The 18 Best Running Pants for Men

For the best runs, you need the best gear. While we tend to pay a lot of attention to our running shoes, we don’t often pay the same amount of attention to our running pants. But with the best running pants, you can improve your comfort while running, which will improve your runs.

We’ve put together this list of the best running pants for men so you can have a great set up. These are durable and stylish with the features to help protect from elements. You will find options from a range of notable brands. You will also find running pants with different types of technology along with a sleek design. The design of some of these pants will even give you the ability to cut time off your runs, while others will provide you with protection to run through different temperature zones.

Whether you are a seasoned runner or just about to get off the couch, you will certainly find a pair of running pants that you like.

The Best Running Pants for Men

Nike Tech Pack Running PantsNike Tech Pack Running Pants

Nike is a well-known manufacturer of sports gear, including a wide variety of items, including running shoes and pants, and they didn’t fall short when it comes to the Nike Tech Pack Running Pants.

These pants are available in sizes small to 2XL. They are built from polyester and feature accent mesh made from polyester and spandex material combination. With a 3-layer knit makeup, these are lightweight and ready for colder weather runs.

They feature an elastic waistband complete with drawcord for the best fit and for your comfort. They also feature front pockets you can use to secure all your small items.


Outdoor Voices RecTrek JoggerOutdoor Voices RecTrek Jogger

These running pants for men are made from 90% nylon and 10% elastane. They are made with a tapered relaxed fit and are structured but stretchy at the same time. They are weather resistant and durable thanks to their RecTrek technology.

Due to its tapered design, it has more legroom than other joggers. It is a great option if you love the unbeaten track. The material is tough, durable and can stand up to branches and twigs without being ripped and torn. The fabric also gives the pants a great range of motion and will keep you comfortably and adequately warm in temperatures below 50.


New Balance Athletics Archive Running PantsNew Balance Athletics Archive Running Pants

These pants from New Balance are a regular runner fave. New Balance is a renowned manufacturer of all types of sports apparel, gear, and tech. These running pants are made with a lightweight woven material. It is a great pair of everyday running pants built with a retro vibe. The pant has a mesh material for its liner that makes it breathable.

It provides enough cover and warmth for early morning runs or runs in colder weather. Its lightweight material helps it to remain comfortable for long runs without adding heavy layers. It is also easy to clean; just throw it into the wash with your running sweatshirts and other clothes, and you’re good to go.


Fourlaps Rush Jogger Pants 2.0Fourlaps Rush Jogger Pants 2.0

These jogger pants are very comfortable thanks to their French terry cotton material. They come in sizes S, M, L, and XL and are true to size. It features a phone pocket with zipper closure to keep your phone secure. There are front slant pockets along with a back pocket as well. The pants feature an elastic waist for a comfortable fit.

These sweatpants are all about performance. They are made of a combination material containing 9% polyester, 5% spandex, and 86% cotton. They feature a deep inseam, tapered calves, and generous thighs. These design features make it ideal for running. It is lightweight and very comfortable with a silky-soft feel.


Under Armour Qualifier Speed Pocket Running PantsUnder Armour Qualifier Speed Pocket Running Pants

These running pants from Under Armour are a great option thanks to the multiple sizes that it is available in. Made from a combination of polyester and elastarell and elastane, these pants are highly comfortable. You can find these in pants going up to 5XL in size. They are manufactured with knit fabric that provides insulation for colder runs in the morning or the evening. The material is also fast drying, so if you go the distance and sweat a lot, you will remain comfortable.

These pants feature a unique design that allows you to carry your phone quite easily. It is great if you have a plus-sized phone as these are sized for that. Your phone will sit tight with no bouncing around. This pocket is located in the front of the waistband, and it is water-resistant to keep your phone safe.

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Vuori Sunday Performance JoggerVuori Sunday Performance Jogger

This Vuori Sunday Performance jogger is great if you want a pair of pants that may be worn for a run or for lounging around the house. These are made with a thin polyester and elastane blend that stands up to cold-weather runs. With a drawcord waistband, these are comfortable and can be secured easily and while you are on the go. The ankles feature stretch cuffs that add to the comfort of the pants as well.

These are a great option and ideal for those who need a shorter inseam. This is best for those who want to move quickly and with less bulk.

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Brooks Spartan PantBrooks Spartan Pant

These running pants from Brooks are a great pair for men. They are a nice and innovative pair. These pants are ideal for day to day rungs, whether you are a professional runner or are just starting out.

The Spartan running pants for men from brooks features a relaxed fit, which is quite ingenious and perfect for running. It is layered so that it is ideal for running in cooler weather. The ankle features zippers, so you can choose whether you want to keep the heat in or let it out. The zippers also help to provide a snug fit while allowing you to get in and out of these pants easily.

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Janji Circuit Track PantJanji Circuit Track Pant

This running pant from Jani is a plush jogger. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for running pants for running in low temperatures. They help you to warm up faster and keep you warm while you get through your run in low temperatures. Don’t let the temperatures prevent you from getting your run done. Instead, you want to ensure that you keep going and these Janji Circuit track pants can help you do just that.

These pants are designed with roomy hips and are great to wear even over a pair of shorts. The legs then taper down to provide a form-fitting silhouette. The waistband can be cinched easily with a drawcord, which can be tied externally and internally.


Lululemon Running PantsLululemon Running Pants

These running pants from Lululemon are an interesting pick. You may not know the brand for creating menswear, but there is a first to everything. And this is a great first. We find these pants to offer all the best features you can find in the most popular brands running pants.

These are designed with a water-repelling fabric, which is ideal if you live in areas with finicky weather. The front panel features the water-resistant fabric, while the back panel of the pants is stretchy and soft to provide the utmost comfort. This product will definitely change your mind about whatever you preconceived notion you had of the Lululemon brand.

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Tracksmith Session PantsTracksmith Session Pants

The Tracksmith session pants are one of the best slip-on running pants if you want something that is form-fitting. It goes over into tights territory made with Italian fabric. The fabric makes it very stretch so that it clings to your legs. The fabric then takes your sweat and wicks it away from your skin and through the fabric away from your body.

The mesh calf panels installed within the pants allow for the best in breathability and help their quick drying ability. The running pants feature side pockets with zippers, so you have storage space. There are also ankle zippers to help you get out of these running pants easily after your run.

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Patagonia Terrebonne Running Pants for MePatagonia Terrebonne Running Pants for Men

The Terrebonne Jogger pants from Patagonia is another of our picks for best running pants for men. You may know this brand for its environmentally friendly products, along with their infusion of dependability into their outdoor gear. All their items give users the drive to go out and do more, and you can expect the same from these running pants.

With these particular pants, what you get are a pair of functional, stylish, and modern pants designed specifically for male runners.

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Brooks Rush JoggerBrooks Rush Jogger

Here is another great pick from the Brooks Running brand. This jogger is a great midweight running pant that you can haul on for a quick run. It is great for actual runs as well as for running errands in a comfortable style. It is great for when you want to get a quick run in between errands and don’t want to have to worry about changing.

For securing the pants to your body and for getting out of it quickly and easily, you will find this equipped with elastic ankle cuffs, a stretch drawcord, and an elastic waistband. It offers a secure but slouchy fit, and its DriLayer fabric make it a cozy option.

To keep all your belongings secured, be sure to invest in a reliable running backpack.


Salomon Bonatti Running Waterproof PantsSalomon Bonatti Running Waterproof Pants

If you are looking for the best pair of waterproof running pants, look no further than the Salomon Bonatti pants. These are a nice pair thanks to their dependability and very sleek design. These are the epitome of the concept that less is more.

These pants are durable and have an excellent ability to repel water. They are great performers under pressure while being able to fold up to fit into your hands easily folded up. Their minimalist footprint makes them ideal for traveling as you can pack a couple for everyday runs without taking up too much of your precious space.

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The North Face Men’s Winter Warm Hybrid PantThe North Face Men’s Winter Warm Hybrid Pant

The North Face is known for its high-quality winter wear. These running pants are built to the same high quality that you would expect from any of their other products. If you are looking for running pants that are tough and will stand up to your winter runs, you can stop your search right here.

These hybrid pants protect you from the wind and also as well as from the water with its water repellant and windproof design. They will really stand up in the harshest possible weather.

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Arc’Teryx Incendo Trail Running PantsArc’Teryx Incendo Trail Running Pants

Here are a great pair of running pants for those who are looking for a pair for their next running adventure. If you consider yourself a stylish runner, these are a great pair for you.

The Arc’Teryx Incendo running pants for the trail running are the latest from the manufacturer. They are a versatile pair for the modern man who can use them for runs and also for casual wear. They are high performing as much as they are stylish. They are ideal for running or also for your regular training in or outside of the gym.

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Puma Last Lap Tapered Running PantsPuma Last Lap Tapered Running Pants

Puma is a well know sneaker manufacturer, but their line of products goes way beyond offering shoes. Their brand has had partnerships with a number of celebrities and athletes to create special edition items. But they can provide you with a great pair of affordable Puma pants.

These pants are tapered in design to provide comfort. They are great for running, lounging, and even running errands. They are made to be highly durable, and with dryCELL technology, they offer the best performance in moisture-wicking.


Asics RCXA M Hybrid Running PantsAsics RCXA M Hybrid Running Pants

Asics is also known mostly for their shoes, but they make other sports gear. This particular pair of running pants are great for those who want a modern pant that is dependable and made with the highest level of performance in mind. The manufacturer used inspiration from running and city streets to create a pair of running pants that are a true hybrid and that will provide the highest level of functionality.

The pants are made with nylon that features 4-way stretch. This gives it a stretchy and comfortable feel. It is outfitted with cargo like pockets to store all your accessories for your run.


Adidas TIRO 17 Training PantsAdidas TIRO 17 Training Pants

If you are looking for pants that are built for training and running while being extremely breathable, then be sure to check out this pair from Adidas. These are the ideal pair of running pants if you are a hard trainer and need your workout attire to work just as hard as you do. These will keep you going while keeping cool, thanks to their breathable nature. T

They are built with ClimaCool and feature mesh inserts that help to keep you cool while you work out. It is made with a slim fit, making it highly comfortable and easy to wear.