JAXJOX Interactive Studio – Compact Home Gym for Itty Bitty Spaces

We’ve written it here before — you’re a lucky person if you’ve got enough room in your house for the exercise equipment you need to sculpt a rocking bod. And we don’t know if you’ve tried to buy free weights or a squat rack lately, but iron is hard to find these days. In the early days of the Covid-19 shutdowns, dumbells flew off the shelf like nothing else shy of toilet paper and cleaning products — and the few things you can find on Craigslist are selling for many times their regular market value. JAXJOX Interactive Studio is a compact home gym solution for both problems — space and availability — with its innovative system pairing adjustable kettlebells and dumbells with an interactive touchscreen, real-time data tracking, and a subscription-based series of programs and classes.  It doesn’t have a treadmill, but hey — cardio isn’t everything!

jaxjox interactive studio

The Weights

We love the idea of adjustable weights because you get all of the benefits of swinging free weights around, but none of the downsides — namely, that a complete weight set takes up so much darn space! Adjusting the weights on the JAXJOX Interactive Studio is as easy as pressing a few buttons. You’ve got access to up to 100 lbs of dumbbell weight and kettlebell weight ranging from 12 to 42 lbs.

On top of that, the dumbbells and kettlebells are smart-weights — connected to the rest of the Interactive Studio and an app on your phone via a system called DumbellConnect and KettlebellConnect. The upshot is that while you are working out, the JAXJOX Interactive Studio keeps track of all sorts of interesting workout metrics. Another advantage to smart weights — you can take your workout out into the yard or garage if that suits your fancy. As long as you have the app on your phone, your workouts (and associated metrics) will be saved.

The JAXJOX Interactive Studio also comes with a smart push-up bar and a foam roller. That’s a pretty well-rounded home gym experience in such a compact package.

jaxjox interactive studio

The Screen

A crisp 43-inch 4k display can tilt 15 degrees towards the floor so you can see it as you crunch your abs into oblivion. The display rotates horizontally and vertically as well. The screen gives you access to all those metrics we just talked about, including power, calories burned, the current weight you are lifting, total weight lifted, and average heart rate.

The screen also lets you access the full range of JAXJOX classes and programs for $39/month. The subscription is required for the first year after purchasing the Interactive Studio, but we think you’ll find it worthwhile. Everybody needs a little motivational help sometimes, and that $39 covers six other people in your house as well. Classes are live and on-demand and include live coaching and workout suggestions.

As a bonus, the JAXJOX Interactive Studio is Bluetooth enabled. So go ahead and sync your Apple Music or Spotify playlists, and toss some weight around your compact home gym as the surround soundbar blasts out pump-up music.

jaxjox interactive studio

Fitness IQ

Tracking progress over time is a key component of any successful workout plan. But how do you measure progress? Weight? BMI? Heartrate? Power output? How about all of those and more? JAXJOX compact home gym comes to the rescue by combining several handfuls of critical metrics into one number — your Fitness IQ. Show up and sweat regularly and watch your Fitness IQ climb, even as your waistline shrinks.

Buy. Sweat. Don’t Regret.

The JAXJOX Interactive Studio is now available for pre-order and will be delivered anywhere in the contiguous states. Units will begin shipping sometime in late 2020. You can reserve your compact home gym for a $250 deposit, and the whole unit will run you $2,199. The good news is that 36-month financing is available for qualifying customers. Burpee your way over to the JAXJOX website and see it for yourself.


jaxjox interactive studio compact home gym

jaxjox interactive studio Compact Home Gym