The 6 Best AR-15 Folding Stock Adapters

The AR-15 is arguably the most versatile rifle model out there. As a result, some AR-15s are built with regular stocks, while others are not. But what if you could swap between a compact AR-15 and an extended stock at the touch of a button?

With folding stock adapters, you can. Let’s take a look at the six best AR-15 folding stock adapters on the market.

The Best AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter

Law Tactical LLC AR-15/M16 Gen 3 Folding Stock AdapterLaw Tactical LLC AR-15/M16 Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter

This phenomenal stock adapter is made entirely from steel, which provides it with fantastic durability without adding excessive weight to your AR-15 pistol. It can work with either direct impingement or gas piston systems and accepts various types of AR-15 stocks and receivers. As a result, it’s compatible with all standard bolt carrier groups, including .308 and full auto sizes.

It’s incredibly easy to operate and lock onto your AR-15 with a quick folding and unfolding button and a steel locking latch. An additional lower hinge prevents interference when you charge the weapon, and a special screw will keep the adapter securely affixed to the receiver even with heavy recoil. The hinge tension is also adjustable, so you can decide how stiff the stock folds and unfolds from the rifle according to your preferences or need for speed.

A DLC coating rounds out the offering and protects it from corrosive damage. All in all, it’s a perfect choice for many and offers a great balance between price and value.


  • Made entirely of steel
  • Has adjustable hinge tension
  • Can work with most stocks and receivers
  • Very easy to install and fold/unfold


  • Limited to centerfire and Mil-spec carriers

Law Tactical LLC HK417/MR762 Gen 3 HK Folding Stock AdapterLaw Tactical LLC HK417/MR762 Gen 3 HK Folding Stock Adapter

This model is another quality folding stock adapter from Law Tactical. Rather than being designed specifically for use with AR-15 weapons, however, this adapter is designed for any rifle equipped with the Heckler & Kock proprietary receiver extension.

Thus, this adapter isn’t just suitable for AR-15 rifles but is excellent for a variety of rifle models that can also benefit from a folding stock. Beyond this difference, it’s very similar to our first pick, with an adjustable hinge that allows you to determine how fast a stock can fold or unfold and a single button for control.

It also includes the DLC finish for increased durability and is constructed entirely from steel. It’s a bit more expensive than the initial AR-15 only choice, but it possesses the extra versatility inherent in its design.

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  • Can work with more rifles than the last pick
  • Made entirely of steel
  • Controllable hinge speed
  • Very easy to install and fold/unfold


  • A bit pricey compared to other adapters

Modular Driven Technologies Folding Stock AdapterModular Driven Technologies Folding Stock Adapter

This affordable folding stock adapter is compatible with most carbine or AR-style fixed bolt action rifle chassis. It’s essentially a universal stock adapter that features a solid interface and an all-steel locking mechanism for added performance and durability.

Additionally, it’s made with a pair of 1-way or 2-way locking configurations, allowing you to fold or unfold the rifle at different stages. Once fully extended, your AR-15 will benefit from fantastic durability and stability, which can increase your accuracy and performance at range.

All in all, many people will like this stock adapter because of its affordability; it’s a lot cheaper than most other adapters on the market. But it doesn’t compromise on durability by a large margin, though the adapter isn’t 100% steel like many others.

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  • Very affordable
  • Has variable locking configurations
  • Steel locking mechanism
  • An almost universal fit


  • Not entirely made of steel

SBA4 Adjustable Brace and AR-15 AdapterSBA4 Adjustable Brace and AR-15 Adapter

This SB Tactical package comes with an AR-15 folding stock adapter and an adjustable brace. This combo pack thus has a lot of value for money in its asking price. You can essentially buy both the adapter and the stock you’ll use for your AR-15 in the same purchase.

The adapter is a variation of the first Law Tactical pick we looked at earlier with the same lower hinge and all-steel construction. It doesn’t require any tools for installation or removal and features the durable DLC coating mentioned earlier as well.

The included brace is ambidextrous and includes a quickdraw sling socket for those interested. It also comes with an adjustable nylon strap to let you custom-fit the stock rifle to your shoulder. Ultimately, this combo pack is a perfect pick for those building an AR-15 rifle from scratch and looking for both items at the same time.

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  • Includes an adjustable brace
  • The brace comes with an ambidextrous sling socket
  • Comes with a nylon strap
  • The adapter is steel
  • The adapter is easy to use and install


  • Very pricey compared to just an adapter

Law Tactical AR-15 Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter w/ M4 Stock AssemblyLaw Tactical AR-15 Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter w/ M4 Stock Assembly

Here’s another combo choice with a high-quality steel adapter ideal for fitting with an AR-15 and fold in stock. The adapter has a lower hinge to prevent interference and a single button operation for easy folding and unfolding.

The included stock is an M4 style for a compact rifle build and excellent tactical performance. It’s fully adjustable along six positions to accommodate different sizes of shooters, even if you want to wear body armor. It’s constructed from extremely tough, fiberglass reinforced and injection molded nylon. It’ll work in a variety of weather or temperature scenarios without suffering in performance.

Even better, the stock fits perfectly with the included adapter. It’s a great all-around package because you don’t have to guess whether the stock will work with the adapter. We’d easily recommend this pick for those initially building or who currently enjoy smaller AR-15 pistols.


  • Comes with a compact and adjustable stock
  • Stock constructed with high-quality materials
  • The adapter is made entirely of steel
  • The adapter is easy to use


  • Stock adjustment isn’t that smooth

Law Tactical AR-15 Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter w/ Ultra Compact StockLaw Tactical AR-15 Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter w/ Ultra Compact Stock

This final pick includes an all-steel AR-15 folding stock adapter. Single-button operation paired with toolless installation and removal, it’s easy to use in the field. It’s compatible with all bolt carrier groups and has a lower hinge and DLC coating.

It’s paired with an LWRC International Ultra-Compact Individual Weapon stock system that can shorten the length of the firearm by a full inch. As such, it’s a perfect complement to smaller AR-15 builds or pistols. The stock as a whole is very lightweight and has a series of sling adjustment points. The buttpad is made with rubber to prevent the stock from slipping during firing.

All in all, it’s a perfect pick for smaller AR-15 rifles.

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  • Includes a compact stock
  • The stock prevents slipping
  • The stock is lightweight
  • The adapter is all steel
  • The adapter can be installed and used without tools


  • A bit pricy overall

AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter Buying Guide

What is a folding stock adapter?

Like it says in the name, a folding stock adapter lets you install a folding stock to your rifle. Why are folding stocks great?

A regular stock extends to the back of your rifle and effectively adds overall length to the weapon. Stocks let you brace the gun against your shoulder and maintain stability as you squeeze off shots. Folding stocks collapsed against the side of the rifle, which provides several advantages:

  • easier storage
  • better use in tight quarters
  • better movement across rough terrain

However, while AR-15 rifles function fine with regular stocks, most aren’t prepared for use with a folding stock out of the box. Most AR-15 rifles need a special adapter that can let them utilize these special attachments. These adapters are a great way to benefit from additional stability and accuracy with your AR-15 without having to purchase one with a full stock. It also lets you swap out different folding stocks for different occasions, like long hunts or tactical engagements in inclement weather.

Features to Look For in a Great AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter

When you’re looking for a top-tier AR-15 folding stock adapter, keep these aspects in mind, and you’ll be more likely to find something that fits your weapon and suits your needs.

Materials – Most AR-15 stock adapters use aircraft-grade aluminum or steel of some variety, both of which are great for their durability. Make sure that the stock adapter you choose is well-built and will survive heavy use. Adapters aren’t cheap, so picking one that lacks durability means repeated replacements down the road.

Does It Work for Rifles, Pistols, or Both? – Some AR-15 platforms are in the pistol classification. Therefore, it only makes sense that some AR folding stock adapters can also work with pistols. Double-check to make sure your chosen stock adapter works with your firearm. Some of the best adapters will work with both for added versatility.

How Does It Install? – The vast majority of adapters you can find on the market are easy to install. Often called “drop-in” adapters, they’ll make it a snap for you to attach a stock to your AR-15 in the field without any gunsmithing experience or tools. Every once in awhile, though, you’ll come across a stock adapter that requires advanced gunsmithing knowledge. Be sure only to pick one of these if you have the tools and expertise needed to fit them to your AR-15 platform.


In closing, any of the above folding stock adapters should be a great fit for your AR-15. But on the off chance that none of them work for you, remember our prior recommendations, and you’ll be off to a great start in finding the ideal adapter for your firearm. Good hunting!