The 18 Best Tactical Pants

Tactical pants are extremely durable and practical for people who need high-quality and comfort for their activities. They’re so flexible and lightweight that even police officers and military personnel wear them. However, don’t think that they are only for special forces. Outdoorsy people who need highly resistant clothes also benefit from wearing this type of pants.

To help you choose which pair (or pairs) to buy, we’ve compiled a list of the 18 best tactical pants currently available.

5.11 Tactical Apex Pants5.11 Tactical Apex Pants

Someone who knew first-hand that regular pants are simply not enough for certain activities created these pants. This was the case of mountain climber Royal Robbins. Since he already owned a clothing company, he simply decided to experiment and create pants that would be comfortable and durable for these endeavors. As the company grew, people at the FBI became interested in these pants. After Robbins sold the brand, the new CEO decided to partner with the FBI, and this skyrocketed the company’s profile and earnings.

These Apex pants by 5.11 Tactical are very versatile, which is one of the aspects you’ll like the most about them. You can wear them for mountain climbing, but you can also wear them as casual wear for everyday life. Thanks to the Teflon technology on their surface, this model is also anti-stain. Considering that any activity related to nature might end up with us having dirt on our clothes, this is an essential feature.

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Vertx Phantom LT Practical PantsVertx Phantom LT Practical Pants

These Phantom Pants are great for when you need as much discretion as possible without sacrificing tactical features. These pants can easily pass for your regular office wear. However, they have a myriad of features that clearly distinguish them from regular trousers. The numerous and spacious pockets are one of these characteristics. For security, there are internal pockets specially sized for things like your passport or keys. And aside from the standard reinforcements, they’re also waterproof. The belt loops are not as big as other models, which might limit you if you want to clip something onto them. Lastly, they’re more affordable than many other models.

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Triple Aught Design Recon AC PantsTriple Aught Design Recon AC Pants

This company is based in San Francisco, California, and it caters to both military and police forces, as well as people interested in outdoor activities. Their mission is to provide the perfect clothing for adventurous clients who want to explore the world. Therefore, they have placed high quality and functionality as their two main targets for every one of their designs.

These pants are great for undercover work. They can blend in perfectly, despite having a multitude of pockets. You can carry your gun, EDC knives, and other self-defense equipment without drawing attention to yourself. They are also very useful for outdoorsy people or travelers. These pants are ideal to carry everything you need without looking out of place wherever you are.


5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants

5.11 Tactical is one of the biggest tactical pants’ manufacturers in the market, and this is why they have more than one place in our ranking. Their Taclite Pro Pants have interesting features that make them even more special than the classic models you’ll see. One of these is the fact that they have a knife pocket. This pocket can also be the place where you place a magazine if you’re carrying a firearm. In addition, they have triple stitching. This is to ensure that the pants are as durable as possible.

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Tru Spec Original 24-7 Tactical PantsTru Spec Original 24-7 Tactical Pants

ATLANCO is one of the oldest tactical uniform providers in the United States. It was founded in 1950 by Jack Zaglin. They later changed the name to Tru Spec. This was done to convey the fact that items from this brand are made according to the regulations – or true specifications – established by the American government for this type of special clothing. Although they are an American brand, their biggest factory is located in Honduras. They’ve further expanded these past few years, and this has led them to create business relationships internationally, including with countries such as South Korea.

The 24-7 Tactical Pants manufactured by Tru Spec is one of the most classical models available. Without much flare, they provide anything you might need. This includes deep pockets for anything you might need to carry, as well as reinforcements in the area of the knees. This will ensure that your pants won’t wear and tear due to your activities. In addition, the surface of these pants resists stains, which will come in handy no matter what you’re doing. Lastly, they dry very quickly, an added plus if you are out on the water or get caught out in the rain.

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Caterpillar Men’s Cargo Pants with Holster PocketsCaterpillar Men’s Cargo Pants with Holster Pockets

This company was founded in 1924 by Benjamin Holt, and today, is ranked among the Fortune 100. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, they have become the main construction equipment manufacturer worldwide. This has allowed them to expand their offerings well beyond heavy equipment into different clothing lines, still characterized by the high-quality of their products. This is what brought them to the market of tactical pants.

These Cargo Pants with Holster Pockets are a handyman’s dream. Forget about the tool belt; thanks to these pockets, you will be able to carry any tools you need, from a hammer, to a handgun… or even six handguns. They have more than enough space to house any number of things. This is what makes them a favorite at shooting ranges and construction sites alike.


Dickies Tactical Ripstop Cargo PantsDickies Tactical Ripstop Cargo Pants

E.E. Dickie and C.N. Williamson founded this company in 1922. What started as a clothes’ provider for ranchers and farmers is now an international business. They offer different options across a wide range of fields, from the medical industry to automotive workwear.

These pants are some of the more stylish out there. They might even pass as your regular pants until you start to take advantage of all the other features they provide. One of these features is the reinforcement of the area over your knees. Besides, there’s a slot for you to slide knee pads into in case you need them. Aside from being stainless, these pants also have a special pocket to place your knife.


Arc’teryx Palisade Tactical PantsArc’teryx Palisade Tactical Pants

Arc´teryx was first founded under the name Rock Solid in 1989. The first owner, David Lane, sold his share shortly after. Only a few years later, the brand name changed to its current one. The name corresponds to that of one of the first birds that ever existed. Therefore, the brand is all about evolution, and it has incorporated new technology into its designs. From mountain climbing gear to clothing for extreme weather and conditions, Arc´teryx is known as one of the best brands in the market.

These tactical pants have one of the most unique features. They include UVA and UVB protection. This means that they can protect you from the harsh sun rays you might encounter. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about losing anything, as the pockets all have zippers. Also, if you happen to end up soaked for one reason or another, the fabric dries very quickly. Lastly, the pockets have holes for drainage, meaning that you won’t have any water weighing you down. You can also wear them as hiking pants.


Under Armour Storm Tactical Patrol PantsUnder Armour Storm Tactical Patrol Pants

This company started in a grandma’s basement. Specifically, Kevin Plank’s grandma’s basement. Kevin was an athlete in college, and he was tired of having soaked clothes after training. This led him to develop a new type of shirt made of a different material. He then went on to sell the shirts from the trunk of his car until he landed his first big sale. From there, recognized athletes caught wind of it and started to wear Plank’s designs. Today, Under Armour has an international presence across all continents. This has led them to expand their offering to include everything from cool gear to tactical pants.

One of the highlights of these Tactical Patrol Pants is that despite being waterproof, they’re extremely light. The fabric is very breathable, providing you with the ultimate comforts. Besides, they are long and wide enough to fit over your boots, providing you with full coverage. Also, these pants come with belt loops that will allow you to strap different items on them. This makes for very easy access if you need to draw something quickly.

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5.11 Men’s Stryke Pants5.11 Men’s Stryke Pants

Another one of 5.11 great creations is the Stryke Pants. These allow you to carry everything you need in the have numerous and spacious pockets distributed throughout the pants. Furthermore, they’re casual enough that you won’t stand out if you find yourself at a picnic instead of out mountain climbing. They’re very useful in case you’re a police officer, and they even have a place designed for your badge. One of the most remarkable things about the Stryke Pants is how comfortable they are without sacrificing your range of motion.

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Propper HLX PantPropper HLX Pant

William S. Propper founded this award-winning company in 1967. The first huge deal he made was with the U.S. government. His company supplied the white hats worn by the U.S. Navy. Since then, the company has expanded both its products and the branches of the military and law enforcement it serves. They’re now one of the biggest suppliers for the military. The quality of their products has earned them numerous awards given by the U.S. government. They also widened their offerings to include gear for law enforcement officers and firefighters. They now offer their products online as well.

Just to consider that the military currently uses Propper’s products is a statement of their quality. These HLX Pants are very flexible, a feature that will probably be of great benefit to you during your activities. And aside from numerous visible pockets, there are also concealed side pockets. This is a bonus for people in law enforcement that want to stay unnoticed. The price is solidly in the mid-range among all the other options, a definite plus for such high-quality material.

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Blackhawk Lightweight Tactical PantsBlackhawk Lightweight Tactical Pants

A former Navy SEAL with experience in faulty equipment decided to create something durable for his brothers and sisters in the military forces. This is one of the things that makes Blackhawk such a great brand. The first-hand experience is evident in everything they create. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to have the best quality designed by experts in the field. As the company expanded, it developed its line of tactical items.

The Blackhawk Lightweight pants are one of the best in the market. With double layers in important parts, such as the knees and the seat area, durability is one of their main qualities. Furthermore, the fabric is made to avoid stains, and it’s also water-repellent. You will get wet if you caught in a downpour, but less intense contact with water will keep you entirely dry. A unique feature is the fact that the pockets close magnetically and that they have internal webbing. This way, you have the perfect support for all of the things you need to carry.

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Vertx Travail Tactical PantsVertx Travail Tactical Pants

The Vertx brand was created in 2009. However, the company it belongs to, Fechheimer, has over 175 years of experience in the industry. From the American Civil War to current military clothing, they’ve been there. This is what makes them one of the biggest clothing suppliers of the United States military. Interestingly, they created the first set of tactical pants due to a request made by the United States government. They now have a wide number of styles and models to offer, adapting to the varying needs of their customers.

These tactical pants come with double stitching to guarantee their durability. Furthermore, they have more than enough pockets to fit all the things you might want to carry. Despite this, they continue to have a stylish design that won’t draw unwanted attention to your pants, and thanks to the articulated knees, you’ll have the flexibility required to perform your duties or outdoor activities comfortably and easily.

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Bonfire Tactical PantsBonfire Tactical Pants

Brad Steward, a professional snowboarder, founded Bonfire Outerwear in 1989. After gaining a lot of recognition among fellow athletes, the brand grew quickly. Salomon Group acquired it and allowed it to grow even further, becoming part of the international market. Since their foundation, they have expanded their line of products so that now, what began as a snowboarding brand only is has become a provider of different equipment and clothing items. Their tactical line looks to provide both protection and discretion for wearers.

The Bonfire Tactical pants are waterproof yet breathable. They also have an adjustable waist, which allows you more comfort during the day or night. A unique characteristic of these pants is the boot hooks it comes with. This allows for further protection of this part of your body. They also have seat and knee reinforcements to ensure greater durability.

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Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical PantsHelikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants

This company was founded in Poland in 1983. At first, it was a surplus retailer, meaning that they would sell the excess equipment leftover from prior deals made by other companies. However, in 1990, they began to manufacture and sell their own products. As time went by, they created their own research & development team with the purpose of being able to manufacture modern products of the highest quality. They now have an international presence, with strong business deals in the United States. Their tactical gear is characterized for having a casual and urban style.

These pants are filled with small details that make all the difference. Some of the pockets have zippers on them to protect weather-sensitive items. The pants are long to cover your tactical combat boots, and they have a small percentage of Spandex to allow flexibility. Despite this, they have a more tailored feel than many, allowing you to look great and casual without sacrificing tactical features. Some pockets have reinforcements to allow you to clip your items onto them. Finally, the pants are entirely double-stitched for greater durability.


Under Armor Tactical Medic PantsUnder Armor Tactical Medic Pants

Under Armor has different types of tactical pants. Some are more specialized than others. Their Medic Pants have a large number of pockets available for specific medical items. These include things like epi-pens to small-sized flashlights. For medics on the field, they even have a concealed ankle pocket. This is perfect in case you need to carry a self-defense knife. The price is higher than most models out there, but considering the special features these pants have, it might be worth it.


Blackhawk Tac Life PantBlackhawk Tac Life Pant

Another great product manufactured by the Blackhawk brand is these Tac Life Pants. Like many other models, they have Teflon technology, allowing for oil, water, and other elements to simply slip off instead of creating a stain. They have numerous pockets with multi-purpose qualities, allowing you to avoid carrying a backpack and keep everything within easy reach, including your knife. They are pricier than the majority of models though.


Condor 608 Sentinel Tactical PantsCondor 608 Sentinel Tactical Pants

Condor Outdoor has been producing great equipment for over 25 years. However, they didn’t get started with tactical gear. At first, they only sold items designed for camping. This was a great starting point for other types of rugged gear. This included tactical gear, which is now used by the United States military. They have made their designs available to police forces as well.

The Condor 608 Sentinel Tactical Pants is one of the most durable out there. With reinforcements and the best material, their resilience is outstanding. Furthermore, they feature hidden pockets. This is a great resource for police officers that need to go unnoticed. In addition, the pants provide enough range of motion to run, crouch, and jump without them ripping. A downside is that the flaps over the pockets don’t make them look as casual as other models.