The 10 Best Tactical Rifle Cases

Getting a tactical rifle is one thing; keeping it safe and in good repair is another thing entirely. The traditional style is to carry your rifle with a sling when in action and keep it in a safe when it is not in use. But do you know that how and where you keep your rifle will go a long way in determining its lifespan? That’s where getting the right case for your rifle comes into play.

Getting just the right rifle case depends on the following factors. The weight has to be proportionate to the gun, and the cushioning has to be high enough to keep it in place. The case should also be able to handle the rifle and some accessories, so you have as few items to carry as possible. Also, the strap has to be strong, sturdy, and equal to the task. It is best to get a water-resistant case as a precaution against rain.

To aid in your search, we have put together a list of the best rifle cases you can get. They are categorized into hardshell and softshell. Each of these models are not only easy to use but serve their purpose of protecting your rifle.

Hard Shell Cases

Hardshell cases are for heavy-duty travel, especially by plane. But if you travel a long distance on rocky roads, a hardshell case definitely comes in handy then, too. If you want to preserve the functionality of your tactical firearm and protect it from scrapes and dings, get a hardshell case.

Plano AW Tactical Gun CasePlano AW Tactical Gun Case

Plano has been protecting personal items since 1957. They serve people in the United States and around the world with all kinds of storage and protective systems. They offer shelving, toolboxes, tackle systems, and storage products for guns, golf, and ammo cases, and plastic cosmetic organizers. Getting a rifle case from Plano is a choice you cannot go wrong with.

The Plano AW Tactical Case features rugged construction with its ultra-thick walls and high-density foam interior to give your rifle the right cushioning. The dri-loc weather-resistant seal has got you covered no matter the outside conditions; your rifle is guaranteed to remain airtight, watertight, and dustproof. This all-weather case is built with heavy-duty dual-stage latches to adequately handle the weight of your rifle. It can hold and protect your rifle even in extreme conditions. It is made specifically to hold and protect an AR 15 style rifle up to 42 inches long.


Case Club Pre-Made AR15 Waterproof Rifle CaseCase Club Pre-Made AR15 Waterproof Rifle Case

The Case Club is a company dedicated to making an impact on users’ experience. Their commitment to being the strongest and soundest company has driven them to make high-quality products that never fail to satisfy their growing customer base.

The Case Club Pre-Made AR15 Waterproof Case is a great choice for a tactical rifle. Specifically, it is designed to fit an AR-15, whether or not it is with optics. The case can withstand any weather and keeps your gun safe from the elements; it is waterproof and dustproof. It features a few space compartments that can hold a pistol, optics, and rifle attachments. It has two cutouts for either 10, 20, or 30 round regular or pmag magazines.

This rifle case is lockable, so it allows you to have control of your rifle even when you’re not close to it. Although it is built to hold only one rifle, it is of high quality and is airline approved. The case also comes with a reusable silica gel canister to remove moisture from within the case. It also comes with a waterproof accessory box for storing your cleaning supplies and small tools.


Plano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case with WheelsPlano AW Double Scoped Rifle Case with Wheels

Again, Plano has a reputation for high-quality and guaranteed protection. This rifle case is built with a very durable solid polycarbonate finishing that is ribbed for added strength. Amongst its features are 6 durable dual-stage closing latches, two of which are key-lockable at different ends. It also has extremely strong oversized hinges. These locks give you total control over your rifles, even when you’re far away.

Your rifles are completely protected from the elements with the full-length seal, which ensures that the case is kept airtight. The inner of the case has a high-density pluckable foam on which you can customize the stair of your rifle for firm hold and protection.


Boyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel CaseBoyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel Case

The Boyt Harness Company was founded by the industrious Boyt brothers in 1901 as Walter Boyt Saddlery. They were popular in the hunting business for gun cases, firearm transportation, and storage. They mainly mass-produced fine driving harnesses for buggies. The outbreak of the Great War, however, saw the company building the first of many firearm accessories, like their military firearm holsters for the Colt 1911 .45 pistol.

The Walter Boyt Saddlery Company became The Boyt Harness Company in 1925. By 2009, the Boyt H-Case series was introduced. Over the years, the company has established a reputation for building high-quality and functional rifle cases.

The Boyt H-Series Hard Sided Travel Case is constructed of high-quality, 120D, no-break polypropylene for durability. It has two all-steel powder-coated draw latches for maximum security. This high-quality bag also has a gasket all round to keep it water-resistant and dustproof. It protects your rifle from the elements and and any contaminants and is airline approved for travel. This robust hard-sided gun case is sized for an AR or other carbines. However, if your tactical rifle is an AR-15, an AR-10, or even of a larger size, you can opt for the H41XD.

It features replaceable draw-style powder-coated steel latches for easy carriage. In addition to the aforementioned are six holes for padlocks around the outside for security. This gun case is strong enough to carry your AR-15, and it can withstand any condition or threat to your gun.


Pelican 1700 Rifle Case with FoamPelican 1700 Rifle Case with Foam

Pelican is known for manufacturing the toughest cases in the world. They have built a reputation for high-quality and durability for 30 years and counting. Over these years, users worldwide have come to trust in their products. Their cases have been used for some fairly crazy stunts and, as always, they do not yield to the pressure and weight. In extreme conditions, such as floating through frigid fjords in Norway, being thrown out of helicopters in Iraq, and being rolled over by SUVs in Tanzania, the cases have survived with just a few scratches. In all of these cases, the contents inside were not affected. Pelican Cases can guarantee to keep your gear intact and functional. Whether you want to protect your firearms, cameras, or fishing equipment, Pelican cases are some of the most trust-worthy choices on the market.

As with all Pelican Cases, this Pelican Case is constructed using a proprietary combination of homo co-polymers, with an open cell core and solid wall construction. The result is a product that is stronger and lighter than a solid core wall. The Pelican rifle case is practically indestructible. It is crushproof and built to withstand extreme temperatures and survive in any environment. Its hinges and handles are made with stainless steel pins.

This case is built with comfortability in mind. It comes fitted with high-quality stainless steel ball-bearing wheels for easy mobility and a smoother ride. It features padlock protectors reinforced by stainless steel. The tongue and groove fit and a polymer o-ring make this rifle case waterproof. Pelican cases feature an automated pressure equalization valve that ensures the release of built-up air pressure while keeping water molecules out. This build makes for a watertight case.


Soft Shell Cases

Softshell cases weigh less and cost less than hardshell cases. They also make for more flexibility in mobility and storage. Softshell cases are great for taking your gun to the local range or for basic transport.

Uncle Mike’s Tactical Rifle CaseUncle Mike’s Tactical Rifle Case

Uncle Mike’s is an American company known for making high-quality gears for guns at affordable rates. The Tactical Rifle Case is every policeman’s choice when it comes to protecting a duty rifle. This case is made of a strong and durable 600D polyester material. Being water-resistant, it protects your rifle completely from anything “hydro-related.” In spite of this, the interior is padded with two inches of foam for added protection.

This lightweight bag comes in two sizes: 36 inches long and 43 inches long. It gives you the option of using it for rifles like the M1 Garand, as well as smaller ones. This functional rifle case features three exterior pouches for holding magazines and extra ammunition and other accessories. It also features an interior handgun pocket. The rifle case also boasts of a protective inner flap that keeps your rifle’s weight off the zipper. This case is built to hold its content intact for maximum protection.


VooDoo Tactical Men's Padded Weapons CaseVooDoo Tactical Men’s Padded Weapons Case

Voodoo Tactical specializes in making tactical gear and apparel for rifles of different sizes. They have been in the business for more than 20 years and have been online since 2007. Voodoo Tactical is based in North Carolina and operates a 24,000-square foot warehouse and a retail store.

The VooDoo Tactical Padded rifle case is built from high-quality ballistic cloth and comes in 9 different colors. The rifle case comes in different lengths: 36, 42, or 46 inches. The 36-inch model handles modern rifles. The larger sizes are built for larger rifles, such as the scoped Mosin Nagant. The Voodoo Tactical case is built to handle two long guns. It has a padded divider between the two sides of the case. This divider serves to separate the different rifles so that they don’t have to bump into each other when you are traveling, especially on bumpy roads. This padded divider is also great for protecting your optics.

VooDoo is very creative with this case. It can be carried in different ways – as a suitcase and as a backpack. For the backpack, the case features two shoulder straps. There is also a chest strap for additional comfort and protection. The case is constructed to carry a few boxes of extra shotgun ammo, 8 pistol magazines, and 6 rifle magazines.


Condor Single Rifle CaseCondor Single Rifle Case

Condor Outdoor Products Inc. specializes in tactical vests, modular pouches, and plate carriers. With more than 20 years of production experience to their name, you can be sure that their products are reliable. Condor is especially well-known producing for high-quality and functional rifle bags at pocket-friendly prices.

The Condor Single Rifle Case is built to provide maximum protection with its padded interior. The main compartment is designed to hold a 42-inch rifle. It has an additional 26-inch front compartment that can carry your pistol, SMG, optics, or other accessories. It also features 3 Molle pouches that can hold up to 14 M4 magazines.

It is available in both 36 and 42-inch variants. The case’s interior has a series of hook and loop straps to protect and firmly hold your gun during travel. This interior will prevent it from moving and clashing, which can lead to scratches and damage.


NcSTAR Double Carbine CaseNcSTAR Double Carbine Case

NcSTAR was established in 1996 in Southern California. Comparatively, NcStar is a newer manufacturer of tactical range cases, but their commitment to high-quality and affordable bags has earned them an enviable spot on the scene.

These bags come in different sizes but are all up to the highest standards. The NcSTAR Double Carbine Case is available in both 36-inch and 42-inch lengths. It is built to hold a pair of carbine sized rifles and features a durable padded divider to separate both rifles to prevent them from bumping against each other, especially during travel. It also features 4 grip-strip straps for security and easy carriage.

The bag is also spacious enough to accommodate your rifles and accessories. A bonus in this package is that it has a secondary pouch for keeping your backup handgun, tools, cleaning supplies, and other accessories. It also has three exterior pockets for storing your ammo and mags. The NcSTAR Double Carbine is a great pick if you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable bag.


Condor Double Rifle CaseCondor Double Rifle Case

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc has been in the tactical/outdoor gear industry for over 20 years. They make everything from tactical vests to modular pouches to plate carriers to packs. This Double Rifle Case is built to carry two weapons – 36 inches and shorter and 42 inches and shorter, depending on the size of the case. For instance, you can carry compact rifles, like the SCAR 16s, and even longer ones, like DPMS AR 10 rifles.

There is a thickly padded divider between the 2 rifles to prevent damages from rubbing against each other. It also has a secondary compartment 26 inches long with two internal padded pockets. It has two padded hook and loop straps for security.

The case can be carried as a standard duffel and as a backpack. There are 3 modular pouches for storing your cleaning kit and other gear. Alternatively, these pouches can combine to hold up to 14 M4 magazines. It is a great pick for ease, comfort, and protection.