The 20 Best Men’s Running Shoes under $100

Running is a great way to burn calories, increase your heart and lung health, and keep muscles fit. It really is a workout activity that should be enjoyed and practiced often. But you can only enjoy running if you have a good pair of shoes.

Running shoes should be comfortable and secure. They should not make your feet feel cramped or unsupported in any way. They also need to be tight enough that they don’t rub on any part of your foot while you move. They should also be light and flexible.

There are other features that you can look forward to better enjoy that morning or evening run, so here’s our review of the best running shoes available for less than $100.

Brooks Men’s Launch 5 Running ShoesBrooks Men’s Launch 5 Running Shoes

The Brooks Men’s Launch 5 running shoes feature a classic design. They feature neutral support, but are extremely lightweight. One size-12 shoe, for instance, only weighs 12 ounces. They also feel great. Created with 3D Fit Print technology, the upper part of the shoe provides a firm but stretchable fit. You’ll especially enjoy the stretching as your work your feet over a long run and feel them start to swell. Be aware that the brand doesn’t recommend relying on stretch alone. They also advise wearers to buy a half-size up.

In the shoe is a single piece of mesh fabric that provides both breathability and ample cushioning with a secure fit. You can also remove the footbed to wash it or replace it as needed. The BioMoGo DNA midsole is quite durable despite being engineered to break down quickly once it hits the landfill.

The transition zone at midfoot and the segmented crash pad on the heel flex together so that you can have a quicker, more comfortable stride. The blown rubber at the front of the foot also gives you an extra bit of spring in your step. If you’re a performance runner, this shoe will help you make the most of your talent.

Besides running, the Brooks Launch 5 shoes are also perfect for all other outdoor or casual events. They come in eight different attractive color combinations and patterns, some of which are more traditional, some of which are bolder to suit your taste.

Purchase / $80

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Winflo 5 Running ShoesNike Men’s Air Zoom Winflo 5 Running Shoes

These Nike Air Zoom Winflo 5 running shoes are a wonderful choice for lightweight shoes that will make you feel like you’re running with some extra bounce. They are perfectly cushioned, comfortable and, most importantly, breathable. All these qualities are due to the quality of engineering and materials brought together in the design of these shoes.

The upper area is made of meshed synthetic fabric for the feet to feel comfortable and cool. The unique Flywire cables, combined with laces, keep the shoe tight to your foot for extra stability.

The sole of these Nike running shoes is also well designed with a soft and cushioned Air Zoom insole to keep the foot dry and comfortable at all times, regardless of the weather conditions. The outsole is made of rubber with a waffle pattern that keeps your feet on track over any terrain. And you can bend the rubber easily, showing that the shoe is flexible and comfortable on your feet.

Despite the Flywire snugness, the entire shoe stretches, making it possible for you to wear it all day without any stress on your toes. The durability of the shoe is guaranteed by its high-quality rubber and fabric.

Besides running, you can wear these attractive shoes almost anywhere. They come in 5 color combinations, featuring black, white, gray, and neon green.

Purchase / $79

Skechers Men’s Go Ride 7 Running ShoesSkechers Men’s Go Ride 7 Running Shoes

These Skechers Go Ride 7 Running Shoes feature a knit fabric top, keeping your foot constantly ventilated and cool. The gusseted tongue also contributes to the amazingly cool and comfortable feeling your feet will enjoy in these shoes. It gives you a little extra room for movement and breathability. The knit fabric also makes the shoe soft, stretchy, and very durable. The cotton laces of these shoes are water resistant and very strong.

The soles of these running shoes are also carefully manufactured to fulfill all your running needs. The insole is very soft and comfortable, and the Flight Gen cushion material makes it highly resistant to wear and tear. The outsole of the Ride 7 shoes includes elastic, giving you a flexible shoe to run on. The outsole is also light, which will help keep you feeling energized on your run.

The bottom of the shoe features a tactile pattern that strengthens the shoe and makes it resistant to skidding. This pattern lowers any chances of you falling when you run on muddy or slippery ground. The sole of this shoe is also non-marking for those of you who run indoors. The upper part of the shoe also includes reflective threads to drivers see you when you go running at night or in the early morning.

Both the inner and outer soles of the Ride 7 running shoes are very soft and twistable, making them the perfect fit for easy movement while you run. The shoes are generally light in weight and, for this reason, they give you the feeling of a softer, more comfortable version of running on bare feet.

This pair of Skechers running shoes is well known for running a little narrow, so make sure to buy a half size up to increase the surface area around your foot. You’ll be glad you did when your feet start to swell from a long trek.

The Skechers Go Ride 7 running shoes come in four color options of black, gray, navy, and bright blue.

Purchase / $85

Reebok Men’s Fast Flexweave Running ShoesReebok Men’s Fast Flexweave Running Shoes

If you are looking to own a pair of shoes that are very durable, reliable, and have a style all their own, then the Reebok Fast Flexweave running shoes are the perfect shoes to buy. These shoes are well known for the construction of their upper portion. If you look closely, you’ll see that the upper part of the shoe is actually made of eight different fibers ranging in thickness, strength, and flexibility. Besides providing a cool breeze for your feet, this construction ensures a safe, comfortable run, along with durability for the shoe itself. It’s lightweight and absorbs any sweat that does accumulate during your run.

The insole of the Fast Flexweave running shoes is made of memory foam, making it ultra-soft and comfortable. It also has a cushion mesh design for that cool feeling you’ll appreciate. The outsole of the shoe is highly elastic and bendable, giving you a flexible shoe for a comfortable time running. It does not slip, so it’s suitable for any area, regardless of the weather conditions. The outsole provides maximum support to your feet and is non-marking for indoor running.

This lightweight shoe is a good choice for running and other outdoor activities, as well as casual wear. They come in nine two-tone or three-tone color options and usually fit true to size for both casual wear and intense running activity.

Purchase / $57

Tesla Men’s Ultra-Lightweight Running ShoesTesla Men’s Ultra-Lightweight Running Shoes

If you are a fan of running in rocky places, then these Tesla running shoes are what you ought to have. These shoes are specifically designed to protect you from harsh surfaces and ensure that your feet do not get abrasions. They are also easy to wear as you simply slip them on. Their many colorful designs are a bonus if you need to have a variety of these shoes.

The material used to make the Tesla running shoes makes them dry quickly, and they are also waterproof, meaning that you can run in wet areas without any worry. Whether inside or outside the water, the grip on these shoes remains strong.

Resilience and elasticity are also key factors that have been considered while designing the Tesla running shoes. The flexible movement of your feet is possible due to the resilience and bendability of this shoe. The fabric of the shoe is stretchy, making you very comfortable while you walk or run.

The sole of the Tesla running shoe is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. The insole, has very comfortable padding, cushioning your foot while you run. It also ensures that your feet do not accumulate sweat.

The outsole is tough and aids in protecting your feet from any outside hazards and rough surfaces. With the ultra-light weight of these shoes, you can run for miles without feeling exhausted.

These Tesla men’s running shoes are available in 16 color options featuring bright and more traditional choices.

Purchase / $14

Under Armour Men’s Speedform Intake 2 Running ShoesUnder Armour Men’s Speedform Intake 2 Running Shoes

The Under Armour Speedform Intake 2 running shoes are uniquely designed to provide a comfortable running experience. The upper part of the shoe is made of soft, meshed fabric, making the shoe breathable and comfortable. The breathability ensures that regardless of the distance you run, your feet remain fresh, free from odor, and dry without any chances of accumulating sweat. The lining is also made using this breathable fabric, further promoting the comfort and air circulation of the shoe.

The collar of the shoe is well-cushioned for maximum comfort. With a soft and meshed insole, you do not have to worry about foot odor. Besides providing ventilation, it is also sweat-absorbent. The outsole of these UA shoes is made of high-quality rubber, making it flexible, stable, and durable. We also enjoy the external heel counter that gives you extra comfort when you land while also propelling you forward.

These running shoes are available in nine color choices featuring shades of black, white, gray, blue, and red, so you can choose the style that most appeals to you. Most runners will want to buy a half size up.

Purchase / $75

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Cruz 2 Running ShoesNew Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Cruz 2 Running Shoes

If you are looking to purchase a pair of shoes that are subtly stylish and provide maximum comfort, then you should consider the New Balance Cruz 2 running shoes. With Fresh Foam, they are extremely comfortable and supportive on the midsole and heel. They are also extremely lightweight, which makes it easy for you to run with them or keep them on all day without feeling exhausted.

These NB running shoes feature a lightweight, breathable mesh material for the upper part. The material is knit, making it very soft and, with the outermost mesh cover, the shoe keeps your feet dry at all times. The softness also makes them very comfortable. Being stretchable, these running shoes can fit feet of many shapes, without the worry of cramped toes and tissues after a long run. The insole also includes mesh and generous padding to keep the feet secure, comfortable, and free of sweat.

The anti-slip rubber outsole makes the shoe safe to run in any area without the fear of losing traction. The sole also makes these shoes very durable as the high-quality rubber can withstand any harsh surfaces that you run or walk on.

They generally fit true to size. Unfortunately, the Cruz 2s only come in black.

Purchase / $64

Asics GT-1000 6 Men’s Running ShoesAsics GT-1000 6 Men’s Running Shoes

Eliminating foot odor is one of the many solutions that the Asics GT-1000 6 men’s running shoes offer you. These shoes have a ComforDry inner sock line that you can remove and wash separately. The insole also has perspiration micro-pores that are shaped like funnels. Their main function is to absorb and remove sweat.

The inner sole is also very breathable to provide constant air circulation in the shoes. This is due to the maximum air cushion included in the insole. This cushion ensures that you are as comfortable as possible so that you can increase your level of physical fitness with a longer running distance.

The durable mesh design on the upper part of these Asics running shoes makes them even more unique. The design is light, thin, and breathable, so it doesn’t add any unwanted weight to your feet, giving you a comfortable run.

The outsole of these running shoes is made of rubber. Rubber is an effective shock absorber that only enhances the bounce you’ll feel with Asics’ patented midsole material. It is lightweight, comfortable, and above all, bendable. This helps to avoid foot stiffness brought on by wearing rigid shoes. The rubber itself makes the shoe resistant to skidding too.

The total package features Asics’ I.G.S. technology. Standing for impact guidance system, it ensures that all parts of the shoe work together to keep you running and walking with a normal gait.

Running true to size, you can pick these up in 13 different color combinations ranging from all black to neon green.

Purchase / $50

Saucony Cohesion 10 Men’s Running ShoesSaucony Cohesion 10 Men’s Running Shoes

These Saucony Cohesion 10 running shoes feature high quality mesh and a durable Grid sole. With this patented material, the shoes provide very good cushioning and traction.

The upper material is reinforced with a 3D-designed mesh fabric with dual ventilation, making the shoe very comfortable. The dual mesh construction also enhances dynamic mobility, and with its perfect fit, the shoe leaves your foot feeling comfortable and refreshed even after a long jog.

The insole of the Cohesion 10 shoe is very well cushioned with a groove that is multidirectional and flexible, thus making the foot quite comfortable. The outer Grid sole of this shoe is strong and provides stability on all surfaces and terrains, no matter how rough they are.

This Saucony shoe is extremely lightweight with each shoe weighing approximately 6 ounces. It is also very flexible and soft with breathable mesh, giving your feet a comfortable and dry feeling.

Besides running, the 10 low-key and sporty color variations of this shoe make it a perfect choice for other outdoor activities or casual wear.

Purchase / $33

New Balance Men’s 590v3 Running ShoesNew Balance Men’s 590v3 Running Shoes

These New Balance running shoes are some of the best on the market. They are made from high-quality materials to increase their durability. The upper area of the shoe features a logoed quarter panel with foam reinforcement to support your feet without compromising on its lightweight, flexible build. The upper area can also stretch to increase the surface area of the shoes to ensure that your toes have enough space. The breathable material keeps your feet feeling cool all day.

The rubber outsole of the 590v3 running shoe contributes to the strength of the shoe, giving it the capacity to withstand running on any rough surface. There are also high treads on the sole that make it resistant to skidding. It is non-marking, which makes the shoe all the more desirable for gym runners.

The insole of this New Balance shoe is soft and comfortable. It is also removable if you feel the need to clean or replace it. The insole is designed to absorb sweat, leaving your feet dry and free from odor. With the light weight of this shoe, you can run for miles and stand all day without your feet feeling too tired.

It comes in six sporty colors to fit the personality of any man.

Purchase / $29

Nike Men’s Free Run 2018 Running ShoesNike Men’s Free Run 2018 Running Shoes

These Nike Free Run running shoes are a great choice if you are in need of wear-resistant and adaptable shoes. With a tennis-net upper side design, the shoe has great air circulation to keep your feet feeling cool and fresh all day. The mesh also makes the shoe breathable, protecting your feet from any odor that could arise from lack of air in the shoe. This area also stretches to provide a more comfortable but secure fit for your feet.

The soles of the Free Runs are well-cushioned for running on hard surfaces. The insole is also soft, breathable, and removable. Your feet will enjoy a soft landing with this insole, and they will also appreciate being well-aerated with constant air circulation. Rinse it between runs and keep it smelling it fresh all the time.

The outsole is made of rubber, making the shoe flexible. You can bend it freely, ensuring that it will be easy for you to run on it comfortably.

Water resistance is an added advantage of this pair of shoes. They remain in perfect condition even when you run in waterlogged areas. And the lightweight nature of these shoes makes running more rewarding as you won’t feel your feet dragging any extra weight.

These Nike Free Run running shoes come in 16 incredibly stylish designs and generally fit true to size.

Purchase / $69

Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 21 Running ShoesMizuno Men’s Wave Rider 21 Running Shoes

If you want to achieve a soft, lively, and lightweight feeling when you run, the Mizuno running shoes might be your best choice. The design of this shoe features an upper area fitted with a mesh material to give your feet a plush, soft sock-like feeling that is also breathable.

The soles of the Mizuno shoe also contribute to its comfort and durability. With a rubber outsole, the shoe is not only soft, but it is also very suited to running in rough areas. You won’t need to fear quick wear and tear with this outsole. The insole of the shoe is well-cushioned to give your feet the feeling of walking on clouds.

Additionally, the inside of the Mizuno Wave Rider shoes has a soft, cushioned lining that is breathable to ensure constant air circulation. This lining, together with the insole, aids in keeping your feet dry and free from odor. The lining also offers extra arch support to the shoe.

You can purchase the Wave Riders in fashionable black, gray, navy, bright blue, or gecko.

Purchase / $80

New Balance Men’s MX409 Cross-Training ShoeNew Balance Men’s MX409 Cross-Training Shoe

The New Balance MX409 running shoes are popular for their wonderful design and the tight fit that they provide for your feet. The synthetic mesh material used to make the upper area of the shoe is of the highest quality, making these shoes very durable. The shoes are easy to put on and with classic cross-trainer cotton laces that provide a tight fit for your feet. A padded collar keeps your feet very comfortable.

The soles of the MX409 also contribute to their durability. The insole is cushioned with mesh foam, renowned for its softness. The mesh design continuously circulates air within the shoe, leaving your foot completely fresh and free from sweat and odor. The footbed of the shoe is also made of foam, and this gives your shoe a smooth and comfortable feeling all day. The non-marking outsole of the shoe is durable and, with the synthetic material used to strengthen it, you can run in these for a long time without the shoe showing any signs of wear.

These cross-training shoes are also extremely lightweight. This is an advantage as you can run for longer distances without feeling weighed down from your shoes. You can also stand all day, and your toes will remain relaxed and comfortable. These running shoes are a good fit for any other outdoor activities as well as daily casual wear. Unfortunately, they’re only available in white or black.

Purchase / $33

Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ultimate Running ShoesAdidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ultimate Running Shoes

For excellent traction while you run, consider purchasing the Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate Running Shoes. They are made of a rubber sole that provides great grip while you run. The cloth mesh upper area of the shoes makes them breathable, ensuring that your feet enjoy cool air throughout your run. You’ll notice the reduction in sweat and odor if you’ve never owned a pair of running shoes like this.

With a soft Cloudfoam midsole that is sufficiently cushioned, your feet remain perfectly aerated and comfortable even when you decide to wear these all day. The soft foam contributes to the lightweight quality of the shoe, which enables you to extend your running experience as you will not get exhausted from running with heavy shoes.

Durability is also a strong point with the Ultimate Running Shoes. The rubber sole is very tough and allows you to run on hard pavement or rocky terrain without fast wear and tear. Its flexibility is also an added advantage as your feet will be relaxed throughout the run.

With a simple but stylish design, these shoes come in 12 different colors (including a unique shade of salmon) that you can wear for more than just exercise.

Purchase / $48

Reebok Men’s One Guide Running ShoesReebok Men’s One Guide Running Shoes

If you’re looking for a basic running shoe that delivers great lateral arch support and pronation control, then the Reebok One Guide running shoes are exactly what you need. These shoes are designed with a low top and generously wide pronation release areas to accommodate different sizes of feet. With their lightweight design, these shoes can greatly improve your running experience as they ensure that you won’t get overly tired from the weight of your shoes.

Their structure includes a vented mesh design to provide breathability, keeping your feet always aerated. Additionally, the mesh structure hastens the drying of your feet in case of any sweating, leaving your feet feeling cool all day long.

The outsole of the One Guide running shoes is made of a breathable tennis mesh ramp. This makes it elastic and extremely lightweight, giving you a comfortable run. The outsole is also elastic, meaning that the shoe can stretch, reducing compression on your feet. At the sole’s bottom is a classic anti-skid pattern to provide stability. You’ll notice the good grip that these shoes have, providing adequate traction even on wet surfaces.

These Reebok One Guide running shoes come in an attractive white and gray pattern.

Purchase / $72

Camel Fishbone Men’s Running ShoesCamel Fishbone Men’s Running Shoes

As the name suggests, the Camel Fishbone running shoes have a hollow fish design on the side which is accessorized by openwork nets and feathered uppers. This design makes the shoes breathable, keeping your feet very cool and dry, as they are constantly aerated while the sides circulate heat and promote timely perspiration.

The midsole of the Camel Fishbone running shoe has a tough design which is also gentle on the feet. With a TPR outsole, these shoes are non-slip and scratch-resistant, making them a good choice for you if you like running in areas with tough terrain. The outsole also serves the purpose of supporting the heels of your feet so that if you do slide during a run, you won’t have to worry about ankle damage.

The insole has a soft EVA foam cushioning and, with a dehumidified honeycomb, the shoe is plenty comfortable for any occasion regardless of the weather conditions. It is also super lightweight, providing a natural running experience that is very comfortable.

The stylish appearance of this pair of shoes makes it possible for you to wear them to all casual events. They come in six color choices featuring shades of black, gray, red, and blue.

Purchase / $30

Belilent Men’s Knit Breathable Running ShoesBelilent Men’s Knit Breathable Running Shoes

These stylish, well designed Belilent shoes are some of the best running shoes available. The material used to make them is sweat-absorbent and breathable, and, to prevent odor, the shoes are also fitted with a deodorant sterilizer inside them.

The upper part of the Belilent shoe is made of mesh fabric, the purpose of which is to ensure constant air circulation, making these shoes reliable for running in both dry and wet conditions. The shoe is also very soft and flexible, making it easy for you to run comfortably without the stiffness brought about by too rigid of a sole.

The elastic sole of the Belilent men’s shoe is clear proof of its efficiency and durability. The elasticity is reinforced to last longer with the strong ribs that are available on the shoe. The cushioned sole is made of a weave-mesh fabric that is very breathable, making the shoe soft and always dry. The softness of the shoe protects the muscles of your foot, leg, and hip as you run.

The outsole of the shoe, besides being very durable, provides a fit that is very flexible. With its anti-slip properties, the outsole also provides great traction, keeping your foot in place even in wet conditions.  while you run. An increased sole life is guaranteed due to the rotating sole design of the shoe.

The Belilent shoe is light in weight (250 grams per shoe), making it perfect for running and any other outdoor activities. Besides its benefits for running, it also helps you look cool while you run with 17 different color, pattern, and tongue options.

Purchase / $15

Asics Gel-Venture 6 Men’s Running ShoesAsics Gel-Venture 6 Men’s Running Shoes

The Asics Gel-Venture 6 running shoes are a great pair to own, especially for its gel heel support. This feature, in addition to keeping your feet comfortable with shock absorption, also helps you transition from landing to push off again. The inner part of the shoe features a removable sock liner that you can wash and keep out for improved comfort. The insole itself is made of soft foam that keeps your feet very comfortable.

The upper area of the shoe is knitted with a mesh material that allows the feet to breathe, preventing sweating and foot odor. The lightweight rubber sole is also an indication that the shoe will greatly improve your running experience as it won’t give you any extra weight to slow you down.

On the bottom of the rubber outsole is a pattern with flexible grooves, giving them a fine grip and the ability to resist skidding. This rubber sole is carefully stitched to the shoes to increase their durability.

The Gel-Venture 6 running shoes fit true to size and are also very stylish. They come in 12 different colors that you can wear for any casual activity.

Purchase / $40

Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 Running ShoesUnder Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

As opposed to other shoe designs we’ve seen so far, the Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 6 running shoes are unique because they include a leather overlay to keep your foot secure. The upper fabric is meshed and, with this ventilation, leaves your feet cool and dry throughout the run due to the constant air circulation. The running shoes also have a quick-drying property, so even if you run in the rain, they’ll be ready to go again by the next morning.

The soles of these shoes are made with durable materials that increase the lifespan of your shoes. The Micro G insole cushions your landings while the soft EVA foam sock liner keeps your feet cool and comfortable all day. The rubber outsole fully supports your feet and gives them a tight grip on any surface.

With their ability to keep your feet cool and comfortable, the Assert 6 running shoes are fit for all outdoor activities. They are also very lightweight, which can help improve your running performance with the feeling of running on your bare feet.

The design and color options are attractive but basic. It comes in six color patterns featuring white, black, gray, and blue.

Purchase / $62

Nike Men’s Downshifter 8 Running ShoesNike Men’s Downshifter 8 Running Shoes

Like the Under Armour Assert 6s above, the Nike Downshifter 8 running shoes also include a leather arch band that you can tighten or loosen to give you a perfect fit. This flexibility is what makes them perfect for running as it ensures that they will keep your foot secure while providing enough stretch to prevent your foot from getting cramped after a long run.

The upper portion of these running shoes is made of a breathable and lightweight knit material that keeps your feet cool and comfortable at all times. With the light weight of these shoes, you can run for miles without your feet getting exhausted first.

The rubber outsole of the Downshifter 8 running shoe is very tough. It is durable and flexible enough to let your feet move freely while you run. Although the rubber makes the shoe light, the buffer it creates between your foot and the ground is enough to keep your feet comfortable the entire time you are wearing these shoes.

The pattern on the bottom of the rubber sole ensures that the shoe tightly grips the road or trail surface and prevents any skidding. This makes the shoe safe and suitable for any conditions.

These attractive Nikes come in 12 different color combinations. Wear them as your regular tennis shoes or keep them as your dedicated running sneakers.

Purchase / $47