The 13 Best Field Jackets for Inclement Weather

Inspired by soldiers returning from the Vietnam War in the 60s and 70s, the military style field jacket has become an essential part of any well-stocked cool to cold weather closet. The field jacket is versatile enough to handle any weather conditions (warm, cold, wet, or dry) and durable enough to last its owner for years. And while its functionality is never in question, the field jacket’s fashion sense is returning back in style (though some would argue it actually never left). Pair it with your military watch and you’ll be readyd for anything.

Here’s a look at the Top 13 field jackets for utility, praticality and damn good style.

Orvis Hawker JacketOrvis Hawker Jacket

Perfect for chilly days and warm days alike, the Orvis Hawker Jacket is a men’s jacket that will keep you cool when you need it and warm when you don’t. This jacket features a cotton shell that is soft to the touch and won’t weigh you down. Inside, there is quilted insulation that offers the perfect amount of warmth to keep out the cold without causing you to overheat. There is a wind flap on the Orvis Hawker that sits over the full-zip front buttons in order to ensure that you are cozy inside of the jacket with no chance of the wind getting inside, too. There are four spacious front pockets that feature button closures, making it easy for you to carry around everything you need on your person. One of the pockets towards the top of the jacket has a side entry pocket that closes with a zipper in order to ensure the secure storage of valuable belongings.


Altimeter M-65 Field CoatAltimeter M-65 Field Coat

The Alpha Industries Field Coat comes in the style of a vintage M-65 jacket with a few upgrades in order to make it more unique. It features a washed-cotton shell that is soft to the touch and simple to clean. Inside, there is a faux sherpa lining that is able to trap in the perfect amount of heat without making you feel overheated. On the Alpha Industries Coat, there are embroidered sleeve and chest patches that offer a distinctive look to the coat. Standard M-65 features are present on the coat, including epaulets, the I-swing back and a comfortable drawstring waist. It has a storm flap with a snap closure to lock out and cold or wind. With its earthy color, the Alpha IndustriesM-65 Altimeter Field Coat is ideal for any outdoor situation.


Cockpit M65 Field Jacket oliveCockpit M65 Field Jacket

Made out of a blend of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent nylon, the Cockpit USA Men’s M-65 Cotton Field Jacket is a soft and durable field jacket that can keep you comfortable, no matter what the weather may be like. This is a rugged jacket that is made to repel any wind or water, keeping you comfortable, cozy and dry inside of the jacket. There are four oversized bellow pockets that feature snap-down closures in order to keep your belongings securely inside. A Velcro-close throat latch on the jacket keeps you bundled up and won’t allow the wind to get inside. There are epaulets and a bi-swing back that makes it easier to move around. It comes with an extendable hood that stays hidden until you are ready to employ it. Extended Velcro cuffs on the jacket ensure total hand protection.


Alpha Industries M65 Field CoatAlpha Industries M65 Field Coat

Designed to keep you comfortable in any weather, the Alpha Industries Men’s M-65 Field Coat is a stylish field coat that takes its inspiration from military wear of the 1960s. This Alpha Industries Men’s M-65 Field Coat is constructed out of a blend of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent nylon. This combination makes this a soft coat that is easy to wash and can very simply keep out any wind or rain. There are shoulder epaulettes for style as well as four flap pockets that can be found in the front of the Alpha Industries Men’s M-65 Field Coat in order to secure important items to your person. The sleeves of the coat are extended in order to provide coverage when the bite of the wind hits. It can trap in just enough warmth as not to make you uncomfortable while you wear it during the fall or winter months.


Dri-Duck Men’s Outlaw Field JacketDri-Duck Men’s Outlaw Field Jacket

The Dri-Duck Men’s Outlaw Jacket is a durable, warm and comfortable jacket that is ideal for the fall and winter months. This is made out of 12 ounce 100 percent cotton quarry-washed Boulder cloth canvas. The outstanding thick and durable exterior is still soft to the touch, ensuring that you are wearing something that isn’t scratchy and starchy but that can still protect you from the chilling bite of the wind. The Dri-Duck Men’s Outlaw Jacket is flexible and comfortable, making it ideal as a jacket that can be worn all day long. It is totally machine washable, making it simple to care for over the long run. There is a breast pocket that makes it easy to secure your valuables close by. Other pockets sit down toward the waist and offer even more storage along with a place inside of the jacket to warm your hands.


Orvis Woodside Meadow Field JacketOrvis Woodside Meadow Field Jacket

With the Orvis Woodside Meadow Field Jacket, you are getting a jacket that can be worn in either warm weather or cold weather as a layer just the same. It is made out of pure cotton, making it ultra-soft to the touch and breathable, keeping you feeling breezy no matter the weather. It has a stylish stand collar that leads down to the full front zip of the Orvis Woodside Meadow Field Jacket. There are snap closures as well to help secure the jacket closed against your body.

Be sure the jacket fits precisely the way you hoped it would by using the adjustable exterior belt in the back that come complete with snap tabs in order to ensure a snug fit. There are adjustable cuffs around the wrists as well. Inside, the seams are bound for a cleaner look, and on the outside, you will find antiqued brass hardware on the washable Orvis Woodside Meadow Field Jacket.


 Vince Military 3-In-1 Waxed Cotton JacketVince Military 3-In-1 Waxed Cotton Jacket

Look your best in your casual gear with the help of the Vince Military 3-In-1 Waxed Cotton Jacket. This three in one jacket features an optional quilted vest lining in order to keep you warm when it’s chilly out. It features a military-inspired design that offers it a rugged and durable appeal. There is a front zipper that is covered completely by the snap over storm flap for double layers of protection.

On the front of the Vince Military 3-In-1 Jacket , you will find five pockets. These pockets are ideal for keeping essentials on your person such as cell phones, keys, wallets, loose bills and more. Two back vents help to ensure that you are comfortable and cozy without overheating while wearing it. The vest portion has a zip-up front as well as two pockets and a ribbed collar that make the Vince Military 3-In-1 Waxed Cotton Jacket ultra comfortable and convenient.


Brandit Britannia JacketBrandit Britannia Jacket Vintage M65 Army

Capture everything you love about military-style jackets and wear it every day with the Brandit Short Army Lightweight Jacket. It is an ultra lightweight jacket that is designed to withstand weather conditions to keep you comfortable no matter what. It has a light feel that makes it a good spring and fall jacket, especially with the thin lining that can be found inside of it. On the outside, the Vintage Military M65 Army Jacket is mildly water resistant and wind resistant so you can keep the elements outside of the coat where they belong. The Brandit is an excellent travel jacket given the fact that it has many buttoned pockets for securing your belongings and that it is not stiff at all. The collar rises to the mid neck.


Rothco Vintage M-65 Field JacketRothco Vintage M-65 Field Jacket

Black in color, the Rothco Vintage M-65 Field Jacket is a versatile field jacket that can be worn with any other color in your wardrobe. Lightweight, this jacket is made to be worn in any soft inclement weather, such as the chill during spring and fall. It is made to look like a standard M-65 jacket and, therefore, comes with all four of the pockets that old M-65 jackets come with. These pockets feature button closures that keep your belongings secure inside of the jacket and on your person at all times. The Rothco Vintage M-65 Field Jacket is made out of an ultra-soft cotton composition, which makes it breathable and breezy to keep you cool even when the weather begins to heat up. This jacket comes with a hood that stays concealed until you are ready to use it, keeping the silhouette perfected until the need for the hood arises. This jacket has weather resistant, all-brass zippers.


The Algonquin Field JacketThe Algonquin Field Jacket

Designed to look like the old hunting jackets worn in the 1940s and 1950s, The Algonquin Field Jacket is a classic-style jacket that will make a stylish layer any time of the year. Its rich navy color makes it subtle and easy to match with any of the other clothing in your wardrobe. Full of pockets, The Algonquin Field Jacket will allow you to carry with you all of your most important belongings, such as keys, wallets, phones and more. It offers flatlock seam construction, which provides a smooth appearance and subtle seam work. Inside of The Algonquin Field Jacket, there is fine-wale English corduroy lining that will keep you cozy and warm during the chillier months. It is made out of Japanese yarn-dyed cotton canvas, offering it a soft and flexible feel without sacrificing its durability. It has a blanket lining which will also serve to keep you warm.


Hamlin Field JacketHamlin Field Jacket

The Penfield Men’s Hamlin Field Jacket has a military-inspired field jacket design that is sure to become your new favorite during spring and fall. This one is tan in color, making it a great top layer for any of the different colors in your ensemble. The jacket zips up the middle in order to secure you inside, and the storm flap that sits over the zipper snaps closed thanks to the many white buttons that run up and down. There are two large pockets near the bottom of the Penfield Men’s Hamlin Field Jacket that sit on the front and are complete with buttons as well so you can keep your important belongings like keys, wallet and phone with you at all times. The hood of the jacket is large and comfortable and comes complete with a drawstring around the base so you can adjust the hood to fit perfectly.


Timberland Traveler Field JacketTimberland Traveler Field Jacket

Perfect for hiking, hunting and camping on cold mornings and evenings during the fall, the Timberland Traveler Mountain Field Jacket is a pleasantly heavyweight jacket that is sure to keep the cold out and the heat locked in. This jacket features an outer material consisting of 60 percent boiled heavyweight Melton wool and 40 percent viscose. The wool will trap in all of your body heat with ease. Inside, the lining is made out of 100 percent plaid cotton twill for a soft and touchable feel. This Timberland jacket features a zipper that runs down its front to secure you inside, along with a storm flap that buttons down over top of the zipper. There are four front pockes that will allow you to store anything you need to inside of the jacket, including cell phones, wallets and any other belongings. The collar is lined for warmth.


Anchorage M65 Field JacketAnchorage M65 Field Jacket

Perfect for any of your outdoor adventures, the Anchorage M65 Waterproof Field Jacket is a heavy-duty jacket that is able to stand up to the test of the elements. This jacket is waterproof and moisture permeable, helping to keep the wet outside of the jacket where it belongs. It is breathable to make sure you won’t feel overheated or weighed down. This Anchorage Jacket features many adjustable points on it so you can be sure the jacket fits you perfectly. This includes things such as the adjustable hood that stays hidden until you are ready to employ it, an adjustable waist to get the perfect fit, an adjustable bottom opening and adjustable sleeve cuffs. There is a wind flap at the front opening of the M65 Field Jacket to keep out the cold, biting wind and a gross grain tab on the front of the collar to make it simple to adjust to make the fit perfect.


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