The 15 Best Running Hats

Running is a great way to stay fit and active even when you don’t have that much time for exercising or don’t want to get stuck in the gym. You can run both indoors and outdoors, which adds to its flexibility and makes running a physical activity that is truly accessible to just about anyone. However, running inside requires you to have access to a treadmill, which means that you either still have to go to the gym or buy a treadmill and install it at home. Both options have a number of drawbacks, which is why many people prefer to be outside, where it’s free to run in the sun.

Running outside is not only free and accessible to literally everyone, but it also allows you to observe a constantly changing environment and helps you stay alert and in focus during your run. Unfortunately, winter becomes the enemy of outdoor runners. It’s so tempting to skip the run and stay home instead on cold days. Thankfully, you can protect yourself from the cold and even snow if you have the right sportswear.

One crucial item that should accompany every cold climate runner is a good running hat because ultimately, what’s more important than your head? For some mysterious reason, not many runners actually choose their running hat with due care, choosing to wear regular winter hats, hoods, or nothing at all instead. Meanwhile, a warm and comfortable running hat can make a world of difference in how you feel during your run and how likely you are to actually go out on one even if the weather is cold and nasty.

We’re rounding up the top 15 running hats that will keep your head warm and protected from low temperatures, humidity, and gusts of wind as you go on your winter runs.

Turtle Fur Midweight Multi-Season BeanieTurtle Fur Midweight Multi-Season Beanie

This beanie is made from fleece that’s double-layered around the ears to provide extra warmth and protection. It also stretches really well, so it fits most adults comfortably and provides a decent fit for teenagers and juniors. This beanie is very warm, so you can wear it not only for running, but also for snowboarding, skiing, skating, and other outdoor sports in low temperatures. It is also relatively thin, which allows you to wear it underneath a helmet. All in all, this beanie hat from Turtle Fur is comfortable, warm, and extremely versatile.


Tough Headwear Skull CapTough Headwear Skull Cap

Starting off with a budget-friendly, yet high-quality hat is the Skull Cap from Tough Headwear. Take a close look at this one if you’re not sure yet what type of running hat you need. This model won’t feel like much of an investment, but it still is a great running hat that does its job remarkably well. It is available in a multitude of colors, so you can choose a bright one that will make you more noticeable for drivers, cyclists, and passers-by, or go for the classic black or gray which won’t stand out in the crowd and can be worn with just about any other color.

This beanie from Tough Headwear is also very thin, so you can wear it underneath your favorite helmet. This means that you can use the hat not only for running or hiking in winter but also for biking in the spring or fall.


Buff Midweight Merino Wool HatBuff Midweight Merino Wool Hat

The second entry on our list is made from high-quality merino wool, which is a very soft, breathable, and comfortable wool type. It is also great at absorbing moisture, which makes this running hat from Buff an ideal choice for runners who value practical, yet stylish headwear. The hat comes in three different colors: blue, purple, and maroon. This may not seem like a wide palette of color options, but these are nice, versatile colors that can be worn by men and women alike.

The Buff Midweight running hat is also quite light and doesn’t feel itchy at all, which makes it very comfortable both for running and other outdoor activities. Merino wool is naturally odor resistant, so the Buff Midweight running hat will stay nice and fresh for months before you have to wash it. The hat only comes in one size that should fit most adults, which means that you can’t go wrong with the size and don’t have to play the size guessing game before ordering the hat online.


Lululemon Run it Out ToqueLululemon Run it Out Toque

Both running hats we’ve already mentioned seem to be marketed towards men, but they are essentially unisex products that can be worn by any adult. However, if you’re a woman looking for the ultimate running hat, you don’t necessarily have to choose one of the male running hat designs and hope that it fits you. Lululemon Run It Out Toque is a running hat that was made for women, taking into account every slight detail of female head anatomy.

The Lululemon designer crew efforts resulted in a black female beanie with a sleek, sportive design. However, it is not only stylish, but also practical, preserving the warmth coming from your head and absorbing any sweat as you run, jog, or hike. All things considered, it is a great running hat for women who are not content with venturing into the male sportswear section in hopes of finding something that kind of looks like it was made for women.


Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Elements BeanieUnder Armour ColdGear Reactor Elements Beanie

Under Armour is a rather well-known brand in the world of sportswear, and UA products usually offer great quality at a reasonable price. This beanie is no exception to the rule, being lightweight, comfortable, and warm. It is made from polyester, which may sound like a drawback, but is actually an advantage of this running hat, allowing it to absorb sweat efficiently, dry quickly, and retain warmth effectively.

The inner lining of the hat is warm, but breathable, preventing your head from “overheating” while you’re running and maintaining the right amount of warmth according to the outside temperature and your level of physical activity. This is a one-size-fits-all running hat, and according to numerous reviews from satisfied customers, it actually does fit all head shapes and sizes.


Qshell Bluetooth Beanie HatQshell Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Many people enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while running, which was duly noted by Qshell. This beanie hat will not only protect your head and ears from the cold but also allow you to play your favorite tunes to help you stay motivated as you run. The running hat from Qshell has built-in Bluetooth headphones that provide decent sound quality and outside noise isolation. They will last you for approximately six hours of music playback, which is more than enough for a single run.

The hat itself is made from acrylic yarn, so it’s soft, pleasant to the touch, and warm. It is available in well over a dozen colors, so expressing your personal style and individuality with the Qshell running hat is easier than ever. Take a closer look at this beanie if you can’t imagine going on a run without your favorite music or podcast and need a good-quality hat to keep your head warm and dry.


MyDeal Products Skully Cap with Wireless HeadphonesMyDeal Products Skully Cap with Wireless Headphones

The beanie hat design may be extremely popular, but what if no beanie ever looks good on your head or you want some extra protection for your ears? These skully caps from MyDeal Products combine the timeless hat design with Bluetooth technology earphones to offer you a product that looks great on most people, keeps their heads (and ears!) warm, and plays their favorite music for at least five hours on a single charge.

The caps come in different shades of black, blue, gray, and red, so you should have no trouble choosing one that will go well with your current running outfit. With built-in playback controls and a microphone for phone conversations, this running hat offers a great bang for your buck. Plus, it’s easily washable (just don’t forget to remove the earphones from it first).


Smartwool NTS Mid 250 Cuffed BeanieSmartwool NTS Mid 250 Cuffed Beanie

If you already own a pair of cool wireless earphones to accompany you on your runs, you may not need a hat with a music playback feature. If all you want is a good-quality, warm, and comfortable beanie, you may want to consider the cuffed beanie from Smartwool. Made from soft and breathable Merino wool, this running hat can keep your head warm even if it’s freezing cold outside. All Smartwool running hats are decorated with a small company logo, adding some character to an otherwise uniform design.


Minus33 Merino Wool Reversible Shade BeanieMinus33 Merino Wool Reversible Shade Beanie

If you tend to get tired of wearing the same colors every day, this running hat may be the right one for you. With the Minus33 reversible beanie, you can choose to make it gray or black depending on your running outfit, the weather, or your personal preference. It’s almost like you get to own two beanies, but you only have to pay for one. In addition, this running hat is made from high-quality merino wool that is carefully chosen by Minus33, a company with over 100 years of experience in producing woolen products.


French Fitness Revolution Skull CapFrench Fitness Revolution Skull Cap

Another affordable, yet high-quality skull cap on our list is this surprisingly good minimalistic solution for active people who need a cap they can wear with and without a helmet. Wear the French Fitness Revolution beanie on its own, and it will function as your regular running hat. If you also need a lining for your helmet, you don’t have to go out and buy a dedicated skull cap – just put the helmet over your French Fitness Revolution cap, and you’re all set! These hats are also available in two-piece saver packs, so you can get yourself a pair of good running hats at a bargain price.


Noosa Life Ponytail HeadbandNoosa Life Ponytail Headband

As a woman with long hair, you probably prefer to have it in a ponytail during your runs. This may work great for keeping the hair out of your face, but unfortunately, ponytails don’t go well with most regular hats. Thanks to Noosa Life, you no longer have to compromise between freezing your head off or having your hair get in the way all the time. Simply gather your hair in the usual ponytail and wrap the headband right around it!

The Noosa Life headband is made from fleece and designed to protect your ears and forehead from cold, wind, and rain. It is warm, durable, and easily washable. The headband may not be the item that comes to mind when you think of a running hat, but it could be a lifesaver for runners with long hair.


Under Armour Boys ColdGear BeanieUnder Armour Boys ColdGear Beanie

We have already listed a number of great running hats that come in a one-size-fits-all design, but they are mostly made with adult head proportions in mind. If you need a running hat for a teenager or smaller adult, all those hats are probably not going to provide a great fit. Thus, it is a good idea to consider the Under Armour ColdGear boys beanie if you’re after a good head warmer for the younger generation or smaller set of runners. The beanie has all the features and perks of the adult version described earlier in this article, but it comes in a smaller size and offers a much better fit for smaller heads.


Autocastle Heated Winter BeanieAutocastle Heated Winter Beanie

If you want to run, cycle, or snowboard in such extreme temperatures that even the extra warm merino wool or fleece hats won’t do the job, you still have one option left: an electrically heated running hat. This heated beanie from Autocastle may be more expensive than an average winter running hat, but it will keep your head and ears warm in the coldest environments.

The hat is made from acrylic yarn, and it’s pretty warm even without the extra heating element, so you can wear it as a regular running hat and only crank up the heating feature if the cold gets extreme. The heating elements are powered by a rechargeable battery that provides 6-7 hours of heat on a single charge.


Under Armour Girls ColdGear BeanieUnder Armour Girls ColdGear Beanie

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention a running hat designed specifically for junior and teenage girl runners, so here’s the Under Armour ColdGear beanie for girls. It is a warm hat with a comfortable fit that’s not too tight. Available in purple and pink, this beanie is definitely a product designed to please young female runners. Bear in mind that this beanie is meant for children, so don’t buy it for adult runners as it is going to be too small.


Joyoldelf Tactical Outdoor Sports MaskJoyoldelf Tactical Outdoor Sports Mask

If you haven’t found a running hat you like among our 14 previous entries, you might be in need of something bigger than a simple beanie or skull cap. The outdoor sports mask from Joyoldelf is a piece of sportswear that combines the best features of a hat, a hood, and a scarf to offer you the ultimate head warming experience.

The mask is made of fleece, so it’s warm, soft, and pleasant to the touch. It is available in multiple colors and goes well with just about any outdoor sports outfit you could have. The Joyoldelf sports mask is also very reasonably priced, making it a worthwhile alternative to the more traditional running hats mentioned so far.