The 10 Best Running Shorts

Nothing is as annoying as chaffing and mishaps when you are all psyched up and on with your daily runs. It is even more irritating if you are a long-distance runner, and your shorts keep snugging around your lower section and fail to help absorb the sweat.

This is enough reason for you to start choosing your running shorts wisely. Seasoned runners will advise you to go with shorts that have built-in liners to prevent or reduce chaffing by keeping the hot areas cool and reducing friction that causes that chaffing. They also recommend less baggy models with small or no pockets, since these will only weigh you down and collect as much sweat as they can.

If you’re ready for a change, these are the 10 Best Running Shorts.

Editor’s Choice: Asics Split 3-InchEditor’s Choice: Asics Split 3-Inch

Asics, which was initially called ONITSUKA Co. Ltd, is a sportswear and sports equipment company whose roots can be traced back to 1949. It was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka, and its headquarters is in Kobe, Japan. The company started by making and selling sneaker sport shoes, which is why it is mostly related to shoes. However, the company grew bigger and started making sports equipment, and now, it also makes and sells other sportswear like shorts. The company currently serves a worldwide market, and its products are found in almost every country.

These shorts are a great choice if you need more airflow. First of all, they are lightweight and this allows you to move effortlessly and swiftly. The polyester material they’re fashioned from will enable them to stretch out and stay comfortable. They are also pretty flexible, thanks to the 11% spandex material. These shorts also have mesh inserts to enhance the breathability. The only downsides to these shorts are that they can be pricey, and the pockets are a little bit too shallow, which means you cannot safely carry your keys in them while you run. Apart from that, they are quite a good buy.


Best Breathability: MJ Soffe Running ShortsBest Breathability: MJ Soffe Running Shorts

MJ Soffe, frequently referred to as Soffe, is a sportswear manufacturing company that was started by M. J Soffe back in 1946, and whose headquarters is in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Initially, this company had a licensing agreement with the United States Marine Corps, but this ended following the burning of clothes with the Marine logo in Bangladesh. While the company also makes accessories, its current primary product is women’s shorts, which are sold worldwide. The shorts are also are a preferred choice by most cheerleaders.

The fact that these shorts are only 2.5 ounces makes them very lightweight and easy to run in. The 100% nylon material does well for its stretchiness, enabling you to make easy and comfortable movements. This fabric also allows the free inflow of air, and since they are loose-fitting, the breathability could not be made any better.

The inner mesh briefs and liners prevent chaffing and sweating, which means you will remain dry and comfortable throughout your run. You also get to choose the shade of your preference from 20 different colors. Surprisingly, as top-notch as this short seems, it is quite affordable and less pricey than most shorts in its class.

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Best Flexibility: Mack Weldon 4-Way Active ShortBest Flexibility: Mack Weldon 4-Way Active Short

Mack Weldon is a relatively new manufacturing company widely known for its premium fabrics and world-class products. It is located in New York, and its warehouse is in Massachusetts. It still has the appeal of being a new, stylish face in the industry, and most sportspeople like the products, thanks to their high quality.

Seasoned runners or shorts lovers know how comfortable Mack Weldon shorts can be, and this pair is a manifestation of that. The nylon material ensures elasticity and flexibility, providing free movements complemented by the spandex material. The shorts have little holes in them that allow air in and enhances breathability and dryness. But these shorts may not be your choice if you are on a budget because they are more costly than the others. Still, they’re very durable even if the Mack Weldon 4-Way Active Short is preferred by short distance runners or joggers vs. long-distance trekkers.

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Best for Hot Weather: Brooks Sherpa 5-Inch ShortBest for Hot Weather: Brooks Sherpa 5-Inch Short

In 1914, Brooks started as a small factory in Philadelphia making bathing shoes and ballet slippers. Over the years, the company made general sports shoes according to the current trends but introduced new technology to make every subsequent product better. In 2001, it put its full attention on running, and it started manufacturing products for athletes only.

These are the ideal shorts for running in hot and humid weather. They have built-in briefs that ensure perfect support and keep you dry. They also have mesh side panels that make sure you get enough airflow and keep you as cool as possible. The fabric dries quickly and is moisture-wicking as well as lightweight. All of this will give you an easier time while running. To enhance convenience, the shorts have back zip pockets where you can store your keys or wallet when you go out.


Best Budget Shorts: BALEAF Men’s Quick-Dry Lightweight Pace Running ShortsBest Budget Shorts: BALEAF Men’s Quick-Dry Lightweight Pace Running Shorts

BALEAF is a young, yet successful and well-known company located in Xiamen (that is, the Southern parts of China). It started operating in 2009 with the principal aim of meeting the insatiable and dynamic needs in the sports industry. Lefee Xu was the founder, and he is still the current CEO. Being the business person he is, he focused on producing high-quality workout products and ensuring he filled the gaps in the industry to his capacity. The focus of the company is on advancing with technology and improving compression and enhancing lightweight products.

If you are looking for a low-budget pair of shorts that work almost as perfectly as the pricey ones, then this is your choice. First of all, it has built-in briefs to provide comfort and support. And thanks to the polyester and spandex blend material, this short is adequately stretchy and lightweight, enabling you to make quick movements. The fabric blend also keeps away sweat, leaving you dry and comfortable. The elastic waistband is also quite useful as it provides a comfy and adjustable fit. You can move freely and effortlessly in these shorts because of the split-leg design, and they are available in 17 colors, so you have plenty of choices.

Ideal to combine with your favorite running hoodie.


Best Mid-Thigh Shorts: Columbia Titan Ultra ShortBest Mid-Thigh Shorts: Columbia Titan Ultra Short

The Columbia Sportswear Company has been in the industry for over 80 years. The chairperson, Gert Boyle, and her parents fled Nazi, Germany, settled in Portland in 1938, and started a small hat manufacturing company. The company was later passed from Gert’s father to her husband, Neal, who also passed on. Gert became the chairperson, and even though she was previously a housewife, she managed the company so well until she later passed it to her son Tim Boyle. Currently, the company deals in the manufacturing of apparel, accessories, and footwear.

These mid-thigh shorts are made with inner liners to keep you dry and prevent chaffing. The fabric is lightweight and provides the perfect compression. Additionally, the material has tiny perforations to allow air in, making them entirely breathable and also moisture-wicking. This means you will keep dry and comfortable throughout your run. Also, you can always have your phone and other valuables with you as you run since the short has ample back waist pockets. The price is high, but it is all worth it.

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Best Gym/Run/Tennis Hybrid: Roadbox Men’s Running ShortsBest Gym/Run/Tennis Hybrid: Roadbox Men’s Running Shorts

Roadbox is a multipurpose company that deals in different product lines, and sportswear is one of them. It is well-known for its high-quality creations, and it serves a vast market from its headquarters in London, England.

Talk of a jack of all trades, this is a short for all exercises. It can be used for running, gym workouts, and tennis gaming. Wisely, this could be another way of staying within budget, especially if you engage in a variety of activities. The short is 95% polyester and 5% spandex, which makes it quite comfortable. It has mesh inserts that keep everything together and prevents chaffing. These shorts also have three pockets for you to store your necessary items. The adjustable drawstring allows you to adjust the waist to your preference.

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Best for Long Runs: Gore R7 2-in-1 Running ShortsBest for Long Runs: Gore R7 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Gore Wear is a multipurpose company with a wide variety of products in very diverse niches. It was founded in 1958, and it makes medical equipment, musical instruments, industrial clothing, space travel equipment, footwear, and lastly, sportswear. Gore has seen some significant advancements over the years, such as the introduction of the active shell technology in 2012, which ensured extreme breathability in their products. In 2015, the company enhanced its products’ style by introducing URBAN RUN, which was targeting men who wanted to maintain a stylish look while running. Lastly, the company initially had two bands; Gore Bike Wear and Gore Running Wear. However, the two brands merged in 2017 and formed Gore Wear.

These Running Shorts are all about comfort and compression, and they work best for long-distance runners. They have adequate mesh inserts that allow for the free circulation of air, and they have two layers, which enhance support and excellent compression. The material is also stretchy and breathable, as well as moisture-wicking, to help keep you dry through your run. For your convenience, the shorts have two pockets to hold your small items securely as you do your thing. However, the price is a little steep, making it an investment for serious runners only.

If you never skip running sessions, not even on cold days, be sure to protect your hands and wear a pair of reliable running gloves.


Best Moisture-Wicking Shorts: Adidas Men’s Response Running ShortsBest Moisture-Wicking Shorts: Adidas Men’s Response Running Shorts

People interpret the meaning of Adidas differently. Some people think it came from the founder’s name Adolph Adi Dassler; others believe it was an anagram of “All Day I Dream of Sports.” Whichever it is, they both make sense. The company was started in 1920 and, as mentioned above, by Adolph Adi Dassler. It began as an invention of spiked shoes meant for field and track. He was later joined by his brother, Rudolph, four years later and they founded Gubruder Dassler OHG, a German sports shoe company, which later became Adidas. The two brothers were sons of a cobbler, and they have managed to produce world-class sportswear, found in every country.

The Adidas Men’s Response Running Shorts are perfect for someone who has had some trouble with chaffing and wants to prevent it. The shorts have liners that prevent frequent and close contact with the body, thus reducing irritation. The fabric is lightweight, which is what you want for both long and short runs. The shorts are also quick drying and will not collect sweat. They are also great for workouts. The fabric is, unfortunately, a little bit stiff, limiting free movement in other activities but suitable for running and jogging.

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Best 7-Inch Shorts: Under Armour Men's Speed Pocket 7-Inch ShortsBest 7-Inch Shorts: Under Armour Men’s Speed Pocket 7-Inch Shorts

Under Armour, of course, is a well-known American manufacturer of footwear, casual clothing, and sports apparel. Kevin Plank founded it in 1996 at the age of 24. He was a former University of Maryland football captain and had the idea for the company’s signature material in college.

The Under Armour Men’s Speed Pocket 7-Inch Shorts are 100% polyester. This makes them not only stretchy and comfortable but also lightweight, giving you an easier time while running. The flexibility of the fabric and the 4-way stretch construction also allows free and unrestricted movements. They are conveniently made with waistband pockets to hold your stuff during your run, and mesh side panels allow extra airflow to keep you dry and cool. Lastly, the material dries very easily and effortlessly wicks off sweat, so you won’t have any problems with chafing or sweat collection. Perhaps best of all, the price for these Under Armour Shorts is quite reasonable.