The 12 Best Heated Jackets

Regular cold-weather clothing can keep you warm if you’re indoors or when you are not in a freezing environment for an extended period. But most of these types of products are bulky. To stay warm for extended periods in cold weather, you need the next level of protection. Allow us to recommend a heated jacket.

The best heated jackets allow you to maintain adequate body temperature, ensuring your safety and comfort. This type of jacket can benefit a lot of people, including cold weather workers, daredevils, winter sports enthusiasts, and even vacationers not prone to a certain degree of cold.

To help narrow down your search, we’ve researched and reviewed what we consider to be the 12 best heated jackets necessary to make it through the colder winter months.

Ororo Soft-Shell Heated JacketOroro Soft-Shell Heated Jacket

This heated jacket is one of the lightest and easiest to pack, and its style is suitable for men and women.

Aside from being water- and wind-resistant, it also comes with a detachable hood, making it ideal not only for cold weather but those drizzly days, too.

The Ororo Soft-Shell Heated Jacket has carbon fiber heating elements that are in the front and the upper-middle back of the jacket. It features three heat settings, which you can adjust by pressing its one-touch LED controller. It has three heat zone, and on a single charge, you can have heat lasting up to 11 hours.

This heated jacket is polyester, which gives its water-resistant and wind-resistant qualities. The wire construction allows you to wash it in a washing machine and compress it easily.

For added insulation, this heated jacket features a lightweight puffer filling. It has a fleece lining, which makes it warm enough for regular everyday cold-weather wear without the heating elements turned on.

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Dewalt Men’s Blac Quilted Heated JacketDewalt Men’s Blac Quilted Heated Jacket

The Blac Quilted Heated Jacket by Dewalt, a manufacturer of power tools, is compatible with several Dewalt batteries. It is for those who have to work long dayshifts and perform demanding manual labor in the cold.

Aside from being wind- and water-resistant, this heated jacket comes equipped with three heat levels, and a preheat function, which you can adjust through its LED controller. It has four heating zones, located on the sides of the chest, collar, and the middle of the back.

This heated jacket features a chargeable 20V Max lithium-ion soft battery. When you charge the battery for approximately 30 minutes, it will provide a run time of up to seven hours on the lowest heat setting. The jacket is compatible with all 12V/20V batteries from DeWalt; thus, you can change the battery for longer battery life. It comes with a fast charger and a USB power source, allowing you to charge your portable electronics.

Made with a cotton twill shell, the Dewalt Blac Quilted Heated Jacket features a soft fleece liner, making it warm and comfortable. Its cuffs and waistline area are adjustable, preventing the heat from escaping.

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DeWalt DCHJ061C1-SDeWalt DCHJ061C1-S

If you must face a freezing environment, the DeWalt DCHJ061C1-S is an excellent long-term investment. Designed to work in various climates, and it is durable and water-resistant. This heated jacket is ideal for winter sports lovers, thanks to its small and fitted construction.

This heated jacket features three heat settings and an LED remote control that allows you to adjust the heat levels. It has three heat zones and pre-set temperatures that will help you reach your desired level of warmth quickly. There is a USB port that lets you charge your portable devices on the go. When fully charged, this jacket can provide up to 7.5 hours of continuous warmth.

This heated jacket is a twill polyester material with a water-resistant outer shell, and it features an adjustable hood. The hood can keep water and cold out as well as debris. Lastly, it has three adequately-sized pockets for stowing necessary items.

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Bosch Men’s Heated JacketBosch Men’s Heated Jacket

The Boshc Men’s heated jacket is wind- and water-resistant. It is made with a polyester shell and includes a soft fleece lining. It can provide warmth for average cold days or when you won’t be spending a lot of time outside in cold weather. This heated jacket has three heat zones, and it can start warming you up in seconds.

The jacket comes with a 2.0 Ah battery that provides up to six hours of heat on the lowest setting. It uses a 12 Volt Bosch battery, and it can use any other 12V battery from Bosch. The included battery charger can charge any other 12V battery from Bosch, so if you opt for an upgraded battery, you don’t have to worry about the expense of an additional charger. It also features a battery holster and controller that is USB compatible; thus, giving you the added benefit of charging your portable devices on the go. 

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DeWalt DCHJ062C1DeWalt DCHJ062C1

The DeWalt DCHJ062C1 is designed for the harshest winter outdoor activities and built for extreme conditions such as hunting in severe weather.

This heated jacket features four heating zones, and it can warm your body continuously for up to seven hours. The heat zones on this jacket are in the chest, back, and collar. You can control its three heat settings using its LED panel. It has the option of pre-set heating levels so that you can get warmer quickly. Also, there is a USB charging port on the inner left chest side of the jacket.

This heated camo DeWalt jacket is polyester and water-resistant. This material makes it soft, comfortable, and durable enough to make its purchase an excellent long-term investment.

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Kelvin Jarvis Softshell Heated JacketKelvin Jarvis Softshell Heated Jacket

This heated jacket from Kelvin Jarvis is a versatile product, and it is ideal for activities that require you to stay still. Plus, you can either wear it as a stand-alone jacket or as a layer.

The Kelvin Jarvis heated jacket has five heat zones, including four in the chest area and one in the back. The heating elements are carbon fiber; thus, it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle as long as you remember to remove the battery. Also, you can control its heat settings with a one-touch LED-lit button.

This heated jacket has a 5,200 mAh battery with a 7.4V capacity. The battery is small and slim, and it has its very own pocket. When fully charged, it will give you a run time of up to eight hours on the lowest setting and up to two hours on the highest setting.

Aside from being abrasion-resistant, this product is also water and wind-resistant, thanks to its spandex or polyester construction. It features a hood that provides additional protection against the elements. Lastly, it has an internal pocket, and the sealed zippers protect pocket contents against water and debris.

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Milwaukee Heated Toughshell JacketMilwaukee Heated Toughshell Jacket

Made for men, the Milwaukee Heated Toughshell Jacket has a tough outer shell. It is ideal for harsher outdoor conditions, and it will protect you in the rain, wind, and snow.

The Toughshell features three heating zones, which are located in the chest, back, and hands. There are three heat levels, and the hand zone can be independently set. This jacket can operate continuously for up to eight hours, thanks to its M12 Red lithium CP2.0 battery.

Milwaukee gave this jacket a tough outer shell with DWR coating, mobility gussets to lend additional comfort and reinforce the durability, and a brushed tricot liner. Between this liner and the shell is high-loft insulation that also provides warmth and comfort. It features adjustable cuffs and waist as well as a drop tail that keeps the warm air in and the cold air out.

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Smarkey Cordless Heated JacketSmarkey Cordless Heated Jacket

This heated jacket from Smarkey is not only waterproof but windproof as well, making it the ideal outerwear for those who work outdoors and those who enjoy winter sports, such as climbing and hiking.

Designed for long-term wear, the Smarkey Cordless Heated Jacket is complete with three heating zones, located on the front and the back. It also features anti-high temperature control, ensuring safe use.

This jacket has a rechargeable lithium battery that powers the three heating panels that can warm you up in a matter of seconds. It is made of polyester, making it durable and comfortable at the same time.

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Dragon Heatwear Sahara Women’s Heated JacketDragon Heatwear Sahara Women’s Heated Jacket

This lightweight and durable jacket may be the warmest winter sports jacket on the market this season.

The Dragon Heatwear jacket has five carbon fiber heating elements and three heat settings. You will find four of the heating elements in the front and a large one on the back. With a high performance and high capacity battery, you can get up to 10 hours of heat from this jacket.

The combination of polyester/polyurethane coating makes it resistant to various elements. Its interior features a silky lining for comfort, and its velcro cuffs ensure a solid, airtight fit — even with your gloves.

This heated jacket has an interior media pocket that can keep all your small devices warm and five exterior pockets with zipper closures. The hand pockets will help warm up your cold fingers in just a couple of seconds.

This dud is machine-washable and available in four different color options.

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VentureHeat MC-38 Heated Motorcycle JacketVentureHeat MC-38 Heated Motorcycle Jacket

As its name suggests, this MC-38 from VentureHeat is for motorcyclists traveling in the winter. Wear this windproof/waterproof jacket with your regular motorcycle jacket combined with motorcycle gloves for warmth and protection in harsh climates.

It features seven carbon fiber heating panels that have three heat settings, which you can adjust through a waterproof panel. You’ll be all warmed up within a couple of seconds.

The VentureHeat MC-38 does not contain a rechargeable battery. But, you can power it with your motorbike to stay warm throughout your ride. Aside from motorbikes, this heated jacket also works with several different vehicles, models, and brands.


Outlast Heated Softshell Jacket 2.0Outlast Heated Softshell Jacket 2.0

This heated softshell jacket from Outlast is an ideal choice for harsh winter climates. It is a revamped version of the first Outlast Heated Softshell jacket and can provide longer warming times. It is also one of the most robust heated jackets on the market, thanks to its water-resistant treatment and 3m Thinsulate insulation.

This jacket features four heating elements and single-button initiation. It features a new and upgraded battery with a continuous run time of up to 10 hours on the lowest heat setting.

This heated jacket has waterproof controls, making it washer and dryer safe. The jacket has undergone a stress test, and it came out victorious after over 50 wash cycles. The results showed that it can still warm you up in a matter of seconds, even after numerous washes.


Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated JacketOroro Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

This heated jacket from Ororo is for the women who want a stylish yet fully functioning and high-performing jacket. It is wind and water-resistant as well as abrasion-resistant, and it features a detachable hood, making it an ideal choice for hours of recreational activities outdoors.

This product comes with carbon fiber heating elements, and it has three heating zones, two of which are on the chest and one on the back. It features three heat settings, which you can control with one button. Charge the jacket with a USB plug and enjoy the warmth for up to eight hours.

This Ororo Heated Jacket is polyester and treated with a DWR coating. It is also lightweight so that you can move freely no matter the activity. The two hand pockets allow for warm hands, and the vertical breast pocket keeps smaller essentials close by and safe.

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