, and in our modern high-tech world, there are a lot more options and variations than you might have expected. Although they probably aren’t at the top of your running gear checklist, it is worth investing in a new pair of running gloves this winter. Which is why we’ve spent hours researching in order to come up with the top 13 running gloves for your consideration. We looked at everything from material and ventilation to fit and color. Check out the list below for more information on our top picks.

The North Face Flashdry Liner GlovesThe North Face Flashdry Liner Gloves

It’s safe to assume anything North Face makes is going to be great, but these gloves are to die for. Any runner knows that just because it’s cold outside doesn’t stop your body, especially your glove-covered hands, from sweating. These liner gloves are great at wicking away moisture, leaving you with drier palms at the end of your run. They are stretchy and feature 5 Dimensional Fit technology, so they conform to the curves of your hands, no matter what size they are. Since they are nice and snug, you can easily slide on another pair of gloves on top, making them an ideal base layer for your hands for those especially cold days. Not only are they super comfortable, but as an added bonus, they are backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money.

Pair them with your running hoodie and stay warm.

Purchase / $25

Pearl Izumi Men's P.R.O. AmFIB GlovePearl Izumi Men’s P.R.O. AmFIB Glove

Pearl Izumi is a trusted company because it rolls out fantastic products like the Men’s P.R.O. AmFIB Glove. They are a perfect example of the time and care put into every Pearl Izumi innovation. Able to withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees without any help, these gloves are perfect for the runner who trains all year round. For those who experience colder temps, slip on an extra base layer and you should be good to go. These gloves were built to last and withstand just about anything, with a weather resistant soft outer shell and 130 grams of Primaloft® Gold insulation that ensures your hands will feel nothing but warm, the super soft fleece liner doesn’t hurt either. The gloves are available in two colors, black and yellow, both of which have reflectors on the back to ensure visibility in low-light settings. Although these gloves were originally meant for cycling, they can just as easily double as running gloves.

Purchase / $58

Asics Running GlovesAsics Running Gloves

Asics is already a well recognized brand, so buying from them is far from taking a shot in the dark. They make some of the best running shoes, so why wouldn’t they make some of the best running gloves to go with them. They function perfectly fine on their own, but their snug fit and thin design allow them to function as a base layer on particularly cold days as well. The thumb and index finger are fitted to be touch screen compatible and the Asics logo and stripe on the back are reflective to improve visibility. Nothing is especially special about these gloves, but they’re comfortable, affordable, and reliable, which is what really matters.

Purchase / $25

Nike Quilted 2.0Nike Quilted 2.0

Rounding out our list are the Nike Quilted 2.0 running gloves, an exceptional pair of gloves from an exceptional company. The Quilted 2.0 is designed to be lightweight yet warm, snug yet flexible. It achieves this through its polyester, spandex, nylon blend of materials and a lightweight layer of insulation. The interior of the glove is designed to wick away any sweat, so you can still power through long runs without having to worry about your palms dripping with sweat. A silicone grip pattern on the palms and fingertips make it easy hold and use your smartphone so you don’t have to sacrifice anything while wearing these gloves. It is also worth noting the reflective details on the back of the gloves and that they are machine washable, so you can throw them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes.

Purchase / $30

Zensah Smart Running GlovesZensah Smart Running Gloves

The modern runner needs a modern pair of gloves that can keep up with their technological needs, and Zensah knows that. Since almost all technology now has touch screens, many people appreciate the fact that these Smart Running Gloves don’t make you sacrifice warmth in order to use your phone, they are designed to work with touch screens. They are suitable for even late night and early morning runs since they also feature reflective stripes for added visibility. The thumb of the gloves are made from a micro suede fabric, and although it may seem a little gross, they’re perfect for wiping your nose when you get those inevitable sniffles. The Zensah Smart Running Gloves really live up to their name and encompass what it means for a pair of gloves to be smart, from their 4-way stretch fabric to the reflective stripes and silicon gripping on the palms.

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Purchase / $30

Nike Aeroshield Running GlovesNike Aeroshield Running Gloves

Nike does a lot more than make great shoes, which is why the brand is many runners’ go-to. Their Aeroshield Running Gloves are ideal for cold, even rainy weather, combining thermal and waterproof technology into one glove that is always there for you. They are designed for maximum comf3ort, with several ventilation zones across the glove and a flexible design that allows you to move however you please. The blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex means your hands aren’t stuck in one position for your entire run, maximizing comfort and versatility. The thumb and index finger are designed to work with the touch screens on all modern smartphones, so you can text, shuffle music, and browse as you please.

Purchase / $40

Head Digital Sport Running GloveHead Digital Sport Running Glove

Although these somewhat basic gloves are not incredibly popular, they do have a large devoted fanbase that you might even call cult-like. Fans of these gloves swear they are the most comfortable running gloves they’ve ever come across, and we have to agree. They have the ability to keep your hands toasty warm even when it’s near freezing outside, but the bells and whistles of them are perhaps even more impressive. Featuring reflective strips, you’re sure to be seen even when you’re running in the dark, as the saying goes: be seen, be safe. They also feature a silicon palm that is great for gripping, so you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping out from your hands while running. They are a little hard to come across, but if you find a pair, definitely snatch it up while you have the chance.

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Purchase / $17

North Face Runners 2 EtipNorth Face Runners 2 Etip

It’s no surprise that North Face has yet another excellent pair of gloves for runners. The Runners 2 Etip improves upon the Runners 1 to create a new and improved glove that is sure to be on your wishlist. These gloves are a little heftier than the Flashdry Liner Gloves, but are still easy to layer on top of. The Runners 2 Etip are meant to be a mid-layer glove, but can just as easily be worn alone when the weather is chilly, but not below freezing. The fleece material makes it not only soft, but also touch screen compatible, and the brushed fleece, a handy tissue on the go. They are wind and water resistant to ensure they’re able to do their job of keeping you warm. Further adding to their comfort, the pull-on webbing makes it a breeze to take them on and off, which many manufacturers of snug fitting gloves overlook. There is plenty more to love about the Runners 2 Etip, like the reflective logos, but we’ll let you find out for yourself.

Purchase / $30

Smartwool PhD HyFi Training GlovesSmartwool PhD HyFi Training Gloves

You may not have heard of Smartwool before, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate them. Their PhD HyFi Training Gloves were cleverly designed to provide warmth without adding bulk. They are best suited for 40 to 60 degree weather, but they can easily work in even colder weather when you layer them with other gloves. These gloves are second to none when it comes to gripping and grasping, with hundreds of small silicone grippers on the fingers and palms. The wool in the gloves is what works to keep you warm, while the nylon provides maximum breathability and the elastane provides a stretchy, yet snug fit that many appreciate. Although they do not have as many reflective areas as some of the other gloves on our list, they do feature a reflective stripe of the back of each glove.

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Purchase / $41

TrailHeads Power Stretch Running GlovesTrailHeads Power Stretch Running Gloves

TrailHeads knocked it out of the park with these running gloves, creating a superb final product that is sure to please. These Power Stretch gloves are built for performance, but don’t lack anything when it comes to comfort, too. They are ideal for very cold temperatures, even below freezing, only becoming ineffective when the temperature creeps down close to single digits. The secret behind its warming power lies in its super soft inner thermal layer that keeps you warm while also keeping your hands dry. These durable gloves feature silicone grippers on the palms so that you can move and grip to your heart’s content and a weather resistant outer layer that keeps your hands from even feeling the whipping wind. The only downside to these gloves is they lack any reflective areas, making them best suited for day runs only. However, you could wear them at night as long as you’re wearing reflective clothing or other accessories.

Purchase / $28

Pearl Izumi Men's Escape Thermal GlovesPearl Izumi Men’s Escape Thermal Gloves

Few gloves can even be compared to the Pearl Izumi Escape Thermal Gloves, they are simply everything you could want from running gloves. They are snug and lightweight, yet still incredibly warm. Their sleek and smooth design are sure to turn more than a few heads, while the cozy interior thermal material keeps your hands warm and your eyes on the prize. The index finger and thumb are suited with a conductive synthetic leather that is compatible with all touch screens, whether it’s your smartphone, iPod, or watch. The back of the thumb is made from a super soft fleece fabric that is great for wiping your nose, because let’s face it, you probably didn’t think to bring a pack of Kleenex with you. Users love the wide range of motion you can get while wearing these gloves, unlike in mittens, but these gloves are only ideal for 50 to 60 degree weather, so if you’re looking to run in colder temps you’ll need to layer up.

Purchase / $24

Vbiger Windproof Winter GlovesVbiger Windproof Winter Gloves

These simple gloves from Vbiger are great for those who are looking for a basic, well performing gloves for winter runs. They can’t withstand freezing temperatures or anything, but they can keep your hands warm on those 50 degree days and do it without burning a hole in your pocket. The Vbiger Windproof Winter Gloves are made from a windproof, rainproof material that lends itself to practically any run. The anti-slip design of the palms not only make them great for holding onto your phone during your run, but also allow them to grip handlebars and double as cycling gloves. Getting them on and off is a breeze due to the elastic wrist strap. Other notable features include touch screen compatible fabric on the thumb and finger and a reflective design on the back.

Purchase / $5

YQXCC Winter Men's Leather GlovesYQXCC Winter Men’s Leather Gloves

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning YQXCC’s  Leather Winter Gloves for men. They do what few other gloves have been able to do, seamlessly combine style and performance. The outer layer is made from PU leather, while the inside features a plush fleece layer. Leather isn’t for everyone, but many people love the look and added convenience of being able to wear them pretty much anywhere, not just on runs. Speaking of convenience, since all of the exterior is made from leather, all of the fingers are compatible with touch screens, something you don’t usually find in gloves. The only downside to these gloves is they don’t have any kind of moisture absorbing liner, it is all fleece. On the upside, though, they are incredibly soft.