The 21 Best Tactical Flashlights

A tactical flashlight is a very important tool to carry in your bag or emergency kit especially if you are a fireman, a police officer, military personnel, or even a hunter, camper, backpacker or a survivalist. Now, we do not need to be one of them to know that we need a really good flashlight. We also need not wait until we experience emergency situations before we look for one to have. Our homes should already have it, especially if you are in an area always experiencing blackouts or natural disasters. We don’t want to end up panicking just looking for a flashlight only to realize that you didn’t even purchase it.

FBI statistics show that most of the violent crimes happen in the dark so it really pays to be ready with a high quality flashlight at all times. When going on a walk or heading out for a night time event, it’s better to always be ready for an occasion with one.

What really is a tactical flashlight? The word “tactical”, emphasizes the idea of winning in a warfare/combat situation.* So, tactical flashlights are not just like the flashlights your old Granny used. These are made in much higher quality and designed to work for you when you need them. They’re built with better materials, have some level of water-proofing and to a certain extent, can temporarily blind a person, which is a nice option to have for self-defense. To make it short, these are very durable flashlights. Did I mention they’re usually pretty compact too? That’s probably our favorite part about them!


EagleTac DX30LC2-R Rechargeable Flashlight BaseEagleTac DX30LC2-R Rechargeable Flashlight Base

Perfect for use while camping, hunting, hiking and more, the EagleTac DX30LC2-R Rechargeable Flashlight Base Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, 1160 lm is powerful enough to get you through the night. This flashlight burns at an impressive 1,160 lumens that can shine hundreds of feet in front of you in order to light up your path, no matter where it takes you or on what sort of terrain. This flashlight comes with a para-cord lanyard that clips onto the flashlight with a quick attachment clip, making this rugged flashlight even more convenient and ideal for survival situations.

The EagleTac also comes with a heavy-duty nylon holster for keeping it secure on your belt. With this flashlight, you can attach it to your pants or bag as well simply by taking advantage of the clip that comes on the side of the flashlight near the easy-to-operate engagement button.

Maximum Lumens: 1160
Maximum Runtime: 150+ Hours
Battery Type: 1×18650 Li-ion or 2xCR123A2



Convoy C8Convoy C8

The Convoy C8 XP-L HI 71358 Integrated Head Long Range LED Flashlight (Random: Design) is easy to grab onto and carry with you in any sort of camping, hunting or emergency situation. This flashlight features comfortable grips that make it ergonomic and easy to grasp to ensure that you do not drop it. The base of the C8 is slender and the shaft is long, allowing for a comfortable grip no matter which way it is that you decide to hold it. The luminous side of the flashlight is large and bulbous, ensuring plenty of space for the ultra bright LED light to make its way out of the flashlight. Operating it is easy and takes only seconds for the light to appear. It offers a long-range design that can send light beaming out ahead of you for long distances. The battery lasts for hours to ensure that you are able to see when you need your vision in the dark the most.

Maximum Lumens: 1,000
Battery type: 1×18650 battery
Case Material: HAIII military grade hard-anodized



Olight S1 Baton TitaniumOlight S1 Baton Titanium

The Olight S1 Baton Titanium is a flashlight that comes in a variety of different colors so that you are able to choose one of the six that best suits your sense of style. This baton style flashlight has been miniaturized in order to make portability simple. The flashlight takes advantage of Cree XM-L2 LED and TIR lens in order to bring you plentiful light, able to light the path easily. It offers 550 lumens which are able to shine a bright beam into the dark for hundreds of feet. The body of the Olight S1 is made out of durable, resilient and reliable materials like titanium alloy and copper. These materials working together create a strong and sturdy flashlight that will be able to last for years to come. On the body are ergonomic grips that ensure that the flashlight stays in your hand and will not slip out when you are using it to ensure usability.

Maximum Lumens: 550
Maximum Runtime: 40+
Battery Type: CR123A (3V 1500mAh)
Case Material: Titanium Alloy




Thrunite TN42Thrunite TN42

The Thrunite TN42 flashlight is a high power flashlight that delivers incredible amounts of illumination to light your path wherever you go, no matter the situation. This high output flashlight is able to shine with as many as 2,000 lumens at a time to ensure that whether you are camping or in an emergency situation, you have all of the power that you need to light the way. You can project a beam up to 1,550 meters ahead of you thanks to the sheer number of lumens that are generated by this flashlight. This flashlight comes with ThruNite ITC technology that stops any sort of damage it might otherwise receive from overheating. Its interface is user friendly and intelligent to ensure that navigating the Thrunite TN42 flashlight feels natural to use. It is for use with rechargeable 18650 batteries that you can buy in pairs in order to keep one charged at all times. This ensures that you are always prepared, no matter what.

Maximum Lumens: 2000
Maximum Runtime: 20+ hours
Battery Type: four 18650




Nitecore P12Nitecore P12

The Nitecore P12 flashlight is a high-output flashlight that delivers plenty of light and makes it ideal for power outages, storm emergencies, hunting trips and camping all the same. This flashlight offers a maximum output of 1,000 lumens which is able to reach up to 232 meters ahead of you. It has a peak beam intensity of 13,500 cd and can concentrate light anywhere that you need it to go. The CREE XM-L2 U2 LED is durable and reliable, able to run for 520 hours without needing any sort of maintenance. This promises that you will always have a flashlight at the ready when you need it the most. The Nitecore P12 flashlight comes with a side switch interface that gives you one-handed operation as well as easy access to any of the many functions that this flashlight offers. It even has an intelligent memory that will remember your preferred brightness setting and automatically “load” to that setting upon start up.

Maximum Lumens: 1000
Maximum Runtime: up to 520 hours
Battery type: 1×18650 2xCR123



Streamlight 88031 ProTacStreamlight 88031 ProTac

Powerfully bright, the Streamlight flashlight provides a high beam that offers plenty of light to help you navigate through a power outage as easily as you can navigate a thick, dense forest. This high output flashlight burns brightly at 1,000 lumens, allowing you to illuminate more than 232 meters ahead of you for clear vision no matter where you are. The flashlight’s beam is able to run for 520 hours without needing any sort of replacement to ensure that you are able to use it in many different situations to come. Its peak beam intensity is 13,500 cd, and its side switch interface provides one-handed operation that is ideal for lighting your path on the go. This also provides you with easy access to all of the unique functions featured on the flashlight. Its power indicator will let you know when it is time to change the battery, and its smart function will always remember the last beam setting.

Maximum Lumens: 350
Maximum Runtime: 4.25 Hours
Battery type: AA Alkaline, AA Lithium, or CR123A Lithium
Case Material: Anodized Aluminum



Surefire Defender SeriesSurefire Defender Series

The Surefire Defender Series flashlight is a highly portable tool that can keep you safe in an emergency situation in your home while lighting the path through your hunting grounds just as well. Its ultra bright C4 LED technology ensures up to 50,000 hours of life before it will need a replacement to ensure that it is always there and at the ready when you need it the most. The one-handed operation capability lets you use it while in motion, giving you the ability to cycle through the three different modes with one hand with ease. The modes include momentary, strobe or variable intensity. Its IPX7 waterproof design ensures that it will not take water damage in the rain, and it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water. Its removable pocket clip allows it to be stored on the belt loops of your pants or in your pocket in order to suit your specific needs.

Maximum Lumens: 500
Maximum Runtime: 67.75
Battery type: 123A lithium battery
Case Material: aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized



SOG Dark EnergySOG Dark Energy

The SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-03 is a flashlight that burns as bright as 128 lumens at a time. It can offer 66 hours of light on its 100 percent high setting. There are five different settings for you to choose from depending on your needs at the time. It uses an LED bulb that offers a wide span of light coverage and is water resistant up to 30 minutes of immersion.


– White LED Cree RS bulb. The SOG Dark Energy Flashlight DE-03 offers ultra bright and robust LED technology that provides incredible brightness in the dead of night. It offers 128 lumens when operating it on high mode which offers 66 hours of light at a time on its maximum brightness level; 18 lumens and 43 hours on low mode; and four hours on strobe mode. It has a peak beam of intensity of 4,250.

– Long lifespan. You can get many hours of light with a single bulb before needing to change or replace it. The solid-state power regulation is responsible for providing maximum output of light throughout its battery life. It runs on a single AA battery which makes it simple to carry extras and replace them as needed.

– Five operation modes. The SOG Dark Energy runs at five different modes for you to choose from depending on your needs: fully on at 100 percent light levels; momentary on; low which sits at 40 percent brightness; reading, which delivers four lumens; and strobe for any situation that calls for it.

– Water-resistant design. This flashlight has been given a waterproof rating of IPX7 which makes it resistant against water immersion up to one meter with a 30-minute immersion time. This makes it ideal for those who love to go camping or hiking and might be around water on their trips.

– Battery powered. You won’t need to worry about the power of the SOG Dark Energy dying mid use as it uses AA batteries. This means that you can simply replace the battery when it grows weak and keep a few on hand for that occasion.

– Small and lightweight. The SOG Dark Energy is ready to go wherever you go, whether that means clipped to your belt loop, inside of your bag or inside of your pocket. This flashlight is ultra lightweight and weighs in at only 3.8 ounces. It measures 4.5 inches in length.


– Holster. It does not come with a holster which might make some people offput by it. That said, it does come with a clip that makes it accessible at a moment’s notice all the same.





J5 Tactical V1-PROJ5 Tactical V1-PRO

The J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight is a flashlight that runs at up to 300 lumens at one time to provide you with plenty of light wherever you go. It can project a light beam up to 600 feet at one time to ensure you can always see ahead of you. This light comes with three modes to choose from, low, high or strobe to suit any situation. It is durable, rugged and water resistant, available with a helpful clip on attachment for easy toting anywhere you go.


– Ultra bright design. It runs at a maximum output of 300 lumens, able to light up the night on even the darkest of evenings. This light can send itself out up to 600 feet to ensure that you are always aware of what lies ahead of you. This is great especially for hiking or camping at night so that you can avoid any obstacles in your way.

– Intelligent modes. The J5 Tactical V1-PRO allows you to choose from three different settings in order to suit your specific needs. Choose the high beam mode for when you are trekking through the dark or setting up your tent for the night and need to be able to see a lot of space at one time. Choose the low setting for smaller applications such as reading or for lighting up a small tent. You can even use the strobe mode for situations where you need to get someone’s attention.

– Two battery options. Choose between using a single AA battery and bringing a few extra along on your camping trip or hikes to keep you well stocked or an 18650 rechargeable battery for shorter treks out into the wild. Both of them will provide hours of use.

– Pocket clip. It comes with a pocket clip that makes it simple for you to tote around on the belt, in or on the pocket, or in or on your hiking bag.


– Not waterproof. If you happen to drop it into water and leave it submerged, there is a risk of damage. That said, it is water resistant, so you can take it with you out into the woods and if it begins to rain, you will be fine. It can also be splashed without damage.




Surefire G2XSurefire G2X

The SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlight is an ultra bright flashlight that is just as good for camping applications as it is for use in an emergency storm kit. This flashlight is comfortable to hold and will not slip out from your hands. It is durably made, constructed out of Nitrolon body and a durable bezel that is made out of anodized aluminum for a rugged all-around form. The LED emitter is considered to be virtually indestructible and produces a brilliant light with the help of its long-lasting bulb. On high, the flashlight emits up to 320 lumens, and on low, it emits up to 15. This makes it ideal for a number of different uses, from trekking through the night to lighting up a small area in the home. This versatile light is ideal for use in a number of applications and always there when you need it.


– Durable and resilient. The SureFire G2X is made out of ultra tough Nitrolon which can protect the insides of the flashlight against any sort of drop damage with ease. It comes with an anodized aluminum bezel to add to its durability. The SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlight even comes with a virtually indestructible LED emitter to make the entire flashlight well made and rugged.

– Two different output levels. The flashlight comes with two different modes of use that you can use depending on your current needs. This includes a high output level of 320 lumens that provides maximum light and can be used while walking down a trail or setting up a tent. Also included is a low output setting that offers 15 lumens of light, making it ideal for use in a tent, reading and more. The low setting offers a longer runtime than the high setting.

– Micro-textured reflectors. The beam that this flashlight produces is strong and intense. This is due to the micro-textured reflectors in the light that send a smooth beam forward.

– Simplistic design is simple to hold. The SureFire offers a smooth, comfortable and ergonomic body with straightforward features.


– No clip or holster. Where most flashlights will come with some sort of a carrying apparatus, this one does not. The SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlight is still simple to carry around and with its smooth body and comfortable size, it can easily fit into your pocket or into your bag or emergency storm box all the same.






Fenix PD35 TacticalFenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC

The Fenix FX-PD35TAC Flashlight is a durable tactical flashlight that can go with you wherever you go. It operates with 1000 lumens that can travel a distance of up to 200 meters, making it ideal for any sort of application where you need to clearly be able to see what is in front of you. It has six different settings for you to choose from using its tail switch, including high, low, turbo, strobe light and more. A side button and a pocket clip make it ideal for one-handed operation.


– One-handed operation. The Fenix Flashlight offers a one-handed operation due to the button that sits on its side. This makes it simple for you to use it when you are hiking or hunting and your other hand is busy with something else.

– Tail switch operates several modes. On the bottom of the Fenix, there is a switch. The switch will take it into its other modes besides its usual brightest setting. These modes include modes such as outdoor mode, turbo mode, strobe mode and low light. Each one is great for different applications.

– Maintains brightness. It will never lose its brightness, even  when low, until the battery is fully depleted. This means that you will get 1000 lumens of light delivered to you when you need it the most, whether that means spending time outdoors in the dark or recovering after a power outage in an emergency storm situation.

– Large throw distance. The Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight offers a long coverage of light that shines your 1000 lumens of light up to 200 meters. This ensures that you will always be able to see what is ahead of you no matter what, making it especially useful for hunting and hiking applications.

– Comfortable size. The Fenix is easy to hold in the hand and has a comfortable grip. It measures 14 inches in size, making it simple to hold and even simpler to store in a backpack or in the pocket. This flashlight also comes with a pocket clip that makes it ideal for attaching to your pants for easy access.


– May get warm to the touch. The Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC Flashlight heats up fairly quickly when you are using it for long periods of time. This may be off putting and may make you want to keep it at rest as often as you can which might hamper your ability to use it for long periods of time when the need arises.



Streamlight 88850 PolyTacStreamlight 88850 PolyTac

The Streamlight 88850 flashlight is a durable, long-lasting flashlight that can withstand tens of thousands of hours of use–50,000 to be exact. The flashlight features reliable C4 LED technology that offers plenty of use without needing to change the bulb. Rated with an IPX7 waterproof rating, this flashlight can withstand the driving rain as well as submersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a time up to one meter, making it perfect for camping and hunting excursions. It offers convenient one-handed operation which allows you to navigate its controls with ease and efficiency. This includes cycling through its three modes: variable intensity, momentary illumination and strobe illumination. It comes with an anti-roll face cap as well as a removable pocket clip. The pocket clip allows you to attach the light to your pocket opening or place it inside your pocket instead depending on your needs. It is powered by two lithium ion CR123A batteries which are long lasting.

Maximum Lumens: 275
Maximum Runtime: 3 hours
Battery type: two 3-Volt CR123A lithium batteries
Case Material: nylon polymer



Pelican 7600Pelican 7600

The Pelican 7600 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is a durable flashlight that can get you through any emergency situation or hunting trip with ease. This bright flashlight offers plenty of illumination and can shine a light down a path a few hundred feet in front of you. Convenient, this flashlight offers a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery. Its battery power will be indicated using the full-time battery level indicator that will show you when it is time to recharge the battery. This flashlight features three different LED colors to choose from along with a few different lighting modes that you can set it to, including low beams, high beams and strobe lighting. With its Ingress Protected IPX8 rating, it is fully submersible without taking any sort of damage. The exterior of the flashlight is made up of type III hard-anodized metal, and there are grips on various parts of the flashlight that ensure you will not drop the light when you need it the most.

Maximum Lumens: 944
Maximum Runtime: up to 29 hours
Battery type: USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Case Material: Type III hard anodized finish



Olight M1 StrikerOlight M1 Striker

The Olight M1 Striker is a bright and dependable flashlight that can get you through any situation that needs dependable lighting. This flashlight boasts 1,000 lumens and can offer a long range of light up to several hundred feet in scope. It is portable and able to fit easily into any pocket or bag. This aggressive flashlight offers dual switches that allow you to navigate through the different available light cycles. The five brightness levels range from .5 to 1,000 lumens in order for you to save battery by only using the amount of light that is needed at any given time. It also includes a strobe mode for you to use when the situation calls for it. The Cree XM-L2 LED light allows the beam to reach as far as possible, and the easy-to-use bezel and interface makes it ideal for any self-defense or home emergency situation such as a power outage.

Maximum Lumens: 1000
Maximum Runtime: up to 60 hours
Battery type: U2 × CR123A batteries or a 1 × 18650 battery



Klarus XT12 GTKlarus XT12 GT

With the Klarus XT12 GT flashlight, you can enjoy plenty of light for up to 50,000 hours without ever needing to maintain or replace the bulb. This is because of the CREE XPH35 HI D4 LED light that delivers a maxed out lumen count of 1,600 lumens which can beam bright light up to 603 meters ahead of you. The Klarus XT12 GT flashlight comes with two d

different programmable settings, including the outdoor setting and the tactical setting. Its interface makes it user friendly and easy to navigate through its different features and modes, including one touch turbo; SOS strobe light; one touch low mode and more. It has a mode memory that will load to the last-used mode when you turn it on. A battery capacity indicator will also tell you when it is time to charge the battery. When it does come time to do so, you can enjoy the ease and convenience that comes with total magnetic charging.

Maximum Lumens: 1600
Battery type: 1x 18650 battery with PCB protection or 2 x CR123A batteries
Case Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum 6061-T6, Type III hard-anodized



Pelican 8060Pelican 8060

The Pelican 8060 flashlight offers an abundance of lumens that are able to clearly light the path, no matter the situation. Whether you are out in the woods or navigating through a power outage at home, this flashlight can help. It offers a maximum of 803 lumens. You can use that many lumens to activate the high setting or use 447 lumens on medium and 25 lumens on the low setting. It can operate for two and a half hours on the high setting, four hours on the medium setting and an impressive 69 hours on the lowest setting to ensure that you always have the light that you need. The beam distance is incredible and ensures that you always have access to the light that you need. It can beam 1,175 feet on high; 870 feet on medium light and 200 feet on the lowest setting. The flashlight has four programmable settings and features a comfortable and ergonomic nonslip grip.

Maximum Lumens: 800
Maximum Runtime: up to 69 hours
Battery type: 4 “C” cell alkaline batteries – rechargable
Case Material: Type III hard anodized finish



Streamlight 75434 StingerStreamlight 75434 Stinger

The Streamlight 75434 Stinger flashlight allows plentiful light to shine from its LED beam, giving you the ability to choose between its three settings. Depending on the setting that you choose, you can extend the life of your flashlight up to four hours at a time. This is on the lowest setting. On the highest setting, you can run it for one hour and 15 minutes, and on the medium setting, you can enjoy light for two hours at a time. The high setting burns lumens as bright as 640; the medium setting offers 340 lumens; and the low setting offers 170 lumens. On the high setting, you can shine the light up to 297 meters; 210 meters on the medium setting, and 148 meters on the lowest setting. It has a 50,000-hour lifetime without you ever needing to change the bulb, and its NiMH battery can be recharged up to an impressive 1,000 times before needing a replacement.

Maximum Lumens: 800
Maximum Runtime: up to 5 hours
Battery type: 3-cell, 3.6 Volt Ni-MH sub-C battery, rechargeable up to 1000 times



Thrunite TC12 V2Thrunite TC12 V2

The Thrunite TC12 V2 flashlight offers a maximum output of 1,100 lumens at a time and can send out a bright, pleasant beam of light as far as 240 meters ahead of you. The flashlight offers five different modes: low, medium, high, turbo and strobe lighting depending on your needs at the time. This Thrunite TC12 V2 flashlight features a stainless steel side switch that allows for convenient one-handed operation which also makes the light more sensitive and easy to engage. It features a smooth reflector beam that makes it easy for searching, law enforcement applications, hunting and military applications due to its design. When you need to charge up the Thrunite TC12 V2 flashlight, you can do so with its convenient and common micro USB charging apparatus which allows you to recharge it virtually anywhere that you need to. A clip on the side makes it ideal for carrying the flashlight attached either to your pocket or inside of the pocket.

Maximum Lumens: 1100
Maximum Runtime: up to 48 hours
Battery type: 1×18650 battery
Case Material: Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with knurling for firm grip. Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish



Streamlight 88065 Pro Tac HL-xStreamlight 88065 Pro Tac HL-x

With the Streamlight 88065 Pro Tac HL-x, you will always be prepared when the storm hits, when the lights go out or when in the wood while searching, hunting or camping. The flashlight offers 1,000 lumens through its durable lens and is able to stretch several hundred feet in order to ensure your path is always lit, no matter where it is you are going. It offers multi battery convenience that allows you to use the batteries that are most convenient and available to you. The aluminum housing is durable and allows this Streamlight 88065 Pro Tac HL-x to go with you wherever you need to go, no matter how rugged the environment. It has been given an anodized finish and is not only abrasion resistant but lightweight as well. The aluminum housing is also crafted to the same quality as type II military specifications to promise a durable flashlight that you will not need to replace for many uses to come.

Maximum Lumens: 1000
Maximum Runtime: up to 20 hours
Battery type:  two CR123A lithium batteries or one Streamlight rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery



EagleTac T25C2 XP-LEagleTac T25C2 XP-L

The EagleTac T25C2 XP-L flashlight is bright, durable and comfortable to hold–everything that you want and need out of a tactical flashlight. This high output flashlight features a Cree XM-L2 U2 LED bulb that can outlast hours of use without needing to be replaced. It offers a maximum output of 1,180 lumens which is able to stretch out and cover ground up to several hundred feet in scope. The flashlight is made out of HAIII hard-anodized aerospace aluminum. Such a durable composition promises that this EagleTac T25C2 XP-L flashlight can assist you in any sort of environment or terrain, no matter what kind or where your day takes you. It comes with a battery reverse polarity protection that ensures your safety. It has a clip that rests on the side of its body to allow you to attach it to your pocket or belt for convenient and easy access, but its size also allows you to toss it into your pocket.

Maximum Lumens: 1180
Maximum Runtime: 5.7 Hours
Battery type: CR123A Lithium, RCR123A Lithium, or 18650 Li-Ion
Case Material: HAIII Hard-Anodized Aerospace Aluminum



SureFire P1R Peacekeeper FlashlightSureFire P1R Peacekeeper Flashlight

The SureFire P1R Peacekeeper Flashlight is virtually indestructible and can go with you wherever you need it the most. Ideal for use in hunting applications, camping and other outdoor settings, this durable flashlight features an LED emitter that offers up to 600 lumens of light on high and a low of 15 lumens that allow for an extended runtime. Measuring only 5.5 inches in length, this flashlight is small and portable, yet every bit as powerful as a full-sized flashlight. It comes with reflector shapes that offer a far-reaching beam, one that brings with it an intense and concentrated center with incredibly powerful surrounding light to optimize your field of vision, even peripherally. Rechargeable, you can enjoy the convenience of a standard 18650 lithium ion battery. Buy two batteries to ensure that one is always charged up and ready to go when needed. It includes a car charger and an AC charger to further the convenience of this flashlight.

Maximum Lumens: 600
Maximum Runtime: 46 Hours
Battery Type: 123A or 18650 Rechargeable Li-Ion
Case Material: Mil-Spec Anodized Aerospace Aluminum