The 10 Best Curved Treadmills

The treadmill has been a staple in the indoor commercial gyms and home gyms for quite some time now and aside from getting motorized, the design has stayed fairly consistent. It has only been recently that the world of fitness saw an indoor gym equipment revolution in the form of the curved treadmill.

Running on a curved treadmill has a lot of benefits and uses. Choose from among these 10 best curved treadmills to add to your home gym.

The Best Curved Treadmill

RESOLVE FITNESS Reactive Runner TreadmillRESOLVE FITNESS Reactive Runner Treadmill

Get a fitter and healthier body at home by getting the RESOLVE FITNESS Reactive Runner Treadmill. If you enjoy running but prefer to stay at home or are forced to stay indoors because of time constraints or bad weather conditions, then get running on this high stimulating and reactive curved treadmill.

The Reactive Runner from RESOLVE FITNESS is built to accommodate most runner sizes and most stride lengths. This is done with the extra-large sized, curved training surface. This curved design minimizes the impact on the joints while running so as to maximize the stimulation of the muscles with optimized workloads targeted toward the muscles for running. This simulates a more natural running experience while at the same time pushing the runner more than any motorized flat treadmill could, resulting in 30% more caloric burn. The Reactive Runner Treadmill can be thought of as the ideal indoor treadmill for indoor training and weight loss because of this.

Its running surface is comprised of 60 individual slats or panels made of aluminium rails that are coated with rubber to produce a safe, non-slip contact surface that can withstand the impact forces of heavy-duty use. Even though this is a non-motorized treadmill, it does utilize a control dial to regulate magnetic resistance of the belt tension.

It also has a 6-inch backlit performance LCD console to track performance metrics such as time, distance, speed, and caloric burn. It also has adjustable stabilization legs that allow for the treadmill to sit level on any surface. It also features running handles to the front and sides of the treadmill for runners to hold on to for maintaining their stability and to allow changes in the angle of the body to modify the intensity of the run.

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Assault Fitness AirRunner Curved TreadmillAssault Fitness AirRunner Curved Treadmill

The Assault Fitness AirRunner Curved Treadmill is a revolutionary treadmill that redefines the shape, function, and overall experience of treadmill running. The AirRunner is a motorless machine that provides the runner with full control as it creates an experience that burns more calories through the most natural and efficient means.

The AirRunner is built to be durable enough to withstand 150,000 miles worth of running use. This level means that it is a commercially heavy-duty product for serious runners and fitness enthusiasts. It is also built to be able to bear the full weight of someone with a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

If you are planning on reducing your weight, then running is the best means to slim down. The AirRunner Curved Treadmill from Assault Fitness is the right equipment to get the job done since curved treadmills have been scientifically proven to burn about 30% more calories when compared with motor-run treadmills. Raise your heart faster, target the right muscle groups better and slim down easier by consistently running on the Assault Fitness AirRunner.

The motorless function of the AirRunner means that the motion of the machine all depends on you. It is your moving body that actually moves the belt, which makes your entire running experience more natural than when you’re on a flat motor-run treadmill.

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TrueForm RunnerTrueForm Runner

Running on a motorized treadmill is like having someone move the ground for you. It just isn’t natural. Sure, you are simulating the running motion but you are essentially getting a boost. This means that when compared to actual outdoors running, motorized treadmill gains are far less. This is where the TrueForm Runner motorless curved treadmill comes in.

The TrueForm Runner incorporates a simple design that changes everything. Because it does not utilize a motor, the belt only moves when you move; this is something that feels much more natural and, in turn, creates more natural muscle development.

By training on the TrueForm runner, you can quickly make improvements to your running posture, your balance, and even your speed and cadence. You will be able to move according to your own limits and improve naturally on your own pace as you push through them, which is unlike what happens with motorized treadmills.

The TrueForm Runner can be used as your standard indoor running equipment for when you are not able to run outside, or it can also be used for when you want to dial in on specific parts of your training. Running on the TrueForm can also be a rewarding experience to achieve your fitness goals since the curved treadmill platform has been shown to better engage the body in activity and energy expenditure, making it the equipment to have if you are into a High Intensity Interval Training program for cross-training or weight loss.

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IN10CT Health Runner Curved TreadmillIN10CT Health Runner Curved Treadmill

The cleverly named curved treadmill is able to produce better results when compared with those achieved from running the same amount of time on a motorized flat treadmill. The IN10CT (read: intensity) Health Runner is going to be the best equipment you ever set foot on indoors.

It is not hooked to the power outlet, so it won’t move with a push of a button. What you need to do is to walk, jog, or run on it. You are the power source that moves this machine. This muscle-power action is what draws Crossfit athletes to IN10CT and other curved treadmills like it.

The IN10CT Health Runner is a great fitness tool for those who are planning on becoming fitter. Everyone from all sorts of running levels, starting from amateurs to ultramarathoners, can and will benefit by training on the IN10CT.

You can use it as a replacement for outdoor running for when the weather may not permit you going outdoors, or you can use it as your main source of fitness activity for either safety or time-saving reasons. No matter how you use it, one thing is for sure: it is super effective.

Scientific studies provide evidence that suggest that a curved treadmill like IN10CT allows the runner to burn more calories when compared with results from motorized flat treadmills. This is one of the reasons why the IN10CT is a top choice for both serious athletes who are into HIIT, Crossfit, or running and those beginner athletes who have just discovered the gym or running and are currently looking to lose a little weight to look and feel better.

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Technogym SkillMillTechnogym SkillMill

Non-motorized running training has just gotten better with the invention of the SkillMill by Technogym. This curved treadmill exploits the simple principle used in all curved treadmills that a motorless treadmill will push the runner to spend more energy to move. It is through this principle that the SkillMill has been built.

It does not have any motors to create the running experience. What it does have is superior ergonomics. When you’re on the SkillMill, you can easily improve your running posture, balance, and cadence because your attention will be directed toward maintaining them.

One of the most unique things about the SkillMill is that it was developed not only as a better treadmill, but it was built to also be like a personal coach that shows you the right posture and positions to achieve better techniques as well as better muscular development on target running muscles. This is achieved with the use of the ergonomic handles that guide the runner’s body in the right training posture as well as acting as stability bars runners can hold onto when training at their highest levels.

Everything is then tracked through the data displayed on the console or even through the MyWellness cloud-based platform. Even if the SkillMill is not motorized, you can still adjust its resistance levels to provide an added challenge that will develop your muscles and running techniques better and faster while at the same time burn more calories to achieve your fitness goals much quicker.

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Xtreme Monkey Fitness Curved TreadmillXtreme Monkey Fitness Curved Treadmill

It is fairly well-established in the fitness community that consistent running is one of the best methods to achieve weight loss. The human body is built for running, and since man has become a little more urbanized, we brought running indoors with the invention of the treadmill. The ordinary treadmill has met its match in the form of the curved treadmills like the Xtreme Monkey Fitness Curved Treadmill.

The Xtreme Monkey Fitness Curved Treadmill is a game-changer in the indoor gym equipment world. It uses the curved design of the running platform to utilize inertia as well as the runner’s own muscle power to move the belt. This dependence on the runner’s own movement is what makes the Xtreme Monkey Fitness treadmill so much more effective than the traditional motorized flat treadmill when it comes to burning calories.

The Xtreme Monkey Fitness Curved Treadmill has a few design features that make it stand out from the rest. These include shock-dissipating ergonomic rubberized slats as well as oversized bearings for superior durability and noise reduction. It also features lowered handle bars for added safety and comfort for runners and a center console to keep track of your running progress and other fitness metrics, just like a quality fitness tracker.


Woodway CurveWoodway Curve

The Woodway Curve is touted by the manufacturer as the ultimate training tool for running. The motorless treadmill with a very simple name is making waves in the world of fitness. It has captured the attention of HIIT enthusiasts, serious runners, as well as Crossfit elite athletes because it is self-powered and offers much better feedback regarding runner’s posture, stride, cadence, and speed.

Everything is moved via the muscle power of the runner, so even by going with this aspect alone, it is already far better than the traditional motor-run treadmills since motorized equipment tends to make the entire training session “easier,” which actually produces unrealistic results by rewarding unnatural techniques.

Because the Curve is not powered by a motor, the runner is not helped in any way. This means that moving on the Curve is pretty much like a simulated run outdoors. It is fully responsive to the motions made by the runner in that if a runner walks slowly, then the slats turn slowly, and at the opposite extreme, when the runner goes on a full sprint, the belt follows suit.

Running on the Curve can easily give you 30% better results than when running on motorized treadmills. You can also track your progress through the built-in display that the Curve comes with; you have your choice between the standard display or the touch screen console.

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SpeedFit Speedboard ProXLSpeedFit Speedboard ProXL

The Speedboard Pro XL from SpeedFit might just be the best treadmill to achieve your fitness goals. Everyone’s got their own fitness goals in mind. You may want to slim down to be healthier, or you may want a fitter body for improved confidence. Whatever the reason, to achieve your goals of a fitter body, you have to pay the full price of sweating it off.

Running is probably one of the best ways to achieve a fit and toned body fast. Not everyone, however, may find it convenient to run outdoors all the time. It may be a question of time, safety, or just convenience, but there will be a lot of days when running indoors is the best option. For days like these, the SpeedBoard Pro XL is your best workout equipment because it is able to simulate running far more naturally than motorized treadmills do.

While treadmills with motors remove some of the challenges of running, the Speedboard ProXL keeps every challenging thing about running intact by using only gravity and the runner’s own power to move the belt.

Running on the Speedboard ProXL feels natural since the slats are constructed on top of near-frictionless, high-performance bearings. Running on this curved treadmill is smooth and quiet, which adds to the entire experience of the simulated natural run.


Primal Strength Curved TreadmillPrimal Strength Curved Treadmill

If you have fallen in love with running but frequently find yourself unable to go outside for a run, then you may already be familiar with the traditional motorized flat treadmill. The traditional motor-run treadmill may seem like the perfect substitute for actual running, but they certainly aren’t – they actually provide some unwanted assistance, which diminishes its muscle-building and technique-improving benefits. You’ll encounter no such problem with the Primal Strength Curved Treadmill.

The Primal Strength Curved Treadmill is a commercial-grade non-motorized treadmill that uses the simple yet highly innovative shape of the curve to produce far better results than traditional treadmills. Runners don’t rely on a moving platform to help them run; instead, they engage all their running muscles to produce movement. This ultimately creates a far superior, natural running feeling and experience.

This is ideal for HIIT workout enthusiasts, Crossfitters, runners, or any other athlete looking to improve their speed, endurance, and stamina. There are a few ways you can use the Primal Strength Curved Treadmill to enhance your athletic performance. You can do sprints, prowler pushes, backward running, and other such exercise to develop all of the muscles you need in your particular sport.

It features a control option to switch among the 6 levels of workout resistance. These can be toggled to achieve the desired workout progress, and you can monitor or record the results on the included LCD console that shows fitness metrics.


TZ 3000C Curved TreadmillTZ 3000C Curved Treadmill

The human body has evolved to be perfectly suited for running. If you’re a fan of running, you know just how fun it is to run with the wind in your face as you cover mile upon mile at varying speeds and altitudes. While it may be argued that nothing could beat the feeling of running outdoors, there are quite a few valid reasons why running indoors could be preferable. If you do choose to run indoors, then you no longer have to feel that the only decent choice is the flat motorized treadmill since the dawn of the curved treadmill is here.

The TZ 3000C Curved Treadmill is designed to be heavy-duty commercial gym equipment. Doing your daily runs on this curved treadmill is better than going a few miles on the motorized treadmill for a lot of reasons. The first is that it is very responsive, and unlike the motor-run treadmills, it slows down when you slow down, and it stops when you stop – just like how it is when running.

You also are able to burn a lot more calories with this than you would with the motorized kind. Another reason is that the motion as well as the posture that you are put in by using the TZ 3000C Curved Treadmill feels more natural than how it is with the motorized treadmill. This means that you will get more muscle-building and technique-improving benefits from running on this than any motorized treadmill.


Curved Treadmill Benefits

There are a few advantages with using the curved treadmill as compared to running on the motorized traditional level or flat treadmill. It has been scientifically proven that runners will spend more energy as they work harder running on a non-motorized curved treadmill. This is seen as higher heart rates, increased oxygen consumption, increased energy expenditure, and increased running cadence when compared to similar intensity and time on motorized flat treadmills. All of this results in high caloric burn, which is a very big plus for those who are looking to become healthier and fitter.

Also, another advantage with curved treadmills comes as a result of its shape, and it is this shape that simulates uphill running. Uphill running provides an added challenge to the runner, working the posterior chain muscles effectively; this creates a better running and training experience for those who are uphill runners but are confined to flat or urban environments.

The lack of a motor also makes the curved treadmill ideal for those who prefer more control over their speed. The runner can adjust the speed just by changing the speed and cadence of their stride. This method of speed control is more akin to how running is done naturally outdoors; in other words, curved treadmills simulate running better by creating a more natural running experience even when indoors.

You can incorporate running on a curved treadmill in your workout routine especially if you are going for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You can also use it as cross training for your cycling or even your outdoor running. If you’re more of a physique workout bodybuilder, you can run on a curved treadmill as your cardio warm-up prior to engaging in heavy lifts.