The 12 Best Concealed Carry Vests

There is an art to carrying a concealed weapon. To do so requires the use of special holsters and mechanisms to hold the gun flat underneath clothing without sacrificing easy access. And being able to produce a quick draw can ultimately be critical in life-threatening situations. One of the best ways to do all of these things is to use a concealed carry vest.

Concealed carry vests offer a few benefits to users, whether you need the vest for an everyday carry or just for occasional tactical or hunting excursions. Most often, concealed carry vests are lightweight and fit under daytime clothing. Unlike waist holsters or other concealed carry options, vests offer multiple additional pockets and accessory mechanisms, which makes it possible to easily carry all of your essential gadgets, extra ammunition, and gun accessories. Overall, choosing a concealed carry vest that complements your daily attire and casual social situations is wisest.

Whether you are looking to buy your first concealed carry vest, or you’re looking to replace an existing vest with a new one, we are here to help. Here are the best concealed carry vests on the market, ranging from the most functional to the most durable:

The Best Concealed Carry Vest

5.11-Tactical-Covert-Vest-with-Concealed-Gun-Pocket5.11 Tactical Covert Vest with Concealed Gun Pocket

This vest was designed with covert use in mind and is incredibly stylish and low profile. Made from 100% water-resistant polyester softshell fabric, it offers outstanding protection from the wind, rain, and other weather conditions. It is tear-resistant so that it holds up to the toughest tactical situations. Speaking of tactical, this covert vest features a dual pass-through pocket, designed to allow its wearer quick access to a firearm in critical situations. Tricot-lined handwarmer pockets keep the fingers functioning properly. And it also has a hidden document pouch on the chest to safeguard any important items.

This vest is ideal for superior tactical utility and discretion and is perfect for an everyday concealed carry. This Tactical Covert Vest by 5.11 is available in five different neutral colors that work well with both daily and tactical apparel. It can be combined with some of the best tactical combat boots from our list.


Rothco-Plainclothes-Concealed-Carry-VestRothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest

Rothco set out to develop a vest made of high-quality materials capable of putting up with tactical environments while maintaining a high level of comfort. The Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest is 60% cotton and 40% polyester, so it does offer some stretch and is machine washable. This vest is a great option for tactical environments yet translates nicely to a fishing or hunting trip.

Its 16 front pockets with zippers, two large interior pockets, and four interior mag pouches, you have enough storage for just about any situation. The back of the vest has a mesh liner with three slits to ensure you stay cool, even in the most heated situations.

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BLUE STONE SAFETY Tactical Concealed Carry VestBLUESTONE SAFETY Tactical Concealed Carry Vest

This classically styled vest is 80% polyester and 20% cotton, features all-metal hardware, YKK zippers, and a pull tab. Specially designed gun pockets accommodate both left and right-handed shooters. It can hold up to two mid-full size or subcompact handguns, comes equipped with several extra pockets capable of holding up to six additional magazines, and has a place for spare bullets and other accessories.

The concealed carry pocket is a durable 1050 denier Cordura fabric. The two inner gun pockets have built-in elastic, ensuring that your carry remains secure yet easy to draw quickly. D-ring attachments on the front panels make it easy to add necessary personal items and tools like tactical flashlights or tactical pens. Several front pockets, including both zipper and velcro closures, give you versatile storage options.

The vest is available in three colorways — olive, tan, and black.


Smith & Wesson Tracking Vest with Concealed Gun PocketSmith & Wesson Tracking Vest with Concealed Gun Pocket

The Smith & Wesson Tracking Vest combines concealed carry functionality with a hunting inspired design. This lightly insulated, quilted vest will keep its wearer warm in the coldest months. Its unique shell fabric will keep light rainfall at bay, ensuring that both you and your weapon stay dry. It features a left and right internal concealed carry pocket with zipper and snap closures, three lower compartment pockets perfect for carrying compact pocket tools or gadgets.

The quilted design and front zipper with snap closure are incredibly stylish, and each Smith & Wesson vest features a unique, tailored cut that is form-fitting, yet is still incredibly functional as it moves with you as you go. The vest is available in three colorways that pair nicely with any wardrobe — black, olive, and brown.


Ultimate Leather Apparel Collarless Motorcycle Vest with Dual Gun PocketUltimate Leather Apparel Collarless Motorcycle Vest with Dual Gun Pocket

This sleek motorcycle vest by Ultimate Leather Apparel is more than just a stylish tactical jacket for the ride. It includes two deep interior pockets for concealing your weapons of choice, finished with elastic straps for security. This vest also has a zippered pocket and a slip pocket for essentials and personal items. If that isn’t enough, you can also utilize the two large slip pockets on the outer waist and the large breast pockets with snap closures.

The vest’s material is genuine split cow leather and weather-resistant, meaning it will protect both you and your carry from rain. It features stylish pleating on the front and a sleek button-snap closure, setting it apart from other motorcycle vests. The clean back panel is yours to incorporate patches or embroidery.


5.11 LBE Concealed Carry Vest5.11 LBE Concealed Carry Vest

This concealed carry vest by 5.11 is unique in that both the size and the length of the vest are adjustable, making it great for wearers of all sizes and capable of blending in with any social setting. This vest is often favored by military personnel and law enforcement due to its light weight and versatility — it fits seamlessly under most shirts and jackets. Talk about low-profile.

Made from a stiffened mesh nylon material that is both water- and rip-resistant, it is said to tolerate rough-and-tumble situations without damage. The vest includes a Molle attachment system that is great for attaching necessary accessories and a concealed document pocket that is perfect for badges, licenses, or other forms of identification. It’s available in five different colorways, so it’s easy to pick the ideal match for your tactical pants and shirts.


Cinch Bonded Softshell Vest with Concealed Carry Gun PocketCinch Bonded Softshell Vest with Concealed Carry Gun Pocket

Cinch Jeans’ Bonded Softshell Vest is one of the most inconspicuous selections on our list. Most people won’t even realize that you’ve got a weapon on you, which is the point, right?

Constructed of 93% spandex and 7% polyester, you can be sure that this thing is form-fitting and comfortable. The vest includes a front zipper closure hidden under false seams to protect you from most weather situations. The vest features premium embroidered logos that bump the style up a notch. The softshell style vest is comfortable and lightweight, providing you with excellent ventilation, yet rigid enough to support the weight of your weapon without sagging.

The vest can be easily machine washed when necessary. 

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Rothco Undercover Travel Concealed Carry VestRothco Undercover Travel Concealed Carry Vest

This Undercover Travel Concealed Carry Vest is the perfect way to travel with your weapon inconspicuously in-tow.

The vest includes a dozen utility pockets that are great for organizing and storing your accessories and personal items for quick access. Two interior pockets, one on either side, are perfect for concealing your weapon of choice regardless of your dominant hand. This vest also includes a tablet-sized pocket and wire pass-through ports for headphones and cords. The short collar is stylish and professional, offering a look that is casual but still impressive.

You can choose from the three colorways available — black, olive green, or khaki.


CLUBVEST Zipper Front Denim Vest with Dual Concealed Carry PocketsCLUBVEST Zipper Front Denim Vest with Dual Concealed Carry Pockets

If denim is your thing, then give the CLUBVEST Zipper Front Denim Vest a look. Featuring dual exterior chest pockets and dual-sided interior carry pockets, this thing is both functional and fashionable. The interior pockets allow easy holstering and drawing access regardless of right- or left-handedness.

CLUBVEST offers this denim security dud in a wide range of sizes, from small to 10x. So if you need a clean fit, a sleek look, and a sense of security where you go, this vest is for you.

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The Biker Zone Leather Vest with Concealed Carry PocketThe Biker Zone Leather Vest with Concealed Carry Pocket

The only vest on this list made of buffalo leather comes from Biker Zone. This premium, open-collar design features snap front closures and plenty of space to sew on patches. The left side outer seam is where you have access to your concealed carry pocket, immediately accessible even with the vest fully zipped-up.

Additionally, you’ve got two hip-height pockets to keep your hands warm and two chest pockets for quick access to personal items and tools. One of the chest pockets even features a sunglass holder, handy when going in and out of buildings.


Ultimate Leather Apparel Canvas Motorcycle Vest with Dual Gun PocketsUltimate Leather Apparel Canvas Motorcycle Vest with Dual Gun Pockets

This concealed carry vest comprises super-tough, tear-resistant canvas and neoprene elasticated, adjustable sides, thereby offering ultimate durability, comfort, and the perfect fit. This vest includes a front zipper closure with a single button snap at the collar for security. The zipper is hidden behind canvas flaps to help protect you from weather conditions. The front of the vest features two large, zippered pockets that are great for holding all of your essential items securely, from your tactical wallet to pens.

Dual inside pockets conceal your weapon and include snap closures for ease of access and quick drawing, and two quick-access interior slip pockets offer extra storage.


Daniel Blue Denim Vest with Concealed Carry PocketDaniel Blue Denim Vest with Concealed Carry Pocket

This Denim vest is top of its class in both style and functionality and includes a secure front zipper hidden under a denim flap. The collarless design helps to create a sleek, streamlined look. The vest has dual inside pockets for concealing your carry, making it perfect for both left- and right-hand draws. The inner pockets are made of heavy-duty textile, secure snap closures, and have built-in holsters that fit most standard handguns. The vest also features an inner lining that helps protect you and your valuables from wind and rain.

Its large single back panel is perfect for adding patches and embroidery so that you can make it your own.

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