The 12 Best Kettleballs

Adhering to a weight-lifting regime is almost a full-time occupation – or at least, it seems to be if you are going to focus solely on gym workouts. For most of us, the amount of time invested in commuting to the gym, waiting for the ideal machine to be available, and finding a good locker will eventually get in the way of the time actually spent working out.

So, what should we do on those days where an at-home session is the only option? The first thing should be to ensure our home workouts are as flexible as possible, and these days, this means investing in a good set of kettlebells. Unlike bar sets and mini-gyms, kettlebells provide a near unlimited amount of variations without overtaking half your living room. Their particular shape makes them ideal for beginners and seasoned warriors alike; they can be used to add extra stability to your bodyweight moves, but they can also increase their effort cost exponentially.

Solid and durable, kettlebells also require minimum maintenance and will last a lifetime. Despite its iconic design, there is still a lot of nuance to each kettlebell model; small details such as handle thickness, balance, and texture provide enormously different experiences.

The Best Kettleball

Rep Fitness KettlebellsRep Fitness Kettlebells

Main material: Single-cast iron

Size range: 17 sizes ranging from 4 kg (9 pounds) to 48 kg (106 pounds)

The Fitness Rep Kettlebells stay true to their name: these are comfortable objects meant to be used for athletic conditioning and cross-training. As such, they have been subtly improved to ensure they remain comfortable during daily use, and even during longs sets of 12 reps of more.

These kettlebells are cast from a single piece of metal, which prevents any awkward welded angles or structural weaknesses. In addition, the SmoothGrip coating diminishes friction without damaging your hands, so you won’t need to use them with gloves or chalk. It also makes them look sleek and new for longer, as it won’t chip away after a few bangs.

Extra points ought to be awarded for precision and attention to detail; each kettlebell is labeled with its weight in both pounds and kilos, in addition to color-coded handles.

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Metrixx Elite Precision E-Coat KettlebellMetrixx Elite Precision E-Coat Kettlebell

Main material: Virgin cast iron and military-grade e-coat

Size range: 16 sizes ranging from 4 kg (9 pounds) to 48 kg (106 pounds)

Usually, the reason behind a higher price tag lies in the materials. Provided you are not dealing with a huge, global brand, the chances are that most of what you pay for is spent on this segment. The Metrixx Elite Precision Kettlebells show what a difference top-tier manufacturer can make. Each kettlebell is made from virgin cast iron in single mold casts, making them some of the most reliable and accurate kettlebells available. In addition to near-perfect symmetry and unparalleled balance, these kettlebells are coated with e-coat, the standard military choice from the ergonomic coating. This is smoother than standard powder coats, but it won’t slip or cause accidents even after you start sweating.

Finally, these kettlebells also include a discreet design innovation; the silhouette of their handles is slightly different from that of other models. This proprietary shape prevents the weight from sitting on your wrists and ensures you put the right muscles to work.


Cap Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron KettlebellCap Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

Main material: Cast iron and paint

Size range: 11 sizes ranging from 4.5 kg (10 pounds) to 36 kg (80 pounds)

On the other end of the price range, these kettlebells by CAP Barbell provide a surprising amount of reliability and quality, while still remaining very budget-friendly. They have managed to stay away from seam casting or welding, but have kept their details simple; a coat of durable black paint that won’t chip will provide the only barrier between your hands and the cold metal.

Nevertheless, these kettlebells are durable and well-balanced. The bottoms have been kept extra flat to ensure better stability when rested on the ground, which is a definite plus if you need to store them at home safely. This makes some of the larger models a bit wider than usual, but thanks to their neat handles, this won’t throw off your grip.

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Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat KettlebellsKettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebells

Main material: single-piece iron and powder coat

Size range: 15 sizes ranging from 4 kg (9 pounds) to 68 kg (96 pounds)

Sitting comfortably in the crossroads between quality and price are these fine iron weights. The Kettlebell Kings have built their entire company around the versatility of kettlebells and provide a wide range of specialized accessories, as well as special models meant for physical therapy, army conditioning, or basic fitness training. Their powder coat model, however, stands out due to its versatility and quality.

Not only are they made from a single piece of iron; they have also ensured to engrave their logo and sizing information, rather than glue it in or paint it. This ensures extra durability and provides them with a very polished look. The kettlebells are coated in a proprietary powder coat that improves grip, although it is still easy to clean if exposed to chalk or dust. Finally, each size is also color-coded.


Adjustable Kettle Versa-BellAdjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

Main material: Iron handles and steel weight plates

Size range: adjustable, between 16 and 36 pounds

Those who are just starting out in the weightlifting scene are often unprepared about the costs to a home gym. After all, even a cheap pair of kettlebells can quickly become obsolete if you are still making rapid gains and frequent increments. Purchasing an entire set at once may be prohibitive, and for apartment dwellers, near-impossible to store. This is why the Versa-Bells deserve special mention. They offer a great opportunity to stick to the same pair of weights across a variety of resistances and effectively provide a blend of a kettlebell with the standard weight lifting plates.

Each kettlebell is made from a 16-pound iron casing, which hides the space for a heart of steel. The latter can be taken out and replaced easily, allowing you to play around with the number of plates and therefore altering the weight. This adds extra versatility to an already flexible tool; you will be able to switch from loaded pushups to a HIIT routine without having to rent extra storage.

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Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with HandlesBionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handles

Main material: Iron and leather

Size range: 6 sizes ranging between 4.5 kg (10 pounds) and 15 kg (35 pounds)

The Bionic Body Kettlebells were designed for beginner fitness aficionados and those recovering from a major injury. This is why they offer a relatively small weight range but have also been equipped with a series of features meant to maximize comfort and increase their safety rating. By being covered in soft materials, they will prevent damage to you or your floors should you accidentally drop them.

The large handle is still made from finely-coated metal; however, it is also wide to accommodate both hands easily and provide an offset center of gravity that will help you improve your balance even further. They are also slightly padded at the bottom, which helps them stand up still and helps you stay in control during Turkish get-ups.


Yes4All Vinyl Coated KettlebellsYes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Main material: Cast Iron and vinyl

Size range: 9 sizes ranging between 2.2 kg (5 pounds) and 22 kg (50 pounds)

Cast iron kettlebells are widely regarded as the best, most-balanced ones; the single-piece construction tends to resist significantly more flailing than those with welded handles. On the other hand, they are also usually hard and rough on hands – and while we are all in the gym to become stronger, that rarely actually includes building a thicker skin.

At Yes4All, they have chosen to equip their kettlebells with a resilient vinyl casing in order to prevent this. The handles were left uncovered, but are texturized in order to provide you with a good, safe grip. The rest of the bell has been covered in a soft layer that doesn’t mess with the weight or balance; it will just protect your skin and floors. They also feature a nice color scheme and are fully washable.

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Rogue Rubber Coated KettlebellsRogue Rubber Coated Kettlebells

Main material: First-run iron and rubber composite

Size range: 5 different sizes ranging from 12 kg (26 pounds) to 32 kg (70 pounds)

Sometimes, strength is easily confused with roughness. Gym equipment often falls into this line of thinking, marketing its products as rugged, resilient, and harsh. This is why it’s hard to find something safe and soft that is still physically demanding – but this is not a combination that Rogue is afraid to make.

They have specialized in once-in-a-lifetime purchases, and consistently provide tough gym equipment for people of all fitness levels. However, they still reserve part of their design team to style and comfort. In this case, they have equipped each one of their kettlebells with a unique skin-soft layer of rubber. Their logo is masterfully engraved on the rubber alongside the designated weight, which also helps protect the bell’s integrity. The handles are ergonomic and texturized to prevent excessive sweating, and the rubber composite in that area is antibacterial.


Tone Fitness Vinyl Coated KettlebellTone Fitness Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Main material: Cement and vinyl

Size range: 4 sizes ranging from 2.2 kg (5 pounds) to 9 kg (20 pounds)

Cement kettlebells still hold a dear niche in the fitness industry. This material may not be as efficient to pack on weight as iron or steel, but it does provide superb balance and better shaping options. When it comes to kettlebells, it also offers the added advantage of resisting impact better because at some point, we have all pushed too hard and let our weighs drop harshly.

The Tone Fitness kettlebells add an extra layer of protection to their already remarkably-stable product. The vinyl layering protecting the outer shell is not just bright and colorful; it is also remarkably soft to grasp. It can also withstand quite a bit of wear and tear and will show no indentations or faded sections for years. The exact blend of vinyl used appears to be a bit sweat-inducing, however. This is offset by the slim, wide handle, which favors good ventilation.

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Perform Better First Place KettlebellPerform Better First Place Kettlebell

Main material: Cast iron and powder coating

Size range: Ten sizes, ranging from 2 kg (1 pound) to 40 kg (88 pounds)

At first glance, this kettlebell brings everything down to its very basics, with just a small dash of color added for good looks. In reality, this set of kettlebells is actually remarkably balanced and comfortable, although it stays away from flashier features and accessories.

The handles are smooth and cast in one piece, but they have been carefully polished to feel textured. While it lacks the military-grade e-coating provided by the Metrixx Elite model, they are still sweat-resistant and smooth. The lack of vinyl also prevents odor formation.


JAXJOX Kettlebell ConnectJAXJOX Kettlebell Connect

Main material: Iron, steel, plastic, and Lithium-ion

Weight range: Adjustable between 12 and 42 pounds

Just when it seemed like kettlebells could not really bring anything beyond fancy coatings, and small design tweaks along came smart technology. The Kettlebell Connect is JAXJOX’s take on our recent obsession to track, evaluate, and improve upon our own metrics constantly.

Instead of relying on an entire set of different weights and sizes, this unique kettlebell allows you to add or drop weight as needed and can take you from 12 pounds to 42 pounds in seconds. The kettlebell is equipped with six different AVIS movement sensors, which, combined with its base charger, will provide instant information on the number of reps, speed, and even form for a variety of custom workouts. This will be shown on the base’s translucent LCD display.

To accomplish this, it relies on a cylinder lithium-ion battery that can last up to 14 hours. The complimentary app will allow you to track your workouts from your smartphone, and remind you when it’s time for the next one. It is compatible with the Apple Health Kit, and it can also be paired with other JAXJOX products via Bluetooth.


TRX Gravity CastTRX Gravity Cast

Main material: Gravity Cast Iron

Weight range: 10 sizes ranging between 2 kg (1 pound) and 40 kg (88 pounds

TRX is a cult brand for gyms around the world for a reason. They consistently design elegant-quality equipment that is safe enough to save them thousands of dollars in lawsuits and that tends to last for years with minimal upkeep. In addition, their minimalistic design looks polished without stealing the spotlight from each location’s own branding.

Such a reputation means that it has now penetrated into the home gym territory as well. Thanks to their proprietary gravity cast process, as well as the superb care placed on all textures, these kettlebells are very stable, almost perfectly solid, and provide a great balance to the wearer. They are also meant to last for ages while protecting their users’ skin; the smooth polish around the handle will prevent blisters and bruising while facilitating a tight grip. The final layer of paint has antimicrobial properties, just in case you are sharing your equipment.