Fire Travel: The 12 Best Portable Fire Pits

It is nearly impossible to think of camping without associating a warm, ambient campfire to the picture in mind. Unfortunately, due to restricted zones and cleanliness, many campsites, backyards, and parks do not house campfire pits. As roasted marshmallows and warming hands are synopses with a summer weekend getaway, we are thrilled that someone along the line said, “there has got to be a better way.”

Enter, the ever-convenient portable fire pit. These are the convenient and transportable go-to for any tailgate, chill backyard gathering, camping trip, and hike. Lightweight, easy to set up and tear down, easy to carry and throw in the back of the truck, it’s super easy to bring the campsite with you wherever you go. From stainless steel pits with attachable grills to cook up a storm, to trendy and minimalistic designs for a quick warm up on a cold night, you can find a portable fire pit to fit your needs here.


UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire PitUCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire Pit

Ever wanted to throw a fire pit in your backpack and call it a day? UCO Flatpack portable grill will fold to 1.5 inches thick and can be tossed into a knapsack or the back of a car without taking up a lot of room. The stainless steel construction consists of sturdy legs and ventilated sides to fuel the flame. Cooking up to six burger patties at once, the stainless steel grill sits easily on top to allow for safe food cooking without risking your fingers in the process. Offering two sizes based on your camping needs, UCO has you covered.


Snow Peak Pack and Carry FireplaceSnow Peak Pack and Carry Fireplace

Another fantastic stainless steel foldable fireplace, the Pack and Carry fireplace by Snow Peak has a unique, four-panel cone shape that folds together for an easy carry. Made of pure stainless steel, the metal cone keeps your fire off the grass and will keep your campsite clean. The vented panels keep airflow to fuel your fire, and the open face allows for easy access to cook or warm your hands. The foldaway design is easy and makes for a light load.


Heininger Portable Outdoor Fire PitHeininger Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

For your next tailgate party or a chill evening in the backyard, give Heininger Portable Outdoor Fire Pit a shot. Powered by 58,000 BTU, the powerful flames burn clean and offer a smokeless campfire experience. Featuring an adjustable dial to control the heat, the open concept base makes for perfect flame access to roast some snacks and keep everyone warm. The pit is lightweight and super easy to carry around. The 19-inch diameter is small enough to not create a lot of bulk to your camping and traveling experience, but big enough to keep a bunch of people warm and happy.


Landmann Savannah Garden Light Fire PitLandmann Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

Featuring a solid steel construction and a jet-black finish, the Savannah Garden Light fire pit by Landmann is both sturdy and transportable. A large 23.5-inch diameter fire bowl is roomy enough for the whole family to crowd around. A spark screen lid minimizes smoke and prevents ashes from getting on your clothes and surrounding objects. Attractive, decorative cutouts on the base of the fire pit allow for full fire viewing and create an ambient glow at night. Two handles on either side make for easy transportation between trailer and campsite.


Stahl Camper Fire PitStahl Camper Fire Pit

A unique and geometric design makes up the Camper campfire pit by Stahl. Extremely lightweight aluminum side walls are anodized with three coats and reinforced with a steel center plate. American made, the reverted triangle design keeps the logs in place while the fire burns safely off the ground. With the choice between silver or black, you can enjoy all of the rugged, adventurous fun while keeping your sense of style on point in the woods.


Amazonbasics Portable Folding Fire PitAmazon Basics Portable Folding Fire Pit

Amazon brings their A-game in convenient design and functionality with their Portable Folding fire pit by Amazon Basics. The four sturdy steel legs fold up underneath for a seamless and super simple transport, and a convenient carrying bag makes it that much simpler. The bowl design holds two types of grates; one for logs intended for warming up your backyard and allowing airflow, and the second intended for cooking your favorite shish kabobs and burger patties. The top grate has a latched swing door in case the fire dwindles down while cooking and you need to toss another log in. A dome-shaped and heat-resistant fire mesh screen fits over the bowl to keep sparks at bay.


BioLite Energy Fire PitBioLite Energy Fire Pit

A patented airflow technology and Bluetooth technology are a few of the tech features you’ll get with the Biolite Energy fire pit. A long fire pit with sturdy mesh siding keeps the fire off the ground with four sturdy legs, and the transparent siding gives off a lot of light and heat for a full 360-degree viewing. The base fits four full-sized logs comfortably, but the grill can be fueled by coal for a hibachi style grill. A heat control allows for a slow, 24-hour burn or a 5-hour quick burn on high, and can be controlled via the Bluetooth app if you don’t want to get too close to the heat source.


Camp Chef Sequoia Portable Fire PitCamp Chef Sequoia Portable Fire Pit

If you’re in the market for a great portable heat source but would like to avoid smoke and ashes, check out the Sequoia portable fire pit by Camp Chef. Featuring a lava rock that evenly distributes heat for an optimal cooking platform, the benefit of a log-less fire pit is avoiding smoke, ashes and that campfire smell that lingers. The flame adjusting heat control lever lets you decide the heat level, just like a stovetop at home. Coming in a convenient carrying bag and two extendable roasting sticks for marshmallows and hot dogs, transportation has never been easier.


Solo Stove BonfireSolo Stove Bonfire

For the minimalist at heart, the Bonfire by Solo Stove features an all stainless steel construction features patent-pending technology to upgrade your campfire experience. A double wall design increases combustion and bottom vent holes allow oxygen to feed the fire from all angles. The can design keeps flames in the center of the fire pit, allowing for a controlled flame that is convenient for roasting food. A completely oxygen-fueled fire means less smoke that soaks into your skin and created a “fun” game of switching chairs every time the wind changes direction.


camco little red campfire pit portableCamco Little Red Campfire

Small but mighty, the Little Red Campfire by Camco features an 11.25-inch fire tray diameter and is fueled by 65,000 BTU’s per hour. An 8-foot propane hose keeps the tank safely away from open flame, and a convenient ashtray under the coal or log burn will catch any ashes or particles from ruining the grass below. The iconic red lid latches to the base for super easy transport, and the small diameter makes it an easy fit into your luggage without creating too much bulk.


Landmann Heatwave Deluxe FireplaceLandmann Heatwave Deluxe Fireplace

Sporting a 28-inch large diameter and a sturdy, pure steel construction that promises durability, the Heatwave Deluxe fireplace by Landmann offers a 360-degree heat source through its caged design. The strong lid with a wooden handle securely covers the fire to force heat through the sides and is protected with a weather-resistant shield regardless of what environment you put it in. The two-wheel design with opposing legs makes it easy to wheel around the campsite but will stand strong when left alone.


Primus Kamoto Open Fire PitPrimus Kamoto Open Fire Pit

Made of powder-coated stainless steel and a foldaway design for easy transportation, the Kamoto open fire pit by Primus design is efficient and functional. Stainless steel siding has design holes to ensure ventilation of the flame inside. The air inlet on the bottom of the cone shape provides efficient combustion, and an underlying ashtray will catch stray residue to keep the grass below safe from harm.

Lighter than it looks, the 13.75-pound weight is easy to tote around with its foldable design. Creating a fire with either coal or wood has never been easier.


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