How to Dress Like a Stud

Dressing Like a Stud

So you want to know how to dress like a stud. Well, you’ve come to the right place by asking the wrong question. Welcome.

If your thighs are the size of a spiral ham and your jawline appears to be cut from granite by Zeus himself, you might be a stud. If you can squat 500 pounds and run a sub-5-minute mile on the same day, you might be a stud.

Being a stud has little to do with what you wear but has everything to do with how you wear it. Sure, you might have a wardrobe full of shirt jackets, all black boots, Oxford shirts, polo shirts, classic sneakers, stylish slides, and more, but anyone can buy those items. Jewelry for the manly man and a leather jacket does not a stud make.

Dress Like a Stud: 101

This article is about how and why you do it as much as what it is that you are doing. That’s why we thought it was essential to build a basic primer for the aspiring stud in you. Considering there’s very little information on the internet on just what makes a manly man or “how to dress like a stud,” we knew someone had to step up and bring this magical elixir of awesome out of the darkness.

So sit back, take a long pull from that black coffee (studs do not do cream), and begin your journey into the rarely-navigated waters of this elusive title.

handsome man in polo shirt dressed like a stud

Ready for Anything

If you genuinely are a stud, there’s no need for you to adorn yourself with the kind of garb that helps you blend in amongst your peers. They aren’t your peers. After all, you’re an alpha.

With that in mind, the right clothing for you in any particular setting is the kind that looks amazing, and above all else, ensures you’re ready for anything. A stud is never caught off guard; he’s never one to be caught in flip flops when there’s a potential for a foot race at any given moment. To dress like a stud, dress for function.

So lace those shoes uptight. You never know when a physical challenge might arise.

New vs. Time-Tested

Flashy suits and perfectly pressed pants are not the province of someone who both cares not about his contemporaries’ judgment but looks undeniably great, simultaneously.

To the stud, the best clothes have the appearance of newness, but those with the appearance of familiarity. Look closely at the famous photo of Steve McQueen drinking coffee on set. His Rolex Submariner looks like it’s been through a few Grand Prixes, and the shirt he’s sporting definitely hasn’t been washed in a week. This look is the look of someone who exudes confidence and vitality.

handsome man in leather jacket dressed like a stud

Utilitarian Camouflage

James Dean did not roll his pants up or wear leather because he thought it looked cool. His timeless style was a byproduct of utility. He rode a motorcycle.

This dress-for-utility style shouldn’t be confused with dressing for the style of an occasion. James Bond’s sartorial style was accustomed to blending in while remaining positively deadly. Keep that in mind the next time you pick out a suit jacket. What can you do about that thing? If the answer is “not much,” then you better reconsider your decision.

Dress Like a Stud: The Final Verdict

Ultimately, the mark of a stud is his capability. There’s not much you can put on to mask your lack of ability in challenging circumstances, whether that’s addressing the opposite sex or disarming a Russian warhead.

What you can do always trumps what you look like you can do, so to begin your stud journey, get capable. Then, adorn yourself with time-tested clothing that also fits a purpose instead of satisfies a look.

Restart this cycle over a lifetime, and each pass through, you’ll feel like that much more of a capable and admirable stud, and with any luck, you’ll look like one, too.