The 12 Best Sleds for Winter Fun

One of the best things to do during winter is sledding. Unfortunately, finding the best sled to use is not very easy because of the incredible number of options to choose from.

With safety as the most important feature in your ideal sled, you’ll want to make sure that the one you buy is balanced, durable, and made from high-quality materials. Here are the 12 best sleds for both children and adults.

The Best Sled for Winter Fun

Yukon Charlie's Hammerhead Pro XLD SledYukon Charlie’s Hammerhead Pro XLD Sled

One adult sled that is popular across the market because of its durability, high-quality material, and price is the Hammerhead Pro XLD. Unfortunately, it currently only has one size meant for adults and may not be recommended for youngsters since the sled is a bit heavy at 15 lbs.

It has a sleek design with an orange powder-coated aluminum frame. Also, its front skis are made from polycarbonate, while the rear skis are made from high-density polyethylene. Its leaf spring steering component is made from stainless steel, which makes it resistant to dust and corrosion. The sled also comes with a pair of rubber grips for hand comfort and ergonomic purposes.

Also, the sled has its carry strap so you can bring along a pair of ski boots as added convenience. It has a total dimension of 51 (long) x 22 inches (wide) x 7 (height) inches.


A-DUDU Snow TubeA-DUDU Snow Tube

If you prefer a light, portable, and inexpensive snow sled, then the A-DUDU snow tube sled would be a great choice. While it is an excellent sled for adults, it can also be used by kids. Just like the Hammerhead Pro, this sled is a bestseller because of its impressive portability and affordable price.

Available in colors of blue and black, the A-DUDU is made from polyvinyl chloride with a thick base. This material enables the sled to be highly durable and can withstand wear and tear when being used in the snow. Also, it is made from K80 material, which enables the sled to be resistant against extreme cold temperatures of down to -40 degrees.

Preparing the sled is easy, and you can even use a hairdryer to inflate it. Inflation, as well as deflation, is easy through the large valve installed on the sled. The valve also has a double locking feature to ensure sealed air after inflating.


Guide Gear Snow Racer SledGuide Gear Snow Racer Sled

Another inexpensive sled that you can use to enjoy your winter is the Snow Racer Sled from Guide Gear. With a market price of less than $100, you get yourself an adult sled that is safe to use, durable, and equipped with many helpful features.

With its impressive durability and safety features, it can be used even by children. The sled comes with metal components, such as tubular steel frame and a plastic steering wheel, which makes the sled highly sturdy and resistant to extreme temperatures, friction, and even corrosion. While the steel construction enables the sled to run smoothly on the snow surface, the steering wheel allows the driver to maneuver comfortably.

The Snow Race Sled also comes with a stylish molded seat, which is placed a bit higher from its frame to provide more comfort. Braking is also easy through the foot brake along with the retractable pull-rope. With the molded seat, the driver doesn’t feel the cold coming from the ground surface in contact with the sled.

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Flexible Flyer Steel Runner SledFlexible Flyer Steel Runner Sled

A bit more expensive, but a good sled for adults is the Flexible Flyer. Conveniently priced at less than $100, this sled is designed for adults but can also be used by little children. It has a large seating space and can accommodate at least 2 passengers. This sled is completely environment-safe and is made from smoothened birch wood. With a total length of 60 inches, the Flexible Flyer Runner Sled is also equipped with powder-coated steel runners to resist corrosion and to withstand a lot of pressure or heavy loads.

he sled also features a steering bar that can be steered by the hand when seating or by the feet when lying down on the seat. It has a total weight of 17 lbs., which makes it much lighter than other wooden sleds and can carry loads of at least 250 lbs. Another aspect to mention about this sled is that it already comes assembled right from the package – no need to build or assemble upon purchase.


Slippery Racer Downhill Derby Kids Steerable Snow SledSlippery Racer Downhill Derby Kids Steerable Snow Sled

If you want a much cheaper sled that is great for kids and toddlers, then the Slippery Racer sled surely would be a great choice. Priced at only at around $50, this kids’ sled is the most recent version of its sled series and is available in blue variants. The Slippery Racer is designed with a reinforced steering wheel, which enables easy maneuvering and a center track ski to enable quick and effortless turns. Braking is also made easy through the pair of handbrakes available below the steering wheel.

The sled is made from materials that can withstand extreme colds and even corrosion. It comes with a tow rope and only weighs 8 lbs. for portability. It is designed to be not too fast. This sled is durable and is designed to be safe to use for children. It has a big sitting capacity and can accommodate at least 2 children for a total weight of 300 lbs.


Flexible Flyer Metal Disc Snow SledFlexible Flyer Metal Disc Snow Sled

If you simply want a disc as your ideal snow sled, then the Metal Disc Snow Sled from Flexible Flyer could just be your best option. This sled allows you to not only slide and glide on the snow but also on the sand. Versatility is pretty much the focus of this sled as it can be used on both sand and snow without risking any damage or even scratches as it is made from high-quality and durable materials. While this sled is great for adults, it is also safe to use for children.

Its main material is Bethlehem steel, which is known for its durability and impressive resistance to cracking and breakage. With its compact design, it is easy to stack other units on top of each other when storing or transporting. Along with the durable metal material, it is also powder-coated to resist corrosion and extremely low temperatures. A built-in rope provides balance, stability, and extra for safety.


Slippery Racer Xtreme Toboggan Snow SledSlippery Racer Xtreme Toboggan Snow Sled

Another sled that is designed for two riders is the Slippery Racer Xtreme Toboggan Sled. While it can be used by adults, it can also be used by children, making it ideal for parents who want to ride with their little ones. It is constructed from heavy-duty flex plastic and is designed to be resistant to extreme cold. The sled is aerodynamically designed to attain max speeds.

The plastic material allows the sled to be bent but not break, and it does not create any cracks out of extremely low temperatures. When not being used, the sled can be carried or pulled through the built-in rope. The Slippery Racer Xtreme also comes with 4 ergonomic handles to ensure that the passengers are secured in their seats, and no one falls off along the way. The sled only weighs 3 lbs., which makes it easy to carry around and is designed with dimensions of 48 x 18 x 4 inches for easy storage even in tight corners.


Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Snow SledFlexible Flyer Baby Pull Snow Sled

If you want your small one to enjoy some winter sledding, you can put them in the Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Snow Sled. The main feature of this sled is its safety as it is being used by small and sensitive passengers. It is designed with a wide base to ensure that the sled remains balanced and stable on the ground to eliminate toppling.

The sled is made from high-density polyethylene, which is both crack resistant and resistant to extremely cold temperatures. The seat is designed with a high back as a support to the child’s back and to set the child’s body in place when moving. The seat also comes with an adjustable safety strap to hold your child in place whenever riding.

The Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Snow Sled conveniently weighs 1.58 lbs., which makes it very easy even for children to carry or drag.


Terrain Sport Snow SledTerrain Sport Snow Sled

If durability is what you’re looking for your children’s sled, then the Terrain Sport Snow Sled is a great choice to keep in mind. It makes use of high-impact polyethylene, which is resistant to corrosion, extremely low temperatures, and impacts. What users particularly like about this sled is that it is wide enough to accommodate several small riders. While this sled is highly durable, it is also considerably light at only 12 lbs.

The ribbed bottom design provides easy navigation for the sled and maintains your direction on a straight path when going downhills. It comes with a heavy-duty tow rope that you can pull even with a considerable weight loaded on the sled. The durable material enables the sled not only for playing and sledding purposes but also for work and for carrying gear.


Flexible Flyer Roll Up Carpet Snow SledFlexible Flyer Roll Up Carpet Snow Sled

Another sled that you can consider from Flexible Flyer is the Roll Up Carpet Snow Sled. This will be an ideal sled for you if you want a portable, easy-to-assemble-and-use, durable, and safe sled not only for yourself but also for your kids. This sled is easy to carry and store with its roll-up design and is made from lightweight polyethylene. The great thing about polyethylene is that while it is light, it is also quite resistant to cracks, corrosion, and damage from extreme cold.

For additional safety on the sled, it is designed with soft round edges along with a pair of punched-out handles where the rider can hold the sled for stability and balance. While these handles can be used by the rider to steer or navigate when sliding, it can also be used to pull the sled when going back to the starting point. With its total weight of 10.9 ounces, it can be carried or dragged even by little kids.


Zipfy Two Tone Freestyle Luge Snow SledZipfy Two Tone Freestyle Luge Snow Sled

If you want something unusual, you can check out the Zipfy Two Tone Freestyle Luge Sled. This sled seemingly has a peculiar design compared to the earlier sleds in this list. It is engineered for safe steering, turning, and stability through the lever placed in the middle. While it can be used by adults, it can also be used by toddlers and children. The design also allows riders to make a full stop by simply dropping their foot on the ground. By holding the lever and pushing to the desired direction, the driver can conveniently and quickly make turns.

The sled is made from high-density polyethylene plastic, which ensures durability and, at the same time, impressive resistance to cold, corrosion, and cracks. It is vibrantly colored and equipped with decals to make the sled stand out among all sleds.


Airhead Rocket Plastic Snow SledAirhead Rocket Plastic Snow Sled

The Airhead Rocker Plastic Snow Sled comes at a low price of less than $20. This single passenger sled is made from high impact polyethylene plastic that withstands extremely cold temperatures, corrosion, and breakage from heavy loads or impacts. The molded handles enable the rider to steer easily toward any direction without getting outbalanced.

The sled is fairly light with only 3.52 ounces for its total weight and with total dimensions of 34 x 20 x 4 inches to make it easy to fit and store even in tight spaces. It can also accommodate two little passengers or no more than 120 lbs.