The 18 Best Tactical Jackets

Initially designed for military use, tactical jackets are now popular also among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. This is because these products are designed to keep active people warm and comfortable while providing full mobility. Plus, they are practical and functional. The best part is that most tactical jackets are even stylish enough for everyday use.

Unfortunately, not all tactical jackets on the market are of the same excellent quality. That’s why you need to consider some product features. For example, you should choose a product made from durable and comfortable material, like polyester, nylon, and fleece. Also, it’s best to get one that is waterproof and windproof. Lastly, opt for a product that can provide ample space for all your gear.

With all these features in mind, here is our list of the best tactical jackets on the market.

Condor Summit Soft Shell JacketCondor Summit Soft Shell Jacket

Based in California, Condor is a popular camping goods manufacturer. Products from this company are made from premium materials and high-quality craftsmanship, so you can expect that they are innovative, stylish, functional, and durable.

The Condor Summit Soft Shell Jacket is a high-quality yet affordable tactical jacket you can wear for your cold-weather missions. Aside from keeping you warm, this softshell jacket can also protect you during heavy rains, thanks to its three-layer integrated shell that can repel moisture. Moreover, it features multiple pockets for your daily essentials. Other notable features include a full-length YKK front zipper, underarm vent zippers, and a hoodie for extra protection during a rainy or windy day. Overall, the Condor Summit can keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in the great outdoors no matter the weather conditions.


Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell JacketRothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket

Founded by Milton Somberg in 1953, Rothco is a family-owned business that supplies military, tactical, survival, and outdoor products. Today, Rothco is one of the most popular brands of tactical jackets due to their superior quality.

Made with 100% polyester, the Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket is suitable for the most adverse weather conditions due to its waterproof outer-shell covering. Plus, it has an interior fleece lining that allows breathable comfort and retains body heat. This jacket also has multiple pockets, including a concealed carry revolver pocket and two magazine pockets. As such, it can provide plenty of room for all your gear.



5.11 48038 Tactical Jacket5.11 48038 Tactical Jacket

5.11 is an American company founded by Dan Costa in 2003. This company manufactures high-quality uniforms and tactical equipment for military, public safety personnel, and law enforcement.

The 5.11 48038 Tactical Jacket is a stylish product with abrasion-resistant elbows, shoulders, and collar. Plus, it has a casual duty outer shell that can offer several tactical features. For example, it has a Back-Up Belt System hidden chest pockets that provide you with immediate access to your gear. It also has other pockets, like a zippered pocket on the left sleeve and two interior pockets for additional gear storage. Finally, it has zippered hand-warmer pockets to keep your hands nice and toasty.

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Alpha Industries M-65 Field CoatAlpha Industries M-65 Field Coat

Alpha Industries is an American clothing manufacturer founded by Samuel Gelber in 1959. Throughout the years, this company has grown into an international commercial seller of American military style and fashion apparel due to its high-performance products.

The Alpha Industries M-65 Field Coat has a classic military design that is fashionable yet practical. Plus, it is wind-resistant and water-resistant, so it can protect and keep you warm during heavy rains or snowy days. Also, it features four exterior body pockets, one interior welt pocket, and one interior zipper pocket. As such, it can provide ample space for your essential gear.

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Blackhawk Tactical Soft Shell JacketBlackhawk Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

Based in the US, Blackhawk is a manufacturer of tactical apparel and equipment. This company is committed to quality and reliability, so you can expect that Blackhawk products are both functional and built to last.

Aside from its stylish design, the Blackhawk Tactical Soft Shell Jacket is also sturdy enough to protect you against the harsh elements of Mother Nature. It features a Teflon Shield and fabric protector that can repel oil, water, and stains. Also, it has ventilation zippers on the sleeves to help keep you cool when you’re feeling hot. Finally, it has six exterior and three interior pockets, allowing you to store all your essentials for the next adventure or duty shift.

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Condor Phantom Soft Shell JacketCondor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket

Condor, the American company that manufactures camping goods and so much more, makes their third entry on the list, both opening and closing us out. Products from this company are highly rated and popular due to their durability, excellent quality, and innovative design.

Aside from being waterproof, the Condor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket is also lightweight, durable, and breathable. Additionally, it has a three-layer construction that maximizes thermal conservation. It can keep you warm and dry during a rainy or snowy day. For storage, this product comes with several pockets, including a vertical chest pocket, two hand pockets, and two sleeve pockets. Other notable features include a full front double zipper and underarm vent zippers for keeping your pits cool.

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Under Armour Tac Duty JacketUnder Armour Tac Duty Jacket

Founded by Kevin Plank in 1996, Under Armour is a manufacturer of footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Products from this brand are popular and highly rated due to their excellent quality.

The Under Armour Tac Duty Jacket has a simple design, yet it is very functional. It features UA Storm technology, which repels water without compromising breathability. Plus, it has a windproof construction, so it can protect you against harsh elements. Also, it has a three-layer softshell material with superior stretch and a quiet outer layer. Lastly, this tactical jacket has multiple pockets, including hand and chest pockets, for your essentials like phone or tactical wallet.


Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Softshell JacketTru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket

Headquartered in the US, Tru-Spec was founded by Jack Zaglin in 1950. Since its inception, this company has been one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and tactical equipment for law enforcement, military, and public safety personnel.

The Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket is made with 10% spandex and 90% nylon. These materials are not only comfortable but light and waterproof as well. Plus, it has a design that allows you to hold a ballistic vest and holstered firearms. Also, this product has multiple pockets, which include two front pockets, two back pockets, and two sleeve pockets. Although it doesn’t have a hood, it can still protect you against the rain and wind with its Collar Velcro cuffs, waterproof zippers, and flexible waist cord.

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Maelstrom TAC PRO Tactical JacketMaelstrom TAC PRO Tactical Jacket

Maelstrom is a US-based manufacturer of apparel and footwear for military, tactical, security, law enforcement, and safety personnel. With a passion for innovation and technology, this company aims to help uniformed professionals perform better by providing them with high-performance, comfortable, and durable tactical apparel and boots.

At first glance, the Maelstrom TAC PRO Tactical Jacket may look unassuming, but this is not an ordinary jacket. Aside from its simple yet sophisticated design, this product is also made with a three-layer fabric that wicks away moisture, retains body heat, and deflects wind. This tactical jacket is also lightweight, breathable, and durable. In terms of storage, it can provide ample space for your essentials, thanks to its multiple pockets.


Frogg Toggs Toadz Anura Rain JacketFrogg Toggs Toadz Anura Rain Jacket

Based in Alabama, Frogg Toggs is a manufacturer of reasonably priced rainwear, waders, footwear, and accessories. It aims to keep its customers comfortable during their outdoor pursuits by providing them with high-quality products.

Aside from being stylish and comfortable, the Frogg Toggs Toads Anura Rain Jacket is also an excellent product you can confidently wear during harsh weather conditions. It is waterproof, so it can protect and keep you warm during rainy and snowy days. Furthermore, it has handwarmer pockets and dual internal storage pockets that provide enough space for your wallet, phone, and other essentials. Lastly, its DriPorelaminate with nonwoven liner makes it non-sticky and extra breathable.


Rothco Special Ops Tactical Softshell JacketRothco Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket

Rothco, a family-owned business, is known for its top-quality products. As such, this brand is one of the leading suppliers of tactical, military, outdoor, and survival products.

The Rothco Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket features a three-layer construction, enabling it to repel moisture, deflect wind, and preserve body heat. Aside from that, this product also has a polyester outer shell, hook and loop wrist cuffs, a drawstring waist, and a collar with a detachable hood. Lastly, this tactical jacket offers plenty of space for your EDC gear due to its multiple pockets, which includes a zippered shoulder pocket, a double zipper back pocket, and two internal pockets.

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Vertx Integrity Shell JacketVertx Integrity Shell Jacket

Vertx is an American brand owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. It offers low-profile apparel, tactical garments and, concealed carry bags and packs. Also, it is known for producing products that are comfortable, functional, and versatile.

With the Vertx Integrity Shell Jacket, you can stay warm and dry while battling the harsh elements of Mother Nature. It features a 100% 50 Denier Polyester construction with Cocoa 37.5 technology. Moreover, its Integrity Shell is waterproof and wind-resistant, protecting you from wind, snow, and water. Lastly, it has multiple pockets for your essential gear.

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5.11 5-in-1 All-Weather Jacket5.11 5-in-1 All-Weather Jacket

5.11 is back as one of the leading manufacturers of tactical jackets. This is because products from this company are not only stylish but functional and of superior quality as well.

The 5.11 5-in-1 All-Weather Jacket is best for all seasons. It is crafted from premium materials and cutting-edge insulation, making it both functional and durable. Plus, it is built with mobility in mind. Also, it has underarm side zippers for enhanced ventilation. In terms of storage, this tactical jacket comes with several pockets, including hidden chest document pockets and handwarmer pockets. This product also has a concealed hood that can protect your head from the harsh elements.

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Condor Alpha Tactical JacketCondor Alpha Tactical Jacket

Widely known for its high-quality camping goods, Condor is also back with a second entry because the tactical jackets from this company are not only stylish but functional and durable as well.

Aside from its good looks, the Condor Alpha Tactical Jacket can also keep you warm and dry, especially during extreme weather conditions. This is because it is waterproof and can retain body heat. Additionally, this tactical jacket can provide enough space for your gear, thanks to its vertical chest pocket, shoulder pocket, and two hand pockets. Also, it is made from 100% polyester and has an abrasion-reinforced shoulder, forearm, and collar.


ReFire Gear Army Special Ops Tactical JacketReFire Gear Army Special Ops Tactical Jacket

Most ReFire Gear products are popular and highly rated for use in a wide variety of situations. This is because the company uses premium materials and pays high attention to detail to produce high-quality products that will meet your needs.

Made with 100% polyester softshell fabric, the ReFire Gear Army Special Ops Tactical Jacket is not only waterproof but windproof as well. As such, it can keep you warm and dry during rainy and snowy days. If you’re feeling hot, this product has vent zippers under the arm that can let moisture escape and fresh air in. Finally, it can provide ample space for your EDC gear equipment with to its seven zipper pockets, including two back pockets, three sleeve pockets, and two chest pockets.


Outdoor Research Infiltrator JacketOutdoor Research Infiltrator Jacket

Founded by Ron Gregg in 1981, Outdoor Research is a US-based manufacturer of technical apparel and gear for outdoor sports. Several products from this company have won awards due to their superior quality.

Aside from being breathable and comfortable, the Outdoor Research Infiltrator Jacket also features a GORE-TEX material that can withstand harsh elements. It also sports a Hybrid Mapped construction that provides exceptional mobility. Also, it features military fabric with Stretch Technology that allows you to maneuver in the field with ease. Lastly, it has TorsoFlo ventilation that expels heat and moisture to keep you cool.


Free Soldier Tactical JacketFree Soldier Tactical Jacket

Free Soldier is a popular manufacturer of tactical apparel and footwear. This company is committed to providing its customers with the best outdoor experience by using advanced technology to design products that outdoor enthusiasts cannot put down.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the Free Soldier Tactical Jacket has a soft polar fleece that ensures heat retention during cold weather. Aside from that, its outer shell is made from 5% spandex and 95% polyester. These materials can offer maximum comfort, security, and movement. Moreover, it also features a DINTEX softshell fabric that guarantees waterproof protection during snowy and rainy days. Plus, it has a vent zipper under each arm, which makes it more breathable. Lastly, it has several pockets on the sleeves, chest, and shoulder, providing ample space for your gear.


5.11 Sabre 2.0 Jacket5.11 Sabre 2.0 Jacket

5.11 is one of the top manufacturers of tactical jackets, which is why we had to include one of their product offerings yet again.

The 5.11 Sabre 2.0 Jacket has a casual and professional appearance, making it a great jacket you can wear to work. It is also made with a polyester bonded softshell, which is durable, breathable, and lightweight. Plus, this material can provide maximum performance and superior comfort. Moreover, this tactical jacket has several internal pockets, so there’s plenty of room for your essentials. Lastly, this product is also water and wind-repellant, so it can offer protection during harsh weather conditions.